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Tobacciana (129 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

A variety of tobacco related collectibles.


For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...


General Collectibles

Item A9883Item A9883
Harp Plug Cut tobacco, yellow cloth bag with wide cord tie strung through 2 metal eyelets. "Harp Plug Cut" red & green logo appears on both sides of bag encompassing most of the side of the bag. 7" x 4-1/2" $15.00

Item LK2817Item LK2817
United Cigar Stores Profit-Sharing List. 60p illus. catalog of items that can be gotten for redeeming coupons or certificates. 1915. Some nice items, from mantle clocks, bookcases and beds to safety razors, suspenders and ostrich plumes. Full color pic of family at dining room table looking at catalog, coupons spread out on table. Unfortunately bottom right corner, approx 1" of entire catalog is missing due to a hungry mouse at some point. Still very informative and interesting. $18.50

Group of old packages of pipe tobacco. Would probably guess from the 1960s (marked 10c ea). 13 total, all unopened however outside cellophane covering is off or coming off of some of them. Brands include Old Briar, Model, Mapleton & Dill's Best. All for $35.00


4' x 3' Marlboro plastic banner with ropes for hanging; red, black & white. No illus. $6.00

Colorful round CanadianClub 5 cent cigar stiff cardboard hanger w/string attached at top. Colorful maple leaf in center, Red, black and green lettering w/gold around edge. Two sided, both sides the same. $7.00

Item A6287Item A6287
"L.S./M.F.T. Lucky Strikes Again, The Moment is Right for It," round cardboard coaster for glasses. 4" diameter. Attractive. $3.00

Old clear glass tumbler with horseshoe incused in bottom. Thick glass. These tumblers were a give away with products produced to promote Horseshoe Plug Tobacco produced by the Drummond Tobacco Company of St. Louis. the tumbler is nearly 4" high. $15.00

Item K710Item K710
Store cardboard display holder for "Best Made Cigarette Holders" 10-3/4" long. Complete, holding 12 amber colored holders of varying lengths. Display has one vertical tear which is repairable. Nice set of holders. $40.00

Item J6091Item J6091
Great Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco advertisement. Die-cut oval in cover shows photo of smiling baby and title "Just Found his Mail Pouch" then open it up to show package of Mail Pouch Tobacco and the smiling baby playing with himself. Dated 1938. $50.00

Item A6344Item A6344
Great cardboard card, "Joe Michl's Fifty Little Orphans" with the crowd of kid's faces. "Little Orphans Cigar" advertising on back. 4-1/4" x 7" Excellent except for one small pinhole where someone apparently had it hanging on the wall at one time. $28.00

Item A6345Item A6345
Piper-Heidsieck Plug Tobacco advertising card. 5-1/2" x 3-1/4" Great scene of young lady with flowers, grapes, wine, river bank, etc. Natl. Tobacco Works (Louisville) ad on reverse. $18.00

Item C9649Item C9649
Illus. 7" x 4" packing slip for Bering Cigars w/wooden Indian and tobacco leaf. Gold border. Circa 1940s. bottom left corner creased. $5.00

Item LK2929Item LK2929
Cardboard display sign w/small hole at center top for hanging. Large image of "93 Cigar Cuttings" packet, John Weisert Tobacco Co, St. Louis. Maroon bkgd w/"Chew" in upper left corner above packet in white script lettering, "Unsweetened-- Better Tasting" white at bottom of sign. White border. 11" x 9" $12.50

Item LK5093Item LK5093
CAMEL 1992 Coupon Calendar. Absolutely great full color wall calendar with 12 monthly pages of Joe Camel scenes plus a full 2-page poster of Joe Camel on his motorcycle. One of the greatest Joe Camel collectibles, in our opinion. $35.00

Item LK5094Item LK5094
Scarce 1993 Joe CAMEL Weekends Calendar. Not only featuring the monthly full color pages of Joe's weekend activities, but also many of the individual days in each month have full color illustrations of Joe Camel activities. $75.00


Item BS701Item BS701
Absolutely a great bumper sticker! 15" anti-smoking b&w bumper sticker w/4" pic of donkey. "A jackass will take a chew of tobacco. But he has enough brains to NOT smoke a cigarette" dated 1983. Have several. $6.00

Item K5513Item K5513
"Smoking Stinks" w/full color floral design pinback button. Almost looks Victorian but from 1960's. 2-1/4" "American Cancer Society" in very small print. $8.50

"Thank You For Not Smoking" in large letters, "ASH Washington, DC 20006" in small lettering. 1-1/2" pinback button. $5.00

"Orphan Annie's Parents Smoked Cigarettes" red on white, 1-1/4" pinback button. $8.50

Sketch of burning cigarette with smoke going up from burning end. "Yes, I do Mind!" dated 1972. 1-1/2" pinback button. $10.00

Cigar Bands

Colorful, embossed "Vesper" cigar band. Victorian, ornate design. Red, black, gold, white. 2-3/4" $1.00

Colorful, embossed "Vesper" cigar band. Victorian, ornate design. Red, black, gold, white. 2-3/4" 10 bands for $5.00

Item LK1928EItem LK1928E
Bright red, white & gold embossed "Prescott" cigar band. Fancy design. 2-1/8" $1.00

Item LK1928FItem LK1928F
Bright red, white & gold embossed "Prescott" cigar band. Fancy design. 2-1/8" 10 bands for $5.00

Item LK1928IItem LK1928I
Lot of 100 Sherlock Holmes cigar bands. Unused. $20.00

Cigar band, 2-3/4" long. 1930s. F.D. Roosevelt campaign, "New Deal" black lettering on gold band. 4 bands for $12.00

Cigar Box Labels

Item A2519Item A2519
Simon Pure 7-1/2" x 5-3/4" 5 cent cigar box labels. Colorful design of scroll, "These Cigars have been Awarded the highest premiums...", pink roses & gold wreath emblem w/dollar sign in center on shield. Simon Shissler & Son, Lancaster, PA Attractive. $5.50

Item W509Item W509
Cigar box label, Prime Minister. Penn Cigar Co. Johnstown PA. $5.00

Item A3085Item A3085
Cigar box label, "Victory" Have several. $5.00

Item LK2661Item LK2661
Cigar box label, "Peace Time" 5 cent cigars. Have several. $6.00

Item A3111Item A3111
Cigar box label, "John Carr" with Carr's portrait and fancy red & gold scroll work. 9" x 6-5/8" $9.00

Item A3115Item A3115
Cigar Box label, "Canadian Club," same design as the whiskey, "now 2 for 5 cents" $5.00

Item A3117Item A3117
Cigar Box label, "Grand Bruxelles, Groot Brussel," Great full color scenes of Brussels. $10.00

Item A3119Item A3119
Cigar Box label, "Hoyo de Santiago" Mostly red & gold design. $4.00

Item A6336Item A6336
Cigar Box label, "White Cat" w/white cat sitting on cigar. End label. $7.00

Item A6337Item A6337
Cigar Box label, "Spirit of St. Louis" w/sketch of NYC on left & Paris on right. End label. $15.00

Item A6338Item A6338
Cigar Box label, "Artola" w/Greek scene. End label $3.00

Item A7287Item A7287
Cigar Box label, "Preston" fancy gold-embossed graphics. 8-1/2" x 6-1/2" $5.50

Item A7288Item A7288
Cigar Box label, "Henry Clews Sterling Character" fancy red, gold, black & white emblem on wood-grain bkgd. 9-3/4" x 5-3/4" $6.50

Item A7290Item A7290
Cigar Box label, "El Garcia" Three ladies, native at their feet. 6-3/4" x 9" $7.00

Item A7291Item A7291
Cigar Box label, "Banker's Bouquet" red, gold & black design. 9" x 7" $7.00

Item A7292Item A7292
Cigar Box label, "Our Kittens" full color pic of a pair of cats, one black & one white, wood-grain bkgd. 10" x 6" $10.00

Item A7293Item A7293
Cigar Box label, "Prima Lucia" full color shield logo,-9-1/2" x 6-3/4" $6.00

Item A7295Item A7295
Cigar Box label, "Garcia" heraldry emblem full color.-4-1/2" sq. $6.00

Item A9676Item A9676
Cigar Box label, "Rudolph Valentino" w/colored pic of Valentino & fac. sig. 5-1/2" x 2-1/4" end label. Nice. $18.00

Item A2030Item A2030
Cigar Box label, "Dick Custer" Western garb with six shooter. $15.00

Item LK0172Item LK0172
Cigar Box label, "Abbey" end label. Gold coins & rural scene. 5" x 2-1/4" $6.00

Item LK0173Item LK0173
Cigar Box label, "Sonny Boy" end label. 1920s looking father w/young son. 6-1/2" x 2-1/4" $8.50

Item LK0174Item LK0174
Cigar Box label, "John Reading" end label. Full color pic of Mr. Reading. 5-1/4" x 2-1/4" $8.50

Item LK0175Item LK0175
Cigar Box label, "EPCO" end label. Brightly colored pic of young Spanish maiden looking out at sea, on lounge chair w/harp, bare-breasted. $8.50

Item LK0176Item LK0176
Cigar Box label, "Yale Bouquet" end label. 2 Yale U. crossed flags, blue & gold design. 5" x 2-1/4" $4.50

Item LK0177Item LK0177
Cigar Box label, "Rosa Moro" end label. 2 lions holding up portrait of lady. 4-3/4" x 2-1/4" $5.00

Item LK0179Item LK0179
Cigar Box label, "U.S. Club House" end label. Pic of a cigar w/U.S. Club House band. 5-1/2" x 2-5/8" $4.00

Item LK0181Item LK0181
Cigar Box label, "Rigoletto" end label. Shakespearian type couple. Gold coins on each side. 4-7/8" x 2-1/2" $4.00

Item LK0246Item LK0246
Cigar Box label, "American Citizen" pic of George Washington in R/W/B shield, red lettering on bright yellow bkgd. 6-1/2" x 8" $9.00

Item A9885Item A9885
Cigar box label, square 4-1/2". Franklin D. Roosevelt. Full color pic of the president with gold & other-multi-color decor. $18.00

Item A759Item A759
Cigar box labels, 2 labels. One is portrait of Joe Anderson, second one is Victory. $10.00

Item LK4315Item LK4315
Tobacco box label, "Empire State" w/full color sketch of Empire State Bldg. 7" x 10" $25.00

Cigar Box

Wooden cigar box, "The Nation's Demand REPEAL. 5 for 10c A Quality Cigar". Top is loose and someone has placed 3 dividers in the box, but still a good historic box relating to Prohibition which could easily be restored. $75.00


Item W1510Item W1510
Group of 13 different cigarette packages, all empty. $20.00

White opaque Nurnberg Trials cigarette case. May be bakelite. Has an embossed 1-3/4" maroon plaque as part of the case on the front side with "International Military-Tribunal --1945-- Nurnberg Germany" embossed on plaque. Back side has a letter "1" embossed in maroon on a green bkgd. shield. Case has some cracks but plaque in near perfect shape. A good display item. $135.00

Item W505Item W505
Wooden pocket holder, top turns sideways displaying 10 hollow openings to hold 10 cigarettes. Overall size is 5-1/8" x 3-1/2" x 5/8" $15.00

Item KR072XItem KR072X
Brass tobacco auger w/wooden handle. Screws on table for use. Marked "Crescent Marvel USA". Used for filling pre-rolled cigarettes. 5-3/4" long. $95.00

"Stevenson for President" cigarettes. Photo of Adlai on package. Full, unopened pack. $30.00

Item LK2824Item LK2824
Package of Russian cigarettes from World War II era. Cigarettes intact. Box damaged on one corner, still an interesting piece w/design and writing on both sides. $35.00

Item LK3684Item LK3684
Unopened bag of Richardson's Old North Smoking Tobacco with orig. black & white & gold label affixed to side. Government blue tax stamp also affixed in place & untorn. Old North State cigarette papers in orig. 2-fold Brown & Williamson covering also still intact, slid under the outer tobacco paper label. Cloth bag has some slight dirt stains but a nice item. $20.00

Item J5588Item J5588
Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation Filter cigarette Maker. $25.00

Item M2610Item M2610
Meerschaum filter for men. White w/decorative band, onyx stem. 3" long. Can be used for either cigarettes or thin, smaller cigars. Turkish. Unused. $15.00

Item M2610AItem M2610A
Meerschaum filter for men or ladies. White w/extended decorative band. Onyx stem. 4-1/8" long. Can be used for either cigarettes or thin, smaller cigars. Turkish. Unused. $18.00

Item K7335Item K7335
Momento. Korea. Heavily lacquered wooden box w/embossed lettering on lid in Korean and English, "1st Mar. Div, FMF, ROK" 6-1/2" x 4-1/4" for cigarettes. $40.00

Item KR042AItem KR042A
Heavy metal cigarette case, hinged lid. Sterling silver daisy pattern on each side and oval pattern on lid. Unmarked but attractive. Two areas on bottom base have some corrosion affect. Could be easily touched up and remain unnoticed. $25.00

Item KR3227Item KR3227
9 X 6" Sweet Caporal cigarettes, "Standard for Years," post card with girl in clown costume. $5.00


Cardboard countertop display box for cigar holders. Includes 18 holders. Nice. $25.00

Cardboard countertop display for Whiz cigar holders. Produced by the Whiz Mfg. Co., Brooklyn 7, N.Y. 10" stiff cardboard display includes openings and bands for holding up to 12 cigar holders. 7 cigar holders are actually still in the display including two black and five yellow. $17.00

2 unused sheets of corporate letterhead, Howard A. Snyder, manufacturer of Havana Cigars, Littlestown, PA, circa. 1907. $4.00

Corporate letterhead for E. L. Golden, manufacturer of high grade cigars, Gettysburg, PA. Circa. 1910. Great burning cigar logo. (someone has written a note on the part of the paper below the letterhead in pencil) $3.50

Item W670CItem W670C
Deck of El Producto Cigars poker cards. Card box has some wear but in good condition. Cards seem to be fine. $15.00


Item M2140Item M2140
Very nice looking wooden cigar humidor. La Flor de la Inabela. Made in Manila, Philippines. $48.00

Item LK1928Item LK1928
Roto Tray Cigarette Humidor. Nice embossed design on front & top. Front swings around to reveal half-circle dimension of 5 compartments for cigarettes, matches, etc. Front dimensions, 6-1/2" wide, 3-5/8" high. Believe it is made of bakelite. $25.00


Item LK2650AItem LK2650A
Redilite Lighter. Cylinder shaped, size of small pencil 3" long. Red & black with advertising on side, "John T. Moss & Co. Dog Foods, Paint & Hardware. 455 K St N.W., Washington, DC National 7090". Produced by Brown & Bigelow in St. Paul, MN, these lighters used high test gasoline or lighter fluid. $25.00

Item LK2650BItem LK2650B
Redilite Lighter in orig. box. Cylinder shaped, size of small pencil 3" long. Red & black with advertising on side, "Austin Supply Co., Inc. Philadelphia 40, PA. Serving all Industries. Heavy Hardware & Supplies. Friendly Dependable Service." Produced by Brown & Bigelow in St. Paul, MN, these lighters used high test octane gasoline or lighter fluid. $30.00

Item KR031AItem KR031A
Havalite long cylinder lighter w/flip top and pocket clip. 3-3/4" long. $15.00

Item KR031DItem KR031D
Brass lighter. Slides up and down in outer casing. Bowers Mfg. Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. 3" long. $30.00

Item M2723Item M2723
Silver colored metal & aluminum lighter, 3" long in shapely shape of a young lady from top of neck to knees, nude except for red bikini. When you light the lighter a segment of the bikini and the nipples on breast light up bright red. $30.00

Item KR049SItem KR049S
Funk's G Hybrid advertising lighter (Rolex). Has the Funk's G full color logo with big red "G" and ear of corn on one side and "Funk Bros. Seed Co. Bloomington, Ill." on other side. Slight wear on back side otherwise very good. $70.00

Match Holders

Item K5567TOItem K5567TO
Old iron match holder, basketweave design with crossed iron real-sized pipes munted in front. All iron except metal "sleeve" container insert where the matches or some other items may go. Painted gold. 4" wide; 3" high $22.00

Item C5781Item C5781
Ceresota Flour match holder. 5-1/2" tin. Shows Cersota farm boy sitting on stool cutting bread atop a round barrel (wehich holds the matches). "Ceresota Prize Bread Flour of the World" on side of barrel. Very good condition. $450.00

Item C5943Item C5943
Aluminum wall holder with oak leaf and acorn design. 6-1/4" $25.00

Item K1825Item K1825
Brass wall match holder. Pair of slippers, no heels. No markings. 3-1/2" long. $28.00

Item K1638Item K1638
Iron wall match holder. Filigree front. Heavy. Attractive Victorian piece. $40.00

Item J1930Item J1930
Porcelain wooden match wall holder. 6-1/2" tall. Advertising on front. "Halstad Elevator Co. Inc. Another Special Thank You, 1995 Grandin co-op Oil Co. Grandin, ND" w/sketches of both the elevator and the company headquarters in browntones. Not terribly old, but a great kitchen item much more frequently seen nearly a century ago! $35.00

Item K4741Item K4741
Tin wall holder for wooden matches. Advertising. Blue w/black lettering: "Chas. H. Barnard's Son. Drugs and Hardware. 1500 Centre Street, Ashland, PA. This will hold your matches. Lety us hold your trade." Mfg. by Erickson in Des Moines. Near mint. This is certainly one of the finest match holders we have ever offered. $85.00

Item R2149Item R2149
Tin wall match safe. Double holder w/strike ribs on front of each bin. Round circle in center is currently "open" but was probably used for either a photo, print or mirror. Hand decorated floral design. 4-1/4" wide. Some wear, but very nice early piece. $50.00


Item A7384Item A7384
Brass 5 x 3-1/4" sign on brass chain. Engraved design with "Harmony, A Pipe Blend. PLEASE FILL YOUR PIPE" This sign was placed on the front of a glass jar on the counter in a tobacco store offering customers a free pipe fill up. $100.00

Item M1527Item M1527
Pipe. Imported Italian Briar, 6" w/carved head of black man. Has been used but still excellent condition. $40.00

Item M1531Item M1531
Pipe. Large, heavy briar pipe with a carving of a running fox (?), light wood. Twig stem. European. 9-1/4" Has been used. Striking. $60.00

Item K2081Item K2081
Red clay pipe from Peru. 5" long including a rather erotic front attachment to the bowl of a nude male native in the grasps of a female native laying on her back. Bowl & stem of pipe also designed. $35.00

Item M2609BItem M2609B
Meerschaum pipe. Carved bowl in shape of the head of a bearded man in fancy turbin. Straight golden red stem. 5" long. Made in Turkey. Unused. $25.00

Item M2609CItem M2609C
Meerschaum pipe. Smooth, cupped bowl. Semi-curved golden red stem. 5" long. Made in Turkey. Unused. $25.00

Item M2609EItem M2609E
Meerschaum pipe. Bowl in shape of horse or unicorn head, w/golden red stem. 5" long. Made in Turkey. Unused. $20.00

Item M2609FItem M2609F
Turkish Meerschaum pipe. Bearded Turk's head in turbin and long, extended engraved stem. Short, semi-curved golden red stem. 17-1/2" long. Unused. In presentation case. $100.00

Item M2609HItem M2609H
Turkish Meerschaum pipe. Bearded Turk's head in fancy head piece. Semi-curved, dark gold to black stem. 7-3/4" long. Unused. In presentation case. $60.00

Item M2609JItem M2609J
Turkish Meerschaum pipe. Bearded Turk's head in grape and leaf decor head piece. Semi-curved mootled gold to dark stem. 6-1/2" long. Unused. In presentation case. $50.00

Item M2609NItem M2609N
Mastersen Freehand Briar Israel. A great looking pipe w/onyx stem. 6" unused. $15.00

Item KR1142BItem KR1142B
Old corn cob pipe, split down side by stem. Wooden stem w/amber tip. Advertising on stem, "A Pipe Should Smoke. a CENTURY HEATER won't. Fastest heat on two wheels. Farm Equipment Sales." Used. 5" long. $15.00

Item KR1142CItem KR1142C
Pipe w/Meerschaum inside. Outside has orange leatherette surface w/bold black advertising print. "THE OLD LINE LIFE Ins. Co. of America. Milwaukee. Life Accident Health." Wooden tube stem. 5-7/8" long. Unused. $20.00

Item KR1142DItem KR1142D
Old wooden pipe w/silver hinged top and entire pipe covered w/silver flower design. Has been used but we think probably 50 years ago, or more! 6-1/4" $25.00

Item KR1142KItem KR1142K
Hide-covered shallow bowl pipe w/straight stem. 5-1/2" long. May have been used. $6.00


Item K2081AItem K2081A
Cloth kerchief advertising "Skoal" over and over again, "a pinch is all it takes," red, white & green, 22" square. $8.00

Item KR034SItem KR034S
Heavy duty brass snuff box. Rectangular w/rounded corners. Strong, hinged lid. Small, detailed edge etching design around lid. Bottom has a few scratches that appear to be an attempt to scratch the owner's initials or name in box but cannot make out the lettering. Circa mid-1800's. 4-1/2" long. $100.00

Item KR035MItem KR035M
Small Civil War-era tin snuff box. Round 2-3/4" w/hinged lid. Hinge has been soldered inside. Top incused w/what appears to be "J. L. Haklim. Patd. Sep 20, 1864." Very nice. $100.00

Item R2137Item R2137
Silver snuff box. Round, hinged lid w/incused floral & fan design. Push button to open. 2-1/8" $125.00

Item KR074AItem KR074A
Oblong snuff box, designed to look like horn but believe it is plastic. 2-1/2" Loop on lid for chain or strap. $18.00

Tobacco Cards

Item A9960Item A9960
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., ea. w/pics of old time stars in full color: Leslie Banks, Jessie Matthews, Edna Best, Nova Pilbeam & Flora Robson. $10.00

Item A9961Item A9961
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., ea. w/pics of old time stars in full color: Valerie Hobson, Elizabeth Allan, Tamara Desni, Florence Rice & Florence Desmond. $10.00

Item A9962Item A9962
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., ea. w/pics of old time stars in full color: Jessie Matthews, Margaretta Scott, Edna Best, Florence Desmond & Genevieve Tobin. $10.00

Item A9966Item A9966
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd. & Wills, ea. w/pics of old time stars in full color or shots from famous films: Margaretta Scott, Betty Bronson, Henry Edwards, Carmel Myers & "I Was a Spy." $10.00

Item A9967Item A9967
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., shots from famous films in full color: "Madame Du Barry," "A Cup of Kindness," "Nell Gwyn," "I Was a Spy," & "Love Time." $10.00

Item A9968Item A9968
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., famous film scenes in full color: "The Dover Road," "Evergreen," "Brewster's Millions," "Girls Please," & "The Case of the Curious Bride." $10.00

Item A9969Item A9969
5 cigarette cards, Gallaher Ltd., famous films & film partners in full color: "Squibs," "Lovetime," "Dirty Work," "Barbara Stanwyck & Warren William," "Jean Muir & Richard Cortez." $10.00

Item A9970Item A9970
10 cigarette cards, Wills Cigarettes, Railway engines, pics in full color representing the following railroads: Great Northern Railroad, Ireland; Great Western Railway; Royal Siamese State Rail System; Stroudley's Gladstone; Danish State Railways; U.S.S.R. Railways; Paris, Lyons, Mediterranean Railway; Dublin & Southeastern Railway; New York Central Railway & Netherlands Railway. $15.00

Item A9971Item A9971
5 cigarette cards, Wills, Players & Gallaher Ltd, airplanes, ea w/pics in full color: Hornet Moth, Military Envoy, Miles Unnamed Training Aircraft, Fairey Hendon Bomber & Lockheed 14 Super Electra Transport. $10.00

Item A9972Item A9972
5 cigarette cards, Wills, Player and Gallaher. $7.50

Item A9973Item A9973
9 Player cigarette cards (& 1 Lyons Tea card), naval craft & automobiles, pics in full color: "Mogador" (France); "Surcouf" (France) 2 copies; "H.M.S. Devonshire" all naval; Lagonda 7-seater Limousine, Triumph Dolomite Saloon, Talbot Drop-Head Foursome Coupe, Mercedes-Benz racing car, Flying Standard 20 H.P. V-Eight Saloon, and Sunbeam Thirty Sedanca De Ville all autos. $15.00

Item A9974Item A9974
10 railroad cards $10.00

Item A9975Item A9975
7 Wills tobacco cards, "Our King and Queen." B&W scenes relating to King George V including the coronation, his marriage to the Queen in 1923, as a naval cadet, etc. $15.00

Item A9976Item A9976
Player cigarette card from Derby & Grand National Winners. This card depicts the horse "Ballymacad" War National, 1917. $3.00

Item A9977Item A9977
7 Trebor Chews cards from 1972 series on "Famous Pets" $10.00

Item A9978Item A9978
5 cigarette cards, Player & Gallaher Ltd., on aircraft of the Royal Force. 1 card bent. $10.00

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