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World's Fairs: Chicago (31 items)

We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

Everything on this listing is related to the Chicago World's Fairs and Expositions.


Item KR009YItem KR009Y
World's Fair: 1934 Chicago Fair. Heavy wire frame tie-clasp with "1934 A Century of Progress Chicago" blue & silver logo insignia on front. Nice. $8.00

Item M1752Item M1752
World's Fair: Stunning glass amethyst vase etched in silver, "Worlds Fair 1934 Jimmie" w/pine cone design, also etched. 9-1/4" tall. $35.00

Item LK5144Item LK5144
World's Fair: Souvenir working pot metal advertising miniature auto jack embossed "1934 A Century of Progress Chicago" w/logo; other side, embossed, "SIMPLEX Ball Bearing" Original blue paint scuffed. Nice collectible representing the World's Fair, or for the miniatures' collector. $38.00

World's Fair: Pot metal pin tray, rectangular w/rounded corners. Embossed image of Fort Dearborn. "Inner Circle Fort Dearborn Century of Progress Chicago 1933" w/fancy embossed border. $9.00

World's Fair: Souvenir copper plate "Century of Progress Chicago 1933" in center arching over embossed Buckingham Fountain. Surrounded by 12 embossed images of fair buildings, each about the size of a penny. Made by Century Art Works, Chicago. 4-5/8" diameter. Very nice. $18.00

Item K7714Item K7714
World's Fair: Small 7-1/2" felt sombrero, black w/gold trim, including gold "balls" hanging from cord around entire edge. Printed on ribbon around top, "Old Mexico, Souvenir "Century of Progress Chicago 1933" Attached cord w/bead pull for securing hat on head and tightening under chin. Slight overall soiling but still very good. $16.00

Item K8348Item K8348
World's Fair: 1933 World's Fair silver plate salt & pepper shakers. embossed metal fair logo applied to side. Stately, Grecian look, domed twist off tops. 5-1/4" $12.00

Item R2341Item R2341
World's Fair: Wooden basket of sorts, hand-painted floral design on each side. Edge decor is the actual bark from the pieces of wood. Around top handle one side has "Century of Progress 1933" etched into the wood and other side has the word "Mother." 6" high. Unusual. $10.00

Item LK2732Item LK2732
World's Fair: Century of Progress "Certificate of Attendance" Oct. 31, 1934 CLOSING DAY. Stiff paper stock, 5-1/4" x 3" w/nice sepiatone Viking scene. Fac. Sig. at bottom by both gen. mgr & president of the exposition. Nice. $8.00

Item LK3150Item LK3150
World's Fair: 40" canvas-like cloth measuring tape. Black lettering on white tape. "Miss America Beauty Tape: See Her at the Fair. 1933 Carlson Amusement Enterprise." Reverse side is painted R/W/B & gives her weight as 116 lbs, height 5' 5-3/4" and various indicated marks for measurements of ankle, neck, calf, waist, hips, bust, etc. Some of the paint shows wear on this side but still an unusual item and sexist. $18.00

Item A3225PBItem A3225PB
World's Fair: Small 3-1/2" crumb tray, "Souvenir of Chicago World's Fair," made in Japan, pot metal with much of silver coating worn off. $4.00

Item K8512PBItem K8512PB
World's Fair: 1934 Century of Progress Chicago ring. $19.00

Item A3244PBItem A3244PB
World's Fair: Silver metal chain-link bracelet with clasp. Etched design of "Electrical Building, Chicago 1934". $13.00

Item A6942Item A6942
World's Fair: Colorful pillow cover, "Chicago World's Fair 1933". Shows Chicago buildings and searchlights shining. A type of velour fabric. One very small 1/4" spot where velour is gone in sky part of pattern. Roped border. 16" square. $45.00

Item A6943Item A6943
World's Fair: Small 1-3/4" tin or metal world's globe on silver plated axis which broadens out at base and is attached to a bakelite lower base. On front of base is a gold embossed shield about the size of a quarter with spread eagle/shield and "Chicago World's Fair 1933-1934" Nice. Stands 4-1/2" high. $19.00

World's Fair: "A Century of Progress 1933" spoon with fair logo on handle. "Chicago" also on handle. "Hall of Science" on reverse of handle. "Science Court" in bowl of spoon. Oneida silver plage. $7.00

Item LK0436Item LK0436
World's Fair: Brass colored spring bracelet etched in white designs depicting the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress World's Fair. Center panel is the fair logo. Three round images on each side depict various fair buildings & sights. Unusual memento. $19.00

World's Fair: Fine Johnson Bros. English porcelain cup and saucer, made expressly for Marshall Field & Company, Chicago, to commemorate the 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair. Bottom of saucer has image of Art Institute of Chicago and inside of cup has image of St. Caudens' statue of Lincoln. Images and trim on rims of both c&s are in purple over white glaze. Embossed dogwood, uncolored, goes around the outside of cup. Very tasteful. $19.00

Item J0515Item J0515
World's Fair: Small 3-1/2" tin can bank. Slot in top, opening w/cover in bottom. "Made by the American Can Company at A Century of Progress, Chicago, 1934" on top. Full color scene of the fair surrounds can. Very good condition. $15.00

Item K7374Item K7374
World's Fair: Nickel silver advertising watch fob. Keystone. "Souvenir World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893." Reverse World map design, "Compliments of Keystone Watch Case Co." 1-1/2" $18.00

Item LK4742Item LK4742
World's Fair: World's Fair cigarette lighter. Olive green and nickel plated silver. Colorful red, white, black and aqua logo on side for "Hall of Science. A Century of Progress. Chicago-1933" w/pic of the hall. Working condition, near mint. $34.00

Item KR2816Item KR2816
World's Fair: Post card: "Endless Chain of Cars Moving in a Tower of Glass." "Nash Tower of Value" is what they called it. $3.00

Item KR2817Item KR2817
World's Fair: Post card: "Otis Elevator Exhibit...The Skyride." $3.00

Item KR2818Item KR2818
World's Fair: Post card: "The Wilson & Co. Terrace and Roof Garden Restaurants and soda Fountains." $3.00

Item KR2819Item KR2819
World's Fair: Post card: "Gulf (gasoline) Exhibit at the World's Fair." $3.00

Item KR2820Item KR2820
World's Fair: Post card: "The Century of Progress `Covered' by the Columbia Microphone for Millions of Radio Listeners." $3.00

Item KR2822Item KR2822
World's Fair: Post card: "Thompson's Restaurants `On the Avenue of Flags.'" $3.00

Item KR2825Item KR2825
World's Fair: Post card: "The Kraft Mayonnaise Kitchen (from outside)." $3.00

Item KR2826Item KR2826
World's Fair: Post card: "The Wilson & Co. Certified Bacon Slicing Exhibit in Full Operation Daily at The World's Fair, A Century of Progress." $3.00

Item KR2827Item KR2827
World's Fair: Post card: "The Kraft Mayonnaise Kitchen (from inside)." $3.00

Item J3379Item J3379
World's Fair: Set of three "A Century of Progress...1833...1933" silver hot pads with slight wear. 9-1/2 x 6-1/2, 8 x 6 and 5-1/2 (square) inch pads. Chicago landmarks are designed and labeled on each pad. $8.00

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