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Political: Robert Dole (16 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing contains political items relating to Robert Dole, U.S. Senator from Kansas and GOP presidential candidate in 1996. He was also vice presidential candidate on the GOP Ford-Dole ticket in 1976. For Dole campaign buttons go to the catalogs: Political: Buttons, 1976 and Buttons 1996. Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, paper & 3-D, political china & glassware, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Item K5418BAItem K5418BA
Robert Dole: "The Great Debate Clinton vs. Dole 1996" tin toy. One of the greatest items from 1996, without a doubt. The tin dimensional, 2-sided colorful die-cut figures of Clinton and Dole in straw hats & canes, R/W/b striped suits, black bowties, spats, are standing on a red tin platform facing each other. As you squeeze the tin loop handle below the platform the two figures spring to action fighting each other, the faster you squeeze the faster they fight! The figures are 3" high, the toy 6" high. $6.00

Item LK0737Item LK0737
Robert Dole: Dole Kemp blue campaign cap. Navy blue color, including visor w/"96 Dole Kemp" stars and stripes design in R/W/B sewn into front. soft cloth, well made. elastic stretch in back makes it adjustable in size. $4.00

Item LK0738Item LK0738
Robert Dole: Dole Kemp white campaign cap. Totally white, including visor w/"96 Dole Kemp" and stars and stripes design in R/W/B sewn into front. Soft cloth, well made. Elastic stretch in back makes it adjustable in size. $4.00

Item LK0732Item LK0732
Robert Dole: "96 Dole Kemp" w/stars and stripes design glazed white ceramic coffee mug. $3.00

Item W594Item W594
Robert Dole: Great Robert Dole display item. 9" button showing a smiling Robert J. Dole, name below, white rings and one red outer ring on blue bkgd. Nice piece. $25.00

Item KR057NItem KR057N
Robert Dole: Distributed as a fund raiser by Tennessee Republicans in 1996, this is a small toy 7" Dole Pineapple semi-truck. During the campaign Bob Dole individually autographed each one on top in strong, bold blue lettering. $60.00

Item KR022RItem KR022R
Robert Dole: 1-fold self-mailer. "Bob Dole President" w/pic of Dole on cover. Join the "Dole for President Team!" inside giving information about Dole and a form to fill out to volunteer or contribute. Back page, opposite side of form, is addressed to Dole for President Exploratory Committee. (1988) $2.00

Robert Dole: Complete set of 50 Dole Kemp enameled brass state lapel pins. Each pin is die-cut in the shape of the state represented and includes the visual message "Dole Kemp '96" in R/W/B w/gold outline. The pins are very attractive. Less than 100 sets were produced and seldom do you find a complete set. $170.00

Item KR026QItem KR026Q
Robert Dole: Card, postcard size, "Senator Bob Dole Presidential Announcement tour. April 10-14, 1995" w/"Bob DOLE for President" logo. Reverse side has Dole quote about cutting spending, reducing taxes and eliminating regulations. $1.50

Item KR026RItem KR026R
Robert Dole: "Bob Dole: A Vision for America. Collected Speeches: January-October 1995" 64-page book on major speeches of Dole in 1995. Produced by Dole for President, Inc. Nice campaign background reference. $3.50

Item KR032EItem KR032E
Robert Dole: Audio cassette tape. "An American Renewal. Bob Dole for President. Bob Dole's Agenda for America's Future, Senator Dole with Senator Chuck Grassley, Mrs. Elizabeth Dole, Governor Carroll Campbell, Governor George Pataki, Governor Jim Edgar and Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick." In plastic case w/full color pic of Dole. $3.00

Item LK0730BMItem LK0730BM
Robert Dole: Campaign T-Shirt with colored design of a huge DOLE pineapple sitting on top of the White House. "A Dole of a Day. Keep the Clintons Away! vote Dole for President in '96!" white shirt, extra large, Fruit of the Loom. clever design and very colorful. Never worn. A great Robert Dole display item. $5.00

Item A7254BBItem A7254BB
Robert Dole: Bright yellow plastic coated stock, security tag with hole in top for neck chain or clip. "Republican National Convention 1996" convention logo with stars stripes and elephant. These were used by delegates and alternates as well as guests. Map of convention center on reverse side. 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" $1.00

Robert Dole: "Big Head" 5" character figure w/display stand and 8-page biography in original package. Huge vinyl head likeness of Bob Dole. Black suit and red and blue tie, left hand raised waving. Good for desk or book shelf. $5.00

Robert Dole: Great pair of heavy black-framed sunglasses. Front of glassed have "Dole Kemp '96" in r/W/B completely covering the glass part, but see-through from the reverse. $4.00

Robert Dole: "Dole Kemp" R/W/B cardboard poster, double sided. $2.50

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