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Political: Paper and 3-D #2 (217 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects covered are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china and glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Item A5365NItem A5365N
Political: Socialist broadside. "Socialist Labor Party Meeting. Jan 10th 7:30 pm. Labor Temple. Speaker, National Organizer, Paul F. Schnur. Subject: The Answer to Technocracy. All Welcome. Admission Free." Includes the Socialist Labor Party of America raised arm w/sledge hammer emblem. Someone has penciled in "Ptlnd Org, year 1933". 9" x 6" $15.00

Item A5368NItem A5368N
Political: 2-sided flier. One side presents case for Fascism vs. Democracy, distributed by Vancourver Local, Socialist Partyof Washington w/Socialist Party clasped hands logo. Reverse side announcestheirOpen Forum series to be held in Vancouver. Some of the topics include "Recent Labor Legislation," "Some Constructive Thinking on a World of Confusion" and "The Nye Hearing on the Munitions Racket." Unfortunately not dated; probably early 1900s. $16.00

Item A5370NAItem A5370NA
Political: Convention Motorcycle Badge. Democratic National Convention 1972 Cycle Badge. White stock with black diagonal stripe, convention insignia in gold. Never have seen this item before. Very limited quantity. In this era, camera crews were still rushing their raw footage to photo labs for processing and motorcycle messengers were used to get through the busy city streets, hence cycle badges. 3" x 2" Rare. $15.00

Item A5370NDItem A5370ND
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. Miami Beach. 1972. Messenger. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. R/W/B convention logo. Perferated tabs intact. $7.50

Item A5370NEItem A5370NE
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. Miami Beach. 1972. Photo. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. R/W/B convention logo. Perferated tabs intact. $7.50

Item A5370NFItem A5370NF
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. Miami Beach. 1972. Staff. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. R/W/B/ convention logo. Perferated tabs intact. Word "staff" has been obliterated in part. As is. $1.00

Item A5370NJItem A5370NJ
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. San Francisco. 1984. Press Perimeter. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) w/holograph convention logo. Perferated tab intact. $7.50

Item A5370NMItem A5370NM
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1996. Chicago. Messenger. Hall. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) Convention DNC logo $4.00

Item A5370NNItem A5370NN
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1996. Chicago. Staff. Hall. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) Convention DNC logo $4.00

Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1996. Chicago. Press. Floor. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) Convention DNC logo $5.00

Item A5370NQItem A5370NQ
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1996. Chicago. Messenger. Floor. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) Convention DNC logo. $5.00

Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1996. Chicago. Press. Hall. Card stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. Fancy margin design (looks like stock certificate) DNC convention logo. $5.00

Item A5370NTItem A5370NT
Political: Convention Badge. Republican National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Photographer. Card Stock. R/W/B flag design. $5.50

Item C5371NDItem C5371ND
Political: Convention Badge. Republican National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Side Camera Stands. Card Stock. R/W/B flag design. $6.00

Item C5371NEItem C5371NE
Political: Convention Badge. Republican National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Podium Camera Stands. Card Stock. R/W/B flag design. $6.00

Item C5371NFItem C5371NF
Political: Convention Badge. Republican National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Limited Access. Card Stock. R/W/B flag design. $6.00

Item C5371NJItem C5371NJ
Political: Convention Badge. Republican National Convention. 1996. San Diego. Camera Center Floor Access. Card Stock. Hole at top for wearing around neck on chain. Colorful Convention logo. $5.00

Item C5371NMItem C5371NM
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Floor. Card Stock w/hold at top for wearing around neck on chain. Embossed eagle in Convention logo design. $6.00

Item C5371NNItem C5371NN
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Media. Card Stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck on chain. Embossed eagle in Convention logo. $6.00

Item C5371NPItem C5371NP
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Staff. Card Stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck on chain. R/W/B eagle logo design. Perforated tab gone. $6.00

Item C5371NQItem C5371NQ
Political: Convention Badge. Democratic National Convention. 1972. Miami Beach. Rostrum. Card Stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck on chain. R/W/B eagle logo design. Perforated tab gone. $6.00

Item A5372NItem A5372N
Political: Ticket, w/stub, 1981 Inaugural Ball. (Reagan-Bush) John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts. R/W/B with inaugural seal in gold. $15.00

Item A5372NAItem A5372NA
Political: Ticket, w/stub, 1981 Inaugural Ball. (Reagan-Bush) Pension Building. Black & Red on yellow stock w/inaugural seal in gold. $13.00

Item A5374NItem A5374N
Political: Inaugural reception invitation. "In honor of The Governors of the States and Special Distinguished Guests, The Presidential Inaugural Committee 1981 requests the honor of your company at the Reception...Sheraton-Washington Hotel" Engraved with engraved gold inaugural seal at top. (Reagan-Bush) $6.00

Item A5375NBItem A5375NB
Political: Inaugural Ceremonies ticket. Jan 20, 1993. Southeast standing area, West front of Capitol. Black on green stock. $6.00

Item A5377NAItem A5377NA
Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. Diplomatic Reception. Military ID. Green & blue on white. $6.00

Item A5377NBItem A5377NB
Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. Inaugural Ball at Natl Building Museum. Military ID. Purple & green on white. $6.00

Item A5377NCItem A5377NC
Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. Inaugural Ball at Armory. Military ID. Red & green on white. $6.00

Item A5377NDItem A5377ND
Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. Inaugural Ball at Convention Center. Military ID. Blue & green on white. $6.00

Item A5377NEItem A5377NE
Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. White House Open House. Talent ID. Black and carmel color on white. $6.00

Political: Large ID admission tag on coated stock relating to 1993 Inauguration. Pre-Gala Jan 14-17. Pre-Event ID. Black and carmel color on white. $6.00

Item A5378NAItem A5378NA
Political: 1996 Democratic National Convention Security Premiter ID badge w/hole for hanging around neck. R/W/B stars & stripes design, "1996 Democratic National Convention" in large black letters. 6" x 3-1/2" $4.00

Item A5378NBItem A5378NB
Political: 1996 Democratic National Convention ID badge. "Penthouse Lounge. Guest of the Vice President and Mrs. Gore." Attractive red, blue, yellow and white logo. Coated stock w/hole at top for wearing around neck. 5-1/4" x 3-1/16" $6.00

Item A5378NCItem A5378NC
Political: ID badge, SKY SUITE, 1996 Democratic National Convention. United Center" black, white & purple coated stock w/hole for wearing around neck. 5-3/4" x 3" $5.00

Item A5378NDItem A5378ND
Political: 53rd Presidential Inaugural. "An American Journey. Honored Guest ticket. This ticket allows one bearer access to guest tent and guest areas adjacent to performance stages." Attractive multi-color design. Coated stock. 5-1/2" x 2-3/4" $4.00

Item A5379NAItem A5379NA
Political: Ticket w/tab. The Inaugural Ball. Pension Building. January 20, 1981 (Reagan-Bush) Red & blue on gold stock w/inaugural seal printed in yellow. $15.00

Item A5379NBItem A5379NB
Political: Ticket to Oct 31, 1968 Nixon-Agnew Victory Rally. Madison Square Garden. Blue on yellow stock. 6" x 1-3/4" Sketch of Madison Square Garden on ticket. Nice. $8.50

Item A5379NCItem A5379NC
Political: 1973 Inaugural invitation/ticket. "As our special guest you are invited to The Candlelight Dinner. Friday Evening, January 19, 1973. Roof Terrace, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Very ince piece with all printing, including inaugural logo, in dark blue on gold bkgd w/red trim around entire invitation/ticket. 2-1/2" x 5-1/2" $8.00

Item A5380NItem A5380N
Political: Illustrated campaign brochure. "Why America needs Richard Nixon." Smiling pic of Nixon on front w/blue bkgd. Nice piece published in 1960 campaign by Nixon Volunteers. $6.50

Item A5381NItem A5381N
Political: Johnson-Humphrey 8-panel leaflet. Attractive cover with bluetone jugate pics of LBJ & HHH, R/W/B on solid red bkgd. "For the USA" between the pics. "A team to vote for on Nov 3...For Strength...Responsibility...Compassion...Schooled in hardship...Trained for leadership...Devoted to public service." Pub. by Democratic National Committee. $6.50

Item A5382NItem A5382N
Political: Johnson-Humphrey leaflet. Bluetone jugate pics of both on cover. "Better Opportunities for Older People. Johnson Humphrey for the USA. R/W/B. $7.00

Item A5383NItem A5383N
Political: Johnson-Humphrey leaflet. Bluetone jugate pics of both on cover. "What's Good for Business" Johnson-Humphrey for the USA. R/W/B. $7.00

Item A5384NItem A5384N
Political: Johnson-Humphrey leaflet. Bluetone jugate pics of both on cover. "Better Education." Johnson-Humphrey for the USA. R/W/B. $7.00

Item A5385NItem A5385N
Political: Joe Cannon cigar box label. 8-1/2" x 7". Full color pic of Cannon within golden embossed wreath. "Joe Cannon" embossed in gold above pic. "Joseph G. Cannon" fac. sig. below pic. "Joe Cannon" printed in black w/embossed gold edging at bottom. Very graphically appealing. Cannon was a Congressman from Illinois, serving as Speaker of the House in the 58th, 59th 60th & 61st Congresses; received 58 votes for the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1908. The Cannon House Office Building is named in his honor.) $30.00

Item A5386NItem A5386N
Political: Small square peel-off name badge from the 1940s or early 50s. Smiling elephant, "Vote Republican" red, grey & white w/place to write your name. 3" $2.00

Item A5392NItem A5392N
Political: Invitation. "The John W. McCormack Institute, University of Massachusetts/Boston invites you to attend an address on THE NEW PATRIOTISM by U.S. Senator Gary W. Hart. Feb 4, 1985. Faneuil Hall, Boston. $2.00

Item A5395NItem A5395N
Political: (post card) B&W pic of Woodrow Wilson, formal pose. "President Woodrow Wilson" at bottom in white printing. $8.50

Item A5396NItem A5396N
Political: (post card) Fascinating embossed, 3-D card of "The McKinley Monument, Canton, Ohio in blue and white tones. Attractive, except for some cancellation ink marks across upper part of card. $6.00

Item A5397NItem A5397N
Political: (post card) Colored pic of Warren G. Harding, dark blue suit, formal pose. Name at top of card in margin. $7.50

Item A5398NItem A5398N
Political: (post card) Colored pic of Warren G. Harding, brown suit, formal pose. Name at bottom of card in margin. $10.00

Item A5399NItem A5399N
Political: (post card) B&W pic of Warren G. Harding, "Sincerely yours Warren G. Harding" fac. sig. in white ink at bottom of photo. 2c Harding stamp on back. $15.00

Item A5400NItem A5400N
Political: (post card) B&W pic of Dewey & Warren families strolling along in one long line. This is one of the greatest campaign cards entitled on back, "Two American Families" L. to R.- John Dewey, Virginia and Nina Warren, Governor & Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Dewey, Gov Dewey, Dorothy Warren and Thomas Dewey, Jr. $15.00

Item A5401NItem A5401N
Political: (post card) B&W pic of Dewey & Warren families strolling along in one long line. This is one of the greatest campaign cards entitled on back, "Two American Families" L. to R.- John Dewey, Virginia and Nina Warren, Governor & Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Dewey, Gov Dewey, Dorothy Warren and Thomas Dewey, Jr. $15.00

Item A5402NItem A5402N
Political: (post card) B&W close-up formal pose of Wendell Willkie. Campaign card. "Wendell Willkie" at bottom left. $15.00

Item A5404NItem A5404N
Political: Unused envelope with following printed at top in bold black lettering: "Attempted Bribery of Congress" Don't know anything about this item but judge it to be from around 1900. $5.00

Item A5406NItem A5406N
Political: Engraved image of Woodrow Wilson mounted on cardboard backing. 1913. 6" x 8" $8.00

Item A5407NItem A5407N
Political: 7-1/4" paper ribbon. "India for Veep" dark blue on white. $5.00

Item A5408NItem A5408N
Political: 6" paper ribbon. "INDIA for VEEP" in dark blue bold lettering on white. $5.00

Item A5410NBItem A5410NB
Political: Membership card. Charter Carter Member. Jimmy Carter 1976 for President w/large Jimmy Carter fac. sig. Green on white. $6.00

Item A5410NCItem A5410NC
Political: Jimmy Carter leaflet. Large JC photo on front w/bright green bkgd. "Jimmy Carter" at top in white lettering; "Why This Democrat Should be Our Next President." at bottom in white. $5.00

Item A5410NDItem A5410ND
Political: Jimmy Carter leaflet. Pic of Carter at top on front panel. "Vote Democrata. Vote Por Jimmy Carter j Walter Mondale" Dist. by Carter's Hispanic Committee. Entirely written in Spanish. $7.50

Item A5410NEItem A5410NE
Political: Jimmy Carter leaflet. Pic of Carter & Mondale on front. "Fote Democratic. Vote for Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale. Leaders, for a change." Basically produced for senior citizen audience. Includes several photos plus covers the Older Americans Act, Housing, Health Care, Social Security. $7.50

Item A5414NItem A5414N
Political: Lyndon Johnson acetate window sticker, b&w sketch of Johnson, "LBJ" in large letters vertically, in red block, "for the USA" in blue U.S. map block. 4" x 6" $4.00

Political: 2 pieces. 1977 Inaugural Ceremonies ticket. Standing Room SENATE. And, 1977 ticket to The Inaugural Party, Thursday Evening, January 20, The Pension Building, superimposed over inaugural seal. $8.50

Item A5420NItem A5420N
Political: Collection card "Collect Shell Mr. President Coins. Complete Any Game and Win." Shows pics of the various coin combinations, for example you can win 50 dollars with the Pierce, Buchanan & Lincoln coins, $500 with the J.Q. Adams, Jackson, Van Buren & Wm H Harrison coins. Various combinations have slots so the coins can fit over their image counterpart. The coins show an image of the president, name below, plus dates served in office; reverse of each has "Shell's Mr. President Coin Game" embossed on it. The Shell Oil game goes up through FDR. The game board is included (has 3 or 4 small areas where their is tape stains from taping a coin into the slot, otherwise fine, 12" x 8-1/2" plus 25 of the actual Shell Presidential coins. $50.00

Item A5421NItem A5421N
Political: Display card. 10-1/2" x 8" "Take Your Choice" with three different 2-1/4" Scranton for President buttons...for Liberals, with the type very large and stylistic red on white; ...for Moderates, with the type fairly large but straight across Scranton for President; and, for Conservatives, Scranton for President black on white in tiny letters in lower right section of button. Great idea. "Everyone's a Winner!! Wear the Button you Like Best...And if you really want to win in November--wear a big smile and Vote for Bill Scranton. 3 to Go-- to San Francisco!" Probably one of the most clever ideas of campaign button promotion from that era. $50.00

Item A5422NBItem A5422NB
Political: Original 3p double-spaced press release. July 15, 1960. "Adlai E. Stevenson. Democratic National Convention. Coliseum. Los Angeles, California. Friday, July 15, 1960." The short speech starts out with "I have come to say goodbye--but not farewell..." but actually, this is Stevenson's speech introducing John Kennedy to the convention. He says, in part, "Now we pledge our fealty to the man who above all others will be, in these next years, the instrument of our highest purpose. He is a man brave and strong in his own right. He is a man who embodies the hopes of the generation which is rising to power in the world. He is a man whose passion for peace was bred in the agony of war. And this man, too, has shown that capacity to draw forth the inborn goodness of mankind, the unquenchable power for good in people which no dictator can match or meet or long deny...He will lead our people into a new and spacious era, not for us alone, but for our troubled, trembling world. And he will do it with the vigorous support of all of us who have fought our party's battles in the past--and who have lived to fight again. The Democratic party presents to the nation, to the world, to the future, our next President, John F. Kennedy." $115.00

Item A5424NItem A5424N
Political: Bumper sticker. "Stevenson" in large red/orange letters on blue bkgd. 15" (Adlai Stevenson) $12.50

Item A5425NItem A5425N
Political: (post card) Entitled "Gallant Men of Illinois" in large yellow lettering on light blue bigd w/full color pic of State Capitol building. Insert pics of Abraham Lincoln, Everett McKinley Dirksen and Adlai E Stevenson. $12.00

Item A5428NItem A5428N
Political: R/W/B stamps. "Stevenson for President in 1960" on map of United States. Row of 10 stamps. $7.50

Item A5433NItem A5433N
Political: (post card) Promotion card for "Missouri, Heart of America," with state capitol dome, seal of the state of Missouri, photo of Truman and picture of a Truman stamp from Brazil. (Kind of an odd combination.) Circa 1950s. $10.00

Item A5434NItem A5434N
Political: (post card) Full color. Truman home. "Summer White House of President Harry S Truman, Independence, Missouri" in upper left corner. Back of card has been pasted to something at some time but does not affect the front. Nice because its from the Truman Presidential years. $10.00

Item A5435NItem A5435N
Political: (post card) Full color. Home of Harry Truman, Independence, Missouri. Two young people out front of fence looking at the home. Circa 1950s after Truman left office. $6.00

Item A5436NItem A5436N
Political: (post cards) Group of five post cards from Harry S Truman library from shortly after it opened to the public. Includes an outside view of the library, replica of the President's Office in the West Wing of the White House, mantle from State Dining Room of the White House with Dutch painting that formerly hung in White House, ceremonial sword & knives presented by the King of Saudi Arabia and mantlel and portraits of South American liberators. All 5. $10.00

Item A5440NItem A5440N
Political: 8" x 10" b&w glossy print of President Truman fishing. The President is actually standing up in a small row boat casting. The boat also is holding four other men, at least 2 or 3 are secret service agents. Appears Truman is enjoying himself; can't say about the rest! $15.00

Item A4100NItem A4100N
Political: No. 10 envelope, "Jimmy Carter for Governor Headquarters" with bluetone picture. $10.00

Item A4102NItem A4102N
Political: 2-sided flier, "Yippie Erection Day party, Berkeley," with Jerry Rubin & Eldridge Cleaver, Tom Hayden, Paul Glusman, Phil Ochs. One side promotes the Oct 30th lunch and rally showing an image of a pig's face. The other side promotes the Pre-Erection Day Party at 8pm w/the image of a giant pot pipe and the announcement in the smoke cloud at the top. A great 1960's piece. $3.00

Item A4104NItem A4104N
Political: Kennedy memorial cover. Unused R/W/B "1917 John F. Kennedy 1963" line sketch of JFK, American flag, Statue of Liberty & George Washington. $3.50

Item A4109NItem A4109N
Political: "How We Elect Our President," 36-page booklet produced by the Reader's Digest in conjunction with the 1968 elections. $10.00

Item A4111NItem A4111N
Political: Great 8-page piece produced by The Liberty Lobby. Talks about Nixon's broken promises and McGovern's double talk. Pro-Schmitz, there is a full double-page spread - score card on the issues. Gets into the issues of the '72 campaign. $10.00

Item A4113NItem A4113N
Political: Roosevelt Round-Up Rally, R/W/B, picture of FDR, 1936 Boston with pictured awards--floor model radio, refrigerators, washing machines and inauguration trips to Washington. Nice. $13.00

Item A4114NItem A4114N
Political: Series of 20 Willkie stamps, 1940 campaign, full color, most with Lincoln in the picture. All different scenes. $140.00

Item A4116NItem A4116N
Political: John Glenn U.S. Senate campaign card, photo. $7.00

Item A4116CNItem A4116CN
Political: Liberty Party Electoral Ticket, Liberty Ticket, For President James G. Birney, Vice President, Thomas Morris. plus listing of electors for Senatorial and District elections. 5-1/2" (James Birney was the presidential candidate for the Liberty Ticket in both 1840 and 1844). Seldom see anything for the Liberty Party. 5-1/2" $200.00

Item A4116ENItem A4116EN
Political: Democratic Repeal Ticket. For Governor, David Tod; Congress, Rufus P. Ranney; Senator, Jesse Baldwin; Representative, Silvanus Seely; Auditor, John D. Bridges; Recorder, Joyn Veon; Surveyor, Franklin E. Stow; Commissioner, Isaac Mory; Poor House Director, John Paltzgroff. 4-1/4" Circa. 1840s. $40.00

Item A4116FNItem A4116FN
Political: Liberty Ticket. For Governor, Samuel Lewis; Congress, John Hutchins; Senator, R. W. Tayler; Representative, William Johnston; Auditor, Asa Smith; Recorder, Sands Bouton; Commissioner, Ira Knapp; Surveyor, John Smith; Poor House Director, Nelson Trew. 4" Circa. 1840s. $40.00

Item A4117NItem A4117N
Political: "Now there's a choice...PEROT for President" two sided vinyl sign in R/W/B/yellow. 26" x 16" $10.00

Item A4118NItem A4118N
Political: "LBJ My Brand" R/W/B nylon aerial flag. $10.00

Item A4119NItem A4119N
Political: Nixon's broken promises on Health Care. 1971 broadside poster distributed by AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education. 8-1/2" x 11" $5.00

Item A4120NItem A4120N
Political: Nice image of Garret A. Hobart from an engraving by H. B. Hall's Sons. 9" x 6-1/4" $10.00

Item A4122NItem A4122N
Political: Democratic National Committee's Democratic Digest Dec. 1951, "Ready for '52." One small cover chip. $5.00

Item A4125NItem A4125N
Political: Colored Tobin print of man standing over small boy with hatchet by felled tree, "Father I Cannot Tell a Lie, I did it with my Little Hatchet" on cardboard stock. 4" x 7" $13.00

Item A4126NItem A4126N
Political: "War Calls For Candor, Republican Platform Fails" brochure. Reverse has Los Angeles County 1944 Democratic roster with Roosevelt & Truman at the top & Sheridan Downey for U.S. Senate. plus state senate & assembly positions for L.A. county $10.00

Item A4127NItem A4127N
Political: Attractive handout, card stock, "Richard M. Nixon, President, Walter H. Judd, Vice President, That's the Ticket!" pictures of both, in shape of ticket, R/W/B border & eagle, 1960. 3-1/2" x 8" $16.00

Item A4128NItem A4128N
Political: The Nixon Lodge Team brochure w/colored photo of both, Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge newsletter to the ladies, two different. 3 1960 items. $25.00

Item A4129NItem A4129N
Political: New York primary flier, Mo Udall '76 $4.00

Item A4130NItem A4130N
Political: Presidents of the United States Bachrach Collection. 1960s thru Eisenhower. Complete in original set. $38.00

Item A4131NItem A4131N
Political: President Election Game. 1968 unopened. Consists of 25" x 22" game sheet, tally sheet, 4 platforms, 4 campaign records and 4 markers, 2 dice. $20.00

Item A4132NItem A4132N
Political: Famous brown on white 1936 Alf Landon napkins with his image in a sunflower in the center. $10.00

Item A4133NItem A4133N
Political: Progressive Party promotion, "For President Henry Wallace, For Vice President Glen Taylor" with quotes on labor & minorities. approx. 5" square. Worm holes through Wallace's name. Still interesting piece. $2.50

Item A4135NItem A4135N
Political: Print of Nixon characture sketch with heavy beard, "Would you buy a used car from this man?" 8-1/2" x 11" $2.00

Item A4139NItem A4139N
Political: R/W/B 4-1/2" silk ribbon, "Pottawattamie Democratic Assn, Council Bluffs, Iowa" in silver. Late 1800s. $14.00

Item A4140NItem A4140N
Political: Two items. Viet-Nam Veterans for Eugene McCarthy for President. One flier lists veterans, all medal winners, who are supporting Eugene McCarthy for president. 8-1/2" x 11". The other item is a statement to be signed by a veteran of the Viet-Name war who supports McCarthy for President. Two nice pieces, photocopies of the original fliers, representing a huge issue in our history and the presidential candidacy of a senator willing to confront the issue. $3.50

Item A4141NItem A4141N
Political: Nice official Bachrach matte print of Herbert Hoover w/fac. sig. below. 8" x 10" $16.00

Item A4149NItem A4149N
Political: Two charcoal sketch prints by Todi, 1960, Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, 8-1/2" x 11". Nice quality. The pair for $5.00

Item A4151NItem A4151N
Political: Pennsylvania 1956 Republican Roundup card with eagle and flag on front. Nice line drawings of Ike & Mamie Eisenhower inside with their fac. sigs. below. $12.00

Item A4152NItem A4152N
Political: Colorful R/W/B peel-off coat-tail sticker. "Al Gore for President. Jon Corzine for U.S. Senator. Re-Elect Bob Menendez to Congress." w/Easter egg design. Used for Easter Egg Hunt, Earth Day 2000. Nice event tie-in. 3" $4.00

Item A4154NItem A4154N
Political: Letter on Jimmy Carter letterhead to a man in Wisconsin, Mar 1980 thanking him for his support for preparations for Wis. primary, signed Jimmy (not genuine), but autographed across bottom by Walter Mondale. $80.00

Item A4155NItem A4155N
Political: "Nixon's the One" cardboard recording with picture in center, excerpts from RMN's 1968 nomination acceptance speech. Reverse side is a post card. $8.50

Item A4156NItem A4156N
Political: Black & buff covered wagon shape & design window sticker, "Landon & Knox" $8.00

Item A4157NItem A4157N
Political: Nice full color print of Gerald Ford. Approx 5" square. $4.00

Political: Paper coaster for drink glass. Line art sketch of Barry Goldwater. "1964 Goldwater for President" Blue and white. 3-1/2" $4.00

Item A4163NItem A4163N
Political: "Connie Mack for Senate" attractive pocket card. Full color photo on one side. $3.50

Item A4164NItem A4164N
Political: "Al Gore U. S. Senate" R/W/B peel-off sticker $8.00

Item A4165NItem A4165N
Political: Interesting 1977 Inauguration Souvenir 2-fold illus. brochure "A New Spirit, A New Commitment, A New America" produced and distributed by Washington Bible College. Jugate bluetone pics of Carter and Mondale. $9.00

Item A4166NItem A4166N
Political: Nice hand card size colored litho of Franklin Roosevelt, formal pose. $7.00

Item A4168NItem A4168N
Political: Nice photo post card of Hoover on first public demonstration of television. Not vintage. $5.00

Item A4169NItem A4169N
Political: 5" round tag, "Lyndon Johnson for President, Howd'y I'm...with blank for name & city-state, bluetone LBJ photo. $5.50

Item A4170NItem A4170N
Political: Strip of 5 different R/W/B Willkie for President photo stamps. all 5 for $15.00

Item A4172NItem A4172N
Political: Landon Knox brochure in Finnish. Jugate photos on cover. Unusual. $20.00

Item A4176NItem A4176N
Political: Cards with presidential picture on each, "compliments of Geo. T. Bush, Emporium of Gas Fixtures & Sanitary Supplies & Fine Lamps & Parlor Ornaments," b&w. Nice. Andrew Johnson George Washington Abraham Lincoln James Monroe Thomas Jefferson James Buchanan James Madison Martin Van Buren John Adams James Garfield (small tear) $8.50

Item A4177NItem A4177N
Political: 1940 United Republican Certificate of Service, bluetone jugate oval photos of Willkie & McNary. $8.50

Item A4178NItem A4178N
Political: Attractive full color Willkie print, Bachrach (supplement to Boston Herald Aug 20, 1940) 8" x 10" $10.00

Item A4179NItem A4179N
Political: Full color George W. Bush button paper (paper used to make a campaign button but never actually used) showing George W. as Super Man, and titled "Super Bush for Prez" 3-1/4" $8.00

Item A4180NItem A4180N
Political: Window sticker, R/W/B "Ike We Like Dick" $4.50

Item A4181NItem A4181N
Political: "Stevenson for President" window sticker, orange on blue & white. Photo of a smiling Adlai S. 6" round $18.00

Item A4182NItem A4182N
Political: The American Presidents. Large fold-out poster distributed by Disabled American Veterans showing colored pics & statistics of all U.S. presidents up through Reagan. 25" x 37" $5.00

Item A4184NItem A4184N
Political: "American Presidents Through Hungarian Eyes" by Stephen Gal. Budapest, 1941. Interesting 20p booklet. $12.50

Item A4187NItem A4187N
Political: Reagan 1980 campaign button paper (paper used to make a campaign button but never actually used) showing a b&w pic of Ronald Reagan, "Reagan in '80. Let's Make America Great Again" R/W/B. 3-3/4" $8.00

Item A4188NItem A4188N
Political: Interesting 1984 campaign self-mailer distributed by Americans for Democratic Action. 8p piece includes anti-Reagan message, a cut-out contribution form, a mail-in envelope and an actual 8-7/8" red & white peel-off bumper sticker "No More in '84. End Reaganism!" Nice piece. $12.50

Item A4190NItem A4190N
Political: "Jimmy Carter for President," 8-1/2" x 11" 1976 poster w/smiling photo of Carter with his shirt sleeves rolled up, green bkgd. rev.-Quotes on the economy, tax reform, government mgmt., racial equality. $3.50

Item A4191NItem A4191N
Political: R/W/B Nixon Now. cardboard antennae flag. 9-1/2" $10.00

Item A4193NItem A4193N
Political: Attractive matte proof cardboard stock official portrait in b&w, "My Best Wishes and Appreciation, Hubert H. Humphrey," fac. sig. 8" x 10" Sent to VIP campaign supporters. $8.00

Item A4194NItem A4194N
Political: B&W photo post card, "Send this man, Maurice E. Atkinson, Democrat, to the Congress of the United States." from Long Beach, CA area postmarked 1940. $3.50

Item A4195NItem A4195N
Political: "Olson for Governor" (California) 6" R/W/B window sticker $5.00

Item A4196NItem A4196N
Political: Leaflet. "Assemblyman Sam Yorty, Candidate for U.S. Senator." Nice bluetone photo of a very young Yorty. slight wear but a great California state piece. $5.00

Item A4197NItem A4197N
Political: Large blue VIP tag, "Join the Victory Train tour with Mike Dukakis, Oct 30, 1988, Sante Fe Railroad Depot, 3" x 6" $5.50

Item A4198NItem A4198N
Political: Small George Wallace campaign card with b&w artist sketch by George Pollard. "Pull Third Lever From Top" printed at top of card. "A Second Call to Freedom Wallace-LeMay" printed at bottom of card. 4-3/8" x 3-1/2" $6.00

Item A4199NItem A4199N
Political: Primary petition, 1942, for George Kamberson for Sheriff, Winnebago County, Illinois. In addition to the petition, Kamberson's campaign card is attached. Nice item for those collectors who like sheriff items. $10.00

Item A4201NItem A4201N
Political: "The Presidents of the United States." 36p. One page devoted to each president up through Truman, giving biographical information and accomplishements and having a designated block where a colored stamp w/president's pic can be applied. Book is complete with all stamps affixed to the pages. Book produced by Union Pacific Railroad. $10.00

Item A4202NItem A4202N
Political: LBJ paper sticker in shape of cowboy hat. Black & yellow, 7-1/2" $6.00

Item A4203NItem A4203N
Political: 8-1/2" cardboard ribbon, "All the Way with LBJ, Johnson for President" blue on white w/photo of LBJ $15.00

Item A4204NItem A4204N
Political: Johnson for President brochure, "Peace, Justice, Prosperity" R/W/B with photo of LBJ. Nice $5.00

Item A4205NItem A4205N
Political: "Johnson for President" R/W/B 8-1/2" window sticker w/sketch of cowboy hat. 1960 LBJ campaign. $15.00

Item A4207NItem A4207N
Political: Small hand card. "Lyndon Johnson for President Volunteer" w/photo. Blue & white. $4.00

Item A4210NItem A4210N
Political: 8-1/4" Stevenson window sticker (Adlai Stevenson), blue & white $9.00

Item A4212NItem A4212N
Political: "Re-Elect the President. The Record." Leaflet by Committee for the Re-Election of President Nixon. $3.50

Item A4213NItem A4213N
Political: "McGovern Shriver '72" blue & white name badge. $2.00

Item A4214NItem A4214N
Political: Congratulatory note on birthday from George and Barbara Bush. Embossed gold eagle emblem at top. Accompanied by orig. White House envelope. $6.00

Item A4216NItem A4216N
Political: R/W/B brochure, "A real war governor, We need Earl Warren, United Home Defense" 1942. 4p $8.00

Item A4218NItem A4218N
Political: "George Washington" an Address by Walter Lippmann. Washington Cathedral Series. 1947. 16p booklet w/Lippmann's address and full page pic of the Washington Statue in Washington Cathedral. $8.50

Item A4219NItem A4219N
Political: "Socialist Labor Party: Position & Program. 4-fold two-color leaflet. Undated but believe either 1968 or 1972. $5.00

Item A4220NItem A4220N
Political: Sponsor's Enrollment list. Earl Warren for Governor. Includes photo. Unused. $8.00

Item A4222NItem A4222N
Political: "Dewey & Warren Labor Committee" stationery w/oval jugate photos of both. Nice $5.00

Item A4225NItem A4225N
Political: 3-3/4" stickers, "Wallace" shocking pink on blue (George Wallace). $2.00

Item A4226NItem A4226N
Political: Printed invitation by Pres. Reagan to participate in Congressional Elections as a sponsor of GoP victory Fund. Includes envelope. 1985. $5.00

Item A4228NItem A4228N
Political: "Is Anyone Listening? Does Anyone Give a Damn? Youth and the Nation: The Challenge of Change." Three-fold campaign brochure for Richard Nixon. $5.00

Item A4229NItem A4229N
Political: James T. Broyhill for Senator (NC) Capitol Cook Book. 36p. Stain on bottom of some pages, not cover. $5.00

Item A4230NItem A4230N
Political: Hoover Curtis needle kit w/R/W/B design. Jugate oval photos of both. GOP elephant on rev. Lower right corner chipped off. $14.00

Item A4232NItem A4232N
Political: Souvenir Program, 25th Annual Democratic Picnic sponsored by San Diego County Democratic Club July 31, 1938. 8p. advertising. Upper left corner stain. $5.50

Item A4236NItem A4236N
Political: 7" R/W/B round window sticker, "We want Willkie" w/capitol dome. Some wear. $10.00

Item A4237NItem A4237N
Political: R/W/B LBJ shield window sticker $5.00

Item A4240NItem A4240N
Political: "Dick Nixon's Pledge for a Better California" blue on yellow w/full color photo of Nixon. 3" x 7" campaign flier; rev.- "As Governor of California, I Pledge" with his governor's campaign platform. $7.50

Item A4242NItem A4242N
Political: "I support Reagan/Bush '84" blue & white stamps. strip of 4. $8.00

Item A4249NItem A4249N
Political: George Wallace self-mailer one-fold leaflet, "Gov. George C. Wallace Speaks out on Abortion and The U.S. Supreme Court." R/W/B $4.00

Item A4251CNItem A4251CN
Political: Socialist Party 1936 Campaign Letterhead. "Norman Thomas for President" printed on letterhead. Aug 27, 1936 letter fm. Campaign Manager for the party and addressed to state secretaries as "Dear Comrades:" Letter announces the availability of Roy Burt as a traveling speaker for the Socialist Party during the 1936 campaign. Burt was the Socialist candidate for governor of Illinois in 1932 and in 1934 was national organizer for the Socialist Party of the United States of America. Burt's biography accompanies the letter. $20.00

Item A4258NItem A4258N
Political: Republican National Committee leaflet. "If Truman Had His Way" 1951. $12.50

Item A4259NItem A4259N
Political: "Al Simpson. Senator for Wyoming. The Simpson Record." Nice 32-page illustrated senate campaign booklet on Al Simpson. $10.00

Item A4263NItem A4263N
Political: 4-page leaflet, MacArthur for President 1948. Nice b&w photo & shield design. Produced by The MacArthur for America Club of California, Inc. $14.00

Item A4267NItem A4267N
Political: R/W/B Nixon Lodge window sticker, 5-1/2" x 4" $6.50

Item A4269NItem A4269N
Political: "Nixons the One" cardboard 33-1/3" rpm record w/photo in center, "Excerpts from 1968 Nomination Acceptance Speech" Reverse side serves as a post card self-mailer. $7.00

Item A4270NItem A4270N
Political: 11" x 8-1/2" recognition certificate. (Name) has pledged support to President Richard M. Nixon as a member of (place) Committee of the Re-Election of the President. 1972. $10.00

Political: "Win with Dick Nixon" stamp, R/W/B full color pic. $2.50

Political: "Win with Pat & Dick" stamp, R/W/B full color pic of the couple. $2.50

Item A4271CNItem A4271CN
Political: "Vote Nixon" R/W/B stamp. $2.50

Item A4272NItem A4272N
Political: "Why America Needs Richard Nixon" 2-fold brochure w/Nixon photo on front. More photos inside. 1960. Nixon Volunteers. $7.00

Item A4277NItem A4277N
Political: "He's Making Us Proud Again" Ford-Dole. R/W/B with black photos. "The President Ford Committee" $5.00

Item A4278NItem A4278N
Political: "President Ford '76" b&w 2-fold leaflet. Photo on cover. The President Ford Committee $5.00

Item A4280NItem A4280N
Political: R/W/B Republican National Committee 1968 sliding scale for state by state delegate vote. Nice convention item. $7.50

Item A4281NItem A4281N
Political: Multi-colored Presidential Electorial Vote 1904-1956 by state. Distributed by The Farmers State Bank, Emmitsburg, MD. Back is a blotter. 4" x 9-1/4" Slight wear. $6.00

Item A4286NItem A4286N
Political: 4-panel foldout blue, gold & white fan. 1940 Democratic National Convention, Chicago. "Michigan Delegation with its 38 votes, Murray D. Van Wagoner for Governor (with photo) and form for keeping track of state by state convention roll call. Nice convention item. $45.00

Item A4288NItem A4288N
Political: U.S. House of Representatives Visitors pass signed by Congressman Charles M. Eagee. 1 edge shows wear like it was carried in a wallet. $8.50

Item A4289NItem A4289N
Political: Milk bottle cap, R/W/B. "Willkie Bricker, Miami County, Ohio" different. $12.00

Item A4291NItem A4291N
Political: "Democrat Yorty Governor" blue on white auto antennae flag. 10" cardboard. $6.50

Item A4293NItem A4293N
Political: R/W/B paper cap, social issue message on side, "Medicare Now - Social Security, Housing for Seniors, Consumer Protection" $6.00

Item A4295NItem A4295N
Political: R/W/B campaign worker cardboard membership card, "Willkie Workers League," attractive. 2-1/2" x 4" $8.00

Item A4297NItem A4297N
Political: "Volunteers for Nixon Lodge" response envelope. $1.50

Political: Full color pic of Nixon sticker. "Vote Republican" below. 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" $3.50

Item A4299NItem A4299N
Political: One-fold brochure, 3 photos. "Keep Hope Alive!" Vote Dukakis-Bentsen. Jesse Jackson is in two of the photos & quoted. Probably to pull out the black vote. $6.00

Item A4301NItem A4301N
Political: 1940 advertising envelope for "The Upton Cold Storage Co" w/full advertisement on rev. Large message stamped in purple, "Gannett for President" $20.00

Item A4302NItem A4302N
Political: B&W 7" x 9" glossy print of a smiling LBJ escorting his daughter, Lynda, through an archway. She has a sash with "Texas" printed on it. Nice. $9.00

Item A4304NItem A4304N
Political: B&W photo sticker, Lyndon Johnson 1-1/2" $2.50

Item A4305NItem A4305N
Political: B&W photo sticker, Eugene McCarthy for President 2" $3.00

Item A4306NItem A4306N
Political: B&W photo sticker, Rockefeller President 2" $3.00

Item A4307NItem A4307N
Political: B&W photo sticker, Wallace for President 2" $2.50

Item A4310NItem A4310N
Political: B&W photo sticker, photo of JFK, RFK & Martin L. King, "They rest in and for Peace in the World" 1-1/2" $3.50

Item A4315NItem A4315N
Political: Blue & yellow window sticker, "Nixon" in shape of state of California, 6-1/2" (governor campaign) $6.05

Item A4318NItem A4318N
Political: R/W/B 1968 Republican National Convention slide card showing state by state delegate count. $7.00

Item A4330NItem A4330N
Political: "Platform of the Republican Party 1924" printed & bound. 16p. Back cover: "For President, Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts; for Vice President, Charles G. Dawes of Illinois" $25.00

Item A4331NItem A4331N
Political: Printed Minority Report on the Contested Seat in the Second Congressional District of Massachusetts, made at the Democratic National Convention at Baltimore June 1, 1852" $12.50

Item A4341NItem A4341N
Political: R/W/B shield-shaped window sticker, "Back to work Quicker with Dewey and Bricker" 5-1/2" $8.50

Item A4346NItem A4346N
Political: "For Willkie President" R/W/B stamp $3.50

Item A4348NItem A4348N
Political: "Wendell Lewis Willkie, the People's Choice" b&w stamp with large photo of Willkie. Nice $15.00

Item A4351NItem A4351N
Political: "Tin foil" type paper tab, blue & gold, "For President Wendell Willkie" $7.00

Item A4352NItem A4352N
Political: "tin foil" type paper tab in shape of clock. "Time to Elect Willkie" blue & silver. $8.00

Item A4355NItem A4355N
Political: B&W glossy print, "Arrival of President Wilson at Brest" $4.00

Item A4356NItem A4356N
Political: B&W glossy print, "Memorial Day, President Wilson" addressing crowd. $3.50

Item A4363NItem A4363N
Political: "Landon and Knox" sunflower design brown & gold window sticker, 4-1/2" $7.50

Item A4364NItem A4364N
Political: "Landon and Knox" rectangular window sticker with sunflower appearing to be rising (or setting) sun in bkgd. Different & nice. Brown & gold. 2-1/2" x 5" $15.00

Item A4366NItem A4366N
Political: "Landon & Knox" on side of covered wagon window sticker, brown & yellow, 6" $9.50

Item A4367NItem A4367N
Political: Brown & white Landon paper napkin. Photo on sunflower & other images. $16.00

Item A4381NItem A4381N
Political: Republican National Convention, 1916 printed speech. Nominating Speech by Nicholas Murray Butler June 9, 1916. (Hughes) 8p. $12.00

Item A4395NItem A4395N
Political: "Gene McCarthy" on daisy-shaped decal, blue center with white petals. Produced by McCarthy for President Committee. 5-1/2" $5.00

Item A4396NItem A4396N
Political: "Gene McCarthy" on daisy-shaped decal, blue center with white petals. Produced by McCarthy for President Committee. 4" $5.00

Item A4399NItem A4399N
Political: R/W/B flier, "Election Day, Nov 3, 1964" Lyndon Johnson for President, Hubert Humphrey for Vice President, Pierre Salinger for U. S. Senator, others.... Los Angeles area. 4" x 7" $2.50

Political: Copy of the Progressive Labor Party monthly, "Challenge, The Revolutionary Newspaper." Circa 1968. "Good Imperialists" = War. Anti-war Fighters Must Avoid McCarthy Trap." Also, major feature on "Imperialism vs. Liberation - The Irreconcilable Antagonism." $2.50

Political: 1-fold leaflet entitled "Th New Party. A Challenge to Americans" 1968. Distributed by The Committee for the Formation of The New Party. $1.50

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