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Political: Paper and 3-D #4 (140 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This catalog contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects covered are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china and glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Political: HUMPHREY. R/W/B acetate campaign "sashay" for Humphrey-Muskie used across the shoulder at rallies and the Democratic convention. 60" long, 4-1/4" wide. Being 5 ft long, makes a very colorful display piece. Repeats "Humphrey Muskie" twice, along with stars design in vibrant R/W/B. $3.00

Item LK3328BEItem LK3328BE
Political: Blue and white paper napkins (2). Presidential seal and "Camp David" in large lettering. $2.50

Political: Ross PEROT R/W/B 30" pennant. "Ross Perot '92" w/caricature of Perot at a podium in front of blue and white star bkgd. Very attractive. $6.00

Political: (book) "Our Hero General U.S. Grant Where, When, & How He Fought. In Words of One Syllable," by Josephine Pollard. 1885. 167p. McLoughlin Brothers, Publishers. Edwin Forbes (illustrator) with 86 etchings. Pictorial hardboard cover featuring Grant on horseback. The author's message explains, "This is a book for boys - small boys, from six to 12 years of age, who love to read, or to be read to, from books that are not chock full of great big words. It is not a book for girls at all. They will not care for it. The big boy, who does not have to stop to spell out the long words and guess what they mean, will turn up his nose at it. But let him. That will not hurt us. It is the small boy we have set out to please, and if he reads what is here told of U. S. Grant he will - when he grows up - seek to know more of this great and good man, to whom we, of the U-nited States, owe so much..." This is an amazing book. First page is loose and the book shows slight cover wear on the corners but it is simply noteworthy that the book includes nearly 170 pages and written the way it is... the illustrations are also outstanding. $38.50

Political: (Book) "League To Enforce Peace. American Branch" William Howard Taft. 1915. 65p. Scarce. $6.00

Political: (Books) Two books by James P. Warburg. "Hell Bent for Election," 1935. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc. 78p. DJ. "Still Hell Bent," 1936. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc. 88p. DJ. Both books, which are anti-New Deal, carry the paper sticker for the Wakefield Bookshop, New York City, on the inside cover. $7.50

Political: (Book) "The Memoirs of William Jennings Bryan," by himself and his wife Mary Baird Bryan. 1925. 560p. Illus. Tremendously thorough undertaking. Good condition. $8.00

Political: (Book) "The First Battle" by William J. Bryan. 1896. 630p. Illus. Front cover shaken otherwise fine. $7.00

Political: (Book) "The State. Elements of Historical and Practical Politics" by Woodrow Wilson. 1893. 686p. Tiny chip out of backstrap otherwise fine. One of Wilson's most important books. $7.00

Political: (Book) "Woodrow Wilson, The Caricature, the Myth and the Man" by Edith Gittings Reid. 1934. Oxford University Press. 242p. $5.00

Political: Wooden ballot box. Oldest form of democratic voting in America according to Smithsonian Institution. Marbles were in front box and placed through hole to back container--one marble one vote per individual (white/yes and black/no). One black vote normally voided the candidate or issue. Hence the term "I've been black balled." Black container has hinged lid so it can be opened to view voting results. The back of the box has a 5" handle so the box can be easily moved around making it convenient for people to vote, although it was often also placed on a pedestal or table in the center of the room and people came forward one at a time and chose a marble to slip into the hole casting their vote. This original box has been refurbished. A great conversation item and display piece! Approx. 13" long. $30.00

Item A9063Item A9063
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. Patriotic cover. unused, no stamp. World War II era. Embossed in green and red, "A Salute to Wm. B. Owens, first American Pilot to bomb Berlin" w/American flag, shield and military insignias. Unusual. $15.00

Item A9064Item A9064
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. Patriotic cover. unused, no stamp. World War II era. Embossed in green and red, "A Salute to Edwin O'Hara, First American Flier to down a Jap plane." w/American flag, shield and military insignias. Unusual. $15.00

Item A9065Item A9065
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. Patriotic cover. unused, no stamp. World War II ra. Embossed in green and red, "A Salute to Lt. Col. Richard Kenney, First American Bomber to blast Yawata" w/American flag, shield and military insignias. Unused. $15.00

Item A9404Item A9404
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. National Capital Sesquicentennial 3 cent stamp, first day issue, postmked Jun 12, 1950. Cover shows pic of White House w/oval pic insert of John Adams, "National Capital Sesquicentennial Commemorating the Establishment of the Federal Government in Washington, DC 1800-1950" Envelope is autographed by William Rogers (Sec. of State in Nixon Administration). $20.00

Item A9405Item A9405
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. National Defense Stamps, first day issue. Cover includes the 1, 2 and 3 cent stamps, postmked Oct 16, 1940, Washington, DC. Cover has red embossed map showing the Naval Air Bases acquired 1940 and one of the 50 destroyers exchanged mounted on the cover. This particular cover has a b&w glossy pic of the U.S.S. Crowninshield. Cover has been autographed by Melvin R. Laird (Sec. of Defense in Nixon Administration). $20.00

Political: (BC) First Day Cover. R/W/B Civil War cover, unused. Man hanging from the gallows w/U.S. American flags draped above. "Jeff Davis" above. "The Wrong Man in the Right Place" below. $65.00

Political: (BC) First Day Cover. Jefferson Davis. R/W/B Civil War cover, unused. Man hanging from gallows. Huge American flag flying; soldiers below. "Jeff Davis" above the hanging man. "The Traitor's Doom" below. $65.00

Item LK4179Item LK4179
Political: (BC) First Day Cover. FDR. 3c purple stamp w/eagle, first day issue. "Honoring Those Who Have Served" postmked May 9, 1946 Washington, DC. Great R/W/B cover w/sketch of FDR, name below, maps of the two hemispheres and eagle. "Citizen of the World" $20.00

Item W5447BBItem W5447BB
Political: Chicago centennial ribbon. Great display item! blue ribbon w/gold trim and tassels. "Chicago Centennial Celebration Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 1903. Chicago City Council" in gold lettering on ribbon. Two embossed R/W/B cloth U.S. flags at top on hanging white ribbon attached to top blue bow. Celluloid and metal medallion hangs from the white ribbon w/sketch of Fort Dearborn and "Sept. 29, 1803". 9-3/4" $87.00

Item W5448BBItem W5448BB
Political: Blue 6" ribbon w/"Republican" printed in gold lettering w/gold eagle design at top. An iron gold pinback in the shape of an upright beaver is attached to the top of the ribbon over the eagle design. Undoubtedly the beaver is the symbol of some political group. Wish we had more background information on this interesting piece. $38.00

Item K7779Item K7779
Political: Unusual metal license plates (pair). Limited edition commemorating a special event. "Illinois 1998" and "Land of Lincoln" embossed, plus the plate number. The plate commemorates "President Ulysses S. Grant" and has his image on the plate with the Presidential seal in upper left. Also, a Grant quote, "Let Us Have Peace". These were produced in a very limited supply to be officially used for only 60 days. This is a complete set, mint. Nice Grant related item. (Grant was living in Galena, Illinois prior to the Civil War and maintained this as his official residence for the rest of his life, even though he did not spend much time in Galena following his years in the presidency. The Grant home in Galena is still open to the public.) $38.00

Item A8940BFItem A8940BF
Political: Wonderful association letter from one future Vice President to another... from Nelson A. Rockefeller dated April 1, 1968. 10-1/2" x 7-1/2" 1-page on his personal "22 West 55th Street" stationery, addressed to The Honorable Spiro T. Agnew, Governor, Annapolis, Maryland, addressed "Dear Ted". (Pencil note at top left, received stamp on verso). Signed "Nelson". also initialed by Spiro Agnew at bottom right. "Thanks for your courtesy in sending me a copy of your reply to the telegram sent you by Stewart Mott (regarding the Coalition for a Republican Alternative..." Agnew was one of the early supporters of Rockefeller's run for the presidency as a leader in the "Draft Rockefeller" campaign. In the letter, Rockefeller goes on to say, "Once again, my deep personal and lasting gratitude for the friendship you have shown me over the last months. I hope to see you again soon. with warm regard, sincerely," $150.00

Item LK5084BFItem LK5084BF
Political: "WALLACE for President '68" R/W/B metal license plate. 11-3/4" x 6" $12.00

Political: "WALLACE for President" and in smaller letters, "The Wallace Campaign, P.O. box 1968, Montgomery, ALA" red and white on very dark blue. Metal license plate. 12" $15.00

Item W3448Item W3448
Political: "Wallace for President" metal license plate. Red and blue lettering embossed on white bkgd w/blue border. Bluetone pic of George Wallace. 11-3/4" x 6" $14.00

Political: (book) "The Hopefuls, Ten Presidential Campaigns" by Lloyd Robinson. 1966. 1st Edition. 192p. Illus. DJ. Ten great chapters... 10 great stories! Includes Al Smith, Herbert Hoover, Alf Landon, Wendell Willkie, Thomas E. Dewey (2 campaigns), Adlai Stevenson (2 campaigns), Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater. $3.50

Political: (book) "Lives and Graves of Our Presidents," by G. S. Weaver. 1903. 580p. A great reference book! Not only does each chapter thoroughly cover the highlights of each President, starting with their ancestry, but carries their lives through to the very end! $10.00

Political: (3 books) All authored by Eugene McCarthy. (1) "The Ultimate Tyranny, The Majority Over The Majority," by Eugene J. McCarthy" 1980. 229p. DJ. (2) "Up `Til Now, A Memoir" by Eugene McCarthy 1987. 273p. DJ. (3) "The Year of the People" by Eugene J. McCarthy 1969. 335p. DJ. All 3 for $10.00

Political: Grouping of 7 large wall calendars with photos of all the presidents, starting with Washington and having a large photo of the current president in the center, meaning that the calendar came out during that president's administrative years. One calendar features Lyndon Johnson; another, Richard Nixon; four for Jimmy Carter and one for Franklin D. Roosevelt (1936). All 7 calendars for $19.00

Political: 1992 Popcorn Poll. White plastic 6-3/4" high containers used by the Wehrenberg Theatres' chain to gauge their customers presidential preferences. Colorful 4-color designs circle the containers, one for Bill Clinton riding a donkey; the other for George H. W. Bush riding an elephant. Such popcorn polls have been popular in presidential elections during many campaigns. This pair is an excellent example and visually attractive for any display. $10.00

Political: OK Third Party and Hopefuls Collectors. Ever really wonder what motivates a fringe candidate to run for President of the United States?... and, how they operate their campaign? Here is a box of material directly from one of the candidates including all of their records and intentions, penciled notes, position papers, strategies for the primaries, rough designs for campaign buttons, newspaper advertisements, everything. Remember Ancel Elvin (Pat) Patton, the 1976 candidate from California? He had some attractive buttons, bumper stickers, even matchbooks. Here are his "files" directly from him. approx. 66 items. $85.00

Item A2219Item A2219
Political: Black and white original glossy press photo w/caption. Close up press photo for Jacob S. Coxey, 5/30/44, the leader of "Coxey's Army" march of the unemployed to Washington in 1894 and 1914, and candidate for President (Farmer-Labor ticket) in 1932 and 1936. $12.00

Item A2205Item A2205
Political: Black and white glossy press photo w/caption. Vice President Curtis and Senator Overman on way to inaugural ceremony. Close up shot, both in top hats in rear of open auto. $12.00

Item A2224Item A2224
Political: Black and white glossy press photo w/caption. Third party presidential candidate George C. Wallace waves to crowds during gigantic Chicago State Street parade. 9/30/68 $10.00

Item LK2501BEItem LK2501BE
Political: Eight issues of the weekly newspaper THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN dated between December 1920 and April 1921. Interesting reading relating to the last days of the Wilson administration and the first days of the new Harding administration. Papers are complete, in good condition. $19.00

Item K9797BEItem K9797BE
Political: Lester Maddox AIP '76 National Convention fund raiser made by women in the American Independent Party and sold at the convention. Wooden handle w/red woolen duster made to look like a doll, facial features, gold ring ear rings. Attached blue apron has "AIP '76". 24" long. Very nice 3-D novelty item, great for display. Scarce to find novelty items for third parties. Not many of these were made; this one was purchased at the convention in Chicago. $35.00

Political: Adlai E. Stevenson 1952 - 1956 - 1960. An APIC Research Project produced in 1977. This tremendous documentation of the campaign memorabilia from three presidential campaigns is truly a comprehensive work - 218 pages of photos and descriptions of the various items used in the campaigns. Format: 3-ring loose. Project chairmen: Robert Rouse, Joseph M. Jacobs, Erroll Leslie, Robert Payne. $7.00

Political: John B. Anderson. Congressman & Presidential Candidate. by Jim Kotche. 1981. 158 pages illustrated. A tremendous project on the political career of John B. Anderson, U.S. Congressman from Illinois and independent candidate for President of the United States. Illustrates most, if not all, Anderson campaign memorabilia. $7.00

Political: Parker and Davis 1904. An APIC Research Project. 1971. This excellent project includes brief biographies of both Alton Brooks Parker and his running mate, Henry Gassaway Davis, the 1904 Democratic candidates for president and vice president. A total of 387 Parker campaign items are photographed and described, including dimensions. These include buttons, stick pins, watch fobs, badges, ribbons and 3-D items. The black & white images are on a coated stock, loose-leaf, punched to fit a 3-ring binder. 70 pages. Project Chairman: Kenton Broyles. $5.00

Political: Project '68. The Presidential election of 1968 as seen through campaign pins. by Marian A. Ford, APIC Research Director. 1971. A photo book of campaign buttons from one of the most unusual, turbulant and historic campaigns in last century - with Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy and George Wallace as some of the prominent players. 44 pages. $7.00

Item W2308BDItem W2308BD
Political: Large cigar band for those huge souvenir cigars. "Souvenir of National Convention 1956 Chicago, Ill" blue and white $5.00

Item W2309BDItem W2309BD
Political: Large cigar band for those huge souvenir cigars. "Souvenir 1948 National Convention Phila, PA" on outside of liberty bell R/W/B, blue bkgd. $6.00

Political: Tippecanoe and Trinkets Too. The Material Culture of American Presidential Campaigns, 1828-1984. by Roger A. Fischer. 1988. 322 pages illustrated. DJ. "An encyclopedic survey of political objects and slogans that will be mined by scholars, collectors, museum curators, students of material and popular culture, and 'political junkies'." "Tippecanoe and Trinkets Too is extremely well written, clear, lively, and exhaustively researched." - Mark E. Neely, Jr., director, Louis A. Warren, Lincoln Library and Museum. Out of Print. $12.00

Political: CIA. Collection of documents and miscellaneous items relating to the CIA, assassinations and intrigue. Circa 1970s. Newspaper clippings, magazines. 1975 Senate report on alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders stamped C.I.A. Briefing; Subversion of Law Enforcement Intelligence Gathering Operations, Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 1976; The contemporary Review, Nov 1966, The commonwealth Conference, Would the Commonwealth Survive? and Politics in Britain: a New Situation; False Witness, by Harvey Matusow, 1955, 255p book; Code Name Richard, The Full Story of the Man Whose Dramatic Testimony Finally Broke the French Connection, by Richard Beroin, 1976, 350p book; U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Activities: Committee Proceedings-II, 1976; Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, an Interim Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities United States Senate, 1975. All for $40.00

Item A6523BCItem A6523BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. Produced in March 1968, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. speaks to the California Democratic Council (March 16, 1968) in behalf of Eugene McCarthy for President. $2.50

Item A6524BCItem A6524BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. "A Message from Four Great Americans" produced 1968 for Marion County Republican Central Committee. Includes messages from: Richard Nixon, George Romney, Everett M. Dirksen and Dwight D. Eisenhower (all deceased). $2.00

Item A6525BCItem A6525BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew excerpts from recent speeches (1968) issued by National Republican Finance Committee. $1.50

Item A6526BCItem A6526BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. Year of Decision. a 1966 Campaign speech by Ronald Reagan for the Governship of California. $2.50

Item A6527BCItem A6527BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. 1972 Pete DuPont campaign for Congress - Delaware. $1.00

Item A6529BCItem A6529BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. Charles H. Percy Goes on Record - Campaign Speech in Illinois 1964 Governor's race where Percy was defeated. $1.00

Item A6530BCItem A6530BC
Political: Campaign recording (33-1/3) plastic soundsheet. "Here's Where I Stand" 1966 Charles H. Percy. Candidate for U.S.Senate. Illinois. $1.00

Item W5443Item W5443
Political: 1924 Democratic National Convention bronze medal, the convention that nominated John W. Davis.. Octagonal. One side has "The City of New York. Democratic National Convention" embossed around the seal; Obverse has image of "John F. Hylan, Mayor" and the date "1924". 2-5/16" $75.00

Item W5204Item W5204
Political: "Presidents of our United States" by L.A Esler. 1941. 64p illus. Goes up through FDR. $3.00

Political: JESSE JACKSON. Campaign lead pencil. Unused. "I (heart shape for love) Jesse Jackson" red on white bkgd. $1.00

Political: STEVENSON. "The People's Choice Democratic Convention Chicago 52" army type cloth cap with "Old Forester" on other side. Adlai Stevenson button attached. Nice display piece. $25.00

Political: WASHINGTON. Iron hatchet from 1889 centennial "Washington Inaugurated President Apr 30, 1789" with George Washington profile. $35.00

Political: EISENHOWER. Bronze metal. Dwight Eisenhower's first inaugural, in original box. $19.50

Political: "The Way to the White House" game of electing the President, dated 1927. Complete. Shows a little wear but nice. $28.00

Political: EISENHOWER. 1953 Inaugural bottle. Amber. Old Mr. Boston Whiskey. Lists all presidents through Ike. $9.50

Political: MCKINLEY. Heavy 3" bronze memorial metal, Embossed profile to left of McKinley. "William McKinley" around profile. Reverse: Goddess w/shield, laurel. "inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1897; second term March 4, 1901; assassinated Sep 6, 1901; died Sep 14, 1901" Artist signed (looks like C. E. Barber) $40.00

Political: Thimble, Make Jesse Jackson America's First Black President in 1988. $5.00

Political: Thimble, Coolidge and Dawes. $7.00

Item W5993Item W5993
Political: Unusual b&w lineart Gene McCarthy poster. "The only man who can make a difference." 1976. 17" x 11" Some edge wear & one 1/2 edge tear $15.00

Political: JOHNSON. Full color bright characture poster of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey dressed as Batman and Robin. "Dynamic Duo Exposed" at top. Shocking pink bkgd. 22" x 34" Great! $30.00

Political: Democrats in Convention 1972, Official Program for the 36th Quadrennial National Nominating Convention of the Democratic Party, Miami Beach, 250p. $6.00

Political: Inaugural license plates (pair) for 1977 Inauguration. Mint. In orig. sleeve. $20.00

Item A7245Item A7245
Political: NIXON. Great R/W/B cardboard poster for 1973 Inaugural Parade with jugate bluetone pics of President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew. Designed for area-DC use, "Participate in History, 1973 Inaugural Parade, Bring Your Family and See" at top. Also has large map of parade route and instructions on where thereis free fringe parking and bus shuttle schedules. Size: 23" x 17-1/2". $15.00

Item A7297Item A7297
Political: REAGAN. Official Inauguration Invitation in Congress of the United States envelope. Seal at top. "The honor of your presence is requested at the ceremonies attending the Inauguration of President and Vice President of the United States January Twenty-first Nineteen hundred eighty-five. (Ronald Reagan & George Bush). In addition to the invitation there are formal b&w photos of Reagan and Bush and the Inaugural Ceremonies program with gold embossed eagle emblem at top and R/W/B ribbon binding. Mint. $20.00

Political: Republican Victory Gala Program, March 1, 1967, Washington, DC "welcoming our new Senators and new Congressmen. Everett McKinley Dirksen and Gerald Ford-co-chairmen. Glossy cover w/elephant. 11-3/4" x 6-3/4" Some of the names: (Senators: Howard Baker, TN; Edward Brooke, MA; Charles Percy, IL; Mark Hatfield, OR; Congressmen: Robert Mathias, CA; Wm. Roth, DE; Jim McClure, ID; Tom Railsback, IL; John Kyl, IA; Don Riegle, MI; Guy Vander Jagt, MI; Robert Taft, Jr. OH; George Bush, TX. $6.50

Item A7531ABFItem A7531ABF
Political: COOLIDGE. Stereoview card of President Coolidge and his cabinet. Great shape. $7.50

Item K9813BDItem K9813BD
Political: Inaugural Guide. "The Spirit of '76" 1973 Inaugural Guide. 36p. w/photos of Nixon and Agnew. Gold embossed eagle emblem on front. Have several. $5.00

Item K9814BDItem K9814BD
Political: Inaugural Guide. "The Spirit of '76" 1973 Inaugural Guide. 36p. w/photos of Nixon and Agnew. Gold embossed eagle emblem on front. Same item as K9813BD except, SPECIAL -- 5 copies for $15.00

Political: ROCKEFELLER. Jewelry. Very nice White House necklace. 7/8" multicolored enameled Vice Presidential Seal pendant. "Nelson Rockefeller" fac. sig. on reverse. On goldtone small link 17" chain w/clasp. In original chocolate brown-colored jewelry box w/"Nelson A. Rockefeller" printed in blue on the inside lid yellow satin. One of the very few White House necklaces ever done. $25.00

Political: 2-1/4" mirror. Reverse: "The lady on the other side is requested to vote for Rush Limbaugh for President 1996" in red on pink bkgd. $5.00

Political: 1928 Official Ballot for Kent County Michigan. 21" x 15" broadside. Interesting because each of the 6 political parties on the ballot is represented by a line art design logo at the top with a circle below it for voting a straight ticket. Republican Ticket has American flag w/Lincoln on it, Democratic Ticket has an arm waving American flag, Workers Party has hammer & sickle, Socialist Labor Party has muscular arm with hammer raised, and so on for Socialist & Prohibition parties. Lists full slates for Presidential electors, governor, lt. governor, sec. of state, attorney general, state treasurer, U.S. Senator. Only Dems & Reps show candidates for county offices on the ballot. Nice display piece, both because of its size & the graphics. $8.00

Item W5163Item W5163
Political: Political mechanicals. Anyone "in to" mechanical or moveable items should love this lot. Three different mechanicals from the 1992 campaign - Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ross Perot. Push the tab at the top to make their mouth move up and down as if talking. Quotes on back of each piece. $39.00

Political: R/W/B tin license plate, "The Wallace campaign, WALLACE for President, P. O. Box 1968, Montgomery, Ala." $12.50

Item LK1131BEItem LK1131BE
Political: An unusual campaign item? Try this. Not a presidential item, but truly unusual. "Re-Elect LYTEL The Safe Choice" black & yellow. Designed like a matchbook but open it up and there is a Trojan latex condom in package w/message on Aids. (Lytel was running for Ward Councilman in Ithaca.) $7.50

Political: Felt pennant, "Vote for Lyndon B. Johnson For President" w/donkey caricature. "Dem" on donkey's back blanket. Red & blue design on white pennant. 30" $7.00

Political: Series of four heavy stock lobby cards for Darryl Zanuck's movie -- "Wilson". 20th Century Fox. This production was an epic, with a cast of 12,000, stars included Charles Coburn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Vincent Price, Ruth Nelson, Alexander Knox, Mary Anderson, William Eythe. The b&w 28" x 22" cards are photo montages from the movie interspersed with actual photos of Woodrow Wilson and his administration. $40.00

Item K2044ABEItem K2044ABE
Political: Williamsburg Summit. Pewter toasting cup from Summit hosted by President Reagan at Williamsburg, VA. Incused into side of cup, "1983 Summit of Industrialized Nations" w/bldg in center of logo. Opposite side has fac. sig. of Ronald Reagan. Marked Pewter silversmiths, Williamsburg, VA in bottom. 1-3/4" high. Has a small dent, several "dings" of roughness around edge and couple of other scuffs. Still attractive & nice collectible, but only fair condition. As is. $7.00

Item K8956AItem K8956A
Political: Presidential silhouette on cardboard stock. 9-1/2" x 13" Good condition. $38.00

Political: Air Force One matches. Two versions. Embossed pic of plane in circle of stars on one striker side, embossed Presidential seal and "aboard the Presidential aircraft" on other side, "Air Force One" on spine. gold on white. Unused however there is a `gouge' out of the right hand side as if nibbled on be a `creature'. Second book of matches has embossed Presidential seal in gold on one side, sketch of plane and "aboard the Presidential Aircraft" on striker side, turquoise & white. Unused. Tiny 1/8" stain on one side. Both matchbooks. $4.00

Item KR025TBNItem KR025TBN
Political: Political window sticker. R/W/B on clear acetate. "VOTE DEMOCRATIC" w/cute caricature of a smiling donkey (head only), rather long ears. 5-1/2" x 4". From the 1960s. $2.00

Item A6066NItem A6066N
Political: Press Photo - Senator Joseph McCarthy (R) Wisconsin is shown testifying before a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee which is probing his charges of Communism in the State Department. The Senator said today he will hand the investigators "all the names" of government officials he charges are bad security risks. Hearings on the Senator's claim that there are at least 57 Communists operating in the Department were in recess until Monday. March 10, 1950. Original press photo w/caption. 7" x 9" $15.00

Item A6067NItem A6067N
Political: Press Photo - Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R) Wisconsin, Chairman of the Senate Investigating Subcommittee, is shown as he clashed with Undersecretary of State Walter Bedell Smith yesterday during the latter's appearance before the committee. The dispute occurred when Senator McCarthy questioned Smith as to whether he favored the use of funds for the Department's Information Program to buy boos by Communist writers. Smith replied, "No, I do Not. And I have made inquiries and found we have not expended any money since 1947 on works by Communist authors." Senator McCarthy, who has been warring with the State Department over the Overseas Book Program, snapped: "You are in error." Smith appealed to the Senate group to restore part of the $28,000,000 slice trimmed from the Administration's $88,000,000 request for the information program. 7-25-53. Original press photo w/caption. 7" x 9" $15.00

Item A6068NItem A6068N
Political: Press Photo - Warns About Kremlin's Anti-Stalin Campaign. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, (R-Wis), in a speech delivered in the Senate today called on President Eisenhower or Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to give a "forthright and realistic appraisal" of the Kremlin's new anti-Stalin campaign. McCarthy warned that "the attack on Stalin is Kremlin's Master stroke in its current campaign to put a new and pleasing countenance on the World Communist Movement." March 22, 1956. Original press photo w/caption. 7" x 9" $15.00

Item A6069NItem A6069N
Political: Press Photo - Reflecting their happiness in broad smiles are Senator Joseph McCarthy (R) Wisc., and his pretty bride, 29-year-old Jean Kerr, as they hold hands in their car after leaving St. Matthew's Cathedral where they were joined in marriage today. The bride's gown is of Candlelight satin and chantilly lace. The Senator wore day dress clothes--cutaway and ascot tie and his boutonniere was from the bride's bouquet. The ceremony climaxed a seven year romance between the 43-year-old crusader against Communism and his former girl Friday. Sept. 29, 1953. Original press photo w/caption. 7" x 9" $12.50

Item A6070NItem A6070N
Political: Press Photo - Dr. Sidney Glazer (foreground-back to camera), Chief of the Hebrew Service of the Voice of America, is shown as he testified today before the Senate Investigating Committee, (left to right): Roy Cohn, Chief Counsel; unidentified asst.; Dave Schine, Chief Counsellor; Sen. Potter, of Michigan; Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, (R) Wisc.; Sen. John L. McClellan (D) Ark; and Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D) Wash. Feb 28, 1953. Original press photo w/caption. 7" x 9" $12.50

Item A6071NItem A6071N
Political: Press Photo - After a session in court, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Von Kleczkowski(c) left with their Councel, Louis Waldman(L) and Gunteher Jacobson(R). At Court, former Governor Earl of Pennsylvania had testified that he "knew the general reason for the deportation of the Kleczkowskis to be the Red influence in the Department of Justice." 8" x 10" Original press photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6072NItem A6072N
Political: Press Photo - Senator Joseph McCarthy, Wisconsin Republican, whose charges of Communist infiltration in the State Department are being investigated by a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee is shown tackling a huge pile of mail. This is part of the expression of opinion that has poured in on the Senator at the rate of between 45,000 and 60,000 letters and telegrams a day since the probe was launched. These are brickbats as well as bouquets in the heap. Mar. 25, 1950. 7" x 9" Original photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6073NItem A6073N
Political: Press Photo - Sent President a "Hot" Wire. Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisc) shown in a "reflective" pose today, charged in a blistering telegram to President Truman that his refusal to release government files is delaying Senate loyalty investigators and "endangering the security of this nation. The GOP Senator at the same time approved a proposal that his charges of Communism in the State Department be probed by a Presidential Commission of jurists instead of by the President Senate Subcommittee. Sen. Tydings, (D-MD) announced today he has requested President Truman to give his investigating committee access to secret government loyalty files, but has not yet received an answer. Mar. 23, 1950. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $12.50

Item A6074NItem A6074N
Political: Press Photo - Sen. McCarthy names No. 2 on his "List" - Sen. Joseph McCarthy(R), of Wisconsin, is shown as he testified before the Senate Sub-Committee investigating his charges of Pro-Communists in the State Dept. He named Haldore Hanson, who is the head "Point 4" Studies, as the second on his list as having "pro-Communist proclivities." He said that Hanson occupies "one of the most strategically important offices in the entire State Department." McCarthy identified this office as Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Inter-Departmental committee on scientific and cultural cooperation. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6075NItem A6075N
Political: Press Photo. Sen. Joseph McCarthy(R) Wisc., left, Chairman of the Senate investigating committee is shown conferring with Sen. Robert A. Taft(R) Ohio. McCarthy and Taft, both of which consulted with President Eisenhower on the abolation of the Loyalty Board System and the creation of more drastic security controls over government employees are here shown in Sen. McCarthy's office discussing the subject. The Executive order would provide for a 3-man security board in each agency and department to hear the case of any employee against whom unfavorable information has been filed. Meanwhile McCarthy opened his investigation of State Dept. personnel files with a lengthy questioning of Mrs. Helen Balog, Chief of Files. Feb. 4, 1953. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6076NItem A6076N
Political: Press Photo. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin is shown (left) exchantging congratulations with G. David Schine after the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee was allotted $200,000 in funds to do its digging for various types of skullduggery. This is double last year's allotment. Mr. Schine is Chief Consultant to the committee, of which McCarthy is chairman. Jan. 31, 1953. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $12.50

Item A6077NItem A6077N
Political: Press Photo. Attorney General J. Howard McGrath (left) and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, are shown as they testified this afternoon in the Senate Loyalty Investigation of Sen. McCarthy's charges that Communists have infiltrated the State Dept. Hoover and McGrath joined in opposing the release of U.S. loyalty files to the Senate Committee. May 27, 1950. $15.00

Item A6078NItem A6078N
Political: Press Photo. New Senate Majority Leader Greeted by Barkley. Senator Ernest McFarland(D) Arizona (left) newly-elected Senate Majority Leader is shown as he conferred with Vice President Alben Barkley yesterday as the 82nd Congress convened. The opening session was brief and recessed 36 minutes after it convened. McFarland assumes the duties of Senator Scott Lucas(D) Ill, who was defeated by Senator Everett M. Dirksen(R) Illinois last November. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6079NItem A6079N
Political: Press Photo. Lattimore and Chiang Kai-Shek. This photo was taken in China when Owen J. Lattimore(left) was political adviser in 1941-42 to China's Chiang Kai-Shek, with whom he's shown. The wife of Lattimore, a Johns Hopkins University official, tonight asked Sen. Tydings(D), of Maryland, to set a hearing at which her husband could answer charges of being "an extremely bad security risk." She made her request some hours before commentator Drew Pearson told a radio audience that Lattimore was the man charged by Sen. McCarthy(R) of Wis, with being the No. 1 Communist in the United States. Mar. 26, 1950. 7" x 9" Original press photo w/caption. $15.00

Item A6126NItem A6126N
Political: Press Photo taken in Tokyo, Japan 10-14-45. Emperior Hirohito being received by Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur at U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. The Emperior is attired in morning clothes for this prescedent-shattering visit. 8" x 10" $25.00

Item A6127NItem A6127N
Political: Press Photo taken in Tokyo, Japan. Emperior Hirohito being received by Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur at U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. The Emperor is attired in morning clothes for this prescedent-shattering visit. 8" x 10" $25.00

Item A6128NItem A6128N
Political: Press Photo. The long hard struggle is over, complete victory is theirs, Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur designated as Supreme Allied Commander of Allied Powers, pictured with President Osmena of the Philippines as the later visited him to offer him contratulations. He was accompanied by the entire cabinet. $17.50

Item A6129NItem A6129N
Political: Press photo. Korea. General Douglas Mac Arthur (left) and Lt. Gen. Walton Walker (in Jeep) are shown during an inspection tour in Korea. Today, Gen. Walker was summoned to Tokyo for Secret Conferences with Mac Arthur on the deteriorating Korean situation. 11/28/50. $15.00

Item A6130NItem A6130N
Political: Press photo. Tokyo, Japan. General Douglas Mac Arthur (left) Supreme Allied Commander in Korea, and General J. Lawton Collins, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, sheke hands as they meet at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, on General Collins' arrival for a conference with the Supreme Commander. Collins also visited the fighting front in Korea. Returning to Washington today (Dec. 8) General Collins declared that American troops in Korea can "take care of themselves without further serious losses." 12/8/50. $12.50

Item A6132NItem A6132N
Political: Press photo. Soviet Delegation to Big Four Conference - Geneva. Here's the Russian Delegation seated in the Conference Room of the Palais des Nations in Geneva shortly after the opening of the big four foreign minister's conference. From the left are: Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko; Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov; an interpreter, and Marshall sokolovsky, Soviet Chief of Staff. Today, Molotov met with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to discuss the problems of the Middle East and other matters. $12.50

Item A6133NItem A6133N
Political: Press photo. 1-30-43. Observe Release Date. For PM papers Monday Feb. 1. Not to appear on street before 9am E.W.T. Casablanca, N. Africa. Left to Right, General Henri Honore Giraud, French High Commissioner in North Africa shaking hands with General Charles De Gaulle, President of the French National Committee in London and Leader of the Fighting French Movement. Handclasp covers the face of President Roosevelt. The picture was made on the lawn of the famous "Villa Two" where the conference was held. $17.50

Item A6134NItem A6134N
Political: Press photo. French and U.S. Troops in Review. 1-26-43. Casablanca, Morocco - Natives of Casablanca line broad Main Street as French and U.S. Troops pass in review and U.S. planes swoop overhead as tricolor of France flies in the breeze. $20.00

Item A6135NItem A6135N
Political: Press photo. end of Churchill-Roosevelt Conference. Somewhere at Sea... Leaning against the rail of H.M.S. Prince of Wales, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England watches the departing J.S. Destroyer Mc Dougal, carrying President F. D.Roosevelt from the last of the historic mid-sea conferences. The mountainous background suggests the conference was held near a large body of land like Newfoundland. $10.00

Item A6136NItem A6136N
Political: Press photo. Waving a thank you. Sailors line the deck of Britain's Super Warship, H.M.S. Prince of Wales and wave to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as he in return waves a cheery farewell to the seamen. $17.50

Item A6137NItem A6137N
Political: Press photo. Ship's mascot favored by Churchill. Somewhere at sea... Prime Minister Winston Churchill returning to England from his historic conferences at sea with President Roosevelt pauses during a deck stroll aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales to pet the ship mascot "Blackie" $12.50

Item A6138NItem A6138N
Political: Press photo. Winnie salutes the Stars and Stripes in Iceland. Reykjayik, Iceland. Prime Minister Winston Churchill saluting the flag of the United States Marine Corps, as he inspected Marines now on duty in Iceland. $15.00

Item A6139NItem A6139N
Political: Press photo. 8-23-41. Winston Churchill home. This shows Winston Churchill and his wife shortly upon his arrival in England after meeting with President Roosevelt. $12.50

Item A6140NItem A6140N
Political: Press photo. 8-23-41. Churchill cheered in England. Photo shows Churchill being cheered by crew of H.M.S. Prince of Wales, as he goes ashore at the conclusion of his voyage, after meeting President Roosevelt. $15.00

Item A6142NItem A6142N
Political: Press photo. Winnie Receives Ike's gift. London, England--U.S. Ambassador Winthrop W. Aldrich, is shown presenting a surprise birthday gift from President Eisenhower to Sir Winston Churchill to mark the famed British Statesman's eighty-first birthday. The medallion and a personal letter from Ike were flown to London for the presentation. $6.50

Political: 1996 Campaign. Committee to Elect Dr. Heather Anne Harder for President. Democrat. "A New Vision for a Changing World" Campaign packet with 14 different position papers and biography, plus three different printed leaflets. $7.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Dick Lugar for President. Republican. Packet of material including biography, Lugar on the Issues, presidential announcement speech, Lugar's plan to eliminate the income tax, contribution form and envelope and colorful photo 3-fold leaflet. $5.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Dick Lugar for President. Republican. Sheet of six colorful Lugar for President blue, yellow and white 2-3/4" peel off stickers. Lugar 2-fold brochure and support commitment card. $4.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Morry Taylor for President. Republican. 10 pieces of campaign material from the headquarters including newspaper features, "Morry Taylor on the Issues," a full color 16-page campaign booklet and biography information. $6.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Tom Shellenberg for President. Republican. Packet of press releases and position papers and Shellenberg's 334p book, "Balance the Budget Now and How" $6.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Jack Fellure for President. Republican. Group of 37 pieces supporting Fellure's campaign including releases, position papers and letters. Interesting reading. $7.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Lamar Alexander for President. Republican. Alexander campaign portfolio with biography, issue paper, major address, colorful doorhanger w/attached commitment card, brochure and bumper sticker. $5.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Nadeem Bitar for President. National Security Party. 60-page typewritten booklet on the issues and platform of the National Security Paprty. Covers a wide range of issues - some include multi-party democracy, values of work, and the workplace, privatization of higher education, spy bill of rights, freedom of the family, small government and much more. Interesting. $8.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Bob Dornan for President. Republican. Presidential campaign portfolio with issues papers, biography, background paper, remarks, accomplishments, 3-fold brochure, bumper sticker. $5.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Bob Dornan for President. Republican. The Fighter with a Heart. Great full color 8" x 11-1/2" photo brochure 6p. A great campaign piece showing Congressman Doran's life, accomplishments and commitments. $3.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Harry Browne for President. Libertarian. Campaign packet including 12p. position piece and combo promotion flier/pledge form. $3.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Phil Gramm for President. Republican. Letter, position paper, pledge return letter, Gramm President button, Gramm President bumper sticker, Gramm President Team New Hampshire refrigerator magnet. $4.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Phil Gramm for President. Republican. Letter, two support post cards, bumper sticker, photo flier invitation to official announcement of Gramm for President in Manchester, New Hampshire, 8p full color brochure on Gramm campaign, nice piece. $4.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Michael Dwayne Jenkins for President. Independent. Two pages of "official document memo" handwritten by the candidate. $2.50

Political: 1996 Campaign. Frank Barela III for President. Packet of position papers, some handwritten. Major issue is the manipulation of the news by the U.S. media. Was a candidate for President in 1992 and registered for 1996 but apparently not an active candidate. Packet is from February 1996. $2.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Frank Starr for President. Packet of position papers, some illustrated, promoting the presidential candidate for world peace. 9 items. $4.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Daniel Ian Zwillinger for President. Rectangular R/W/B flag design refrigerator magnet. "Zwillnger for President" $1.50

Political: 1996 Campaign. Michael Dwayne Jenkins for President. Independent. Hand drawn mock-ups of Jenkins' proposed campaign materials including buttons, bumper stickers, banners and posters. Big plans from an independent candidate for President of the United States. Interesting. $5.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Heather Anne Harder for President. Democrat. Colorful 1-1/2" R/W/B peel-off sticker. flag design. "Dr. Heather Anne Harder for President '96. Vote Democratic. A New Vision for a Changing World" $2.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Arlen Specter for President. Republican. 2 items. specter's illustrated flier with quotes and endorsements; and, a 3-fold flier on his "Flat Tax Plan for America" $2.00

Political: 1996 Campaign. Margaret Stewart for President. Democrat. Position paper and support letter. This Alabama candidate ran for President in 1988, and again in 1996. $2.50

Political: American Party. Two round embrodered cloth patches. American Party logo of American flag and bald eagle in center. "The Americans are Coming 1969" in black lettering on gold rim. 3-5/8" and the second, American Party logo of American flag and bald eagle in center, "The American Party of the United States 1969" black lettering on gold rim. $4.00

Political: Official White House Press Releases and related materials from the Office of the Press Secretary for Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. Over 200 pieces. Includes announcement releases, guest lists and coverage of many of Mrs. Johnson's events primarily from 1966-1968; a good insight into the role and operations of a First Lady. $25.00

Political: Official White House Press Releases and related materials from the Office of the Press Secretary for President Lyndon B. Johnson. 100 pieces. Includes mostly 1968 events involving visiting heads of state, Johnson's State of the Union address, European trip, press conferences, meeting with Kosygin at Glassboro State College, United Nation's speech, etc. $25.00

Political: Several official White House Press Releases and related materials from the Office of the Press Secretary for President Richard M. Nixon. 20 total from Nixon's 1969 trip to Europe to NATO, the Vatican, Italy, France, Belgium and other countries; remarks at his arrival in Paris; dinner with deGaulle, etc. $10.00

Political: Several official White House Press Releases and related materials from the Office of the Press Secretary to Mrs. Richard M. Nixon. Over 25 pieces from 1969 including White House state dinners in honor of Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir and for Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger of the Federal Republic of Germany; events honoring King Baudouin of Belgium, Prime Minister Keith J. Holyoake of New Zealand, King Hussein of Jordan and other events. $12.00

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