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Political: Paper and 3-D #1 (193 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects covered are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china and glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


Political: GO G.O.P. sheet music 1952. Great political sheet music. R/W/B cover w/large caricature of bright red elephant strutting along on his hind feet and a bluetone pic of "Hon John S. Fine, Pennsylvania's Great Governor." $5.00

Item W2268BSItem W2268BS
Political: Rubber "squeaky toy" caricature of Gorbachev. 5" high. Dated 1989. Designed as a pet toy. Great likeness. In original package. $8.00

Item KR1055BRItem KR1055BR
Political: Oval sepia photo of President Woodrow Wilson in period metal frame, unopened on back. 11-1/2" heighth. Nice image of Wilson and a very nice piece definitely from the Wilson period. Metal frame in excellent condition. $10.00

Item A2597Item A2597
Political: "Draft Rockefeller Club Charter" promoting Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller for President. $8.00

Item W6159Item W6159
Political: Labor item. Signed membership card. "United Hard Hats of America, Inc. Cleveland Hard Hat Committee. Honorary Hard Hat in Good Standing. w/UHHA logo. Reverse has: "October 1972. Join the Christian Workers in Their Fight Against the Communist Agitators" Card stock. 3-7/8" x 2-1/4" $10.00

Item A7252BDItem A7252BD
Political: Willkie Volunteers. Great R/W/B stationery, unused. From California. Interesting slogan: "Regardless of Party... We Want Willkie" American flag in center of letterhead. 5 sheets for. $20.00

Item LK1427BEItem LK1427BE
Political: Lyndon Johnson photo bumper sticker. Definitely one of the most graphically appealing with large bluetone pic of Lyndon Johnson at far right. "LBJ for the USA" R/W/B. Nice for display. $5.00

W6407 BA
Political: Flasher collection. Two images - one image changes to the other when you turn or tilt the item. Over 70 of items. Most of them different. Some of the rare ones. Buttons, tie clasps. Humphrey, Nixon, Goldwater, Rockefeller, Johnson, Eisenhower, Reagan, Carter, Stevenson, Kennedy, Scranton. $350.00

CH1010J BA
Political: Great collection of Douglas MacArthur buttons. 29 total. Most of them different. $175.00

Item W4528Item W4528
Political: Two excellent TIME supplement for 1972. One on the '72 conventions and the other on the '72 elections. Both highly illustrated, full color. The convention issue features the convention schedules for both Democrats and Republicans plus the major players including Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, Ed Muskie, George McGovern, Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Reubin Askew, Adlai Stevension III, Wilbur Mills, Birch Bayh, Endicott Peabody, Gaylord Nelson, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Connally, John Mitchell, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, Hugh Scott, John Rhodes, Ed Brooke and others. Election supplement covers senate and house races in addition to presidential, w/full color photos of the candidates for senate races in Michigan, SD, GA, NM, OR and Delaware, including 29 year old Joe Bidin, J. Caleb Boggs, Pete Domenici, Wayne Morse, Mark Hatfield, Sam Nunn, Fletcher Thompson, James Abourezk, Robert Hirsch and others. Some of the House races where candidates are pictured and featured include California's Paul McCloskey and James Stewart; New York's Jane Pickens Langley and Edward Koch; Pennsylvania's Douglas Walgren and H. J. Heinz III, Illinois' Samuel Young and Abner Mikva and Louisiana's David Treen and Louis Watkins. The two pieces for $16.00

Item W6699Item W6699
Political: (book) "The Coolidge-Dawes Lincoln Tour 1924" by Larry Krug. 2007. Illustrated book completely describes this fascinating political event highlighting the 1924 presidential campaign of Calvin Coolidge and his running mate. The book is compiled from eyewitness accounts of the tour which started in Coolidge's hometown of Plymouth, Vermont, winding its way down to New York City, then following the Lincoln Highway across the country to San Francisco, then along the Pacific Coast, and involving 100,000 automobiles. $15.00

Political: Orig. Print of General Winfield Scott on horseback waving his plumed hat in the air. Published by B. B. Russell, Lithographed by Mayer and Stetfield. Designed and drawn on stone by O. Starck. Dated 1861. Framed under glass. Orig. frame with original wooden backing. Fac. Sig. Of Scott below image. Stain along bottom of item not affecting image nor fac. Sig. 12-1/4" x 17" overall framed size. $60.00

Political: Campaign walking stick. 34-1/2" long. Orig. Wooden stick w/pewter head of Wm. McKinley. "Protection 1896" $100.00

Political: Set of actual headphones used by U.S. Congressmen in the impeachment inquiry of President Richard Nixon in 1974 to listen to the Presidential tapes. This is set #50 out of 306. Metal Plate affixed to inside of headband has two photos and the following inscription: "This device was used at Impeachment Inquiry of R. M. Nixon by U.S. House of Representatives to listen to Presidential tapes Mar-Aug 1974, and was used for same purpose at Second Watergate Trial Nov-Dec 1974. RLH (technical consultant). The four men shown sitting at a table with the headphones in left photo are: Rep. David Obey, Wis; Rep. William Steiger, Wis; Rep. Jack Edwards, Ala; and Rep. Edward Boland, Mass. The courtroom sketch from the second Watergate trial shown in photo at right on the engraved plate show presiding judge, technical consultant, assistant prosecutor and Watergate defendants. Comes with signed statement of authenticity in original box. $265.00

Political: 1894 cloth ribbon, R/W/B w/gold trim. "Protection Means Prosperity. National Working Men's Protective Tariff League. Washington, D.C. April 20-21, 1894" in gold lettering w/image of Capitol. 6-1/2" Nice. $50.00

Political: Wooden gavel. Gold band around center of head. Printed on band, "In Personal Appreciation of Your Support. Newt Gingrich (fac. sig.)" black lettering. 10" long. Given out by the Speaker of the House as he left his post as Speaker. Nice item. $25.00

Item CH3003QItem CH3003Q
Political: (book) "Joseph Raymond McCarthy, Late a Senator from Wisconsin, Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress," 1959. 354p. Hardbound book. A large book (referring to number of pages) for a Congressional Memorial book... most are half this size. $20.00

Political: (book) "The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents. Gravure Company of America, 1901. Large folio measuring 16" x 20", original full brown morocco rebacked, large gilt presidential seal affixed to front cover. Original registered, numbered (#472) and signed label on inside front cover. Contains portraits and biographies of U.S. Presidents from Washington to McKinley. Front and back cover loose w/leather wear. Inside pages in great condition. $395.00

Political: (book) "The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents. Gravure Company of America. Large folio measuring 16" x 20", original full brown morocco rebacked, large gilt presidential seal affixed to front cover. Original registered, numbered (#124) and signed label on inside front cover. Contains portraits and biographies of U.S. Presidents from Washington to McKinley. Front and back cover loose w/leather wear. Inside pages in great condition. $395.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous campaign paper items from Jimmy Carter campaigns. Includes 40 items. Some duplicates. $9.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous local and state campaign paper items. Includes 125 items. Some duplicates. $25.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous campaign paper items from Richard Nixon presidential campaigns. Includes 32 items. Some duplicates. $15.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous paper items relating to Dwight Eisenhower's campaigns, etc. Over 20 items. $7.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous paper items relating to Abraham Lincoln most about New Salem and Springfield. Some 50+ years old. Over 25 items. $10.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous paper items relating to Ronald Reagan. Most campaign related. Over 25 items. $10.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous paper items relating to Ronald Reagan. Most campaign related. Over 25 items. $10.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous paper items relating to Ronald Reagan. Most campaign related. Over 25 items. $10.00

Political: Collection of miscellaneous items relating to John F. Kennedy with a few on his brothers. 25 items. $10.00

Item W3450BItem W3450B
Political: "Gerald Gardner's The Watergate Follies," by Gerald Gardner, the author of "Who's In Charge Here?" 1973. another great Gardner book of photos w/made-up captions. Great humor during a tragic period in our history. $6.00

Item W3450EItem W3450E
Political: "The Naked President... or how Richard Milhous Nixon finally seduced the United States." by Michael Cowley. 1969. Another great photo book w/made-up captions. Some great Nixon photos and fun. $6.00

Item W3387BDItem W3387BD
Political: "Looks Like a Landslide" 1964. Gerald Gardner views the candidates. Humorous photo caption book. Great fun book with all the candidates and "wanta be" candidates. $6.00

Political: "Beat It, Kid... You Can't Vote!" by Harvey Kurtzman. 1967. Humorous caption book in preparation for the 1968 presidential campaign, including Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, George Wallace, Hubert Humphrey, Bobby Kennedy, and others. $6.00

Item J1193BBItem J1193BB
Political: Great caricature statue of Ross Perot in grey suit, striped necktie, standing on dimensional base of a map of the United States, holding a plaque which reads "United We Stand." 6-1/2" tall. Hand painted, signed and dated and numbered by artist, Craig Sponseller 1993. This is a very limited edition of 50. A great Perot display item. $75.00

Item LK3162BEItem LK3162BE
Political: Blue glazed porcelain Morton elephant. "G.O.P." embossed on one side, "Butler" embossed on other side. 2-1/2" $15.00

Item KR1114Item KR1114
Political: "Jesse Jackson for President. Bold Leadership New Direction" red and blue lettering on stiff white cardboard poster stock w/large photo of Jesse Jackson in center. Great poster. 10" x 12-1/2" $5.00

Item W5995Item W5995
Political: Harding and Coolidge jugate campaign broadside. Sepiatone. Stamped on back "Issued by Republican National Committee" 16-5/8" x 11". Has been torn through the center between the two photos but repaired on the reverse side. $25.00

Item LK4871Item LK4871
Political: (book) "Power and Politics in Labor Legislation" by Alan K. McAdams. 1964. Columbia University Press. 346p. DJ. (In this book the development and passage by Congress of the Landrum-Griffin Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 is presented and analyzed. In the context of the Democratic landslide in the elections of 1958 the "anti labor" content and tone of Landrum-Griffin appeared at first glance to be paradoxical. When the Act and its passage are properly understood, however, a quite different conclusion can be reached. The liberal version of this labor bill emerged from the Senate struggle over its passage carrying the name of its major sponsor, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and the apparent approval of the AFL-CIO. It had withstood the onslaught of Conservative forces led by Barry Goldwater for the Republicans, and "Labor Rackets" investigator John McClellan for the South. $16.00

Political: Box A. Official Ballot Election of 1904 including six parties - Roosevelt and Fairbanks, Parker and Davis, Swallow and Carroll, Debs and Hanford, etc. Excellent condition. $45.00

Item K8629Item K8629
Political: Camp David Heavy clear glass beer mug w/fancy star design bottom. Clear glass handle. 5-1/2" high. Full color 2-1/2" insignia of "Presidential Retreat Camp David". Frim Reagan era. $40.00

Item K7410Item K7410
Political: Reagan. Reagan-era Camp David jelly bean jar. Large glass jar w/tight fitting dome-shaped lid. 5-7/8" high. 2-1/2" multi-colored Presidential seal on side. "Presidential Retreat Camp David" in gold lettering circles the seal. $45.00

Item LK3747Item LK3747
Political: Camp David LARGE highball glass. 4-1/4" high, 3-1/4" diameter with thick solid glass bottom. Full color 2-1/2" "Presidential Retreat Camp David" logo on side w/eagle, shield, etc. Nice showy piece. $30.00

Item J1398BNItem J1398BN
Political: Camp David lighter. Black metal flip-top standard lighter w/green and orange Camp David Presidential Retreat design on side. Made by Zippo. $50.00

Item J2190BRItem J2190BR
Political: (book) "More About Teddy B and Teddy G, The Roosevelt Bears" by Seymour Eaton. 1907.cover has some edge wear and book is partially shaken but contents are excellent including the 16 full color Teddy plages. 187p. $160.00

Item K0601BRItem K0601BR
Political: (book) "Ballots and Bandwagons by Ralph G. Martin. 1964. 480p. DJ. Who are the men and what are the maneuvers that have created our candidates for President and Vice President? What happens behind the ballots and bandwagons at political conventions? What is the truth about the wheeling and dealing, the last minute vote switches, the strategies hatched in hotel suites? Martin writes about the politics of national conventions that few people ever see or hear about. Martin was a member of Adlai Stevenson's national campaign staff. $12.00

Item K9052BFItem K9052BF
Political: Rectangular metal serving tray, 10" x 13". "Montgomery, Alabama, Cradle of the Confederacy" with Capitol pictured. Nice tray! $42.00

Item W839Item W839
Political: Stevenson, Adlai III. Glazed white ceramic mug. Blue line art drawing on one side of Adlai riding a donkey, briefcase in hand with "Adlai Stevenson III" on side of case. Reverse side of cup has "Adlai Stevenson III U.S. Senate" in red. The "III" are like Greek pillars. Nice senatorial mug. $10.00

Item K8720Item K8720
Political: Garfield. Heavy clear glass tumbler. Image of James Garfield embossed in bottom of the tumbler. Name below. Wreath of laurel rim. Sides of tumbler are clear. 3-3/4" high. $35.00

Political: Election 1992 pocket knife. "Bush Perot Clinton" on blade. 1-3/4" along with R/W/B campaign buttons for the three candidates included. Images of Bush, Clinton and Perot are displayed both inside and on top of hinged presentation box containing the knife and buttons. A very nice 1992 campaign item. Scarce. $35.00

Political: Glass berry dish from 1924 campaign. "Compliments of Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. John W. Davis Day. Aug 11-24. Clarksburg, W. Va" in bottom of dish. 4" diameter. Scarce. $120.00

Item A6034NItem A6034N
Political: Original press photo. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, still hardy enough to attend a $100 a plate dinner in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of her husband, poses with the program on which is a picture of the World War I president. April 21, 1956. 7" x 9" $30.00

Item A9596BFItem A9596BF
Political: Silk pillow cover w/fringe. Pink. "Souvenir of Washington" with large image of U.S. Capitol in center. Images of White House in lower left and Washington Monument in lower right. Lincoln Memorial in upper center; George Washington, First President at upper left and Franklin Roosevelt at upper right. Pillow cover is from FDR era. 18" square. Very good condition. $48.00

Item CH3005QItem CH3005Q
Political: "The American Review: A Whig Journal" Feb. 1849. 220p. Some interesting features including "Dangers and Safeguards of the Union," "A Plan for Improving the National Finance," "Hon. Jacob Collamer of the house of Representatives," and "Historical and Mythological Traditions of the Algonquins." $30.00

Item KR074MBUItem KR074MBU
Political: Four tokens/coins placed on tracks and run over by trains. Two are tokens run over by President Warren Harding's funeral train on August 7, 1923 as it passed through Pittsburgh. The other two are pennies that were run over by the funeral train carrying President William McKinley's body who died on September 14, 1901. One of the pennies is incused "Memory of Pres. McKinley, Died Sept 14 Sept 16, 1901" (Sept 16 may hve been the date the train passed by. Old notes by a previous owner accompany the coins. Interesting and unusual. $100.00

Item W1470BUItem W1470BU
Political: "Election POLL Channel 10 News" plastic ID badge on neck chain. From Reagan era, worn by volunteers who interviewed voters after they left the polling stations to see how they voted so early predictions of the outcome could be broadcasted. Believe this is from the Philadelphia area. Unusual. $8.00

Item LK2935BEItem LK2935BE
Political: Huge Pat Paulsen black & white poster showing Paulsen in lace nightgown, nightcap, carrying a candle, old rubber tire slung over his shoulder and banner across his chest, "1968" in huge letters. "For President" at bottom of poster. 39" x 29". folded. Two very small scrapes otherwise in good condition. $35.00

Item LK1110BDItem LK1110BD
Political: Truman era mechanical wheel shows images of all the Presidents and statistics through windows as the wheel is turned. Truman was currently president when it was produced as an advertising piece for Tip-Top Bread, which is also promoted on both sides of the R/W/B cardboard piece. Nice political/advertising item. $25.00

Item K8589Item K8589
Political: White House plate. Full color pic of White House in center. Oval sepia pics of all presidents surround plate, up through Woodrow Wilson, names below their pictures. Dainty green and white holly treatment between the oval pics. 9-3/4" Nice display plate from the Woodrow Wilson era. $35.00

Item K8637Item K8637
Political: The Washington Plate. George and Martha Washington oval images at top in mulberry color. United States Capitol in center. "Souvenir of Washington, D.C." on banner above Capitol. Five other landmarks around rim: United States Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, Mount Vernon, Washington Monument, and White House. All in mulberry and white glazed porcelain. Produced by Old English Staffordshire, Staffordshire, England and referred by Staffordshire as "The Washington Plate. 10" Attractive plate. $20.00

Political: John G. Roberts, Jr. Pair of admittance passes: 1) ticket to witness the U.S. Senate Committee of the Judiciary Nomination Hearing for John G. Roberts, Jr. to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States; plus, 2)admittance ticket to witness the U.S. Senate Committee of the Judiciary Nomination Hearing for John G. Roberts, Jr. to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This second ticket was never used as the hearings were scrapped when President Bush updated Roberts' nomination from Associate Justice to Chief Justice. Both tickets are numbered. Heavy cardboard stock with rules of conduct on back of piece. Both are 5" x 2-1/2". Scarce. 2 tickets for one price. $12.50

Item K9852BVItem K9852BV
Political: Baillie print. George Washington. 1 small darkened spot below outstretched hand. Framed under glass in period frame. $85.00

Political: Presidential 3 inch (76mm) "High-Relief" bronze medals produced as the United States Mint Presidential Series. Very attractive and collectible; not official inaugural medals. Believe these were produced in the 1930s. A total of 23 medals, all different. $250.00

Item LK4743BBItem LK4743BB
Political: Political Campaign Lucky key chain w/Lincoln 1965 copper penny in center of a round aluminum medal on chain. Embossed on one side of medal, "Lincoln for Congress. He makes sense" and on the other side, "Lincoln for key to effective representation." 1-3/8" diameter. Nice campaign item. $2.50

Political: Political Campaign Lucky key chain w/Lincoln 1965 copper penny, "Lincoln for Congress". Same as item LK4743BB above. 10 Lincoln for Congress key chains. $12.50

Item J6085BDItem J6085BD
Political: Advertising postcard for Lehigh Coal, postmarked 1909. Front has great image of "A Whig Parade in the Presidential Campaign of 1840, the awakening of the political forces of the people." 7" x 4-3/8" $15.00

Item S8114BBItem S8114BB
Political: Three bronze tokens in blue suede presentation box. Inside cover, "The 1995 Republican Inaugural Gala". The obverse of the tokens all have embossed eagle standing on shield of arrows, wings raised. Star bkgd w/"February 9, 1995" at bottom of design. "The 1995 Republican Inaugural Gala Celebrating U.S. House Majority" around edge. Reverse side of tokens all have a different fac. sig. They all carry the sig. of Haley Barbour, Chairman, Republican National Committee, but one also has the fac. sig. of Bob Dole, Senator Majority Leader; the second has fac. sig. of Mike Leavitt, Chairman, Republican Governors Assn; and third has fac. sig. of Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House. All are 1-1/2" diameter. Hinged suede-covered presentation box is 8" long, 2-1/8" wide. Very nice and unusual item. $60.00

Political: (book) Banners, Buttons and Songs. A Pictorial Review and Capsule Almanac of America's Presidential Campaigns. Revised 1984 edition by Henry Papale, and including campaign songs, photos, cartoons, slogans, statistics--with equal time for winners and loosers since 1789. 100p. illus. Unusual resource book for the political buff or presidential collector. $9.00

Political: Limited edition notebook including a complete Presidential collection of 37 commemorative envelopes. No. 874 of 1,050. Up through Gerald Ford, each President is given a full 2-page spread, one page devoted to photos of the president and the other including a brief history on the perso, plus an inserted first day cover with full color pic of the president, appropriate stamp(s) and postmarked usually at the birthplace of the president and on the president's birthday. For example, the Franklin Pierce first day cover has a nice colored pic of Pierce, a 14 cent Pierce stamp and postmarked on Nov 23, 1976 from Hillsborough, NH, his birthday. A very nice collection. $40.00

Item W2314Item W2314
Political: Kennedy platter. Scarce oval platter displaying the images of John and Robert Kennedy. 13-1/4" wide. Seldom see this item. $49.00

Item LK1393Item LK1393
Political: 1956 Republican National Convention platter. Large round 13" plate in blue and gold. Seal of the Governor of California on top. "The People of California Welcome You to the Republican National Convention. San Francsco. 1956. Goodwin J. Knight, Governor." Light yellow bkgd, blue rim. Reverse has rather lengthy inscription w/fac. sig. of governor, stating that this is a souvenir of the 1956 GOP convention presented by the California State Host Committee and that this marks the first time the Republican Party Convention has been held in the West. Also, that it is the centennial year of the first National Convention of the Party. These were given out selectively. First one we've seen. $55.00

Item K7612BCItem K7612BC
Political: Presidential ballpoint pens. "Michael D. Jenkins Independent for President of the United States of America * Vote Independent Party" printed in black on R/W/B stars and stripes designed ballpoint pen. From 1996 campaign. Nice, unusual Third Party item. Six pens for $10.00

Item LK5085BFItem LK5085BF
Political: Quiz Game. "Meet the Presidents" - for young Americans produced by Selchow and Righter Company, NY 1965. Orig. box with all parts, a gameboard, a giant Q and A spinner containing well over 100 questions on American Presidential History, and a complete coin holder set of aluminum tokens with profiles of each President up through Lyndon Johnson. Bottom of game box has a water stain otherwise the game appears to be very good. $16.00

Item K7347Item K7347
Political: Group of 4 prints, The Roosevelt Bears by Berryman, C. Edward Stern & Co. 1906. reading Emerson & Autocrat, in caps & gowns, sleeping in Pullman, tipping colored porter. Full color, matted, excellent. $150.00

Item K7348Item K7348
Political: Group of 5 prints, The Roosevelt Bears by Berryman, C. Edward Stern & Co. 1906. Teaching school, traveling in paper package, walking tight rope, in rubber suits, a stroll down Fifth Avenue. Full color, matted, excellent. $160.00

Political: The Eisenhower College Collection (portfolio). A collection of fine art prints from the paintings of the 34th President of the United States, c. 1968. These 4 colored prints on 16" x 12" quality stock include "White Church in the Country," "Long Covered Bridge," "Austrian Mountain Scene," and "Old Mill." All are mint. $120.00

Item W5995Item W5995
Political: Harding Coolidge jugate campaign broadside. Sepiatone. Stamped on back "Issued by Republican National Committee". 16-5/8" x 11" Has been torn through the center between the 2 photos but repaired on the reverse. Basically unnoticeable from front. $35.00

Item LK1038Item LK1038
Political: Great political novelty key-wind item. Plastic peanut shaped "Jimmy Carter" w/Carter's features from the hair & eyes to the "toothy" smile. Has feet and walks. 4-5/8" tall. In original box. Like mint. Really a neat item!! $12.00

Item K7644Item K7644
Political: Desert Storm prisoner of war card. b&w. Size of a post card. Both sides shown. $5.00

Political: Good reference. "The National Platforms of All The National Platforms of All Political Parties From 1789, Including the Conventions of 1896." Leather binding poor but contents excellent. $16.00

Item A2114C1Item A2114C1
Political: B&W postcard with photo, "Nelson Rockefeller for President in '68." $3.00

Item A2115C1Item A2115C1
Political: B&W campaign post card with photo of Eisenhower, message of support on reverse from Eisenhower for President Club of District of Columbia. Unusual. $5.00

Item A2126C1Item A2126C1
Political: Attractive full color brochure for George Romney's presidential campaign. Folds open into attractive 11" x 17" Romney photo poster. $4.50

Item A2129C1Item A2129C1
Political: Sen. Birch Bayh for President brochure with photo on front. $2.00

Political: U.S. Senator Birch Bayh Birthday Celebration Souvenir Program, Feb 1, 1964. An impressive publication with illus. & advertising; obviously for a fund raising event. $4.00

Item A2131Item A2131
Political: Round tin bank, R/W/B. One side: "Rockefeller for Governor" with Nelson Rockefellers photo; Reverse-"You Can Bank on Rockefeller for Good Government" $25.00

Political: Stereoview. Sepia photo of President & Mrs. McKinley surrounded by flowers. 1896 $5.00

Political: Stereoview. Color tinted memorial photo of McKinley with floral tributes to him at the M.E. Church in Canton, Oh 1901 $5.00

Political: Eugene McCarthy Illinois primary brochure (McCarthy vs. Muskie), "The only man who can make a difference". Nicely done. $2.00

Political: Cook County, IL (Chicago) 1968 campaign folder, "Set things straight in '68...Elect the Nixon-Dirksen-Ogilvie Republican Team." picturing many of the local candidates as well. $3.00

Political: Mrs. Grover Cleveland full color picture on hand card; Rev.-advertisement for "Best" Tonic. $6.00

Political: Presidential Proclamation, Wm. McKinley, Mar 6, 1897, printed statement on buff stock declaring an extra session of Congress. $7.00

Political: Presidential Proclamation, Theo. Roosevelt, Feb 23, 1905, printed statement on buff stock declaring a special session of the Senate. $7.00

Item A2157C1Item A2157C1
Political: Anti-Nixon play script, "Te Tragedy of King Rich'rd T'e T'ird, My Kingdom for a Bomb" by Charles Preston 1972 (with apologies to Wm. Shakespeare). Some of the other characters: Sir George O'Govern, Pretender to the Throne; Sir Thomas Eagle; Sir Kid Tennedy; Lord Can 'Twemiss; The Earl of Conly, Lord Ag'ny, etc. Cute. $5.00

Political: 8" x 10" glossy International Newsreel print of Wm. J. Bryan (Democratic Presidential candidate) and brother, Charles Bryan (Democratic Vice Presidential candidate) talking. Slight upper right corner damage not affecting picture. $8.00

Item A2162C1Item A2162C1
Political: Colorful school souvenir for Hawkeye School, Hardin Co. (OH) 1908. Cover includes photos of all presidents through Wm. H. Taft. $6.00

Item A2163FNItem A2163FN
Political: Woven hemp fan, 14" "1972 Democratic National Convention, Miami Beach" "The Two Kool Ways to Vote." One side marked "Yes," the other "no". Good convention item. $8.00

Item A7015NItem A7015N
Political: Round cardboard tag w/hole in top. "Auspices of League of Women Voters" printed around rim. And center circle "lifts" up. "Will Your Parents VOTE November 4th?" is printed on the lift part and when this is raised "Yes they will" is printed below. A great item, probably distributed to school children to take home to their parents. 3" diameter. $6.00

Item A7014NItem A7014N
Political: Postcard. Attractive scene of a waving R/W/B U.S. flag over a tractor plowing a field. "Agriculture Upholding the Flag" is printed below. Probably circa World War I. $5.00

Item A7026NItem A7026N
Political: "Tax Big Business, Not The People! Vote Communist '72. Hall-Tyner Election Campaign Committee" peel-off sticker. 3-1/2" x 2" $2.50

Item A7025NItem A7025N
Political: George Wallace campaign card w/cloth handkerchief top to fit in gentleman's coat pocket. "Wallace" printed on cloth. Nice period item. $5.00

Item A7037NItem A7037N
Political: Green Duck Company Republican Campaign Button unused display card. Room for displaying 13 buttons. $4.00

Item A7042NItem A7042N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. An unprecedented event. Mrs. Wm. H. Taft accompanys President Taft in Inaugural Parade. $7.00

Item A7043NItem A7043N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Court of Honor is prepared for the Inauguration. $5.00

Item A7045NItem A7045N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. The President addressing the crowd after taking the oath, March 4, 1909. $6.00

Item A7046NItem A7046N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Inauguration parade passing Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. March 4, 1909. $6.00

Item A7047NItem A7047N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Personal escort to President Taft, Troop A, Ohio leading the Inaugural Parade. $6.00

Item A7048NItem A7048N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. The Marine Band turns the corner during Inaugural parade. $6.00

Item A7049NItem A7049N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Troops file past during Inaugural Parade. Large building at rightis the new District Building. $6.00

Item A7050NItem A7050N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. President's carriage leads the parade. Note on reverse side, written 2 days after the inauguration, references the extreme cold weather and snow and that 100 of the Massachusetts troops who had come down for the parade are down with pneumonia. $8.00

Item A7052NItem A7052N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Middies, home from Manila, march in the parade. $6.00

Item A7051NItem A7051N
Political: Postcard. 1909 Taft Inauguration. Military units participate in the inaugural parade. $6.00

Item A7058NItem A7058N
Political: Postcard. Udall for President. B&W. Udall for President Iowa Committee. $3.50

Item A7053NItem A7053N
Political: Postcard. Udall for President. B&W w/greentone. Udall for President Iowa Committee. $3.50

Item A7040NItem A7040N
Political: Postcard. Milburn Residence, Buffalo, NY. where President McKinley died Sept 14th, 1901. Unused. $2.00

Item A7012NItem A7012N
Political: Postcard. Embossed. Washington. First in the Hearts of His Countrymen". 1 small margin tear. $2.00

Item A7013NItem A7013N
Political: Postcard. Embossed. Washington. First in the Hearts of His Countrymen". $3.00

Item A2166C1Item A2166C1
Political: Presidential election ticket. 1884 Blaine-Logan Republican ticket, Moody Currier, Governor. Nice graphic. 13" $28.00

Political: Packet of miscellaneous clippings from 1976 presidential campaign, 50+ items. Interesting reading. $5.00

Political: (book) The Wallace Story (George Wallace), by Bill Jones, 1966. Produced by American Southern Publishing Company, Northport, Alabama. 471p. $5.00

Political: (book) Scandals in the Highest Office - Facts and Fictions in the Private Lives of Our Presidents, by Hope Ridings Miller. 1973 Random House. First Edition. 180p. $5.00

Political: (book) To the President - Folk Portraits. by James G. Barber, The National Portrait Gallery. 1993. A tremendously interesting book w/full color photos of many unique folk art pieces depicting the presidents up through George H. W. Bush. $5.00

Item W6186Item W6186
Political: Interesting packet of 15 letters, most from 1933, most with original envelopes and stamps. From a young man in Washington, DC writing back to his parents in Maine telling them about experiences in the nation's capitol, and in one, casually mentioning that he has joined the Socialist Party. Interesting reading about the DC "scene" during FDR's first year. $10.00

Political: Heavy 3" bronze metal. Embossed profile to right of Taft. "William H. Taft" around top edge. Artist signed Barber. Reverse: Appears to be a seated Roman or Greek God superimposed over the Capitol building. "Inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1909" Sm. hole drilled in top where someone had it mounted at one time. $70.00

Item A2180Item A2180
Political: Sheet music. "Richard Nixon is the One," R/W/B cover with artwork sketch of Nixon within shield. 1968 campaign song by Raymond J. Meurer. $4.00

Item K097C1Item K097C1
Political: Steel engraving by Ritchie, "Hon. Schuyler Colfax" 11" x 13-1/2" $20.00

Item KE0012Item KE0012
Political: John F. Kennedy rayon scarf, 1960s, colored pic. of JFK in center with R/W/B flag design border. Nice! 31-1/2" square. $5.00

Item A2201Item A2201
Political: B&W glossy press photo w/caption, Vice President John Nance Garner visiting with former Vice President Charles E. Dawes. $25.00

Item A2202Item A2202
Political: B&W glossy press photo w/caption, The Garners in action! Photo shows Speaker John Nance Garner of Texas, nominated as running mate for Gov. Roosevelt & Mrs. Garner, who serves as his secretary. Great photo! 7/14/32 $35.00

Political: Political ballot, 9" The Republican Ticket, Engraving of eagle & shield with banner "A Free Ballot for the Whole Country" above semi-circular listing of all states and sketches of the standardbearers James G. Blaine & John A. Logan, with list of electors and Congress. 4 celephane tape marks. $30.00

Political: Political ballot, 9" Republican Ticket, To be Voted at Republican Primaries, June 23, 1892. Mostly local slate. $5.00

Political: 1956 Democratic National Convention Telephone Directory & Guide, dist. by Illinois Bell. Lists all the state Hq. & committees; Roll call scorecard. $10.50

Item CL014Item CL014
Political: "It Takes Courage! Wallace Has It! Do You? Support George C. Wallace for President" R/W/B 6-panel brochure listing his qualifications, biog & stand on issues. $2.50

Item CL015Item CL015
Political: "First With Labor, Wallace for President" R/W/B 8-panel brochure, "Experts and Polls give Wallace big Labor Vote, Where Wallace Stands with Labor." $2.50

Item CL022Item CL022
Political: "The Rockefeller Record, Years of Dynamic Achievement," b&w illus 24-page booklet (Nelson Rockefeller) Covers his gubernatorial successes as he attempts to run for the presidency. $3.50

Item CL023Item CL023
Political: "The Only Man who can make a difference. Gene McCarthy," Nice black, brown & white 12-panel folded brochure produced by Illinois McCarthy '72 Committee for the Illinois presidential primary March 21, 1972. $2.00

Item CL032Item CL032
Political: "Brown for President, Giant Campaign Rally, hear and see Governor Jerry Brown, San Diego Community Concourse Plaza," 8-1/2" flier or poster w/his pic. $2.50

Item CL033Item CL033
Political: "Edmund G. Brown, Jr. Democrat for President" flier w/photo, "Giant Campaign Rally, Meet Governor Brown,Community Concourse Plaza" campaign info. on reverse. 11" $2.50

Item CL037Item CL037
Political: $100 Dixie Bucks "cotton certificate" fake money w/George Wallace's pic; Confederate flag pictured on reverse. $2.00

Political: B&W illus. brochure, "Frank Church is prepared for the Presidency" produced by San Diego Church for President Committee. $4.00

Political: "This is Maddox Country" B&W 11" x 14" poster (Lester Maddox, Gov. of GA & Presidential candidate). $30.00

Political: Glossy print, b&w, 8" x 10" Sammy Davis, Jr. shaking hands with Gov. Adlai Stevenson. Nice. $10.00

Political: Birch Bayh poster or flier, b&w with photo. "On April 6th, 1976 the Democratic voters of New York State will make the most crucial decision of the decade. With support Bayh info. $4.00

Political: 8" x 11" b&w poster with mourning border. "The Nation Mourns. A Memorial Service. Warren Gamaliel Harding. Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis. $17.00

Item A2452WBItem A2452WB
Political: Cardboard fan, wooden handle. "I am a Symington Fan" (Sen. Stu Symington, MO, Demo. presidential candidate 1960 primaries). some wear. $10.00

Political: Victor Talking Machine 78rpm record, "President Harding March" by U.S. Marine Band; Rev.-National Capital Centennial March. $55.00

Political: Republican National Convention, A Book of Chicago, 1916. William S. Felton also printed in gold on suede cover (delegate's personal guide book). Nice full page photo & message from Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson. $40.00

Political: Benjamin Harrison Photo Album of Republican Leaders. Separate sepiatone photos in a portfolio, nearly 30 total, each 9-1/2" x 12". $45.00

Political: Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign brochure, "Man of Experience." $2.00

Item A2587Item A2587
Political: Full color print, Teddy Roosevelt and Family at Oyster Bay, 13" x 11-1/2" $15.00

Political: HARPER'S WEEKLY cover, Dec. 8, 1906 with b&w photo of Teddy Roosevelt in Panama. $7.50

Political: Sepia formal print of Woodrow Wilson, 6" x 8" $4.00

Item A2609Item A2609
Political: Joe Cannon cigar box label, 8-1/2" x 7" full color photo. $12.00

Item A9254Item A9254
Political: Cardboard fan, 1 piece w/thumb hole for holding it. "Be a Republican Fan" white on blue bkgd, 1 side; Red on white bkgd, reverse side. Circa 1950s. 1 corner bent. $7.00

Item A1523Item A1523
Political: Nice sepiatone glossy photo mounted on cardboard. "Home of Gen. U. S. Grant, Galena, Ill" handwritten on mounting board at bottom left in ink. Photo size: 8" x 9-3/4" $18.00

Political: Colored-tinted lithograph print by Kellogg entitled "The Brave at Home." Pictures young Civil War officer standing in the home parlor with his wife and three children. The officer is Gen. George McClellan. (Pic. of Gen. Z. Taylor on the parlor wall.) Water stain in upper portion of print. 14" x 10". As is. $60.00

Item A9599Item A9599
Political: Campaign poster, 8-1/2" x 11" w/pic of LBJ along w/American flag and Presidential flag. "WELCOME President Lyndon B. Johnson. Broadway Motorcade 12:00 (Noon) Wed., Oct. 28th. 9th Street to Broadway, to Temple, to City Hall. RALLY 1:00 p.m. City Hall steps. Give President Johnson Your Support. California Committee to Elect Johnson & Humphrey, Gov. Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, Chr." $5.00

Item LK5172Item LK5172
Political: Tax Notice for 1887. The State of Ohio, Allen County. Rather thorough. Not filled out. $7.00

Item LK3698Item LK3698
Political: 1968 Official Ballot, Whitley County, Kentucky. 14" x 12-1/2" Shows candidates for President/Vice President, US Senator, Congressman & for Judge. 6 parties represented, each with a line drawing logo above their column, e.g. Republicans have a log cabin, Democrats a rooster, American Party an eagle/flag design, Socialist Workers a lightening bolt through a chain wrapped around the world, etc. Candidates include Nixon/Agnew, Humphrey/Muskie, George Wallace w/Marvin Griffin for VP, Halstead/Boutelle...Marlow Cook for Senator vs. Katherine Peden, the Democrat. Interesting. $28.00

Item K5334Item K5334
Political: 1964 Alternate badge, Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City. Gold w/"alternate" in gold lettering on blue bkgd. Medallion of convention hall hangs from R/W/B ribbon, another R/W/B ribbon in back. $50.00

Political: Washington D.C. SUNDAY STAR Gravure Section. Apr 29, 1945. Full front cover line sketch of FDR. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President of the United States--March 4, 1933-April 12, 1945" below pic. $10.00

Political: White felt campaign pennant with R/W/B design, stars & stripes, "Ross PEROT '92" in large letters. Colored caricature of Perot standing behind podium w/arm raised. "Pro America 92" button on his lapel. 30" long. $17.00

Item K5418BAItem K5418BA
Political: "The Great Debate Clinton vs. Dole 1996" tin toy. One of the greatest items from 1996, without a doubt. The tin dimensional, 2-sided colorful die-cut figures of Clinton and Dole in straw hats & canes, R/W/B striped suits, black bowties, spats, are standing on a red tin platform facing each other. As you squeexe the tin loop handle below the platform the two figures spring to action fighting each other, the faster you squeeze the faster they fight! The figures are 3" high, the toy 6" high. $9.00

Political: (book) The Presidential Quiz Book, by Fred L. Worth. 1988. 270p. DJ Great trivia for any presidential buff. Where did George Washington give his Farewell Address? Did President Lincoln see the entire play "Our American Cousin from beginning to end before he was fatally shot? What President invented the swivel chair? 270 pages full! $15.00

Item KR017VBNItem KR017VBN
Political: Deck of Politicards. 1972. Colorful full color caricature sketches on every card depicting a wide range of dozens of people from that election campaign, Republicans and Democrats alike. Politicards are great graphic collectibles...and fun. Coming out every four years, the Politicards tradition makes them an entire collecting area of their own. Complete deck unopened. $25.00

Item KR017WBNItem KR017WBN
Political: Heavy glass shot glass. "Camp David Presidential Retreat" full color logo on side. 3" high. $25.00

Political: Deck of Politicards. 1980. Colorful full color caricature sketches on every card depicting a wide range of dozens of people from that era. Includes Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, Walter Mondale, Hamilton Jordan, Russell Long, Robert Strauss, Ed Muskie, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Jesse Helms, George Bush, Barry Goldwater and dozens of others. Great set. Unopened. $15.00

Political: Bust. Ulysses S. Grant. 5-1/2" Molded substance, not old. Dull black pewter-looking. Name on base. Nice shelf piece with no problem if it happens to fall off! $5.00

Item CH0040BItem CH0040B
Political: Small Pro-Prohibition broadside produced by Prohibition Party, California. Circa 1920s. Great illus of 3 buildings chain-linked together. "United California Industries?" heading. One is a saloon, one a gambling hall & the third a brothel. Below: "The products of these industries(?) are: Drunkards, Harlots, Paupers, Insane, Criminals, Murderers, Vegrants, Tramps, Bums, Degenerates, Feeble-Minded, Disease and Death. Are these necessary to the prosperity of the state? Vote yes on amendments 1 & 2." Card stock. 7-1/4" x 5-3/4". Have several. $6.00

Item CH0044CItem CH0044C
Political: 1908 post card "published by the Roosevelt Boys Club, San Francisco" with space for address. Reverse side has printed typed prohibition message, in part, "...whiskey is the greatest foe of the working man and the trades unionist. It muddles his brain and he can't work as he ought, it ruins his body, it swallows up his salary and he goes home on pay night with no money to buy food for hungry mouths and coal for winter fire. It is one of the greatest questions the working man has to think about. Vote for prohibition." Great item. $7.00

Item CH0060BItem CH0060B
Political: "A Contract with the People, Platform of the Progressive Party adopted at its 1st National Convention, Chicago 1912." $35.00

Item CH0061BItem CH0061B
Political: 26th National Convention. Socialist Labor Party May 2-4, 1964. Minutes, reports, platform, resolutions, etc. 190p. $25.00

Item CH0062BItem CH0062B
Political: American Independent Party National Platform, 1980. John Rarick for President, Eileen Shearer for Vice President. $12.50

Item J5806Item J5806
Political: Communist Party platform, 1968. Charlene Mitchell for President. $12.50

Item J5806AItem J5806A
Political: Print of the "Fall Guy" roast for George P. Schultz by the Saints & Sinners club, Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC, Dec 1, 1988 8-1/2" x 11" $5.00

Item J5806BItem J5806B
Political: Print of the "Fall Guy" roast for Lee Atwater by the Saints & Sinners club, Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC, Mar 15, 1989. 8-1/2" x 11" $5.00

Item CH0067BItem CH0067B
Political: Labor Parties 1827-1834 by Alden Whitman. 1943. 68p. $10.00

Item A3384EItem A3384E
Political: (sheet music) "A March to Eisenhower, Souvenir of Inauguration 1953" with R/W/B caover showing American flag, sketch of White House and bluetone photo of Ike. Words by Hiram Hirsh, music by Jewel Frank, 1953. Nice. $10.00

Item J5807Item J5807
Political: Special! "Wallace for President" bumper sticker. 10-3/4" (George Wallace) Shocking pink & white on blue bkgd. Have several. $1.15

Item W5994Item W5994
Political: Harding and Coolidge jugate campaign broadside. Attractive full color graphic. One of the most attractive posters of this era. 16-1/4" x 11-1/4". One small tear on right margin not affecting photo. $65.00

Item W5488Item W5488
Political: Eugene McCarthy cardboard poster. Line sketch of McCarthy, head and shoulders. "Vote Nov. 2. McCarthy President. You have a choice - for a change" Produced by McCarthy `76 Chicago office. Bright orange an off-white colors on black bkgd. 16" x 12" Striking. $20.00

Political: Collection of Executive Orders. All from Franklin D. Roosevelt's first year in office - 1933. 64 total, all different. All in excellent condition. $250.00

Political: James K. Polk colored litho by Baillie. Good condition. 10" x 14" $55.00

Political: Two attractive full color patriotic prints with children. One shows two young boys hoisting a U.S. flag up a flag pole and is titled "Their Priceless Heritage"; other shows two boys and a young girl and their dog. One boy is holding the ropes on a U.S. flag on the flag pole while other boy stands at attention saluting. Girl stands at side observing the action, clutching her Raggedy Ann doll. Both boys are in military uniforms. Title is "Your flag and my flag." In excellent condition. Both 11-1/2" x 14-1/2" and both printed by Gerlach Barklow Co. of Joliet, Illinois. Circa. 1940s or early `50s. $12.50

Political: Signed certificate. State of Maryland Orphans' Court for Baltimore County. Regards the sale of properties of an estate, signed by the sheriff, two esquires and the County Register of Wills. Dat'd. Feb. 26, 1836. Nice graphic at top of Lady Justice. 8" x 13" $10.00

Political: B&W printed photo of U.S. Grant on cardboard. 9-1/2" x 11-1/2" Appears to have been trimmed from a larger photo to fit into a frame at some time but nonetheless, trimmed image is in excellent condition and should be framed once again and hung on someone's wall! $15.00

Political: Socialist Workers poster. "Vote Socialist Workers" at top. Very large b&w pic of Pulley, black presidential candidate. "Pulley for President" at bottom. Black & white & yellow. 17" x 11". One small 1" margin tear at top, otherwise fine. $20.00

Item W5489Item W5489
Political: Socialist Party poster. "Human Rights Human Needs. Vote Socialist. Socialist Party, USA 1988 Campaign. Kenoyer-Ehrenreich For a Livable Future (plus address)." three round b&w photos, one of Kenoyer, one of Kenoyer & Ehrenreich and one of a rally. Superimposed over the Socialist Party logo. Pink & black & white colors. 17" x 11" $25.00

Political: The Republican Court, or, American Society in the Days of Washington, by Rufus W. Griswold, "with portraits of distinguished women". Published in 25 parts in 1854, each part approximately 30 pages. This lot contains the last 6 parts, 19-25. Excellent shape with steel engravings. A young Martha Washington is on the front cover of each publication. The purpose of the series was "to give an interesting and faithful view of the private and social life of this Country, in the Days of Washington, referring as briefly as possible to political affairs, it introduces the great characters of that illustrious age in their personal connections--in the parlor, ballroom, the theatre--in anecdotes, descriptions and details..." $95.00

Item CH0113BItem CH0113B
Political: Certificate. The Socialist Party Charter. To the Comrades of Camden County, State of New Jersey. Greeting: Your application for admission to membership in the Socialist Party has been granted and your organization has been entered on the roll of the Party as LOCAL Camden County, State of New Jersey...signed by the State organizer and State secretary, dated March 2nd, 1941, embossed stamped with The Socialist Party, State of New Jersey State Committee. Fancy design border. Brown & orange. Printing in black. 11" x 8-5/8". Unusual and showy item. $65.00

Political: Lester Maddox campaign handcard. "Vote for and Elect Lester (Pickrick) Maddox Governor of Georgia" with photo and message on front side; reverse side has a strong message, in part... "I will never betray your trust and as has not been known in 20th century Georgia, I will give a strong voice to truth, patriotism, liberty, states rights, private property rights, racial integrity, free enterprise and constitutional government" 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" $8.00

Political: (Book) "Speeches and Addresses" by William McKinley. 1893. D. Appleton and Company. (Starting with his election to Congress and going in 1893). 664p. Some nice steel engravings of Garfield, Logan, Grant, Hayes... Tape repair at top and bottom of backstrap otherwise in fine shape. Simply a great McKinley book! $25.00

Political: (Book) "The Life of Theodore Roosevelt" by Wm. Draper Lewis. 1919. Special salesman sample. Unusual. $15.00

Political: (Book) "The Life of James Abram Garfield with an account of the President's death and funeral obsequies" by J. M. Bundy. 1880. A. S. Barnes & Co.274p. Gold leaf lettering on cover. Book is tight and clean, however backstap is slightly faded and there is a lower stain on cover and one page opposite title page showing Garfield. $4.00

Political: (Book) "Children In The White House" by Christine Sadler. 1967. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 316p. Illus. For those interested in presidential offspring, this is a well researched reference. $5.00

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