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Transportation: Us Travel (80 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

A broad range of items relating to travel in the US, including travel guides, maps and tour books, travel schedules, hotel information and even street car signs!


Travel: A pair of pot metal 2-3/4" Greyhound buses salt & pepper shakers w/the name & logo embossed on the sides, blue handpainted stripes and enameled white tops to the buses, rubber tires, 2 in front, 4 in back, embossed "Japan" on the bottom. great S&P shakers and great Greyhound pieces! $75.00

Travel: "The Wisconsin Agriculturist Handy Atlas of the World," 1910 by Hammond containing new maps of each state and teritory in the United States and of every country in the World. 98p full color, hard bound. $10.00

Travel: South Carolina. Group of miscellaneous items relating to the state of South Carolina including booklet of state symbols and emblems (including full color pic of capitol bldg w/Confederate flag flying), 1943 commencement exercises program from University of South Carolina, Greater Charleston Chamber of Commerce promo Confederate States of America $100 bill, small 9" red & black felt South Carolina pennant, Voyage To the Carolina Coast complete reprint of the original report issued in London in 1664 by Capt William Hilton & re-issued in 1960s, South Carolina Drivers 1962 100p Handbook, several SC postcards, booklet on Monuments on the State House Grounds, Columbia South Carolina, and 1965 Columbia Metropolitan Airport dedication ceremonies program. $16.00

Travel: "Scenic South Dakota" the Black Hills and Badlands Region. 16p multi-color. illus. Circa 1950. Some staining along top edge. As is. $2.00

Travel: Illus. folder, "6 One Day Trips from Elmira, NY, the Glider Capital of America," circa 1930 $2.00

Travel: Booklet, 32 picture postcards of Old Chicago, Ready to Mail, 1976. Some great shots. $4.00

Travel: The 1951 Flood in Greater Kansas City! a picture review. $4.00

Travel: Hollywood Souvenir Photo Folder for mailing, 1920s. $6.00

Travel: Souvenir Photo Folder for mailing, Watkins Glen, NY, circa. 1920. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir Photo Folder for mailing, The Dells of the Wisconsin River, circa. 1950. $2.00

Travel: Packet of 12 genuine photo post cards of Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico) in cardboard mailer. Cards (b&w) can be mailed separately or the entire mailer. Undated. $6.00

Travel: New York Central System glossy stickers (glue on rev.), 4-1/4" showing engine logo, attractive. $2.00

Travel: Collection of misc. advertising handcards & calling cards for various hotels, mostly 1850-1890. 48 total representing New York, New England, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Some great illustrations. Nice collection. $55.00

Travel: Mt. Baker Lodge (Washington) 1941-42 promotion brochure including rates & photos. $2.50

Travel: "Going Places" with Rian James of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Winter 1931-32 of what to do in New York City & where to stay, how to get around. Lists restaurants, the Chummier Places, the Villagy Places, Hotel Grills, Supper Clubs, Harlem spots, and all sorts of odds and ends in this little booklet. $12.00

Travel: Great, elongated 3" matchbook (unused) "Romance Under the Stars! S.S. Theodore Roosevelt Nightly Dance Cruises. Daily Lake Cruises. Chicago Roosevelt Steamship Company. Docks: Navy Pier. Phone: FRA.5850." Blue & white w/two different scenes of the cruise ship, one on each side. Daily excursion information is printed inside. Not dated but with moonlight dance cruises @ 75 cents and round trips between Chicago & Benton Harbor, Michigan at $1.75, these can't be from yesterday! Nice. $15.00

Item C9007Item C9007
Travel: Foldout, illus. brochure w/map promoting Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. Issued by Vandergrift Chamber of Commerce. (Vandergrift's principal industry--The Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. Circa. 1920s. $4.50

Item C9008Item C9008
Travel: Pittsburgh, the World's Workshop. Chamber of Commerce illus. brochure. Circa 1930s. $4.00

Item C9010Item C9010
Travel: Two full color 1950s brochures from Maine -- Old Orchard Beach and Ogunquit. $4.00

Travel: "Newark and Licking County, Ohio" colorful, illus. 8p brochure. 1930s. $3.00

Item C9501Item C9501
Travel: Massachusetts Turnpike 5-fold brochure. Circa 1958 shortly after it opened. $3.00

Item C9502Item C9502
Travel: New York State Thruway 5-fold brochure, blue & black. 1957. $3.50

Item C9503Item C9503
Travel: New York State Thruway 5-fold brochures. 2, different versions, one brown & black and one green & black. Circa 1950s but undated. $4.50

Travel: "All in one glorious Trip," 66p illus book on traveling in New YOrk State. Appears to be missing the outer cover so "front" page is actually page 3 with photo & message from NY Gov Herbert Lehman. Nice photos. $3.00

Item C9527Item C9527
Travel: Portland, Oregon. Foldout 1940 illus. leaflet including 6 day trips to places like Silver Creek Falls, Mt. Hood, Tualatin Valley, Lower Willamette. $3.50

Item C9528Item C9528
Travel: Portland, Oregon. Foldout leaflet showing Portland's various playgrounds and vacation spots. 1940s. $3.50

Item C9535Item C9535
Travel: Caribbean Vacationlands. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico. 64p. illus. $3.00

Travel: "Pacfic Pathways" Beautiful magazine w/full color photos on nearly every page. 48p. Vol 1, #4, June 1946. Features on Zion Natl Pk, Sonoma, Spokane, Oakland, Pony Express Museum, Coastways and more. Cover slightly loose otherwise fine. $3.00

Item C9543Item C9543
Travel: Des Moines. Visitors' Guide to Des Moines. Foldout illus. Circa 1940. $3.00

Item C9544Item C9544
Travel: Rochester, MN. 24p illus. booklet on the city. Circa 1940. $3.00

Item C9546Item C9546
Travel: Stamford, CT. 1940 large foldout illus. brochure on the city of Stamford. $3.00

Item C9556Item C9556
Travel: Los Angeles County, CA. 24p illus booklet, 1942, on the history, industry and quality of living in the county. $3.00

Item C9558Item C9558
Travel: Seattle. Foldout, full color illus. promo of things to do on vacation in the Seattle area. Undated but probably circa 1950s. $2.50

Item C9559Item C9559
Travel: Portland, OR. Illus 24p booklet on vacationing in Portland area. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Item C9571Item C9571
Travel: Indiana Dunes State Park 4-fold leaflet folds out into map of the dunes. Undated but rooms and meals at the Duneside Inn are $3.50 to $4.00 per day so we're probably talking around 1930s. $3.50

Item C9574Item C9574
Travel: Minneapolis, MN. 12-page foldout illus. brochure promotes quality of life in Minneapolis. This is the first edition of this promotion brochure, dated 1940. $3.00

Item C9577Item C9577
Travel: "What to See in New England" 3-fold R/W/B brochure by Esso Touring Service. 1957. Lists happenings by city, state by state. $2.00

Item C9579Item C9579
Travel: The Merchandise Mart, Chicago. 2-fold illus. leaflet on this tremendous building covering 93 acres of floor space (largest building in the world until the Pentagon was built; owned by Joseph P. Kennedy). Circa 1940s. $4.00

Travel: "Where" the magazine of what to do while in Washington, DC. Week of Jan 1, 1966. 24p illus. $1.00

Travel: Delaware Valley USA. 1957. Special magazine section of The Philadelphia Inquirer promoting life in eastern Pennsylvania along the Delaware River. 76p illus. $3.50

Travel: Salt Lake City Tribune "Scenic and Travel" section with cover feature on Wyoming's Slide Lake. 1949. $2.00

Travel: Salt Lake City Tribune "Scenic and Travel" section with cover feature on Utah's famous arches. 1949. $2.00

Travel: Mt Rainier National Park. foldout illus booklet, 1941. Great looking tour buses! $3.00

Travel: Congress Trail, Sequoia National Park. 1963. 12p illus booklet. $2.00

Item LK2837Item LK2837
Travel: "Construction of I-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore, Maryland" Interesting 2-fold illus booklet on the actual construction of the tunnel. The tunnel was constructed in the early 1980s. $5.00

Travel: Two different brochures on the "nation's health resort...Quapaw Baths" Hot Springs, Ark. Both illus. Circa 1920s. $5.00

Item LK2893Item LK2893
Travel: "Maine in Autumn" 12p illus 1940s booklet w/full color autumn leaf cover, roadster in foreground. $3.00

Travel: "Fascinating New Orleans as seen on tour" 1975 full color booklet. $2.00

Travel: Denver Colorado where the West begins souvenir photo folder. Late 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Greetings from Niagara Falls New York souvenir photo folder for mailing. Canadian 3c stamp. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir folder Hibbing, Minn, the Iron Ore Capital of the World. Circa 1920. $5.00

Travel: Greetings from Rockford, Illinos souvenir photo folder for mailing. Circa 1950. $3.00

Travel: Famous Buckhorn Curio Store Museum souvenir photo folder for mailing. Circa 1960. $3.00

Travel: West Virginia, The State Beautiful souvenir photo folder for mailing. 1930s. $4.00

Travel: Souvenir folder of State of Maine, photo folder for mailing. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir folder of Watch Hill and Westerly, R.I. souvenir photo folder for mailing. Circa 1930s. $3.00

Travel: Orange Blossom Trail, Florida's Scenit Route souvenir photo folder for mailing. c. 1947. $3.00

Travel: Views of Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive Virginia souvenir photo folder. 1947. $2.00

Travel: Scenic Carterland souvenir photo folder, compliments of The Carter Oil Company and your Carter Dealer serving a scenic 8-state area: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Washington, Idaho, North and South Dakota. All photos are bluetone. Circa 1950. $6.00

Travel: Souvenir Photo Folder of Miami and Miami Beach Florida. Circa 1930s. $3.50

Travel: Greetings from South Dakota, the pheasant capital of the World, souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.00

Travel: 1950 Pasadena Tournament of Roses souvenir photo folder. Nice photo of Hopolong Cassidy who may have been the Grand Marshall that year?? $6.00

Travel: Greetings from New Hampshire, The Granite State, souvenir photo folder. Circa mid-1950s. $3.00

Travel: Along the Maine Coast souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950s. $3.50

Travel: Souvenir photo folder of Soo, Michigan. Circa 1920s. Some wear and insect damage on parts of outer folder; inside photos are fine. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir of New York, The Magic City. souvenir photo folder. Circa late 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Chicago's Beautiful Parks souvenir photo folder. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Flowers in Florida souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950. $3.00

Travel: National Rainer Park Washington souvenir photo folder. Circa 1930s. $3.00

Travel: Redwood Highway California souvenir photo folder, 1943. $3.50

Travel: Souvenir Photo Folder of New Orleans, Louisiana. 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Greetings from Mount Washington, N. H. souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950. Bottom 1" of outside folder missing, otherwise fine. Some great photos. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir photo folder of Cleveland, Ohio. Circa 1940 or earlier. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir photo folder of Newport News, Virginia. Circa 1940. $3.50

Travel: Greetings from Chicago Illinois souvenir photo folder. Circa 1940s. $3.50

Travel: Souvenir Folder of Thousand Islands, New York along the St. Lawrence, souvenir photo folder. 1935. $3.00

Travel: Greetings from Bradenton, Florida. Souvenir photo folder. Circa late 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir photo folder of the Beautiful Missouri Ozarks. 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Souvenir photo folder of Boston, Mass. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Travel: Moon Over Miami Florida souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950s. Bottom 1" of outer photo missing otherwise fine. $3.00

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