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A - Special Deals - Political

A - Special Deals - General (12 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This list is comprised of special collectibles sold in lots at bargain prices. Unless otherwise noted, most are single lots... when the lot has been purchased, it is gone! A great catalog for buying dealer inventory, inventory for shows, eBay and other auctions, for trade inventory or to add to a personal collection. We will be adding items to this list on a regular basis. If you have specific areas of interest let us know at -- we'll sell you quantity inventory at bargain prices.


Item J5102Item J5102
Calendar plates. Patriotic and colorful 2003 calendar plate. R/W/B design on china plate, "God Bless America United We Stand" w/bkgd of R/W/B U.S. flag and Statue of Liberty. "2003" in large lettering. Circle of 12 monthly calendars. Bald eagle image to left and to right. 9-1/2" diameter. A superb looking plate! 24 plates for $25.00

Item A6442Item A6442
Calendar plates. 1963. Dutch mill & sailboats sketch in center surrounded by monthly calendars with the name of the month below each in large letters. Floral design edge with "1963" printed at bottom center of design. All printed in gold on glazed pink china. Unusual to have a colored bkgd. 10" plain edge. These plates are now over 50 years old! 10 plates for $25.00

Item A6097NItem A6097N
Italian Royal Family Press Photo Collection. Original press photos, captioned. King Victor Emmanuel; Queen Mother of Italy, the Perfect Queen; Princess Mary's wedding to Viscount Lasoelles and more. 16 photos in total. Mostly from 1920s. Most 5" x 7" or slightly larger. Good condition. $100.00

Item N0551Item N0551
Space Exploration Newspaper Headlines. If you like to read history about astronauts, NASA and space missions, this is a great resource. Newspapers, mostly 1 section each, dealing with major space exploration events, primarily in the 1960s. Nearly 80 items. Complete listing of inventory available from: Total collection: $100.00

TV Guides. Approximately 120 TV Guide magazines. All different. Range from 1960-1996; mostly from early 1990's. Very good condition. Total lot. $65.00

Item HW003Item HW003
Harper's Weekly. Nearly 400 pages of Harper's Weekly publication with noteworthy illustrations, 1861-1864. Each illustration in an individual plastic sleeve with cardboard backing ready to be marketed and sold. Overall quality can be considered very good to excellent. Some are single pages; others are 2-page spreads... many dealing with the Civil War. Complete list available. $1,600.00

Item J5175Item J5175
Almanacs. Over 150 items. Farmers' almanacs and yearly almanacs from late 1800's up to early 2000's; most from 1960's-1980's including Bell Telephone System almanacs, J. Gruber's almanacks, John Baer's Sons Agricultural almanacs, Dr. A. W. Chase's almanacs, American Farm & Home Almanac, Old Farmer's almanac, Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company almanacs, Southern Pennsylvania Bank Farmers' almanacs... $45.00

Auto Racing Publications. National Speed Sport News and Cavalcade of Auto Racing National Weekly. 95 Issues from 1972 through year 1980. Good condition. Features on Andretti, Allison, Yarborough, Unser, Petty, Mears, Jones, Bettenhauser, Earnhardt, Foyt, Folmer, Bodine and many more. $35.00

Item J2102Item J2102
Penguin "Wintertime" Teapot. Attractive 6-1/2" ceramic teapot w/lid, brightly colored. Produced by Scott's Collectables of Distinction. Includes original, decorated box. 8 teapots for $40.00

Item J2103Item J2103
Penguin "Wintertime" Salt and Pepper Shakers. 4" high. Brightly colored ceramic shakers. Unused, in orig. decorated box. Produced for Scott's Collectables of Distinction. 24 sets of shakers for $50.00

Item LK4737Item LK4737
Boy Scout Manuals. A great collection of old Boy Scout novels... some nearly 100 years old, Scouting magazines from the 1950s and Boy Scout merit badge books, primarily from 1960s and 1970s. Nearly 100 items. Good condition. List available upon request. $100.00

World's Fair Collection. Over 150 items. Books, ceramic pieces, teapots, glassware, magazines... many unusual 3-dimensional items. Representing different World's Fairs - St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Knoxville, New Orleans, Seattle and more. Shipping not included. $350.00

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A - Special Deals - Political

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