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Transportation: Automobile (61 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

All things automotive appear on this listing. There is a separate listing for license plates.


Automotive: Three 1962 Nash Rambler sales publications. These are now 40 years old! $15.00

Automotive: Post cards (2). Colored pics of 1957 Rambler Super 4- door sedan and Custom 4-door sedan. $8.50

Item A3070LBItem A3070LB
Automotive: Actual auto invoice for a new 1965 Classic Rambler ($3,037.70) with itemized costs for all items. $5.00

Automotive: New York Times Advertisement Section. Dec 8, 1957 - 45 years ago. "The World's Finest Motor Cars" 16p of great photos from your Studebaker-Packard dealers. $14.00

Automotive: Full color promotion brochure for the New Packard Clipper for 1957. $4.00

Automotive: Full color promotion brochure for 1981 Chevette. Have several. $3.50

Automotive: Full color promotion brochure for 1981 Citation. Have several. $3.50

Automotive: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $4.00

Automotive: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $4.00

Automotive: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $4.00

Automotive: "Shaler 5 Minute Vulcanizer" embossed on iron "C" clamp w/ large round top, for fixing automobile intertubes. 4" long. $6.00

Automotive: Chevrolet Trucks self-mailer 1938. Outside shows some dirt & scuffs but opens up into nice 27" x 20" full color poster. $20.00

Automotive: Porcelain commemorative plate, "1993 Orlando Extravaganza, 60 Years of Moving America Forward, 1933- 1993, Good Year, #1 in Tires." colorful design of Disney World. $6.50

Automotive: Great postcard with full color pic of a Ford Thunderbird in a showroom with a young model and Santa Claus standing admiring it. The front of the postcard is also record. The back of the card, postmked Dec 1, 1955, explains that this is a special record by Rosemary Clooney & Mitch Miller's orchestra and urges the recipient to take Rosemary's advise for Christmas enjoyment by seeing and driving the '56 Ford today. $48.00

Item A3321LBItem A3321LB
Automotive: Automobile ads from McClure's and Everybody's magazines including Toledo, Northern, National Electric, Crestmobile, Haynes-Apperson, Pope, Darraco, Winton, Century, Oldsmobile, Elmore and Fredonia, all b&w illus. $15.00

Item A3322LBItem A3322LB
Automotive: Automobile ads from Munsey's, McClures, Cosmopolitan and Everybody's magazines including Elmore, Overland, Baker Electric, Haynes, Pope-Hartford and Pope- Waverley, Fiat, Studebaker, Ford, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Rapid and Northern, all b&w illus. $15.00

Item A3324LBItem A3324LB
Automotive: Automobile ads from McClure's magazine including Oldsmobile, Peerless, Winton, Crestmobile, Rambler, Locomobile, Haynes-Apperson, Northern, Pierce, Franklin, Yale, Toledo, Packard, Overland, Smith & Mabley, Buffalo Stanhope, Waverley, Columbia, Century and Conrad, all b&w illus. $15.00

Automotive: Cardboard tube, tin ends. "Mystic Windshield Cloth, Automobiles, Street Cars, Locomotives." Instructions and illustration on tube. Cloth inside, unused, however chemicals in it have hardened it. Unusual. 1920s or earlier. $35.00

Automotive: Good Year rubber tire ash tray. "Elscher Bros. Lincoln, Ill, Phone 1144". Some paint coming off. $25.00

Item A6152C8Item A6152C8
Automotive: MOTOR TREND Aug 1962 $4.00

Item A6153C8Item A6153C8
Automotive: MOTOR TREND Oct 1981 $4.00

Item A6154C8Item A6154C8
Automotive: Consumer Guide Auto Series Sept '82 w/83 Car Preview $3.00

Item A6155C8Item A6155C8
Automotive: Consumer Guide Auto Series July '82 featuring Mini Pickup Trucks $3.00

Item A6156C8Item A6156C8
Automotive: Consumer Guide Auto Series 1987 Legendary Lamborghinis Collectors Edition. $3.00

Item A6158C8Item A6158C8
Automotive: True's Automotive Yearbook #2. 1953. Slight wear at backstrap otherwise in fine condition. $4.50

Automotive: 1978 Ford Booklet. Getting to Know Your Car. 124p. Illus. $3.50

Automotive: Set of five small sized 7-1/4" peel-off bumper stickers from the 50s. Royal blue bkgd w/bright orange and white lettering. Some dirt stains. The five slogans are: "Dimmit dammit", "No Riders (except women)", "HOT ROD", "If you can read this you're too damn close" and "Girl Wanted No experience necessary" $10.00

Automotive: Stiff paper poster with illustrations in four separate sections designed to be cut apart. Each shows a full color illustration of a vintage Chevrolet: 1912 Touring, 1921 Roadster, 1931 Convertable Landau Phaeton and 1937 Cabrolet. Reverse gives information on each car and the original sticker price. Promo poster by General Motors. 16" x 20" $6.00

Automotive: 6 Player cigarette cards on motor cars, pics full color: Lagonda 7-seater limousene, Triumph Dolomite Saloon, Talbgot Drop-Had Foursome Coupe, Sunbeam Thirty Sedanca De Ville, Flying Standard V-Eight Saloon & Mercedes-Bentz. $28.00

Automotive: "Facts you need to know to be a safe driver" 1953; and "Questions and answers of the Motor Vehicle Code of Virginia," 1954. Both from the State of Virginia. $6.00

Automotive: Auto Show Section. CHICAGO DAILY NEWS, 1972 Chicago Auto Show. $8.00

Item LK1378Item LK1378
Automotive: Auto Show Section. CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1972 Chicago Auto Show. $8.00

Item LK4083C16Item LK4083C16
Automotive: 1920s or early 30s novelty item. "3 Auto Hot-Shots. A Funny New Joke for Cars. The instant your `victim'steps on the starter, they go BANG! Attach several, one on each plug." Funny illus. of a driver being frightened by the "bang". In original envelope, unopened...and unusual! $18.00

Automotive: Huge folded poster, blue & gold w/white. "Here They ARE! The Winners of CHEVROLET's great 5000 dollar musical moments slogan contest." Lists names and full address of the top 379 winners. One small 2" seam break & place where 4 stamps had been affixed to poster. Otherwise fine. 59" x 40" $10.00

Item C9170Item C9170
Automotive: Q&A relating to Motor Vehicle Laws, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1955, 44p. Plus license application form. $3.50

Automotive: Chilton's Easy Mac Kit #9022. Chevrolet V8 1968-74 all full-size sedans & station wagons. Foldout diagrams $5.00

Automotive: DODGE NEWS magazine. 1957 $2.50

Automotive: "A Glimpse into the Future...the new Dodge Firearrow sport car" brochure $5.00

Automotive: 1957 full color foldout flier on the Rambler. $4.00

Automotive: "Impala '67, Newest Prestige Car in a Decade", 24p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "Chevelle! by Chevrolet" 1963 full color 12p booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "Count on Chevrolet to build the one you want-- Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II, Corvair, Corvette. There's 5 in 64" 20p full color. $6.00

Item C3768Item C3768
Automotive: "It's Fifty Years for Chevrolet! A Fovirite then...A Fovorite Today. 12p full color of 1962 line. $6.00

Automotive: "Oldsmobile for `64 Where the Action Is! -- Ninety- eight, Starfire, Super 88, Dynamic 88, Jetstar I, Jetstar 88, F-85. 32p full color booklet. $8.00

Automotive: "Nineteen Sixty Five Pontiac. 48p full color. $8.00

Automotive: "Pontiac Safari, Previewing the `64 Pontiacs in Detroit's Changing Scene..." full color 20p booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "Pontiac...1964 Wide-Track Pontiac Tempest." 16p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "Success Car--`64 edition Wide-Track Pontiac" 16p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "1964 Wide-Track Pontiac Accessories" 24p 2-color booklet. $8.00

Automotive: "Dodge Polara Series . 440 Series . 330 Series" 1964 Dodge Catalog. 16p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "Dodge Dart . The GT Series . The 270 Series . The 170 Series" 1964 Dodge Dart Catalog. 12p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "1964 Dodge 880". Portfolio with 6 great full color prints 7-1/2" x 12" inside showing the Dodge 880 line. $10.00

Automotive: "Standard-Size `63 Dodge, One of the Great New Dependables." 16p full color booklet. $6.00

Automotive: "`64 Dodge -- Compact Dodge Dart, Standard-Size Dodge, Big Dodge 880". Full color illus. folds out into large illustrated 34" x 22" wall poster showing the entire line of Dodges front and back. $8.00

Automotive: "Havaball. Get Carried Away with Dodge. 1965 models. Front cover has a slight dirt stain, however this piece opens up to a 17" x 22" poster photos of the Polara line. $6.00

Automotive: Motor Trend. October 1964. "Big Changes for 1965!" Complete Styling and Engineering Reports. $7.50

Automotive: "Success Car--`64 edition...Wide-Track Pontiac" large full-color booklet. 28p full color. $7.50

Automotive: "Discover all the facts and features about the beautiful full-size Chevrolet `66" large 20p full color booklet. $7.50

Automotive: "`64 Buick" 64p full color book. $7.50

Automotive: "Buick `65" full color book 48p. $8.50

Automotive: "Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1979." Covers specifications and procedures for 1972-79 American models. Apx 1400, 1500 pages. $20.00

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