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Political: Richard M. Nixon (208 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

The following items relate more or less directly to Richard M. Nixon, his campaigns, administration and life. For campaign buttons to to the catalogs: Political: Buttons 1960, Buttons 1968 and Buttons 1972. Items may be found in several other lists at this site including political paper, political Americana, political glassware & china, bumper stickers, Dwight D. Eisenhower, newspaper headlines, Presidential books, First Ladies and post cards. Special Notice - If you specialize in Richard Nixon as a major part of your political collection, let us help you expand and strengthen your specialty. Consider buying out our entire Richard Nixon catalog, including duplicates for trading stock. We are ready to deal and we think you will be surprised at the offer we can negotiate. Contact us at:


Item A4149NItem A4149N
Richard Nixon: Two charcoal sketch prints by Todi, 1960. Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge. 8-1/2" x 11" Nice quality. The pair for $3.50

Richard Nixon: Plastic dashboard flag on 8" stick w/suction cup as base. Double-sided flag is 6" x 4". R/W/B on gold bkgd. "Nixon's The One!" in red letting. 6 white stars on horizontal red bar above wordage; 6 white stars on blue bar below wordage. Background blue bar shows some wear on one side. $3.50

Richard Nixon: "The Watergate Cookbook (Or, Who's in the Soup?) By The Committee to Write the Cookbook. R/W/B cover w/sketch of R/W/B shield showing Nixon peaking out of top as if hiding. 1973. 95p. Over 100 actual (great) recipes put together by a group of friends who were living in Boston at the time, but with fun titles and quips relating to Watergate. Anybody who lived through this era will have to at least smile at Nixon's Perfectly Clear Consomme, Ellsberg's Leek Soup, Kennedy's Contented Sole, Agnew's Priviledged Pheasant, Martha's Sweet and Sour Tongue, Dean's Show and Tell, Magruder's Dandy Ly'in Salad, Cox's In-Peach Chicken, Haldeman's Sour Kraut, Segretti Spaghetti and many more. Really great! Not vicious... just funny. $8.00

Item W6000Item W6000
Richard Nixon: R/W/B 2-sided stiff cardboard auto antennae pennant, "Nixon Now." 9-3/8" long $3.50

Item A7582Item A7582
Richard Nixon: (book) "It Didn't Start With Watergate," by Victor Lasky (autographed), 1977. 438p. DJ. Lasky argues that Watergate was little more than a media event. The fact is, he claims, that Democratic scandals of comparable, and indeed greater significance were permitted to glide by without any of the overwhelming, unrelenting attention paid Watergate by a press which sought to disembowel a President they hated. He points out many of these situations, from FDR's years and particularly in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. $20.00

Item A7446Item A7446
Richard Nixon: (book) "Nixon's Quest for Peace," by Frank van der Linden. 1972. 248p. DJ. The author, a veteran White House correspondent, tells the inside story of President Nixon's efforts to achieve "a generation of peace," revealing details of Nixon's strategy intended to extricate the United States from the Vietnam quagmire; to prevent a new conflict in the Middle East; to reach a detente with Soviet Russia; and to open a new era of relations with mainland China. $7.00

Item K8956YItem K8956Y
Richard Nixon: Wanted Poster. B&W with four rows of five faces each (20 total). Names of the men pictured are under each photo. Each has the word "Apprehended" on a slant across the picture except for one, the photo of Richard Nixon. Some of the others pictured include John Erlichman, John Mitchell, H. R. Haldeman, Dwight Chapin, James McCord, Maurice Stans, G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson, Herbert Kalmbach, John Dean, Jeb Magruder, Donald Segretti, E. Howard Hunt, and more. 8-1/2" x 11" $6.00

Item A8659BCItem A8659BC
Richard Nixon: Wooden round wall plaque produced for the 1960 presidential campaign. Hand-carved chip art. 14-1/2" in diameter. Center has a carved scene of horse pulling wagon and peasants walking along beside. Looks Eastern European. Interwoven briar chain links and grass done in chip-art around wide outside rim. Incused into bottom part of rim, "Lithuanian-Americans with Richard M. Nixon 1960". Name of person doing the piece incused into back side, "P. Vebza, Chicago, Ill" This is probably a unique one-of-a-kind item. $49.00

Item W5997Item W5997
Richard Nixon: Nixon re-election poster for campaign appearance on October 28 (1972) in Brecksville and Northfield Center. "See and Greet the President of the United States and Mrs. Nixon" 10-1/2" x 8" $4.00

Item KR3286Item KR3286
Richard Nixon: Eight-page pamphlet, "The Nixon White House. Working Hard for America's Farmers" 1972. $4.00

Richard Nixon: Cardboard snap-on sun visor that fits around your entire head. "Experience Counts Vote Nixon-Lodge" red lettering on off-white bkgd. $7.00

Richard Nixon: Plastic umbrella w/Nixon's large bluetone pic on it six times, interspersed with R/W/B stars and stripes. 23" long closed. 36" wide opened. Images are rather good but umbrella is very cheaply made. Still a good display item. $16.00

Richard Nixon: "Women for Nixon" portfolio w/name and logo on front. Includes illus. printed brochure, "Women for Nixon" w/fac. sig. by Richard Nixon, the Debates of 1968: A Test for America by Richard M. Nixon, article, Pat Nixon Confident on 2d Bid, "article Daughter's Romance Adds Glow to Drive (David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon), biography of Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon Campaign stats, Richard Nixon: A New Alignment for American Unity" brochure, "Dimes for Dick" money holder by Women for Nixon, order form for Women for Nixon Workers pins and earrings, women for Nixon-Agnew supplies, order form for Nixon for President Dresses, Women for Nixon-Agnew organizational chart, press releases, Nixon statement: "Local Law Enforcement is a Local Matter," and more. Great information... just a nice item all the way around. $25.00

Richard Nixon: "Women for Nixon" porfolio w/name and logo on front. Includes letter and press releases, supplies order, flier for ordering Nixon for President Dresses, flier for ordering Women for Nixon Workers pins and earrings, letter from Richard Nixon (fac. sig.), Pat Nixon article, Biography of Richard M. Nixon, article "Daughter's Romance Adds Glow to Drive (David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon), Richard Nixon Speaks on the Issues brochure, flier on how to hold a Campaign Brunch after Church, Organizational Chart for Women for Nixon, Suggestions for Small Fund Raising Events, How to Hold a Phantom Coffee Hour, flier on Operation Broom, flier on Peso Fiesta fund-raising fun for Richard Nixon for President, and more! Great information. $25.00

Richard Nixon: Inauguration umbrella. 10 alternating red and white cloth panels. Nixon and Agnew inaugural seal on one of the white panels. Metal frame w/wooden pole. Rubber hand grasp. 48" diameter when opened. Very well constructed. Nice. A great display item. $38.00

Item LK1429Item LK1429
Richard Nixon: (postcard) Pic of the Nixon Family-Dick, Pat, Tricia, Julie. 1960 campaign. Printed in handwriting script on back, "Our whole family is for Dick Nixon". Produced by Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge. Washington, DC. $5.00

Item LK1432Item LK1432
Richard Nixon: (postcard) Sepiatone pic of the Nixon Family-Dick, Pat, Tricia, Julie. 1960 campaign. Printed in handwriting script at bottom of pic in orange, "The Nixons". Printed in handwriting script on reverse, "I'm for Dick Nixon". Produced by Nixon for President. Southern California Hq. $7.50

Item LK1434Item LK1434
Richard Nixon: (postcard) B&W pic of Richard Nixon sitting on steps in his suit and tie, hands clasped in front of him. 1960 campaign. Nice picture. $3.00

Item KR3287Item KR3287
Richard Nixon: 34" x 22" montage, color fold-out poster with center portrait of Nixon. Folds down into an 8-1/2" x 11" campaign brochure with Nixon's face on cover page with "Young Voters for the President" $19.00

Item KR020FItem KR020F
Richard Nixon: BATTLE LINE, the official publication of the Republican National Committee during the 1960 presidential campaign. Nine issues including the Aug 24, 1960 volume l, Number 1 with picture of Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge on the front page. Two issues are 16-pages each, others are shorter. Great references for 1960 Nixon campaign. $18.00

Item LK1182Item LK1182
Richard Nixon: Golf Ball with "Spiro T. Agnew" name and Vice Presidential seal in full color. Sits in plastic "egg cup." Used by each place setting at GOP fund raiser honoring Agnew. Nice display piece. Different. $18.00

Item W3377Item W3377
Richard Nixon: Spiro Agnew wristwatch. Working. Never used. $20.00

Item A2295Item A2295
Richard Nixon: Official, notarized (6-page road contract signed by Spiro T. Agnew as county executive of Baltimore County (MD) with state corporate seals. (Vice President Agnew resigned his office pleading no contest stemming from road contracts, just like this one, that he authorized during his terms as Baltimore County Executive and as Governor of Maryland). Great conversation piece. $185.00

Item W4880Item W4880
Richard Nixon: First Monday, Republican magazine. June 1973. Richard Nixon on cover. "The President Speaks Out On Watergate" $2.50

Item LK3300Item LK3300
Richard Nixon: Great wooden die-cut game entitled "Big Time Nose Around". 12" x 12" wooden square has 11-1/2" punch-out image of Richard Nixon caricature with very long nose, handle. Two round punch-out circles are used to toss at nose in attempt to get the circles on the nose. One circle is larger than the other. Puzzle is bright orange, black and cream colored. Never have seen this before. Nice novelty item and certainly fits into the category of political campaign toys. $20.00

Item A7998Item A7998
Richard Nixon: Nixon Memorial button. Pic of Nixon. "In Memoriam, Richard M. Nixon 1913-1994" w/stars and stripes design. R/W/B 2-1/4" $4.50

Item K9863Item K9863
Richard Nixon: Nixon's Trip to Berlin, February 1969. 68p photo booklet. Great photos. Text printed in German and English. $8.00

Item J0273Item J0273
Richard Nixon: (book) The Making of the President 1968" by Theodore H. White. 1969. Jonathan Cape, London. 459p. DJ $4.00

Item A7245Item A7245
Richard Nixon: Great R/W/B cardboard poster for 1973 Inaugural Parade with jugate bluetone pics of President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew. Designed for area-DC use, "Participate in History, 1973 Inaugural Parade, Bring Your Family and See" at top. Also has large map of parade route and instructions on where there is free fringe parking and bus shuttle schedules. Most were used to post on street light posts or electric posts. Size: 23" x 17-1/2" Great display item. $15.00

Item KR020EItem KR020E
Richard Nixon: Nice black and white image of Richard Nixon on stiff ivory card stock, stamped and cancelled "Inaugural Day" Washington, DC Jan 20, 1973. 5" x 7" Nice display piece. $3.50

Item KR020CItem KR020C
Richard Nixon: The Miami Beach Reporter. GOP Special Convention Daily. Two copies - Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8, 1968. 24 pages each. Excellent convention coverage and photos. $9.00

Item CH0546FItem CH0546F
Richard Nixon: 1973 Congressional invitation to the Inaugural Ceremonies (Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew), 11" x 8-3/4" $4.00

Item KR020DItem KR020D
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inaugural Committee official invitation to the Jan 19, 1973 Inaugural Concerts at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center. Engraved w/Inaugural logo in gold at top. $2.50

Item KR016SItem KR016S
Richard Nixon: Campaign poster. "Come! See! and Hear Vice president Spiro T. Agnew, Public Rally. Entertainment. Wednesday, November 1st 11:45am. Community Concourse Mall at 3rd and B" Blue on white w/bluetone pic of Agnew in the center. 8-1/2" x 11" $3.00

Item J1404BKItem J1404BK
Richard Nixon: Nixon life-size facial mask. Molded plastic. 10-1/2" $5.00

Item LK2509Item LK2509
Richard Nixon: Plastic bag R/W/B door hanger. "For New Leadership, Vote for the Winners. NIXON for President, Nakasian for Congress. Produced by Nakasian Campaign Committee." Inside includes brochure for Nakasian and two pieces for Alvin Suchin, running for re-election to the New York State Assembly. $2.50

Item A9401Item A9401
Richard Nixon: Postal cover commemorating the resignation of President Nixon. Postmarked Aug 8, 1974 Washington, DC. Browntone pic of Nixon looking down at a file. American flag in bkgd. "Richard M. Nixon announces his resignation as President, August 8, 1974." Includes an information piece on the event produced by the Postal Commemorative Society. $5.00

Item LK1406Item LK1406
Richard Nixon: Nixon. Carmel slag glass toothpick holder. An original Bob St.Clair produced for the bicentennial in 1976 with three nice embossed images on the sides - an Indian chief, George Washington and Richard Nixon. $25.00

Richard Nixon: (book) "They Could Not Trust the King, Nixon, Watergate and the American People". Photographs by Stanley Tretick, text by William V. Shannon. 1974. 200p. Very interesting. $4.00

Item LK1958Item LK1958
Richard Nixon: (book) "Where He Stands" the life and convictions of Spiro T. Agnew, with an introduction by Richard M. Nixon. 1968. 1st edition. PB. 116p. illus. $4.00

Richard Nixon: Nixon 1969 Inaugural Medal. Bronze, artist F. Gasparro. Richard Nixon profile to right. "President of the United States Richard Milhous Nixon" embossed on obverse; eagle design and ring of stars on reverse. "Inaugurated January 20, 1969. A New Day for America. A New Dawn for Peace and Freedom in the World, Richard M. Nixon" 3" $19.00

Item K9813BDItem K9813BD
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inaugural Guide. "The Spirit of '76" 1973 Inaugural Guide. 36p. w/photos of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Lists Inaugual committee members, parade route map, explains all the other inaugural events, pointers on what to wear to the various inaugural events, how to get tickets, how to purchase inaugural medals, inaugural license plates, and some inaugural history. Embossed gold eagle logo on front. $4.00

Item J1445BBItem J1445BB
Richard Nixon: Metal Inauguration 1973 District of Colunbia license plate w/capitol dome. R/W/B flag design. Instead of a number it has the letters "SKINS". These tags, like other DC tags, were made up at Lorton Reformatory and were to be sold to the Redskin fans when they left Dulles Airport for the Super Bowl game. When the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles found out about this they told the Inaugural Committee they could not sell these tags as they had no identifying numbers and they could not be used on motor vehicles. The Inaugural Committee suggested to the D.M.V. that they would only sell one tag to each Redskin fan but the D.M.V. also turned this down as any two fans could pool their tags and conceivably a number of cars could be on the street with "SKINS" tags. The tags were not sold, nor distributed, remaining at the Lorton Reformatory until the Inaugural tags expired. Then they could be sold as souvenirs but not placed on vehicles. A few tags were sold; most were destroyed. The tags are very limited. $39.00

Richard Nixon: Original water color painting, framed under glass depicting Richard Nixon's funeral memorial service. Flag drapped casket in bkgd w/American flags at half staff. In the foreground are President and Mrs. Bill Clinton, President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush, President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter and President and Mrs. Gerald Ford. 1994 by Dottie Coyne. 30" x 24" $140.00

Item J2543Item J2543
Richard Nixon: Unusual can bank, slot in top. Paper label surrounding bank w/full circular photo of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew in prison uniforms. "SAVE For a Rainy Day" in red lettering. From Watergate era. scarce. $25.00

Richard Nixon: Large 9" x 5-1/2" card. Eagle seal on front, inside left panel has color pic of the Nixon family, Dick and Pat, their daughters with their husbands. Right panel has "With our deep appreciation for helping to make possible our victory on November 7, 1972" w/fac. sigs. of all six below the message. Rather unusual to have all the signatures. In original envelope from "The White House" $7.50

Richard Nixon: "Pat for First Lady" antenna flag. Printed in blue on both sides of solid plastic "flag" 9-1/2" long which slips down over an antenna. In original cardboard, illustrated container. Believe this is from 1960 campaign. $8.00

Richard Nixon: Nixon 1973 Inaugural Medal. Solid bronze. Front shows profiles of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Reverse side has presidential seal and is inscribed "President Richard Nixon. Vice President Spiro Agnew inaugurated to second term of office January 20, 1973." Edge marked the Franklon Mint. solid bronze. 2-3/4" in plastic case. $20.00

Richard Nixon: Nixon 1968 campaign lucky horseshoe tie tac or lapel pin. Pair of gold horseshoes w/the head of an elephant. distributed by Gulf Oil as a sales gimic. Similar item was produced with a donkey on it for Democratic candidate. 3/4" $1.00

Item KR067YBUItem KR067YBU
Richard Nixon: Voter Preference cardboard coffee cup. R/W/B line art images of Richard Nixon on one side and George McGovern on other side, names below. "Vote for the Candidate of Your Choice". 3-1/4" high. Nice 1972 presidential campaign 3-D item. Voter Preference items have a long history. $4.50

Richard Nixon: 1960 Republican National Convention Souvenir Program, Chicago, Illinois. Republican National Convention. Chicago. July 1960 commemorating the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's nomination. Large official book produced by Republican National Convention Committee. R/W/B stars and stripes flag design on cover against a sky bkgd. $15.00

Richard Nixon: 1968 Republican National Convention Souvenir Program, Miami Beach. Large book by Republican National Convention Committee w/cover design showing a row of all Republican presidents from Lincoln through Eisenhower with R/W/B bunting below pics. $12.50

Item A2381AItem A2381A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re-Elect the President on "The Record" $2.00

Item A2382AItem A2382A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re-Elect the President on "About Education" $2.00

Item A2383AItem A2383A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re-Elect the President on "About Vietnam" $2.00

Item A2384AItem A2384A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re-Elect the President on "About Environment" $2.00

Item A2385AItem A2385A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re-Elect the President on "About Health Care" $2.00

Item A2386AItem A2386A
Richard Nixon: Full color 6-panel Nixon brochure by Committee to Re- Elect the President on "About Economic Leadership" $2.00

Item A2318Item A2318
Richard Nixon: 2-sided R/W/B brochure, "Nation Needs Nixon" 1960 campaign. Quote from Ike and accomplishments both here at home and on the world scene. $3.00

Item LK2616Item LK2616
Richard Nixon: Aluminum ashtray. Embossed in bottom, "Miami Beach Convention Hall. G.O.P. National Convention August 1968" w/city of Miami Beach logo, including palm tree. 3-1/2" diameter. $2.50

Richard Nixon: Heavy smoked glass rectangular dish. Bottom of the plate shows the two hemispheres in gold and white. Underneath, "Here Men From the Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon the Moon, July 1969, A.D. We Came in Peace for All Mankind." Beneath the quote are both the fac. sigs. and printed sigs. of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin, plus of Richard Nixon as President of the United States. This is all in gold frame image in the bottom of the dish with "International Paper Company" at the bery bottom with the IPC logo, all also in gold. 6" x 5" Nice memento from the 1960s for space exploration and Nixon-related, plus being an advertising piece. $18.00

Item W5743Item W5743
Richard Nixon: Campaign token. Obverse has trigate images of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Nixon and "A Profile of Integrity" Reverse has eagle and "Your Country - Your Dollar. Vote Republican" 1-1/2" Different. $7.50

Item LK1468Item LK1468
Richard Nixon: Ball point pen produced at the peak of the Watergate activity to show support for President Nixon. Printed on the side in silver lettering, "Hang in there Mr. President" Very few produced. $10.00

Item A2329Item A2329
Richard Nixon: "Re-elect the President" 1-fold leaflet with smiling photo of Nixon on front. done in black on gold stock. (Graphically less than appealing) $2.00

Item CL025Item CL025
Richard Nixon: "The Nixon Stand" with Nixon's photo on cover, 8-page leaflet on the issues (1972). $1.50

Item W3294Item W3294
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inaugural Ticket - "A Salute to America's Heritage. January 19. The Corcoran Gallery of Art." Admit one child. Different. $2.00

Item W3293Item W3293
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inaugural Ticket - "A Salute to America's Heritage. January 19. The Corcoran Gallery of Art." Admit one adult. $2.00

Richard Nixon: Nixon Appreciation Poster. Unusual graphic. Shows a smiling Nixon standing among huge crowd of people waving small American flags, reaching out grasping their hands. He is standing about 5 feet above the crowd even though they are all around him. The colored pic is superimposed over a thin white outline of the United States map and includes the wordage: "You have helped to make our last campaign our best campaign of all..." and "Now let us make the next four years the best four years in American history." At the bottom of the poster, below the photo is the Presidential seal, and the words "With Appreciation," with fac. sig. of Richard Nixon followed by "The White House November 1972". The poster is 12" x 14" and the original White House mailing envelope that it came in is also included. Very attractive piece. $9.00

Item CH0548FItem CH0548F
Richard Nixon: 1973 Congressional Invitation to the Inaugural Ceremonies (Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew) plus complete, printed rundown of Inaugural Activities. Original envelope. $7.50

Item KR016IItem KR016I
Richard Nixon: Inaugural Invitation for Inauguration of Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew as President and Vice President of the United States, January 20th, 1973. Original envelope included. $8.50

Item KR017FItem KR017F
Richard Nixon: Embossed Inaugural Invitation of Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew, Jan. 20, 1973 with original envelope. $8.50

Richard Nixon: Chicago Tribune Newspaper. Complete edition. Feb 21, 1972. "Nixon Greeted in Peking. Chou - but No Throng - Meets Him at Airport". Coverage of one of the most significant events of the Nixon Administration. Nice front page photo of Nixon and Chou En-lai shaking hands. complete section. $8.00

Item A2325Item A2325
Richard Nixon: "The President of the United States Cordially Invites You to Stop Breathing Garbage, R.S.V.P. on November 7th," issued by Young Voters for the President. Nixon's commitments to the environment and the involvement of youth. Folds out into huge 22" x 34" poster of Dick and Pat Nixon walking on the beach. Nice piece. $8.00

Item J0288Item J0288
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. Nov 15, 1968. Atlantic Edition. Richard Nixon on cover. "The Election" feature. Interesting issue. $2.50

Item KR017IItem KR017I
Richard Nixon: Department of State Official 64-page book, "The Washington Summit: General Secretary Brezhnev's Visit to the United States June 18-25, 1973." Has cover photo of President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev. $9.00

Item W3292Item W3292
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inauguration Ticket. Stand 1. Price: $50. Back side has jugate pictures of Nixon and Agnew. Nice Inauguration item. $8.00

Item CH2243PItem CH2243P
Richard Nixon: 1960 Nixon-Lodge paper cap. "Experience Counts. Vote Nixon-Lodge" red on white. Image appears on both sides of the garrison-type cap. Nice campaign display item. $18.00

Item KR042YItem KR042Y
Richard Nixon: Colored photo of the Nixon family framed under glass. Shows Richard and Pat Nixon, plus Julie and Tricia with their husbands, David Eisenhower and Ed Cox. Nice pose of all six of them. Approx. 8-3/4" square. $10.00

Item A9289Item A9289
Richard Nixon: Set of five large 11" x 14" full color glossy photos (one in black and white) from Richard Nixon's trip to China. The toast, the summit meeting, the meeting with Chairman Mao, entertainment and sight-seeing. Very visual. Great mementoes of an historic event. Do not believe these are press photos due to their large size, however are certainly of press photo quality and probably better. Would guess they are more likely to be from official White House photographer on trip. Great for an exhibit or display. $48.00

Item A9595Item A9595
Richard Nixon: Convention hat band. 24" long. 2" wide. R/W/B. "Nixon" in center w/bluetone pic of Nixon on each side. Eight large blue stars complete the strip. Thick red border above and below. Nice. $5.00

Item LK1192Item LK1192
Richard Nixon: Matchbook. Unused. "Inauguration 1973" in silver. Old English style, white bkgd; reverse - official Inaugural seal w/Nixon and Agnew names. $3.50

Richard Nixon: Matchbook. Unused. "Inauguration 1973". Same matchbook is above (LK1192). 10 matchbooks for $18.00

Item LK3306Item LK3306
Richard Nixon: "Write in Spiro Agnew for V.P." on side of small wooden lead pencil 3-1/2" long (2 of them) plus a R/W/B 1-1/2" button "Write-in Agnew Vice-President". 3 items total. All from New Hampshire primary. $12.00

Item KR017GItem KR017G
Richard Nixon: Official Inaugural Program w/embossed cover. January 20, 1969, featuring the inauguration of Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew. Nice souvenir book. $10.00

Item KR033KItem KR033K
Richard Nixon: Official Inaugural Program w/embossed cover. January 20, 1969, featuring the inauguration of Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew. Nice souvenir book. $10.00

Item K7697Item K7697
Richard Nixon: (book) "Organized Crime Behind Nixon! The hidden forces that brought Nixon to the end of his road. The breaking of a President 1974." A photo history. $7.00

Richard Nixon: (book) Project '68. The Presidential election of 1968 as seen through campaign pins. by Marian A. Ford, APIC Research Director. 1971. a photo book of campaign buttons from one of the most unusual, turbulent and historic campaigns in last century - with Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy and George Wallace as some of the prominent players. 44 pages. $7.50

Item C010BItem C010B
Richard Nixon: (book) "How To Try In Politics Without Really Succeeding" a handbook for those who aspire to public office based on the true experiences of the noblest campaigner of them all: Richard M. Nixon. 1962 published by California Democratic Council. This clever book of 24 lessons gives the brief "lesson" followed by a political cartoon to exemplify it. Cover slightly dirt stained but a rare book. $10.00

Item KR3642BTItem KR3642BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign banner, clear w/"NIXON" in 6-1/2" letters on white above a blue bar with 11 white stars. LARGE. 34-1/2" x 11-1/2" $4.00

Item KR3643BTItem KR3643BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign banner. White, with "Nixon's the One!" in 11" red letters. 44-1/2" x 30" large! $4.50

Item KR3644BTItem KR3644BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign banner. Clear, with a huge, vivid black and white elephant wearing a red blanker over its back reading "Nixon" in white. 44-1/2" x 30" large! $10.00

Item KR3645BTItem KR3645BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign banner. clear, with a red stripe on one side with "Nixon's" in white, and a blue stripe at the bottom with "the One!" in white with 9 white stars below. Black and white sketch of Nixon in the middle, central part of poster. 44-1/2" x 30" large! $8.00

Item KR3646BTItem KR3646BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign sashay. White, with "Nixon's" in white on red rectangle and then "the One!" in white on a blue rectangle and white stars at bottom of both rectangles. Same on both sides. 60" long. $4.50

Item KR3648BTItem KR3648BT
Richard Nixon: Plastic acetate campaign cover. White, with blue rectangle with white cut-out in the shape of the continental United States. "Nixon's the One!" in red in the middle. 14-1/2" x 10-1/2" $5.00

Item A4804NItem A4804N
Richard Nixon: White House official visitors' pass for Aug 28, 1971 w/fac. sig. of Richard Nixon. $7.50

Item A7038NItem A7038N
Richard Nixon: Postcard. "Nixon Dirksen" R/W/B w/message on reverse. Nice postcard produced by Illinois Youth for Nixon/Agnew and supporting Nixon for president and Everett McKinley Dirksen for U.S. Senator from Illinois. $5.00

Item A7128NItem A7128N
Richard Nixon: Postcard. Actually this is a postcard promo - a double, perferated postcard, one showing a photo of Nixon and short message on reverse and the other promoting the ordering of these postcards in quantity. $6.00

Item A7034NItem A7034N
Richard Nixon: Whiskey Bottle Label. WATERGATE Blended Scotch Whiskey w/pic. of Richard Nixon and "Distilled & Bottled Under White House Supervision" in small print. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" $7.00

Item A7021NItem A7021N
Richard Nixon: Great political campaign puzzle. Cardboard die-cut elephant. Two round circles on string hang from his head. One says "Vote for Nixon" and the other "Vote for Lodge". There is a slot across the side of the elephant. By swinging the circles, you must get them through the slot. $32.00

Item A5491NItem A5491N
Richard Nixon: Richard Nixon campaign postcard. A happy Nixon playing the piano, surrounded by family. Reverse side has campaign message to voters asking them to be sure to go to the polls and vote for Nixon and Agnew with a fac. sig. of Nixon. 1968. Produced by United Citizens for Nixon-Agnew. Nice campaign card. $1.50

Item A4406SNItem A4406SN
Richard Nixon: Appreciation card sent out to supporters on January 20, 1961, the day Nixon left the office of Vice President. Has full color pic of the Nixon family and message "As we leave Washington, Pat and I want to express our appreciation for the privilege of spending fourteen memorable years in the nation's capital and for your friendship and support in the campaign of 1960." fac. sig. "Dick Nixon" With orig. envelope. $12.00

Item KR032IItem KR032I
Richard Nixon: A wonderful group of materials developed to support President Nixon during the Watergate period. "Let's Sing for the President" 12-page sheet music portfolio w/Richard Nixon's bluetone pic on front. Includes four songs, "Hang in there, Mr. President," "We're Fixin' a Date with Nixon," "I'm a Democrat for Nixon," and "Hail to the Chief." Hang in There, Mr. President lyrics go "Hang in there Mister President, Fight! Fight! Fight! We are with you Mr. President, With all our might. They may use you and abuse you, Holler `Quit, quit, quit', but you've heard all that before, Just clench your fist and grit..." Also includes "Hang in There" 45-rpm record written and sung by Henry Tobias; also, the original sheet music (slightly different) by Henry Tobias for "Hang in There, Mr. President" and the original sheet music (slightly different) by Henry Tobias for "We are with you, Mr. President." Also, a 1974 press release on the Support the President Record. $80.00

Item KR057QItem KR057Q
Richard Nixon: Cast iron bank in the image of Richard Nixon's head. Very heavy, slot in the top. Gold color. Item from 1972 campaign, stamped "1972". 5-1/4" high. $125.00

Item LK1725Item LK1725
Richard Nixon: New Year's card for 1969. Full color pic of the Nixon family on front, the President holding the framed needlework of Presidential seal that Julie had done for him and presented to him the night of the election. "Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, November 6, 1969" printed below the pic. "With appreciation and best wishes for the New Year" printed inside with fac. sig. Richard Nixon. $9.00

Item W5159Item W5159
Richard Nixon: Brass plate bar with image of Martha Mitchell & her name in small lettering, mike in hand. "Queen of Watergate" embossed on bar. 2" x 1-1/8" $8.50

Item A2105C1Item A2105C1
Richard Nixon: 14" R/W/B poster promoting the visit of President & Mrs. Nixon for a Chicago campaign parade, includes their photo. Nice. $4.00

Richard Nixon: Bumper sticker, Day-Glo orange & black, "Montanans Vote Nixon Lodge" $5.00

Item A2158C1Item A2158C1
Richard Nixon: 1968 Election Day door hanger, "Vote Republican, Nixon, Agnew, Max Rafferty for U.S. Senator" (California piece) $3.00

Item K9814BDItem K9814BD
Richard Nixon: Inaugural Guide. "The Spirit of '76" 1973 Inaugural Guide. 36p. w/photos of Nixon and Agnew. Embossed gold eagle logo on front. Same as item K9813BD except, SPECIAL: 10 copies. $22.00

Richard Nixon: THE WASHINGTON POST, June 1, 2005. "FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat'. Mark Felt Ends 30-Year Mystery of The Post's Watergate Source." Photos and features throughout. Entire issue. $6.00

Item A4135NItem A4135N
Richard Nixon: Print of Nixon caricature w/scratchy beard. "Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?" 8-1/2" x 11" $1.50

Item A2180Item A2180
Richard Nixon: Sheet music. "Richard Nixon is the One" R/W/B cover with artwork sketch of Nixon within shield. 1968 campaign song by Raymond J. Meurer. $3.00

Item A2321Item A2321
Richard Nixon: Pocket Facts...Election '72. Re-Elect the President. Folder includes issue cards, each card has statistics & information on the issue. 12 different issues covered including health, drugs, older Americans, minorities, education, foreign affairs, environment & crime, women & youth, cities revenue sharing, etc. $5.00

Item KR073BItem KR073B
Richard Nixon: Nixon poster. Nixon and Agnew b&w jugate pics. "Nixon Agnew" in huge white lettering on blue bkgd at top. "Vote Republican" in large white lettering on red bkgd at bottom. 14" x 22" Fold crease through center. Rare. Seldom see this poster. $22.50

Item KR073EItem KR073E
Richard Nixon: Nixon poster. B&W pic of Richard Nixon. "Nixon for President" below, blue lettering on white bkgd. 14" x 22" Fold creases. $12.50

Richard Nixon: 1960 Republican National Convention Souvenir Program, Chicago. $17.50

Richard Nixon: Red & white enameled metal pinback jewelry item. "Button" in center has paper sticker caricature of Spiro Agnew with his arms outstretched holding a letter banner which spells out the words "Spiro Agnew". Approx. 3" diameter. Attractive jewelry piece. $14.00

Item A2447Item A2447
Richard Nixon: Sheet music. "Richard Nixon Is The One" 1968 campaign music. Words go: "Who can make the day seem brighter? Who can make the load seem lighter? Richard Nixon is the one who can. Who's the one who can excite us? Who's the one who can unite us? Richard Nixon is the one who can." Sketch of Nixon on front in shield. $3.00

Item A2630Item A2630
Richard Nixon: "Speak Out to Dick Nixon & Ted Agnew," campaign paper poster promoting Oct 10 event at Salt Lake City Auditorium with Nixon pic, one arm raised in air. $4.00

Richard Nixon: Sketch of Nixon by G. Schumann, "Forward Together" on cardboard, 11" x 14" $6.00

Richard Nixon: Thimble, Nixon for U. S. Senator. Scarce. $35.00

Item A9027CItem A9027C
Richard Nixon: Thimble. Red lettering on off-white thimble. "Nixon's the One! Elect NIXON in '68" $7.00

Item A6122Item A6122
Richard Nixon: Full color bright caricature poster, "The Adventures of Daffy Dick and Spiro T. Pig" with Nixon & Agnew as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig look-alikes. 23" x 34" $29.00

Item KR073NItem KR073N
Richard Nixon: Full color bright caricature poster, "The Adventures of Daffy Dick and Spiro T. Pig" with Nixon & Agnew as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig look-a-likes. 23" x 34" $29.00

Item A6542Item A6542
Richard Nixon: The best photo of Richard Nixon we believe we have ever seen. Full color litho print, poster size on stiff paper stock unfolded. c. 1960. A. Fox. 16" x 12" Slight edge wear. $8.50

Richard Nixon: President Nixon Now More Than Ever 10-1/2" stiff paper door hanger. R/W/B "Sorry I missed you..." with a message and place for signature from "Your neighborhood volunteer" $3.50

Richard Nixon: President Nixon Now More Than Ever 10-1/2" stiff paper door hanger. R/W/B "Sorry I missed you..." with a message and place for signature from "Your neighborhood volunteer" 10 copies for $12.50

Item A7581Item A7581
Richard Nixon: (book) "Witness to Power, The Nixon Years," 1982 by John Ehrlichman, 432p. illus. DJ. $5.00

Item A7583Item A7583
Richard Nixon: (book) "Seize The Moment, America's Challenge in a One-Superpower World," by Richard Nixon, 1992. 322p DJ. $6.50

Item A9196Item A9196
Richard Nixon: Official Inaugural program, Jan 20, 1969, w/original envelope. Nice program. Embossed inaugural seal in black & gold on white textured cover. Full page colored photos of both Nixon and Agenew and of Mrs. Nixon and Mrs. Agnew, Nixon cabinet members individually photographed, plus many other illus. $12.50

Item A4804NItem A4804N
Richard Nixon: 1971 White House Visitor card w/sketch of White House at top. Name of visitor typed in. "Richard Nixon" signature (fac. sig.) in blue ink. $8.50

Item A4821NItem A4821N
Richard Nixon: 1973 Inaugural Parade booklet. 60p. Gives parade instructions. Lists and diagrams each parade unit. Interesting. $5.00

Item A9502Item A9502
Richard Nixon: Plastic wall caricature of Spiro Agnew dressed like Mickey Mouse (large round black ears) & rest of outfit, peace medallion on chain around his neck. 10-3/4" long. Called "Put-Down Hang-Ups" in original, unopened package. $10.00

Item A9505Item A9505
Richard Nixon: Perhaps one of the most bizarre political items ever produced. This came out during the '70s when streaking was a great fad, particularly on college campuses across America. It is a brilliant red cloth privacy shield 34" long, 13" wide with an elasticized waist "belt" to slip on with the shield hanging down in front (your "rear end" showing). Caricature of Richard Nixon running nude (except for tennis shoes) with the wordage "STREAK with HONOR". The caricature & wordage is 14" long, all printed in black on the red bkgd. Absolutely super and would undoubtedly be a flashy item for any Nixon display! $85.00

Richard Nixon: R/W/B campaign ballpoint pen. "President Nixon Now More Than Ever." $5.50

Item A4135NItem A4135N
Richard Nixon: Print of Nixon characture sketch with heavy beard, "Would you buy a used car from this man?" 8-1/2" x 11" $1.00

Item A4149NItem A4149N
Richard Nixon: Two charcoal sketch prints by Todi, 1960, Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, 8-1/2" x 11" each. Nice quality. The pair for $3.00

Item A3134BFItem A3134BF
Richard Nixon: Inaugural Committee 1973. Unused #10 envelopes with committee's return address. 10 envelopes. $2.50

Item CL001Item CL001
Richard Nixon: "Why you... America... and the free world need Nixon and Lodge," 6-panel black and white illus brochure by Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge. $2.00

Item CL003Item CL003
Richard Nixon: "First Monday" publication, July 1972 targeting GOP registration for the 1972 election. 16p illus. including front cover photo of Dick and Pat Nixon registering their change in voting address from New York City to San Clemente. The entire 16 pages are filled with "get out the vote" photos and information with a major push on getting people registered. Nice piece. $1.50

Item CL004Item CL004
Richard Nixon: "President Nixon has come through on aid for Israel," w/photo of Nixon and Golda Meir on front. Great flier about U.S. relations with Israel and the special partnership between Nixon and Meir. $2.00

Item CL013Item CL013
Richard Nixon: R/W/B 14" Nixon poster, "Bring Your Family, See and Greet the President of the United States and Mrs. Nixon, Loop Parade, Tuesday Oct. 31, Chicago" map of parade route and bluetone photo of the Nixons. $2.50

Item CL016Item CL016
Richard Nixon: "Why We Democrats are Supporting President Nixon," 6-panel illus. brochure covers administration's successes and quotes leading Democrats on anti-McGovern remarks. Includes Sen. Henry Jackson, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Sen. Ed Muskie. $1.50

Item CL017Item CL017
Richard Nixon: "A very surprising four years, Concerned Citizens for the President" (re-election of Nixon), 6-panel illus. brochure covers administration's successes and quotes leading Democrats on anti-McGovern remarks. $1.50

Item CL018Item CL018
Richard Nixon: "President Nixon and America's veterans: A record of continuing mutual support," 6-panel illus. brochure. $2.00

Item CL019Item CL019
Richard Nixon: "The Clearest Choice of the Century" 6-panel b&w brochure with photos of Nixon and McGovern on cover. Covers the issues. Dist. by Re-elect the President Committee. $2.00

Item CL021Item CL021
Richard Nixon: Engraved invitation. The Inaugural Committee (1973) requests the honor of your company at A Salute to America's Heritage 1973. $2.00

Item CL025Item CL025
Richard Nixon: "The Nixon Stand." with Nixon's photo on cover, 8-page leaflet on the issues (1972). $2.00

Item CL026Item CL026
Richard Nixon: "A Call to Californians... America Needs Nixon Now!" R/W/B 8-panel illus. brochure w/waving Nixon's photo on front cover. Covers the issues. Produced by Nixon/Agnew California Campaign Committee. $2.00

Item K9800Item K9800
Richard Nixon: Felt Inaugural Pennant. R/W/B "Presidential Inauguration" in large letters. "President Richard Nixon. Vice President Spiro Agnew January 20, 1973" w/ Capitol dome. all in white on blue bkgd. Red stripe up long side of pennant. 28-1/2" $14.50

Richard Nixon: "Watergate Darts" Unopened. B&W dart board showing all the various Watergate characters. (Nixon is in center and worth 100 points; others are worth amounts depending on how closely they were involved in the affair. Comes with 6 "Tricky Dick" darts. Watergate Darts official rules (there are none). Game box has a nice illus cover, again showing all the various characters. Box top has some slight damage on the edges. Still consider the piece very good to excellent. $25.00

Richard Nixon: Saturday Evening Post, Sep 6, 1952. Feature: "Dick Nixon: I Say He's a Wonderful Guy," by Patricia Ryan Nixon. Very slight cover wear. $3.00

Item LK1151Item LK1151
Richard Nixon: Complete roll of Agnew political toilet paper in orig. packaging, R/W/B stars & stripes design on each and every square. $7.00

Richard Nixon: Poster. Full color caricature of Richard Nixon standing next to small, almost cuddly elephant. "Richard M. Nixon" at top in white; blue bkgd, white border. 24" x 18" $10.00

Richard Nixon: One of our vary favorite political posters. Colorful "Nixon's the One" poster by National Youth for Nixon-Agnew." With a busy R/W/B stars & stripes banners frame, the center shows a montage sketch of Nixon front and center w/a "Milhous" button on his lapel. Around him are all the leaders of the GOP: Agnew, Rockefeller, Dirksen, Lindsay, Ed Brooke, Pat Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Goldwater, John Tower, Chuck Percy, George Romney, David & Julie Eisenhower, Tricia Nixon, Jerry Ford, Howard Baker, on and on. The White House is bottom, front and center. A great piece of visual arts. 20" x 28" $20.00

Richard Nixon: Unusual Democrats for Nixon Committee poster. Heading: "Senator McGovern wants to slash $32 billion from our defense. Even his fellow Democrats say that would make us a second-class power." Nice pic of a battleship on the sea with sun going down behind it. Quote from Sen. Humphrey and a rather lengthy "pitch" for Democratic support. States: "The sole purpose of this committee is for the re-election of President Nixon." B&W 17-1/2" x 22" newsprint. Have several $5.00

Richard Nixon: Unusual Democrats for Nixon Committee poster. Actually, more like a proclamation. Heading: "We're not leaving the party. But we cannot support Senator McGovern." Makes points for supporting Nixon and points for not supporting McGovern. Anti-McGovern quotes by Senators Humphrey, Jackson and Muskie. Lists committee members (John B. Connally, chairman). States: "The sole purpose of this committee is for the re-election of President Nixon." No visuals. B&W 17-1.2" x 22" newsprint. Have several $5.00

Item K0037Item K0037
Richard Nixon: Spiro Agnew novelty wristwatch. Caricature of Agnew on face (head only) w/"Spiro". Original cloth band. Hands turn but does not appear to be working. Still a nice display item (who wants to wear it for use anyhow?). $15.00

Item K9665Item K9665
Richard Nixon: Cardboard container, empty. R/W/B stars & stripes design. Caricature of Spiro Agnew on front stuffing his own foot into his mouth. "Spiro Agnew Mouthwash" w/directions: Use immediately after sticking your foot in your mouth...or anyone else's! 1970. 5" x 2-3/8" x 1-3/4" Nice novelty item. $9.00

Item J0757Item J0757
Richard Nixon: Cardboard container, empty. R/W/B stars & stripes design. Caricature of Spiro Agnew on front stuffing his own foot into his mouth. "Spiro Agnew Mouthwash" w/directions: Use immediately after sticking your foot in your mouth...or anyone else's! 1970. 5" x 2-3/8" x 1-3/4" Nice novelty item. $9.00

Item J0285AItem J0285A
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine, Nov 5, 1956 Atlantic Edition. Richard Nixon on cover. "Campaigner Nixon" plus feature. $6.00

Item J0285BItem J0285B
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine, Dec 9, 1957 Atlantic Edition. Richard Nixon on cover, formal pose. Nice feature on the Vice President at a time when some circles were suggesting that the ailing Eisenhower should step aside and allow Nixon to take over the reins of the Presidency. $6.00

Item LK1245Item LK1245
Richard Nixon: NEWSWEEK magazine. May 2, 1994. Pic of Nixon on cover, "Richard M. Nixon 1913-1994" Nice features. $3.50

Item LK1497Item LK1497
Richard Nixon: Great R/W/B illus. shirt-tails brochure for 1960 out of Baltimore, MD. Urges voting for five Republican candidates, all pictured: Richard Nixon for President, Henry C. Lodge for Vice President, Fife Symington for Congress, and for two judges fo the Circuit Court - Spiro T. Agnew & Gordon G. Power. One fold, designed as a self-mailer. Also shows a voting machine & which levers to pull. Probably the first printed piece of campaign literature with both Richard Nixon & Spiro Agnew pictured. Produced by Republican State Central Committee. $25.00

Item J0289Item J0289
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. Apr 16, 1973. Atlantic Edition. Watergate Prober Sam Ervin on cover. "Showdown Over Secrecy. Senate vs. White House" $2.50

Item J0290Item J0290
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. Apr 30, 1973. Atlantic Edition. Caricature cover of Watergate "gang" all wrapped up in tape, each pointing a finger at one of the others. Includes Nixon, Mitchell, Haldeman, Stans, Magruder, others. "Watergate Breaks Wide Open" Secondary feature on "Israel at 25" $3.50

Item J0291Item J0291
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. May 14, 1973 European Edition. Sketch/profile of Nixon on cover. "How Much Did He Know?" $2.50

Item J0292Item J0292
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. May 28, 1973 European Edition. Watergate "gang" pictures on sticks of dynamite on cover. "Watergate Dynamite. How Much Damage?" $2.50

Item J0293Item J0293
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. July 9, 1973 European Edition. John Dean on cover, Nixon's pic in bkgd. "Can Nixon Survive Dean?" $2.50

Item J0294Item J0294
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. July 23, 1973 European Edition. John Mitchell caricature on cover. "In Defense of Nixon. Speak no Evil" $2.50

Item J0295Item J0295
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. July 30, 1973 European Edition. Colored photos of Nixon and Erwin on cover on tape reels with a batch of audio tape between them. "The Nixon Tapes. Playback Wanted" $2.50

Item J0296Item J0296
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. Aug 20, 1973 European Edition. Full color pics of Nixon and Agnew on cover. "Adding Up Watergate I, Can Trust be Restored?" $3.50

Item J0297Item J0297
Richard Nixon: TIME magazine. Aug 27, 1973. Caricature sketch of football team on cover. Nixon is running with the Presidential seal in the shape of a football tucked under his arm while the opposing team have words on their jerseys like "Watergate," "Food Prices," and "Congress." Feature: "Nixon: What's the score now?" $2.50

Item J0298Item J0298
Richard Nixon: THE PLAIN TRUTH, a magazine of understanding. Oct 1971. Full color pic of Richard Nixon on cover. Feature: America Faces the Dollar Crisis. $2.00

Item J0299Item J0299
Richard Nixon: THE PLAIN TRUTH, a magazine of understanding. Dec 1972. Full color pic of Richard Nixon on cover. "On the threshold of Peace?" $2.50

Item J0300Item J0300
Richard Nixon: THE SUNDAY TIMES magazine (London). May 1, 1977. Cover has full color pic of Richard Nixon and David Frost with title "Together at Last" $2.50

Item J0301Item J0301
Richard Nixon: "Clifford Irving's The Global Village Idiot," extracts from the Nixon Tapes. Nixon's pic on cover inside a drawing of a TV screen. This is a great entertaining book of Nixon quotes through the years through 1972 but not real Nixon tapes at all, just fun fiction. $5.00

Item LK1454Item LK1454
Richard Nixon: R/W/B round peel-off 3" sticker, "Now more than ever." Used in Nixon's re-election campaign. Printed on back, peel-off part, "Show Your Support For The President" Have several. $1.00

Richard Nixon: Official Inaugural Program, 1969 (Nixon) w/mailing envelope. $14.00

Item J0306Item J0306
Richard Nixon: NEWSWEEK Magazine, Aug 8, 1960. Colored cover pic, "Henry Cabot Lodge: The World's the Issue" $4.00

Item J0307Item J0307
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine, Aug 1, 1960. Atlantic Edition. Cover pic of Rockefeller & Nixon. Republicans: Platform for the '60s. $3.50

Item LK2885Item LK2885
Richard Nixon: (book) "The Haldeman Diaries, Inside the Nixon White House," by H.R. Haldeman. 1994. 698p illus DJ $4.00

Item CH0672GItem CH0672G
Richard Nixon: "Official Inaugural Medal commemorating the inauguration of Richard Milhous Nixon as 37th President of the United States of America. January 20, 1969." 2-3/4" diameter bronze in original box. Produced by Medallic Art Co. $25.00

Item KR020BItem KR020B
Richard Nixon: 4 GOP 1960 campaign pieces dealing with the JFK absenteeism in the Senate. 1) Oct 13 1960 News Release on Republican National Committee letterhead. "GOP Hits Kennedy Absenteeism in Senate as One of the Worst in History." 2) John Kennedy's Absentee Voting Record 1953-1960, a continuous sheet of paper 17-1/2 feet long, on which are listed the 331 Senate roll call votes missed by Senator Jack Kennedy since entering the U.S. Senate (list does not include those votes missed because of his 1954-55 hospitalization). 3) 32-page document, "Where's Johnny, Profile of an Empty Chair" Republican National Committee document on Kennedy's absenteeism in the Senate. 4) An issue of the Republican National Committee's newsletter, Battle Line, which documents the Senator's absenteeism as "In 1960, a year of increasing African turmoil, the Kennedy subcommittee on Africa did not meet -- not even once," yet JFK articulates his concerns for Africa during campaign stops. $28.00

Item KR022AItem KR022A
Richard Nixon: Republican National Committee Oct 20, 1960 News Release on colorful red & black letterhead. The release is a statement from William E. Miller, Chairman, Republican National Congressional Campaign Committee, "charging that those running the Kennedy campaign are deliberating keeping the religious issue alive and inflamed--apparently in the hope that this will produce more votes for Senator Kennedy from among our fellow Catholics." Miller, himself a Catholic, uses strong words: "I repudiate anybody who uses the religious issue. I will not tolerate it...they have been playing up Kennedy's religion as a massive `bigotry in reverse' propaganda campaign the purpose of which is to imply that any vote against Kennedy is a vote for bigotry." 5 legal-sized pages in this rather lengthy news release. (Miller was Goldwater's running mate 4 years later.) $12.00

Richard Nixon: 1960 Republican National Committee Radio/TV/Film Memo #1 listing a variety of tapes and films available supporting the 1960 campaign, their sources and prices. $3.00

Item KR022CItem KR022C
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Aug 25, 1952. Smiling good looking picture of Nixon on cover w/GOP train in bkgd. "Running Mate Nixon" Coverage of Nixon shortly after Eisenhower picked him as his running mate at the GOP national convention. $12.50

Item KR022DItem KR022D
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Oct 10, 1955. "Vice President Nixon" full color pic on cover w/gold eagle and R/W/B stripes bkgd. Nice cover. $7.00

Item KR022EItem KR022E
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Aug 16, 1968. Nice color cover pic of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, arms raised in triumph at closing night of GOP convention. "The G.O.P. Ticket". Nice display cover. $6.00

Item KR022GItem KR022G
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Dec 20, 1968. William Rogers, Nixon's Secretary of State, on cover. "The New Administration." $2.50

Item KR022JItem KR022J
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Jan 3, 1972. Nixon image on cover made from newspaper clippings about Nixon. Supports the choice of Time's choice of Nixon as MAN OF THE YEAR. A scuff at lower left corner where a mailing label once was. $2.50

Item KR022KItem KR022K
Richard Nixon: TIME Magazine. Mar 6, 1972. Nixon's China Odyssey. Pics on cover of Nixon's famous visit to China, coverage inside. $4.00

Item KR021VItem KR021V
Richard Nixon: Black plastic money clip. Looks like black leather. 1-3/8" "window" in side shows "President Nixon. Now more than ever." red & blue lettering on white bkgd. Different. $7.00

Item KR021YItem KR021Y
Richard Nixon: Inaugural Souvenir Menu. House of Representatives Restaurant. United States Capitol. January 20, 1973. Center of cover is pic of the Nixon-Agnew profile inaugural medal. The 2-fold menu has "Luncheon on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the President of the United States. Saturday, 20th of January 1973" on left panel, Menu is given on center panel, and the Congressional leadership is listed on right panel with the Hon. Carl Albert, Speaker of the House of Representatives at top of listing. $18.00

Item KR021ZItem KR021Z
Richard Nixon: "President Nixon's visit to Poland" 1972. Illus. 16-page publication by Department of State. Nice documentation of this trip. $5.00

Item W6057Item W6057
Richard Nixon: Spiro Agnew wristwatch. Caricature of Agnew on face of watch plus "Spiro". Small crack in crystal of watch at far right side, at number 3. Watch does not appear to be working, but a good display item. $12.50

Item W6056Item W6056
Richard Nixon: Spiro Agnew wristwatch. Caricature of Agnew on face of watch dressed like Uncle Sam. "Spiro Agnew" around the edge of the face plus "Official Spiro Agnew Watch". $15.00

Item CH0042BItem CH0042B
Richard Nixon: 1968 Miami Beach Republican National Convention guest tickets. Complete set of 5 tickets (one for each day) with stubs in orig. envelope. Nixon-Agnew convention. Excellent. Complete 5-day set: $17.00

Item KR3288Item KR3288
Richard Nixon: 1968 Republican National Convention souvenir booklet (40 pages) and Miami Beach press kit (8 pages of info; 5 of maps; 6 of B+W glossy pics) in original folder. $15.00

Richard Nixon: 22 x 14" paper poster with "Nixon's the One!" in red on bottom white margin beneath a vertical color picture of him on light blue. $15.00

Item J3507Item J3507
Richard Nixon: R/W/B cardboard sign. "This House is SOLD on Nixon Agnew" w/America flag. 14-1/2" x 22-1/4" $40.00

Item J3510Item J3510
Richard Nixon: 22 x 21" cardboard poster with "This Is Your Country... (in red on white) and Your Country Needs (in blue on white) Nixon Agnew (in white with blue stars on red) ...and (in blue) You! (in red)." Nixon and Agnew shown at bottom in B+W pic. Lots of stars throughout. Curled at left and right edges with a small tear in left margin. $35.00

Richard Nixon: 6" x 4" metallic gold, plastic flag on an 8-1/2" stand with suction cup. Red stripe at top with 6 white stars. Blue stripe at bottom with 6 white stars. "Nixon's the One! in between in red. Same design on each side. Probably designed to stick on a car dashboard. $6.00

Item J3519Item J3519
Richard Nixon: "Nixon / Agnew" balloons. Black lettering different colored balloons. 8 total. 2 each of red, yellow, orange and off-white. Most appear to be in good condition in spite of their age. $5.00

Item J0273Item J0273
Richard Nixon: (book) "The Making of the President 1968" by Theodore H. White. 1969. Jonathan Cape, London. 459p DJ. $4.50

Richard Nixon: Complete edition, 8 sections, of THE MIAMI HERALD for Sunday, August 20, 1972 as the Republicans were converging on Miami for their 1972 Republican National Convention. A 44-Page Convention special is included plus pages of news relating to the convention. The major headline of the front page deals with the guessing game for vice president between the four major hopefuls-Agnew, Connally, Percy and Reagan. A great reference piece for any serious Nixon collector. $10.00

Item W5496Item W5496
Richard Nixon: Hand embroidered cloth pillow cover (10-1/2" round), a replica of pillow design Julie Nixon Eisenhower made for her father while he was in the White house. Date 1970 on it. $10.00

Item W4879Item W4879
Richard Nixon: Ohio campaign leaflet. "For a Better America. Richard M. Nixon For President, Spiro T. Agnew For Vice President. ...and a greater Ohio William B. Saxbe For U.S. Senate" Many more candidates inside, relating to the 7th Congressional District. $5.00

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