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Political: Paper and 3-D #7 (135 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects covered are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china & glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Item KR072PBGItem KR072PBG
Political: A pair of great silhouettes, over 100 years old, one of George Washington and the other of his wife, Martha Washington, both w/fac. sigs. below the silhouette. They were both done by Morris and Bendein, Inc, George Washington's was done in 1908, Martha's in 1909. Great for framing. 7" x 9". $75.00

Item K0600BRItem K0600BR
Political: (book) "The Presidential Character, Predicting Performance in the White House," by James David Barber, 1972. Here is the key to why our Presidents act as they do - anew way to understand their real motives. The author studied Presidents from Taft to Nixon, and has placed them in four distinct categories. 479p. DJ. $10.00

Item W2108Item W2108
Political: 1882 filled-in Certificate of Election for State of Missouri, County of Oregon, certifying that in the Nov. 7th general election Thomas Braswell received the highest number of votes and was duly elected to the office of Representative. 8-1/2" x 11" w/red and blue line margin. Tears at double fold marks but still very displayable. $25.00

Item K8590Item K8590
Political: Governor Rhodes, Ohio. 1966 Campaign plate w/large oval black and white pic of Rhodes in center, "James A. Rhodes, Governor of Ohio" below pic, all with in yellow outline of map of state. "The Wonderful World of Ohio, Republican Victory Team 1966" in multi-colors at top. Circle of oval black and white pictures of Republican slate surrounds the outline state map, and includes John W. Brown, Lieutenant Governor; Roger Cloud, Auditor of State; Ted W. Brown, Secretary of State; Louis J. Schneider, Jr., Supreme Court Judge; Paul W. Brown, Supreme Court Judge; John D. Herbert, Treasurer of State; Archer E. Reilly, Auditor of State; and William B. Saxbe, Attorney General. Blue rim. 10-1/4" $18.00

Item KR067PItem KR067P
Political: Wilson plate. Sketch of Woodrow Wilson in center surrounded by scenes of Staunton, Virginia, where Wilson was born. Scenes surrounding Wilson's image include Wilson's birthplace, Staunton Military Academy, Stuart Hall Seminary, Mary Baldwin College, Augusta Military Academy and Trinity Episcopal Church. Sketches are in a dark reddish brown on off-white w/leaf border. The 10-1/2" plate was produced by Vernon Kilns expressly for Holt's in Staunton. Nice momento. $16.00

Item K8750Item K8750
Political: McKinley plate. Sepiatone pic of William McKinley in center w/fac. sig. below pic. Thin gold band around pic and another thin gold band on rim, which is scalloped. John Maddock and Son, England. 9-1/8" $35.00

Item K3953Item K3953
Political: Unusual plate featuring embossed white cameo profiles of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton on glazed black ebony bkgd. Grey embossed wreath 2" wide rim w/silver inner and outer bands. Striking. 10-1/8" When General Washington led the Continental Armies during the American Revolution, thru thick and thin, Hamilton was his trusted Aide. Later, the brilliant young Hamilton served President Washington as his Secretary of the Treasury. The enduring legacy of their intimate collaboration is a strong, sound nation. Commemorative English Jasperware plate produced by Old Charter Kentucky Bourbon. 1972. $25.00

Item CH2137MItem CH2137M
Political: Typed letter on State of South Carolina Governor's stationery. Dated July 30, 1948. Signed by Governor J. Strom Thurmond. Refers to campaign committee, dated just days after he broke with the Democrats and became the States' Rights Party presidential candidate. "...we hope you will continue to help us in the fight we are making to return to Constitutional government." $150.00

Political: Four old light bulbs, 50-70 years old, with figural filiments. All different. 1)elephant w/trunk raised, standing on metal platform. 2) Donkey w/5-point above, one point affixed to top of ears, other to hip area. 3) Peace symbol w/PEACE around top. 4) Large letter G and T-square, protractor, may be Mason's insignia? All 4 for: $25.00

Political: (book set) "Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1897," by James D. Richardson. 1900. Published by authority of Congress. 10 volumes. Slight backstrap wear on top and bottom edges. All bindings firm. Great Presidential reference. $30.00

Item KR016RItem KR016R
Political: Large plastic campaign bag, R/W/B, "John B. Anderson for Congress" in huge lettering w/6" bluetone pic of Anderson. 14-3/4" x 16". Great display item from Anderson's pre-presidential run. $20.00

Item A9395BDItem A9395BD
Political: 1982 illus. campaign comic book, 40p. produced by C.O.R.K. (Citizens Organized to Replace Kennedy). Designed to unseat Sen. Ted Kennedy. Front cover caricatures of Joe Sr., Rose, Jack, Bobby, Eunice and Teddy (bouncing around in a black sheep costume), "Every Family Has One or... even a Black Sheep can make it... especially if he's a RICH Black Sheep!" This is a burning, page after page cartoon narrative on a life and political career that is illustrious by name association only. Interesting. $8.00

Item CH2092MItem CH2092M
Political: Full color photo of George Wallace 8" x 10". Personally signed as Governor of Alabama, "To my friend William A. Kulich Best Wishes George C. Wallace Gov of Alabama" $30.00

Item CL024Item CL024
Political: Brochure, black and white. "Senator McGovern's Record on Israel, Welfare, Taxes and Quotas," showing where he is wrong on these issues and quoting (with photo) Senator Hubert Humphrey... as well as Sen. Henry Jackson, Sen. Vance Hartke, Sen. Edmund Muskie, Rep. Wilbur Mills, all fellow Democrats. Distributed by Committee to Re-Elect the President (Nixon), only the back panel of this 6-panel brochure deals with the Nixon re-election effort. Interesting. $2.00

Item KR066YBUItem KR066YBU
Political: Squiggle Jiggles motorized campaign 9" pen with large caricature of Ross Perot on top. Interesting novelty item in original, unopened packaging. $10.00

Item A9410Item A9410
Political: BC McKinley 1901 Memorial oval glass bread plate. Image of William McKinley standing in the center nearly 6" tall. "Born 1843" on one side, "Died 1901" on the other embossed out of frosted bkgd. "It is God's Way" embossed beaded at top. "He Will Be Done" embossed beaded at bottom. Frosted lead border around entire 10-1/2" platter. Nice century-old piece. $30.00

Item LK1668BFItem LK1668BF
Political: Mailing packet from "Americans for Harkin", Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's bid for the Presidency in 1992. 4 pieces plus original envelope. $5.00

Item A2882BFItem A2882BF
Political: 1992 Republican National Convention, Houston, Texas. Complete set of official guest tickets, 6 total, different colors, laminated with hole in top for neck chain. August 17am, pm, Aug 18 am, pm, Aug 19 pm and Aug 20 pm, all in original envelope. Nice set for display. $20.00

Item A9878BFItem A9878BF
Political: Election Poll Book. 1898. Boulware Township, Gasconade County Missouri. Filled in by hand. 14" x 8-1/2" Interesting. We've not seen one of these before. $20.00

Item A9879BFItem A9879BF
Political: Election Poll Book. 1900. Boulware Township, Gasconade County Missouri. Filled in by hand. 14" x 8-1/2" Interesting. We've not seen one of these before. $20.00

Item A9880BFItem A9880BF
Political: Election Poll Book. 1910. Boulware Township,Gasconade County Missouri. Filled in by hand. 14" x 8-1/2" Interesting. We've not seen one of these before. $20.00

Item LK3312BAItem LK3312BA
Political: Wooden white golf tee. "Presidential Retreat Camp David" on sides. $8.00

Item LK3310BAItem LK3310BA
Political: Camp David golf ball. Full color insignia on side. "Presidential Retreat Camp David" $5.00

Item S8091BFItem S8091BF
Political: Carey Cuomo Ribbon. "For Carey Cuomo Election Day Nov 7, 1978 STAFF" printed in gold on R/W/B 5-1/4" cloth ribbon. $8.00

Item LK1814BDItem LK1814BD
Political: BALLOTS. Over 30 total. Great collection for the Carter or Ford collectors, or for those interested in minor party candidates; 1976 presidential (state) sample ballots from various state primaries including Maryland, Georgia (different ones from each congressional district), New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont, others. Great resource for little known candidates (for example a New Jersey ballot offers Democratic voters a choice for President between 10 candidates: Jimmy Carter, Henry Jackson, Frank Lomerto, Frank Church, Ray Rollinson, Ellen McCormack, Jesse Gray, John Gonas, George Wallace and Floyd Lunger. You ask, "Where are they all now?"). Entire group. $50.00

Item A9894Item A9894
Political: Garner plate. Black and white sketch pics of John Nance Garner and Ettie R. Grarner, his wife, above a colored pic the the Ettie R. Garner Memorial Building in Uvade, Texas. The building had been the John Nance Garner home. Mrs. Garner was well known as also personally performing the duties of secretary to her husband throughout his career. Gold designed rim. Information on the Garners on reverse. 10-1/8" $25.00

Item K8632Item K8632
Political: Washington plate. Full color portrait of George Washington in military uniform, head and shoulders. Fancy Victorian roping border. Produced by Crescent China. 9-1/2" Old. $22.00

Political: One of the more unusual and creative presidential campaign items. Yellow plastic ice cream scoop. Printed in black lettering - "Scoop Jackson for President" (Sen.Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Washington) 7-1/2" long $25.00

Item LK1109BEItem LK1109BE
Political: Small glazed porcelain 2-1/4" Morton donkey. grey. Embossed "Victory" on one side and "Tawes" on other side. Tawes was Governor of Maryland. Nearly all of these small porcelain political figures are elephants except for the Kennedy and Tawes donkeys. $35.00

Item A2877BFItem A2877BF
Political: Agnew. Inaugural 1973 ticket to reception for the Vice President and Mrs. Agnew at the Smithsonian Institution. $2.50

Item K8708Item K8708
Political: McKinley. Fine glass tumbler w/McKinley's straight foreward image etched into the glass w/"Our Next President" above image and "Wm. McKinley" below image. Very clear. No chips or cracks. $50.00

Item K8709Item K8709
Political: McKinley. Fine glass tumbler w/McKinley's side view image etched into the glass w/"Our President 1897-1901" below image. Very clear. One small edge chip on lip. $25.00

Item KR050QItem KR050Q
Political: Anderson. Ceramic mug, cream colored w/gold rim. Pic. of John B. Anderson on side. "John B. Anderson for President of the United States. Announcement Dinner June 8, 1979" black lettering. Nice independent candidate item. $25.00

Item LK5108BFItem LK5108BF
Political: Campaign T-shirt style, reddish/pink w/vivid red accent around neck and sleeves. "For President ANDERSON" in bright red printing on front w/two red lines below wordage. Showy display piece from the campaign of John B. Anderson. $10.00

Political: Complete set of sepiatone pictured presidential pinback buttons. 2-1/4" 31 buttons in total starting with George Washington and running through Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The set was produced during the FDR years so goes no further. It is rare to see this complete set as many of them were initially broken up and sold as individual pins. An attractive display for a presidential exhibit. To our knowledge, none of these buttons were ever used in a presidential campaign so should be considered fantasy buttons. $200.00

Political: William McKinley iron profile wall plaque. Circa 1900. Orig. gold paint. 6-1/2" $15.00

Item W3449CBDItem W3449CBD
Political: Lester Maddox Souvenir Chicken Leg Whistle. 4-1/2" long. "Lester Maddox" embossed signature on side. Not in original packaging, however includes the original paper packaging label w/Maddox's caricature and fac. sig. Interesting novelty item. $16.00

Item KR039MBRItem KR039MBR
Political: Rectangular aluminum tray w/image of Mount Vernon in bottom. Pointed corners, scalloped edge. 4-1/2" x 3-1/8" $10.00

Item LK1711BFItem LK1711BF
Political: Heavy plastic two-sided sign, "PEROT for President '96" in yellow on blue w/red and white wavy stripes below. 2-sided. 25-1/2" x 16". Showy Perot item. $10.00

Political: THE NEW MAJORITY newspaper, Chicago. Feb. 22, 1919. Vol. 1 No. 8. "Take Holiday to Picket the Polls, Federation Adopts Plan to Give City Honest Election and Enlightened Government"; "Ida M. Fursman, President, Chicago Teachers' Federation and Labor Party Candidate for Alderman"; "Kept Press on Job for State Street, Most Shameless Example of Character of Newspapers Since Marshall Field II Was Shot" 16p. $20.00

Political: THE NEW MAJORITY newspaper, Chicago, Mar. 15, 1919. Vol. 1, No. 11. "Labor Record of Mayor Blown Up, Fitzpatrick Tells Inside Story of Thompson in Street Car Strike"; "Labor Party is Mightiest Army, Frank P. Walsh Speaks--8,000 Cheer for IndustrialDemocracy and Fitzpatrick for Mayor"; "Labor Party in North Dakota"; great 2-page spread editorial cartoon in center spread, and photos of all Labor Candidates. 20p. $20.00

Political: THE NEW MAJORITY newspaper, Chicago, Mar 22, 1919. Vol. 1, No. 12. "Will Labor Strike on Election Day?"; "Labor Heeds New Cry for Freedom Workers' Party Presents Program to Abolish War, Poverty and Imperialism" plus full page card stock line art poster of John Fitzpatrick, Labor Candidate for Mayor. Great! $30.00

Political: Set of 1960's presidential gold coins. 33 coins in all, a profile of a president on each one. Complete. $10.00

Item W3431BDItem W3431BD
Political: Two issues of "The Augusta Courier" Jan 9, 1967 and March 27, 1967 relating to the 1968 campaign, featuring articles with a "Southern perspective". Fascinating reading from 40 years ago. $15.00

Item W3067BDItem W3067BD
Political: Political Playing Cards. Regular deck of bridge playing cards but with a design of a young lady in ballerina outfit, a whip and a Democratic Donkey! Lid of card box has an elephant coming out of a top hat. Don"t know? But it is called a Political deck. Complete. $5.00

Item A7255BDItem A7255BD
Political: Wheeler for President Club of Montana. 3 pieces. Interesting letter on Wheeler for President Club letterhead reads in part: "There is no western candidate; no other man in the country who can appeal alike to conservatives and progressives; no other man who can unite the Democratic party, Roosevelt and anti-Roosevelt people. If President Roosevelt does not himself become a candidate for reelection, no other man appears to have a better chance for the nomination." Also in this lot is a pledge form for supporting Senator Burton Wheeler's candidacy (1940) for President and another letter on Wheeler for President Club stationery relating to his availability for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. Hard to find materials on these hopeful candidates from the FDR era. All 3 items. $15.00

Political: Republican Victory Gala program. March 1, 1967. Washington Hilton Hotel welcoming new senators and representatives. Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen and Rep. Gerald Ford, co-chairs. Some of the "new" senators and congressmen being honored include Howard Baker, TN; Edward Brooke, MA; Charles Percy, IL; Mark Hatfield, OR; John Kyl, IA; Guy Vander Jagt, MI; Robert Taft Jr, OH; Dan Kuykendall, TN; and George Bush, TX - a total of 65 new GOP senators and congressmen. $5.00

Political: Nelson Rockefeller Presidential Announcement flier. Rockefeller's pic. "See... Hear... Meet... Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller In Chicago Thursday, June 20 at 12:00 Noon at State and Madison. Entertainment" Black and white. 8-1/2" x 11" $3.00

Political: George Wallace 45 R.P.M. record. "Stand Up for America" on one side and "Let the People Speak" on the reverse, both by Smiley Smith. In original R/W/B sleeve w/Wallace's pic on front over outline of U.S. in bkgd. Dist. by the 19c68 Wallace Campaign. Nice item. $12.50

Political: Collection of miscellaneous campaign paper memorabilia from 1968 Nelson Rockefeller presidential campaign. Includes over 40 items - leaflets, fliers, newspaper headlines, bumper stickers. Some duplication. $10.00

Item K8952BKItem K8952BK
Political: George Wallace campaign token. 2" round cardboard token, silver w/black printing. Wallace line-art image on one side "Wallace Courage to Stand Up for America" around image; reverse has images of Humphrey and Nixon, "Not a Dime's worth of Difference. Humphrey-Nixon." These were handed out along Wallace parade routes during the primaries. $1.50

Item J4817BGItem J4817BG
Political: Plastic R/W/B garrison type cap, caricature of smiling donkey with "Vote Democratic!" circa 1968 campaign. 10 caps for $10.00

Political: (book) "The Electoral Process in West Virginia" by William R. Ross, Associate Professor of Political Science, West Virginia University. 1971. 86p. Front and back cover completely covered with images of campaign buttons. $4.00

Item KR026TBPItem KR026TBP
Political: Centennial Celebration Program 1892-1992. College Republicans. Embossed cover. Nice illus. full pages w/letter of congratulations from President George H. W. Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and others. Nice program. $15.00

Item LK1135BEItem LK1135BE
Political: Confederate flag, small cloth R/W/B. "Clinton Gore" hand-printed on face of flag in large black lettering. Although this is hand lettered, apparently a substantial number of these were made for a Tennessee parade so bystanders could wave them when Clinton and Gore passed by. (Doubt if they are official items for the Clinton Gore campaign). And, now, anyone associated with condoning the Confederate flag, even for symbolic purposes, is practically committing political suicide. Interesting political item. 5-1/4" x 3-1/2" on 10-1/2" gold rod. $20.00

Item J5115EBUItem J5115EBU
Political: Display on Washington's Farewell Address and including an original 4 cent commemorative stamp commemorating the occasion. $2.50

Item J5115JBUItem J5115JBU
Political: Display commemorating the ratification of the Bill of Rights and including a 5 cent Bill of Rights 175th Anniversary stamp. $2.50

Item J5115NBUItem J5115NBU
Political: Display honoring the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation; including an original 5 cent Emancipation Proclamation stamp. $2.50

Item J5115PBUItem J5115PBU
Political: Display commemorating George Washington's Inaugural and including an original 3 cent stamp honoring the occasion. $2.50

Item CH2271PItem CH2271P
Political: White House. Old glazed porcelain pin dish in sort of a horseshoe shape, deep purple glaze. Full color picture of White House in center. Circa. late nineteenth century. Made in Germany on bottom. 4-3/4" $16.00

Item J2232Item J2232
Political: 1970s Watergate. Cute glass ashtray, square w/rounded corners. Bottom has red and white image of a ladybut insect and "Watergate Wash. D.C." in large red lettering, associating the Watergate with "bugging". 3-1/4" diameter. $9.00

Item R2124DItem R2124D
Political: Teddy Roosevelt small porcelain plate with image of Theodore Roosevelt, name below. "1858" to the left and "1919" to the right, all in blues of Royal Copenhagen. Marked "Denmark" w/beehive mark. 3-1/4" Nice small display item. Believe these came out in the late 1950s or the 1960s. $8.00

Item R2124EItem R2124E
Political: Franklin Rooselvelt small porcelain plate with image of Franklin D. Roosevelt, name below. "1882" to the left and "1945" to the right, all in blues of Royal Copenhagen. Marked "Denmark" w/beehive mark. 3-1/4" Nice, small display item. Believe these came out in the late 1950s or the 1960s. $8.00

Political: George Washington small porcelain plate with image of George Washington, name below. "1732" to the left and "1790" to the right, all in blues of Royal Copenhagen. Marked "Denmark" w/beehive mark. 3-1/4" Nice small display item. Believe these came out in the late 1950s or the 1960s. $8.00

Political: Susan B. Anthony, woman suffragist "Big Head" a 5" character figure w/ display stand and 8-page biography in original package. Huge vinyl head likeness of Susan B. Anthony. Rather plain grey dress, hair in knot at back, carrying Bible. Good for desk or book shelf. $10.00

Item LK2678BDItem LK2678BD
Political: Several 1948-1949 Young Republican National Federation items including: "The Republican Party on the Campus, Young Republican official action program" 1948 publication; "Official Program, Young Republican National Federation 1949 Convention" illus 24p; 1949 Report of the Chairman (Ralph Becker), Young Republican Natl Fed. 22p; Young Rep. Organization Handbook; June 1949 Young Republican News Vol. 1, No. 2 w/convention plans (2 copies); double-spaced script of convention speaker John Davis Lodge of Connecticut; misc. clipping and other items. $20.00

Item C9405BDItem C9405BD
Political: "Our Foreign Policy" Department of State 1950 w/introduction by President Harry Truman. 108p. Covers interesting times with the new United Nations, the Truman Doctrine, Korea, European Reconstruction, world trade, national defense, military assistance, the problem of the atom and much more. Interesting reading. $8.00

Item LK2677BDItem LK2677BD
Political: 1950s broadside for urging people to vote in the presidential elections and illustrating how to mark their ballots, use of the voting machines, splitting their tickets, cast absentee ballots, etc. Large black and white photos of Eisenhower and Stevenson at top with R/W/B bunting border. 16-1/2" x 8-1/2". Interestingly, distributed by Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Different and showy. $20.00

Item C9672BDItem C9672BD
Political: Kefauver. TIME magazine reprint w/printed message from the publisher on front cover. "Here is your reprint of TIME's Mar 12th story rounding up the ten months of Kefauver Committee investigations that preceded the hearings you have been following over ABC-TV..." Interesting. $5.00

Political: The Congressional Club Historical Review and Register. 82p. Circa 1962. A history of the Congressional Club and hundreds of photos of its members - the strong and influential women of Washington, D.C. Interesting reading. $12.50

Item A7283BDItem A7283BD
Political: Robert Byrd Packet of material on U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (WV) while he was Senate Majority Leader (from his Administrative Assostant at the time). Includes a copy of Jan 23, 1978 TIME magazine with Byrd on the cover (personally autographed), Jan 17, 1977 NEWSWEEK magazine with a major feature on "The New Kings of the Hill" with Senator Majority Leader Robert Byrd and Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill. Printed program, "A Tribute to Senator Robert C. Byrd, Majority Leader, United States Senate, May 17, 1978 w/pic on the front. He has also personally autographed this program. Four 8" x 10" glossy press photos on the event are tucked inside including one showing Senator Byrd and his wife with President Jimmy Carter, Jay Rockefeller at the podium, table shots in the audience. Several releases including one from County Records relating to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Byrd's LP album, "Mountain Fiddler" being released. A number of newspaper clippings and some staff correspondence including a 1978 note to a staffer informing her of an annual staff increase, signed by Byrd. Nice collection for a Byrd collector. $55.00

Item A7759ABDItem A7759ABD
Political: Song Book Folio. "The Bicentennial March and Presidential Marches of America" 1975. Includes music and words to 16 patriotic and political songs plus illus. of a variety of Americana including the Statue of Liberty, Bill of Rights, Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg and Emancipation Proclamation. Besides the Bicentennial March, some of the other songs include: Wasnington's March, Jeffeson's March, To the Memory of Abraham Lincoln, Yankee Doodle, Battle Hymn of the Republic, President Roosevelt March, Harry S Truman March, General Dwight D. Eisenhower March, John Fitzgerald Kennedy March, President Lyndon Baines Johnson March, The First Lady Waltz, President Gerald R. Ford March, The Star Spangled Banner. Some slight stains on covers; inside is fine. $20.00

Item W3066BDItem W3066BD
Political: Political Trivia Card Game 1984. This is Series 6 in the famous and popular card game, following similar trivia card games in other subject areas - movie trivia, TV trivis, music trivia, world trivia and sports trivia. Great for a group of political fanatics! $5.00

Political: Presidential card set. Cardboard cards with attractive, full color artwork images of each of the "American Presidents" from George Washington through Gerald Ford, plus one showing the White House. Name in script below each image with R/W/B lined frame. At bottom it gives their number as president, i.e. Washington "1st President" and Ford "38th President". Reverse of each card has a lot of information on the president's vital statistics, great moments in their life and a "Did you know" segment. 3" x 2-1/4". Produced by Visual Panographics 1975. Very nice set, in plastic container. $10.00

Political: Cloth patch, used by those accompanying the President, on shirts, jackets, etc. 3" "Seal of the President of the United States" in circle around border. black on yellow. Inside is the seal, spread eagle with R/W/B shield, olive branch and arrows, on dark blue bkgd w/circle of white stars. $12.00

Political: Cloth patch for White House staff only. 3-1/2" "President of the United States White House Staff" in circle around border, black on yellow. Inside is the seal, spread eagle with R/W/B shield, olive branch and arrows, on dark blue bkgd w/circle of white stars. $20.00

Item J4785BSItem J4785BS
Political: Huge cast iron shallow bowl. House of Representatives emblem embossed in center of bottom. "Best Wishes. Congressman and Mrs. Gus Yatron" also embossed in script in bottom. (Pennsylvania Congressman). A rather impressive gift. 10-3/4" diameter. $20.00

Item CH3099QItem CH3099Q
Political: (book) "Women as Candidates in American Politics," by Susan J. Carroll. 1985. out-of-print. 236p. hard cover. DJ. $15.00

Political: Action course in Practical Politics. 1965. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. Series of 8 booklets in slip cover. The 24-page booklets include: The Individual in Politics, Political Party Organization, The Political Precinct, The Political Campaign, Political Clubs, The Political Leader's Problems, Political Meetings and Businessmen in Politics. $6.00

Political: THE LITERARY DIGEST. Nov. 3, 1928. Final Returns in the Mammoth Nation-Wide Presidential Poll (Herbert Hoover vs. Al Smith campaign). Great documentation of a major national poll. $7.00

Item LK1112BFItem LK1112BF
Political: Primary Election specimen ballot for Montgomery County, Maryland, May 18, 1976. For Presidential race it shows Democratic candidates Jerry Brown, Ellen MacCormack, Jimmy Carter, Morris Udall, Fred Harris, George Wallace, Henry M. Jackson. For the Republicans, Jerry Ford and Ronald Reagan. This is the type of ballot that show all the various "keys" or "levers" with the various candidates' names by each. Heavy paper stock. 27-1/2" x 38" $12.00

Item LK1300BFItem LK1300BF
Political: Great elongated 3" matchbook (unused). "Romance Under the Stars! U.S. Theodore Roosevelt Nightly Dance Cruises. Daily Lake Cruises. Chicago Roosevelt Steamship Company. Docks. Navy Pier. Phone: FRA.5850". Blue and white w/two different scenes of the cruise ship, one on each side. Daily excursion information is printed inside. Not dated but with moonlight dance cruises at 75 cents and round trip between Chicago and Benton Harbor, Michigan at $1.75, these can't be from yesterday! Nice TR association piece. $15.00

Item LK1712BFItem LK1712BF
Political: (post card) Full color pic of George Wallace w/fac. sig. "Best Wishes George C. Wallace Gov." in heavy black pen. Nice picture. Back blank. $2.50

Political: (post card) Full color pic of George Wallace w/fac. sig. Same card as above LK1712BF. 5 cards for $10.00

Item J0138BFItem J0138BF
Political: Wooden golf tees. Embossed in black. "Judge DeWitt Hyde". Judge Hyde, superior court, Washington, D.C. was also a U.S. Congressman (Maryland) for three sessions during the Eisenhower years. Tees are in different colors. 10 tees for $10.00

Item LK3137BFItem LK3137BF
Political: Felt banner w/caricature of elephant. "Vote Republican in 72" on blanket on elephant's back. Elephant is standing on golf course. Ball comes flying in hitting him in the head. Below: "Hey... save your best shots for the Democrats!" White felt w/red, blue, black and grey. 13" Different. $8.00

Item LK3138BFItem LK3138BF
Political: Felt banner w/caricature of donkey, "Demos in 72" on blanket on donkey's back. Man at podium jestering to man leading donkey. Below: "Get my WHAT out'a here?" White felt w/red, blue, black and grey. 13" Different. $8.00

Political: Nelson Rockefeller 6" plastic ruler. "Rockefeller for President" in red. Measurement scale in black. White bkgd. Reverse has entire 12-month calendar for 1964. $8.00

Political: Congressman Rhodes pewter porringer, 5-3/4" diameter not including handle. Embossed in bottom is the official United States House of Representatives seal w/script "Best Wishes John J. Rhodes." A red on black paper campaign sticker has been affixed to the bottom that reads "Keep RHODES in Congress Committee 1974" thus, making this a re-election campaign item. $20.00

Item C9404BDItem C9404BD
Political: Democratic Digest. August 1953. 116p illus. Great articles from the Democratic perspective after six months of Ike in office. $5.00

Item KR032FBPItem KR032FBP
Political: Video cassette. "Alan Keyes U.S. Senate." Paid for by Alan Keyes for U.S. Senate." Time: 11:30 (Maryland). U.S. Presidential candidates in primaries. $5.00

Item KR032GBPItem KR032GBP
Political: Video cassette. Breakfast featuring Senator Phil Gramm. (Do not know occasion, not on label). $5.00

Political: A Citizen's Course in Freedom vs. Communism, the economics of survival. A great cold war item produced by the Chamber of Commerce of U.S. in 1961 during the Kennedy administration, and consisting of eight boxed booklets. The titles includ: The Communist Challenge, Consumer Control or Controlled Consumers, Profit Motive or Master Plan, Who Gets What, The Role of Government, The Big Picture, Meeting the Economic Challenge, and What You Can Do About Communism. $25.00

Item KR066SBUItem KR066SBU
Political: Attractive small platge or coaster. Black and white image of Matt Welsh (governor campaign, Indiana) with R/W/B rim. 4-1/4" diameter. Heavy duty rigid plastic. Attractive item for state campaign. $5.00

Item J1745BGItem J1745BG
Political: Plastic hinged display box called an "Indiana Labor Committee for Senator Birch Bayh Membership Kit". The printed card which shows through the top of the box lid has 3 die-cut openings. In one is a wallet size plastic card, the size of a credit card, which has Birch Bayh's photo and in large lettering, "MEMBER Indiana Labor Committee for Senator Birch Bayh 1968" black on gold bkgd. In the second area is a gold and maroon ball point pen, very nice, with "Indiana Labor Committee for Birch Bayh" printed in gold on the maroon portion. the third opening has a 1-1/4" gold token w/Bayh's profile and "Birch Bayh 1968" embossed on front. a great labor-related Indiana item. $10.00

Item KR011NBKItem KR011NBK
Political: Citizens Party plastic bank in the shape of an oil barrel. 4-1/8" high. "Fill'er Up! Small Change for Big Changes. Join and Support Citizens Party" printed in red and blue on white bank. Message appears on two sides. Issued the year Barry Commoner was the Presidential candidate (1984?). $15.00

Item W3388BDItem W3388BD
Political: The Youth's Companion. Nov 4, 1926. Cover photo of Abraham Lincoln painted for The Youth's Companion by Franklin Wood. Issue also includes Jack London's last remaining short story masterpiece, never before published. $20.00

Item K8952BKItem K8952BK
Political: George Wallace campaign token. 2" round cardboard token, silver w/black printing. Wallace line-art image on one side. "Wallace. Courage to Stand Up for America" around image; reverse has images of Humphrey and Nixon. "Not a Dime's Worth of Difference. Humphrey-Nixon." These were handed out along Wallace parade routes during the primaries. $2.50

Item K8952ABKItem K8952ABK
Political: George Wallace campaign token. 2" round cardboard token, silver w/black printing. Wallace line-art image of one side. "Wallace. Courage to Stand Up for America" around image; reverse has images of Humphrey and Nixon. "Not a Dime's Worth of Difference. Humphrey-Nixon." These were handed out along Wallace parade routes during the primaries. 10 for $15.00

Item KR018KBNItem KR018KBN
Political: Pair of pewter cuff links and a tie-bar in original hinged box. "House of Representatives United States" logo on each of the 3 items. Nice set. $25.00

Item CH2244PItem CH2244P
Political: 1950 booklet, "Debs and Dennis. Fighters for Peace" by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. 24p w/cover illus of two arms in clasped hand-shake, one marked "Debs 1918" and the other "Dennis 1950", chains attached to both wrists. At bottom of sketch is street protest scene w/signs, outlaw the "A" bomb, down with imperialist war, for peace." $16.00

Item W2109Item W2109
Political: Assortment of autographed correspondence and photographs from a variety of people politically influential in the 1960s and 1970s. Most are dated 1974. Includes John Chafee (governor of RI and Sec. of Navy in 1960s-70s); E. Kika de la Garza, Texas Congressman; W. Marvin Watson, Special Assistant and later Postmaster General under LBJ; Brendan Byrne, governor of NJ; Robert Finch (cabinet member); H. Stuart Knight, director of Secret Service; Preston Smith, governor of Texas; Earle G. Wheeler, U.S. Army General (2 pages handwritten); Dave Powers and Kenneth O'Donnell (Kennedy Library curators, O'Donnell's message starts, "President John F. Kennedy was the greatest man that I met in my lifetime. I admired his intellect, his practicality and love for his fellow human beings as well as his great sense of humor..."; Governor Sherman Adams of New Hampshire. $70.00

Item W5816Item W5816
Political: William H. Taft medal. Taft image facing right. "William H. Taft" around edge, on obverse. Reverse has Goddess of Peace sitting in front of U.S. Capitol building and "Inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1909". Bronzed coating showing some wear. 3" diameter. Hole in top of medal. $50.00

Item W6146Item W6146
Political: "This is MADDOX Country" cardboard sign. Fac. sig. "Best Wishes Lester Maddox" printed on bottom. 14" x 11" $30.00

Item W6144Item W6144
Political: Wallace cardboard poster. "Registered Voters. Please Sign Petitions for Ohio Ballot Position. American Party. Give Gov. Wallace a Viable alternative" Blue & shocking red on white bkgd. 14" x 11" Some background staining but a nice Ohio presidential piece. $35.00

Political: "The Rosenberg Case," 8p protest pamphlet w/illus of the Rosenbergs on front cover, published by The National Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case. "Write to President Truman and Attorney General J. Howard McGrath. Tell them what you think." Nice item. $55.00

Item CH3007QItem CH3007Q
Political: "The Road to Power" Socialist Party booklet by Karl Kautsky. Cover printed in black on bright red bkgd. 128p. Undated, however various tables, etc. go up through 1907 so would judge book to be circa 1908-1910. $35.00

Item CH3113QItem CH3113Q
Political: "Are We Headed Toward Guerrilla Warfare in the Streets?" by W. S. McBirnie. 36p 1960s anti-Communist booklet about training for turmoil, planned street riots relating to civil rights and the Vietnam War. $15.00

Item CH3138QItem CH3138Q
Political: Address of Honorable James A. Farley, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Printed booklet. Speech at testimonial dinner, under the auspices of the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee, Mackinac Island, Michigan. Aug 11, 1938. $10.00

Item CH3139QItem CH3139Q
Political: Address of Honorable James A. Farley, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Printed booklet. Address at the Celebration of the Western Reserve Sesqui-Centennial, Warren, Ohio June 28, 1938. $10.00

Item CH3140QItem CH3140Q
Political: Addrss of Honorable James A. Farley, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Printed booklet. Economic Stability and Government Investment, an address before the Institute of Public Affairs, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA July 6, 1938. $10.00

Item CH3141QItem CH3141Q
Political: Address of Honorable James A. Farley, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Printed booklet. Speech at the Democratic State Convention, in the Columbus Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, Sept 22, 1938 $10.00

Item K8537BNItem K8537BN
Political: Small 2-1/4" pewter bust of Governor Ritchie, governor of Maryland. "Ritchie" embossed on base. $25.00

Item J1398BNItem J1398BN
Political: Zippo Lighter. Souvenir of Camp David, the Presidential retreat. Black with Camp David brown, green and gold logo and "Presidential Retreat" in gold lettering. In Zippo presentation holder. $57.00

Political: Kitty Hoots. "You'll never again be embarrassed about what the cat drags in!" Newt Hoot, a 7" cloth doll "cat toy" in the image of Newt Gingrich in his short-sleeved white shirt and stripped tie. Doll contains organically grown catnip for maximum kitty frenzy. Non-toxic -- a real Kitty Hoot!. Only in america! In original packaging. $9.00

Political: Roll Call. Illinois Delegation. Democratic National Convention. Chicago, Ill. July, 1940. Tri-fold stiff cardboard. Lists the entire delegation, delegates at large and alternate delegates at large, plus room for tallying the results of the vote. Nice FDR piece. $10.00

Political: Christmas card from Mildred and Claude Pepper. 1967. $5.00

Item W4884Item W4884
Political: Large collection of major features from Newsweek magazine from April of 1968 and first half of 1969. Usually the Newsweek cover and feature story attached. Probably 50 or more covering the eventful period of the '68 presidential campaigns and election, Viet Nam, student protests, the exit of LBJ and entrance of Nixon as President, the Apollo missions and more. Fascinating reading. $7.00

Political: (Book) "Presidential Campaigns" By Paul F. Boller, Jr. 1984. 420p. DJ. Covers presidential campaigns from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. The author brings the contests to life in all their richness and complexity. For example, he demonstrates how much rowdier campaigns were in the old days than they are now. $5.00

Political: (Book) "Democrats Dinners & Dollars, A History of the Democratic Party, its Dinners, its Ritual," by Ronald F. Stinnett. 1967. 310p. DJ $5.00

Political: (Book) "The Press and the Presidency from George Washington to Ronald Reagan," by John Tebbel and Sarah Miles Watts. 1985. 583p. DJ $5.00

Political: (Book) "Statesmen of the Lost Cause, Jefferson Davis And His Cabinet," by Burton J. Hendrick. 1939. 452p. Chapters include Jefferson Davis, Southern Nationalist; The Cotton Belt Sets Up a Confederacy; Diplomacy on the Mexican Front; The Brains of the Confederacy; Confederate Finance; French Bankers Fleece the Confederacy; James Murray Mason; Friends of the Second Empire; Napoleon III and the Confederacy; The Discord of the Governors; Secession Within the Confederacy, End of the "Despot" Davis, and more. Cover wear. $5.00

Political: (Book) "The Religious Beliefs of Or Presidents" by Franklin Steiner. 1936. 196p. PB $5.00

Political: (Book) "White House Fever" by Robert Bndiner. 1960. 180p. DJ. $3.50

Political: (Book) "Is It True What They Say About Dixy?, a biography of Dixy Lee Ray," governor of Washington State. By Louis R. Guzzo. 1980. 234p. DJ $4.00

Political: (Book) "Bella! Ms. Abzug Goes to Washington," edited by Mel Ziegler. 1972. 314p. DJ. $4.00

Political: (Book) "A Short History of the Liberal Party 1900-84" by Chris Cook. 1984. 188p. PB $3.00

Political: (Book) "The LaRouche-Bevel Program to Save the Nation, Reversing 30 Years o Post-Industrial Suicide" written by Independents for Economic Recovery, LaRouche for President. 1992. 171p. PB $4.00

Political: (Book) "Save Your Job, Save Our Country, Why NAFTA Must Be Stopped-Now!" by Ross Perot with Pat Choate. 1993. 142p. PB $3.00

Political: (3 Books) "Joe McCarthy and the Press" by Edwin R. Bayley, 1981. 270p. DJ; "McCarthy, The Man, the Senator, the "Ism," by Jack Anderson and Ronald W. May. 1952. 431p.; "God, Church, and Flag, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and the Catholic Church, 1950-1957," by Donald F. Crosby, S.J. 1978. 307p. DJ. $10.00

Political: (Book) "Joseph Wellington Byrns, Late A Representative from Tennessee, Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress" 1938. 184p. Gold lettering on mourning black cover. $3.00

Political: (Book) "Nathan Lynn Bachman, Late A Senator from Tennessee, Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress" 1938. 49p. Gold lettering on mourning black cover. $3.00

Political: (Book) "Karl E. Mundt, Late A Senator from South Dakota, Memorial Addresses and Tributes in the Congress of the United States" 1974. 38p. Gold lettering on mourning black cover. $3.00

Political: (Book) "Robert M. La Follette, Late a Senator from Wisconsin, Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress" 1927. 234p. Gold lettering on mourning black cover. $5.00

Political: (Book) "In Memoriam Woodrow Wilson Late President of the United States," 1924. 88p. Gold lettering on mourning black cover. $6.00

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