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Political: Paper and 3-D #6 (113 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects coverBBed are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china & glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Item KR016EItem KR016E
Political: Great TARS pre-election door hanger in die-cut shape of a jack-o-lantern. Bright orange with black eyes, nose and wide mouth in black. In the black areas it spells "Even the Great Pumpkin is voting REPUBLICAN". Around the circle handle is printed "Nat'l Teen Age Republicans" with their address. 9" Circa late 1960s or early 1970s. $3.00

Item KR016JItem KR016J
Political: Print of black silhouette of Teddy Roosevelt standing on a platform stressing a point as he addresses a group down below. White House in bkgd. "Theodore Roosevelt" fac. sig. below. Copyright by Morris & Bendien, Inc. N.Y. Nice 10" x 13" $30.00

Item W6699Item W6699
Political: (book) "The Coolidge-Dawes Lincoln Tour 1924" by Larry Krug. 2007. Illustrated book completely describes this fascinating political event highlighting the 1924 presidential campaign of Calvin Coolidge and his running mate, Charles G. Dawes. The book is compiled from eyewitness accounts of the tour which started in Coolidge's hometown of Plymouth, Vermont, winding itsd way down to New York City, then following the Lincoln Highway across the country to San Francisco, then along the Pacific Coast and involving 100,000 automobiles. Day by day detail is given, how many miles they drove, speeches given, the reaction of the crowds and the campaign memorabilia encountered. $15.00

Political: Black History. 4 books. "Jim Crow Guide to the U.S.A." by Stetson Kennedy (author of "I Rode with the Ku Klux Klan") printed by Lawrence & Wishart LTD, London, 230p. Title page missing, some wear; "Soledad Brother, The Prison Letters of George Jackson" w/introduction by Jean Genet, 1971 Penguin Books, 292 PB; "Three Lives for Mississipppi" by William Bradford Huie, w/introduction by Martin Luther King, Jr. 1965 William Heinemann Ltd, London. 254p. Title page partially missing, some wear; "Nobody Knows My Name, More Notes of a Native Son" by James Baldwin. 1964 Michael Joseph Ltd, London. 196p. ex.lib. Slight wear. $20.00

Item KR016MItem KR016M
Political: "The Galena Gazette" Special illustrated 16-page section on Galena, Illinois and its Past, much of it having to do with its most famous resident, General Ulysses S. Grant. Believe this was produced in the 1960s. $8.00

Item KR016NItem KR016N
Political: Nice full color oval print of James Monroe. Fac. sig. below. The print is by permission of The Boston Athenaeum from the portrait by Chester Harding, painted in 1830. Copyright 1929 The Forbes Litho Mfg. Co. 8-1/2" x 12" Two small edge tears not affecting any of the printed service whatsoever. $20.00

Item KR056EItem KR056E
Political: The Saturday Evening Post December 8, 1962. "The White House in the Cuban Crisis." An exclusive account of the historic showdown between Khrushchev and Kennedy by Stewart Alsop and Charles Bartlett. $15.00

Item W3015Item W3015
Political: 8" x 10" photo signed by Senator Strom Thurmond, South Carolina, accompanied by letter of authenticity. Some damage in right bottom corner of photo. $20.00

Item CL004Item CL004
Political: 8-1/2" x 11" campaign brochure "President Nixon has come through on aid for Israel" w/large photo of Richard Nixon and Golda Meir. Interesting piece on the special relationship between these two world leaders and the policies of the U.S. with Israel. $2.00

Item KR016SItem KR016S
Political: Campaign public rally broadside. "Come! See! and Hear Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. w/bluetone pic of Agnew in center. Wednesday, Nov. 1st, Community Concourse Mall. Bunting design. 8-1/2" x 11" $5.00

Item A2150Item A2150
Political: B&W official photo of Adlai E. Stevenson 8-1/2" x 11". Believe this was during the time he was U.N. Ambassador as there appears to be a U.N. flag in the bkgd. Very nice photo. $5.00

Item KR016PItem KR016P
Political: Color tinted print of General Washington on horseback by Fued. 11" x 14" Nice. $35.00

Item KR016QItem KR016Q
Political: TARS Teen Age Republicans Support the President Manual from National TAR Headquarters. 20p early 1970s. $10.00

Item KR016VItem KR016V
Political: Cardboard broadside poster. Oval b&w pic of George Hatfield (West Virginia) in center. "Progressive-Militant. Elect Geo. J. HATFIELD Lieutenant Governor" red & blue lettering on off-white poster. Two R/W/B stars & stripes shields, one on each side of the pic. R/W/B border. 14" x 11" A nice West Virginia item. $20.00

Item KR016XItem KR016X
Political: B&W photo print of a Norman Rockwell portrait of Ray Shafer, Pennsylvania. 8-1/2" x 11" "Ray Shafer" fac. sig. in blue ink. Tiny water stain in bottom right corner in border area only, not affecting print. $7.00

Item A2458Item A2458
Political: Cardboard campaign poster, 16" x 8-1/2" R/W/B for Everett McKinley Dirksen, Illinois, Senate Minority Leader (and a great senator)! "We will vote for DIRKSEN for U.S. SENATOR Republican Tuesday - November 7th" $25.00

Item KR017RItem KR017R
Political: Original printed copy of the Congressional Record. Sixty-Seventh Congress. Speech of Hon. John G. Cooper, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, Thursday, September 21, 1922, "Proposed Nullification of the Eighteenth Amendment." $25.00

Item A2467Item A2467
Political: Full color official photo of Ronald Reagan taking oath of office from Chief Justice Warren Berger. 8" x 10" Has "Ronald Reagan" fac. sig. below pic. Nice. $10.00

Item KR017BNItem KR017BN
Political: Tremendous iron McKinley goldbug holder for stick pen nibs. Black w/gold accent patena. "GOP" embossed just below head area of beetle. Top of beetle hinged and opens up to hold the nibs. 4" long. $560.00

Item CH0119BItem CH0119B
Political: "Stassen can defeat Carter" attractive R/W/B well-designed brochure. $8.00

Item CH0121BItem CH0121B
Political: Membership application. "Young People's Socialist League of America" w/YPSL logo. Produced on red stock. 4-7/8" x 2-7/8" Undated but would guess 1940s. $10.00

Political: Great caricature statue of Ross Perot in grey suit, striped necktie, standing on dimensional base of a map of the United States, holding a plaque which reads "United We Stand". Ceramic 6-1/2" high. Hand painted, signed & dated by artist, Craig Sponseller 1993. Very small limited edition. Each numbered. This is number 34. A great Perot display item. $75.00

Item J1216BAItem J1216BA
Political: Cardboard mechanical wheel. Turns to show various images and facts through windows in the outer covering. "Presidents of the U.S.A." Produced during Truman administration as he is the last President shown with office years open. Produced & distributed by Tip-Top Bread which has advertisements on both sides of the piece. Colorful R/W/B/Yellow. 5-1/4" x 4-1/2" Very slight corner wear. Very good. $20.00

Political: Matchbook. "Aboard the Presidential Aircraft" with sketch of Airforce 1 above writing. Gold printing, Aqua and white. On striker side, Presidential seal is embossed in gold against aqua bkgd. Unused. (Doubt if there is smoking aboard Airforce 1 any more.) $15.00

Item W5494Item W5494
Political: Great campaign item cover, front & back, on promotion advertising publication by McCormick-Armstrong Co. Nice display piece. $5.00

Political: Poster. Large b&w pic of Zimmerman. "Vote Socialist Workers" at top, white & magenta on black bkgd at top, "Zimmerman for Vice President" magenta & white on black at bottom. 17" x 11" $25.00

Item W5490Item W5490
Political: Poster. "Vote" at top w/star on each side. "Bob Richards President. Maureen Salaman Vice President. America First! Abolish the I.R.S. and Federal Reserve. Mississippi Populist Party" Black on off-white bkgd. No visuals. Posterboard stock. 17" x 11" $50.00

Item W5491Item W5491
Political: Great lineart poster promoting the impeachment of Nixon & Agnew. "Beseech? No! Impeach! Shrink wrapped on foam core. 17" x 11-1/8" $30.00

Political: Poster. B&W pic of Bill Rogers. "1968 Candidate for U. S. President" at top; "Bill Rogers Theocratic Party. Headquarters, P.O. Box 27, Queens Village, N.Y. 11428" at bottom. All printing in black, white bkgd. Cardboard stock. 22" x 14" $20.00

Political: Poster. "Trust the People" "WALLACE" w/stylistic "76" design "for President" Red & blue on white bkgd. Row of blue stars across top; two horizontal red stripes across bottom. cardboard stock. 22" x 14" $10.00

Political: (book) "What a Waste It is To Lose One's Mind, the Unauthorized Autobiography of Dan Quayle" w/unauthorized forward by George Bush. 1992. 108p illus. $12.50

Item CH0145BItem CH0145B
Political: (book) "You too can be a Democratic Candidate for President" by Bruce Jacobsen and Rollin Riggs w/pic of Uncle Sam pointing out straight at you on cover. 1983. A book full in information, while at the same time, a spoof. Like F.E.C. forms, Presidential exercises, media stunts, 15 richest pacs. Says, "only thing funnier than the candidates themselves." Shows some of the actual Democratic candidates on the back cover: Reubin Askew, Jesse Jackson, George McGovern, Gary Hart, John Glenn, Alan Cranston, Walter Mondale, Ernest Hollings. $10.00

Item CH0147BItem CH0147B
Political: (book) "The Leadership of Speaker Sam Rayburn" Collected tributes of his Congressional Colleagues, celebrating the occasion of Rayburn having served as Speaker twice as long as any of his predecessors in the history of the United States 128p illus. 1961. $15.00

Political: "The Puzzle of Watergate, a jigsaw puzzle that will bug you. The puzzle, composed of b&w pieces is illus. on the cover of the box, showing armies of bugs streaming out from the front of the White House. (Cannot vouch whether or not there are missing pieces; appears to be complete.) Circa Watergate era. Showy box for display. $20.00

Item CH0178FItem CH0178F
Political: Republican Campaign 1956 Kickoff Dinner. Program w/embossed gold lettering on cover, gold cord w/tassel. Full page pic of Eisenhower w/fac. sig. "with best wishes Dwight D Eisenhower." Dinner was held at the Sheraton-Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. Guests of honor included the Vice President & Mrs. Nixon and a number of the cabinet members. Two rust spots have developed where the staples are located on the spine, otherwise the program is in good condition. $18.00

Political: Great colored photo of Richard M. Nixon on very stiff cardboard w/textured surface. 11" x 14" $15.00

Political: Hand drawn and tinted original rendition of the U.S. Capitol Building by G. Record 6-10-72. In margin below image, "Especially drawn for Dr. M. Shenk" 11-5/8" x 15-1/2" $60.00

Item CH0924JItem CH0924J
Political: Striking bronze octagonal medal, 2-1/4" in honor of the 1924 Democratic National Convention. Oval image of New York City's Mayor John F. Hylan embossed on obverse, "John F. Hylan, Mayor 1924" below. Image of Statue of Liberty to left, Empire State Building to right, beaded ring just inside smooth rim. Reverse has city seal in center of wreath, circled by "The City of New York Democratic National Convention" & two oak leaf clusters. Beaded ring just inside smooth rim. $170.00

Item K7345Item K7345
Political: Wooden ballot box. Oldest form of democratic voting in America according to Smithsonian Institution. Marbles were in front box and placed through hole to back container--one marble one vote per individual (white/yes and black/no). One black vote normally voided the candidate or issue. Hence, the term "I've been black balled." this original box has been refurbished. $75.00

Political: Colored print of Grover Cleveland by Keppler. Framed under glass. 23" x 19" Split through center and repaired. $75.00

Political: Cute little 3" grey elephant with R/W/B cloth sash. Heavy, molded composition. Made for 1996 campaign. Have in different positions. Each. $5.00

Item J1290Item J1290
Political: Cute little 3" grey donkey with R/W/B cloth sash. Heavy, molded composition. Made fo 1996 campaign. Have in different positions. Each $5.00

Political: Oval reverse painting of U.S. Capitol in vintage wooden frame under bubble glass. 20". Very good. $125.00

Item J5803Item J5803
Political: Inaugural Reception invitation 1969 honoring The Vice President-Elect and Mrs Agnew. Jan 19, 1969 Smithsonian Institution Museum of History & Technology. Gold embossed inaugural seal. 7" x 10" $6.50

Item J5804Item J5804
Political: Inaugural Reception invitation 1973 honoring The Vice President of the United States and Mrs. Agnew. Jan 18, 1973. The Smithsonian Institution Museum of History and Technology. Gold inaugural seal. In orig. envelope. $6.50

Political: 1956 card promoting the re-election of Eisenhower & Nixon. Same size & weight of a postcard. B&W jugate pics of Ike & Dick on the front. "A Great Team for a Greater America" between the pics. Names & "President" "Vice President" below pics. Reverse side has 10 reasons why we should re-elect Eisenhower-Nixon. Nice display card. $9.00

Political: Colored post card. Eisenhower's home in Abilene, Kansas w/oval insert of Ike in upper right corner. $3.00

Item CH0515FItem CH0515F
Political: Two pieces. An Invitation to meet The Vice President of the United States. Gerald R. Ford. Plus printed Cocktail Reception card for same event. Mar 23, 1974. New Jersey Republican Finance Committee sponsored this fund raiser. Ford items are fairly scarce. $8.00

Political: 1891 National Association of Democratic Clubs. Lists all the various committee members, state by state, gives-by-laws and other information about Democratic Clubs. 36p. Thomas Jefferson line art drawing on cover. black on bright red bkgd. Some slight edge wear and a crease down center of cover, but interesting resource. $20.00

Item CH0518FItem CH0518F
Political: "The Question Box" by Frank M. Eastwood. Answers to Questions about Socialism, Together with the Official Declaration of Principles of the Socialist Party. 68p. Circa 1908 to 1912. $15.00

Item CH0521FItem CH0521F
Political: The "scare" leaflet. Black and orange w/pic of atomic bomb cloud on front cover w/"100 million lives in ONE hour" at bottom. Back cover has "For a Strong America in a World at Peace vote for Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert H. Humphrey". Hard hitting inside message promoting Johnson as the peace candidate and Goldwater as the reckless candidate who would use the bomb. It quotes Defense Secretary McNamara on how many million Americans would be killed in an all-out nuclear war and states that Goldwater would recklessly risk war in Cuba, Viet Nam, China and Eastern Europe. Produced by Union Women United for Johnson and Humphrey. (A terrible injustice to Goldwater!) $25.00

Item CH0525FItem CH0525F
Political: Glossy print of Robert Dole, 8" x 10". A very, very young Bob Dole. Autographed "Best Wishes to Lawrence F..., Bob Dole". Probably from his Congressional years in the 1950s. One crease but a good picture. $20.00

Political: "Go GOP" sheet music, Souvenir of the Republican Convention, Chicago 1952. Red elephant walking on his hind feet on cover along with bluetone pic of Hon John S Fine, Pennsylvania's Great Governor. Don't quite understand the connecton between Fine and the song as he is not mentioned in the lyrics. One fold across center. $6.50

Item CH0532FItem CH0532F
Political: Picture book, "Who's in Charge Here? 1980 by Gerald Gardner. Real press photos w/made-up balloon comments by the people in the photos. A number of editions of these books were produced...and, all are funny. This one has a lot on Carter, Teddy K, Reagan. $5.00

Item CH0540FItem CH0540F
Political: 1957 Inaugural Ball Invitation in honor of The President of the United States and Mrs. Eisenhower and The Vice President of the United States and Mrs. Nixon. Embossed seal at top. $18.00

Item CH0543FItem CH0543F
Political: 1961 Official Inaugural Program (Kennedy-Johnson) in original envelope. $75.00

Political: 1973 Congressional invitation to the Inaugural Ceremonies (Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew) plus order form for Inaugural medal, parade tickets, plate, etc. Orig Envelope. $20.00

Political: 1977 Congressional invitation to the Inaugural Ceremonies (Jimmy Carer and Walter Mondale). $12.50

Item W3331Item W3331
Political: Printed major address by Hon. Robert S. Kerr, Governor of Oklahoma, before the Democratic National Convention, Chicago, July 19, 1944. The speech title is "Not tired! Nor Untried!" Although the speech is good, what is really outstanding is the very attractive multi-gate front cover with large oval pics of Roosevelt and Truman (For President and For Vice President). Smaller pic between them of Elmer Thomas (For United States Senator) and picturing each of the candidates for U.S. Congress from the eight districts of Oklahoma. Line art of capitol dome at bottom center. Disregard the speech...frame the cover! $80.00

Item W3332Item W3332
Political: 1926 Pennsylvania poster. "Republican Candidates. Election, Tuesday, November 2, 1926" Great visual poster showing John S. Fisher for Governor, William S. Vare for United States Senator, Arthur H. James for Lieutenant Governor and James F. Woodward for Secretary Internal Affairs. R/W/B American flag bkgd w/eagle at top. Cardboard 14" x 11" $50.00

Item CH0666GItem CH0666G
Political: George Wallace 12-panel R/W/B illus. leaflet, "A Great Leader for America. Wallace for President" w/bluetone pic on front panel. "A man who speaks for rand and file citizens. A man who will lead America to new greatness. Vote for Wallace." Nice photos of Wallace working the crowds during the '72 campaign. $4.00

Item CH0667GItem CH0667G
Political: George Wallace 16-panel R/W/Blue/Black illus leaflet, "Wallace76. Trust the People. George C. Wallace has the courage America needs now." Nice photos of Wallace on the campaign trail in 1976 and his stand on a number of issues including social security, communist Cuba, deficit spending, federal judges, forced busing, human life, women's rights, energy, environment, gun control, foreign affairs, maritime fleet, agriculture, space program, tax system. this leaflet just about covers the entire Wallace campaign in one leaflet. $4.00

Item W5964Item W5964
Political: Laminated pinback name badge, "Democratic National Convention PLATFORM Guest. Chicago 1956" the convention which nominated Adlai Stevenson. $22.00

Item W5965Item W5965
Political: Business campaign card. "Vote for Harold M. J. Lewis. Democratic Candidate for Constitutional Convention Delegate. Vote Row A" w/oval pic of Lewis. Unusual. Appears to be FDR era. $10.00

Item W5966Item W5966
Political: Full color post card, "Auditorium-Democratic National Convention 1928, Houston, Texas". Al Smith convention. Hall all decked out in R/W/B flags, banners and bunting. Edge margin looks like it is missing on the left side but believe this is the way the card is printed. $7.00

Item CH1032KItem CH1032K
Political: 1973 booklet by Eugene V. Debs Foundation, "Sidelights, Incidents in the Life of Eugene V. Debs" by Theodore Debs (brother). 32p illus. Great photos. $50.00

Item CH1033KItem CH1033K
Political: Early 28p booklet, "Industrial Unionism" by Daniel De Leon w/address on the subject by Eugene V. Debs delivered at Grand Central Palace, New York in 1905. $20.00

Political: "Democrats in Convention 1972" book, Miami Beach. 250p illus. $10.00

Item W3019Item W3019
Political: Socialist Party donation form for contributing to the $7,500 Drive to Build the Socialist Call w/fac sig. of Norman Thomas. Circa 1930s. $15.00

Item J5805Item J5805
Political: Socialist Party. 2 pieces dealing with the Emergency Peace Campaign. A recruiting form and the words to 5 "Songs for Peaceful People." Both from mid-1930s. $18.00

Political: Socialist Workers window sticker. "Fred Halstead for President, Paul Boutelle for Vice-President, Vote Socialist Workers in 68" black & shocking pink 5-1/4" x 2-1/2" $7.50

Item CH2078MItem CH2078M
Political: Socialist Workers window sticker. "Bring the GIs Home Now. Vote Socialist Workers in 68" w/pic of a soldier, helmet on and gun over shoulder. White printing on red and purple bkgd. 2-1/2" x 5-1/4" $8.00

Item CH2079MItem CH2079M
Political: Socialist Workers window sticker. "Vote Socialist Workers. Linda Jenness for president, Andrew Pulley for vice-president" black & white on green bkgd, 5-1/8" x-4-1/8" $7.50

Item CH2080MItem CH2080M
Political: Socialist Workers window sticker. "Control Chicano del Barrio Chicano! Vote Socialist Workers Linda Jenness para presidente, Andrew Pulley para vice-presidente. black & white printing on brown stock w/black sketch of people standing behind barrier, arms raised w/clenched fists. 5-1/8" x 4-1/8" $8.00

Item CH2081MItem CH2081M
Political: Communist peel-off sticker. "Tax Big Business, Not The People! Vote Communist '72, Hall-Tyner Election Campaign Committee" black on shocking orange 3-5/8" x 2" $9.00

Item CH2082MItem CH2082M
Political: Socialist Workers window sticker. Great b&w graphic of bomber dropping bomb, giant smoke cloud. "Stop the bombing. Bring all the troops home now. Vote Socialist Workers" Circa 1960s. 7" x 3-1/4" $10.00

Item CH2091MItem CH2091M
Political: Senator Strom Thurmond typed letter signed. United States Senate stationery from 1970s. $40.00

Item CH2091MAItem CH2091MA
Political: Senator Strom Thurmond typed letter signed. United States Senate stationery from 1970s. $40.00

Item CH2093MItem CH2093M
Political: 1918 sepiatone glossy photo of Socialist Cong. candidate Winfield R.Gaylord of Milwaukee. Press service photo.-6-1/2" x 5" $18.00

Item CH2095MItem CH2095M
Political: Virginia Prohibition Ticket. Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 7, 1893. For Governor, James R. Miller, full slate. 6" long. Very Good. No graphics. $75.00

Item CH2096MItem CH2096M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 1. Karl Marx, The Father of Communism. Marx image on cover. 20p $10.00

Item CH2097MItem CH2097M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 2. Nikolai Lenin. Lenin image on cover. 16p $10.00

Item CH2098MItem CH2098M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 3 Mao Tse-Tung. Mao's image on cover. 16p $12.00

Item CH2099MItem CH2099M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 4 The Webbs, Founders of Fabian Socialism. Their images on cover. 16p $20.00

Item CH2100MItem CH2100M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 7 John Maynard Keynes, Economist of Fabian Socialism. Keynes image on cover. 16p $25.00

Item CH2102MItem CH2102M
Political: 1960s Red Menace booklet, a Voice of Americanism publication. Book 12 Fidel Castro, The Cancer of the Caribbean. Castro's image on cover. 16p $15.00

Political: Boxed set of presidential audio tapes, "Great Leaders of Our Time". Includes 4 audio cassettes each of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy. Includes FDR's first inaugural address, 1935 fireside chat on labor, Dec 1941 America declaration of war, Four Freedoms speech, Truman's first speech to Congress in April 1945, his address before the NAACP in 1947, 1949 inaugural address, farewell address of 1953, Eisenhower's 1952 nomination acceptance speech, first inaugural address, 1953 Atoms for Peace speech and the 1955 West Point Graduation address, Kennedy's 1960 Democratic acceptance speech, address to the nation on the Berlin crisis in 1961, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis address and the June 1963 address to the graduating class of American University. Set also includes facsimile inaugural address scrolls and political buttons. Comes in attractive vinyl case with all four presidents pictured on cover. $65.00

Item CH2108MItem CH2108M
Political: "A Call to Economic Arms," forging a New American Mandate, by Paul E. Tsongas, 100p $7.50

Item CH2109MItem CH2109M
Political: "To Err Is REAGAN," Lies and Deceptions from the President, by Mark Green 1987 published by Mother Jones Magazine, 28p. Although this little book, considered by the publisher, Don Hazen, to be "wonderfully we chuckle at the incredible array of gaffes and absurdities that have come out of Ronald Reagan's mouth" includes quotes mostly from Reagan's second term, today considered to be the period of time when the President's illness was most definitely in its early stages. $10.00

Item CH2110MItem CH2110M
Political: "Any Other Questions??" humorous photo book with captions, authored by Tennessee Congressman Dan Kuykendall (autographed). Mostly Tennessee political pictures and Tennessee political humor. 1971. $15.00

Political: Attractive wooden gavel, 10-1/4" long. Brass band on head of gavel, "In personal appreciation of your support" w/fac. sig. of Newt Gingrich. Major contributors' presentation gavel. From early 1990s. $35.00

Political: Attractive wooden gavel, 10-1/4" long. Brass band on head of gavel, "In personal appreciation of your support" w/fac. sig. of Newt Gingrich. Major contributors' presentation gavel in original box w/acknowledgement slip. From early 1990s. $45.00

Political: Two huge volumes, 1884 Congressional Record. The Proceedings and Debates of the 48th Congress 1st session. Leather and marbled bound. Good condition. Over 2,000 pages. $50.00

Political: Index to Congressional Record w/all legislative work, 50th Congress, 2nd Session, 1889 $10.00

Political: (book) NEWT! Leader of the Second American Revolution. by Dick Williams, 1995, 230p DJ ex.lib. $8.00

Political: (book) To Renew America, by Newt Gingrich. 1995 260p DJ autographed. $15.00

Item CH2125AMItem CH2125AM
Political: Illustrated booklet on the Harrison family and Harrison home, suede cover w/rope or cord holding the pages together. Well done, undated, however Benjamin Harrison's widow was still living when the booklet was produced. Nice Harrison piece. $50.00

Item CH2126AMItem CH2126AM
Political: Gus Hall signature on card. U.S. Communist Party longtime chief. Clear, strong signature. $25.00

Political: 6-1/4" white silk ribbon w/attached gold braid. "National Democratic Committee" in gold on ribbon. $28.00

Political: Large paper cigar bands from the large souvenir cigars, "Souvenir of National Convention 1952 Chicago, Illinois" superimposed over liberty bell, blue and white. $7.00

Political: Autograph. Coretta Scott King. Strong black signature on white card $20.00

Political: Autograph. G. Gordon Liddy. Blue signature on white card. $12.00

Political: Autograph. Ken Starr. Black signature on yellow card. $15.00

Item CH2136MItem CH2136M
Political: 1937 Christmas letter on Democratic National Committee stationery, hand-written printed green-ink over replicated signature of chairman James Farley. $15.00

Political: Windup plastic peanut w/toothy smile and the looks of Jimmy Carter. He walks when wound up. Works. 4-1/2" high. $20.00

Item CH2131NItem CH2131N
Political: (book) "Socialism and Superior Brains" by Bernard Shaw, 1912. 60p $30.00

Political: 45rpm record. "Eugene McCarthy for President (If You Love Your Country). Written and performed by Peter, Paul and Mary. In original plain sleeve. $12.50

Political: 12-panel illus. leaflet. "McCarthy for President. No longer alone. A great 1968 campaign piece, full of material. Produced by McCarthy for President, Washington, D.C. $3.00

Political: "Whose man? Our man... your man... HIS OWN man! McCarthy supports Black America!!!" Illus. Brochure produced by Black Americans for McCarthy. Rare. $4.00

Political: 2-sided flier. "Military Leaders Speak Out on Vietnam" supporting McCarthy for President in 1968. Other side has full page image of General Douglas MacArthur w/his famous dark glasses and corn cob pipe and the quote "Anybody who commits the land power of the United States on the Continent of Asia ought to have his head examined." Nice piece. $4.00

Political: Announcement flier, 8-1/2" x 11" promoting Senator Eugene McCarthy speaking in Winnetka, Illinois on August 17 (1968). Dist. By New Trier Democratic Organization. $2.00

Political: Announcement flier, 8-1/2" x 11" promoting Senator Eugene J. McCarthy speaking on August 25 (1968) at Midway Airport in Chicago. McCarthy's pic on flier. $2.00

Political: McCarthy Family Courtesy Press Kit. 1968 campaign. Includes many items including fliers, biogs, position papers and releases, including 7 8" x 10" glossy prints of family members. Nice packet. $9.00

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