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Photos: Stereoviews (165 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing is of stereoview cards. For other photo collectibles please check out the Photos & Photography listing on this site.


For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...


Stereoscopic Views

Two side by side views of an image (usually taken with a binocular camera) mounted on a card for three-dimensional viewing through a device called a stereoscope. Popular in the late 1800s until 1920s.
Item A8592Item A8592
Stereoview: Man in row boat, tree covered mountain in bkgd, old tree branches in foreground. "Echo Lake, N. Conway, NH" stereoview $5.00

Item A6966Item A6966
Stereoview: 35 stereoview cards from a series about Sears Roebuck & Co distributed as a public relations tool to show customers the company's operations (esplained on the back of card #1 which shows the President, R. W. Sears. Some of the other views include the administration bldg, shipping rooms, mail opening dept, card index dept, the great refrigerator, employees' hospital, pneumatic tube station, catalog printing dept, stenographic dept, long distance telephone switchboard, type-setting, counting the money received daily, catalog trimming machine, shelves of talking machine records, crowds leaving building at closing time, main dining room, girls' cafeteria, automatic machines in grocery dept, mens & boys clothing and more. Probably early 1900s. Interesting scenes. Some dirt stains and a couple are bent but still a good group. $120.00

Stereoview: Tinted printed stereoview, World War 1, "Camp Franco-Americain" with U.S. soldier and French soldier shaking hands in front of camp display. "Allies on the Front" $6.00

Stereoview: Tinted printed stereoview, World War 1, "On the March" soldiers in single file, rifles on the shoulders, marching through the streets of some European town. $6.00

Item CH2068MItem CH2068M
Stereoview: Nice real photo view of Tammany Hall, 14th Street, New York City. 1896 Alfred S. Campbell $35.00

Stereoview: Weaving linen fabric, Montreal, Canada. stereoview. $5.00

Item A6977Item A6977
Stereoview: Hunting Automobile. Full color printed stereoview by Ingersoll of man behind wheel of his hunting auto after quail hunting. Early 1905 auto photo. $15.00

Item A6981Item A6981
Stereoview: Cattle ranch in Jamaica. Stereoview. $3.00

Item A6984Item A6984
Stereoview: Coffee pickers at work, Guadeloupe. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A6999Item A6999
Stereoview: Rear-Admiral William T. Sampson, U.S.N. 1898. Portrait surrounded by flowers. Stereoview. $17.00

Item A7000Item A7000
Stereoview: Commodore Winfield Scott Schley, U.S.N. 1898. Portrait surrounded by flowers. Stereoview. $20.00

Item A7007Item A7007
Stereoview: Atlantic City in the surf. Stereoview. $9.00

Item A7008Item A7008
Stereoview: Birdseye view of Stockholm, Sweden 1897. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A7010Item A7010
Stereoview: Christ Church, Hants. 1 mark across top of left picture. Stereoview. $2.00

Item A7011Item A7011
Stereoview: Monte Carlo birdseye view, Monaco 1896. Stereoview. $5.00

Item C019FItem C019F
Stereoview: New Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls, U.S.A. 1896. Stereoview. $7.00

Stereoview: Grand Dining Hll, Fredericksborg Castle, Denmark. 1897. Stereoview. $10.00

Item C019HItem C019H
Stereoview: Queen Louise Bridge, Copenhagen. Many people walking, street cars, including 2-story car, bldgs in bkgd. Stereoview. $9.00

Item C019IItem C019I
Stereoview: Lady milking the goats using homemade wooden pail, Hardanger Fjord, Norway in doorway to her home near Odde. Stereoview. $9.00

Item LK4149Item LK4149
Stereoview: Allied Soldiers Binding Up the Wounds of Their Prisoners after the Battle, the French "fraternizing with the enemy Germans". Keystone stereoview. $10.00

Item LK4150Item LK4150
Stereoview: A Sailor's Sewing Day--Life on board battleship, sailor busy a little portable sewing machine while others look on. Keystone stereoview. $10.00

Item LK4151Item LK4151
Stereoview: Guards of the Republic in Palace of Versailles during Treaty signing. Standing at attention, complete with their plumbed hats. Stereoview.. $12.00

Item LK4152Item LK4152
Stereoview: The bugler calling the Marines and Sailors to assemble for instructions, on board battleship. Stereoview. $10.00

Item R1422Item R1422
Stereoview: Interior of the Cathedral at Lucerne, Switzerland. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1430Item R1430
Stereoview: St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice. Stereoview. $4.50

Item R1435Item R1435
Stereoview: Glasgow Cathedral. Stereoview. $4.50

Item R1444Item R1444
Stereoview: Prussian Palace. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1446Item R1446
Stereoview: In the streets of Berne, Switzerland. (people strolling on sidewalk) Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1448Item R1448
Stereoview: Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden. Stereoview. $4.50

Item R1449Item R1449
Stereoview: Mirror in Kroll's Garden, Berlin, Germany. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1450Item R1450
Stereoview: A glimpse of the Falls of Juanacatlan (Niagara of Mexico) with herd of cows in foreground. Slight dirt stain on left photo. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1452Item R1452
Stereoview: Baptistery, Pisa, Italy. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1455Item R1455
Stereoview: Niagara, The American Fall showing ice mounds. Stereoview. $4.50

Item R1460Item R1460
Stereoview: "Where the rude Trossach's dread defile, opens on Katrine's Lake and Isle"--Scotland. 1896. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1461Item R1461
Stereoview: Philadelphia's Fairmount Park sunken gardens. Stereoview. $4.00

Item R1463Item R1463
Stereoview: Thousands of Uncle Sam's sailors at Great Lakes Training Station, Illinois. Stereoview. $8.00

Item R1464Item R1464
Stereoview: French President Poincare and Marshall Joffre on the Somme Front. 1916. Stereoview. $8.00

Stereoview: Commodore Schley's Flagship, "Brooklyn" of the "Flying Squadron" 1898. Stereoview. $12.50

Stereoview: Captain Sigsbee, Commander of the Battleship, "Maine" -- blown up in Havana Harbor. 1898. Stereoview. $15.00

Stereoview: A part of Gen. Miles' Porto Rican Army--before embarking at Newport News Va. 1898. Stereoview. $20.00

Stereoview: In the Camp of our brave Soldier Boys, Tampa, Fla. 1898. Stereoview. $12.50

Stereoview: 5th Illinois Volunteers--Newport News, VA. 1898. Stereoview. $15.00

Stereoview: U.S. Infantry on the March near Camp Tampa, Fla. 1898. Stereoview. $10.00

Stereoview: In the Market. Hamburg, Germany. 1894. Stereoview. $7.50

Item A8979Item A8979
Stereoview: Mule rides in Central Park, New York. Stereoview. $12.00

Item A8981Item A8981
Stereoview: Two young women in garden dressed in fancy Victorian dresses and hats, both with cigarettes. "Give me a light" caption. Stereoview. $18.00

Item A8985Item A8985
Stereoview: Two little girls and their smaller brother standing with their backs to the camera as they look out over a body of water. "What are the Wild Waves Saying Brother?" Stereoview. $6.00

Item A8987Item A8987
Stereoview: Little girl with something in her eye. "Oh! Its no fair to scratch." Stereoview. $4.00

Item A8995Item A8995
Stereoview: Beautiful browntone pic of lilies. 1895. "Consider the lilies how they grow; they toil not, they spin not and yet I say unto you that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Stereoview. $6.00

Item A8996Item A8996
Stereoview: Lady playing a harp. "Remembrance of Italy" 1898. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A8998Item A8998
Stereoview: Stereoscopic series entitled "Wedding Bells" runs from the bashful lover making his first call through the wedding and birth of their first child, a boy! 24 cards in all (should be 25 but card 14 is missing). $35.00

Item A9785Item A9785
Stereoview: Palestine full color view. Cana of Gallilee. Camels. Slight wear. Stereoview. $2.50

Item A9786Item A9786
Stereoview: Palestine full color view. Threashers in Bethlehem. Slight wear. Stereoview. $2.50

Item A9787Item A9787
Stereoview: Palestine full color view. The site of Ancient Dan. Slight wear. Stereoview. $2.50

Item A9792Item A9792
Stereoview: "This parting gives me pain dear" Wife is slowly pulling a large adhesive off the husband's back as he leans over the bed. Stereoview. $5.00

Item A9795Item A9795
Stereoview: "This is the way Mamma does." Little girl in long white gown kneeling on top of her mother's dresser in front of mirror "trying on" make-up. 1897 Stereoview. $6.00

Item A9807Item A9807
Stereoview: Watkin's Glen, Artist's Dream. Color. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A9808Item A9808
Stereoview: Tropical walk, Florida. Palm trees on both sides. Full color. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A9810Item A9810
Stereoview: "Silent Midnight Watch." Young couple sitting on side of bed in their night clothes with a little baby girl in their laps. Old brass bed. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A9812Item A9812
Stereoview: "A New Coon in Town" Little black boy sitting on the wooden porch floor with a little black girl on each side of him, both kissing him on a cheek. Cute. Unfortunately a bend goes through the right picture. As is stereoview. $10.00

Item A9815Item A9815
Stereoview: Palm Garden, the famous Bee, Frankfort, Germany. Sepia view. Very elegant (before two wars took their toll). Stereoview. $5.00

Item A9816Item A9816
Stereoview: Valley Gardens from Prospect Point, Soldier's Home, Dayton, Ohio. Sepia view. People strolling through gardens. Elegant. 1 minor scratch. Stereoview. $2.50

Item A9821Item A9821
Stereoview: "The Newly Decorated Blue Room in White House" Full color. Nice view. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A9826Item A9826
Stereoview: The Law Library, Cambridge, Mass. Color view. Stereoview. $3.50

Item A9830Item A9830
Stereoview: "The Drop" on a bunch of Elk. 1898. full color view. Stereoview. $3.50

Item A9831Item A9831
Stereoview: "Taking the Spoils to Camp" dragging a large deer through the snow. Full color. Stereoview. $4.00

Item A9832Item A9832
Stereoview: "The Young Hunter's Reverie" Hunter & his dog. Color view. Stereoview. $3.50

Item A9833Item A9833
Stereoview: "The Hunters Talking Over the Day's Sport" Hunter & his dog. Color view. Stereoview. $3.00

Item A9835Item A9835
Stereoview: "Bliss." Young couple courting in the parlor. Sepia stereoview. $2.50

Item A9836Item A9836
Stereoview: "Bliss Disturbed." Young lady's father is ushering her suitor out as the mother, in her nightgown, shakes a finger at her daughter. Stereoview. $3.50

Item A9874Item A9874
Stereoview: Small group of women & children in front section of church either presenting, or practicing to present, a Children's Day program. "Children's Day" shows up on a banner across the front. Circa. 1890s. Some wear at edges of cardboard but photos fine. Stereoview. $12.00

Item LK0017Item LK0017
Stereoview: "The Pier at Castle Garden" Several men in b&w photo. Stereoview. $3.00

Item LK0018Item LK0018
Stereoview: "Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, Mass." b&w stereoview. $4.50

Item LK0021Item LK0021
Stereoview: Tinted photo, Tomb of Late President McKinley, Canton, Ohio. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0024Item LK0024
Stereoview: A Quiet Street in Gibraltar lithograph. $5.00

Item LK0025Item LK0025
Stereoview: A Swedish landscape at Husqvarna. 1897. Young lady enjoying the view. Tinted stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0028Item LK0028
Stereoview: Little girl standing between 2 donkeys. Entitled "Comrades" 1894. Cute stereoview. $10.00

Item LK0030Item LK0030
Stereoview: Old man pulling 2-wheeled wooden cart, 2 cows & stone fence in bkgd. In foreground a cow is eating from a pan while a fat little pig is nursing from the cow's udder. Entitled "The thief caught at last." 1897. Stereoview. $12.00

Item LK0031Item LK0031
Stereoview: Little girl seated by upturned box with shallow pan on top, dog eating from pan. Entitled "Don't be greedy, Fido." 1897. Stereoview. $9.00

Item LK0032Item LK0032
Stereoview: Two little girls in pasture with sheep, older girl is feeding one of the ewes. Tinted. Entitled: "The Little shepherds and their flocks." Stereoview. $9.00

Item LK0033Item LK0033
Stereoview: Interesting sepiatone pic of three young people of cliff gazing far below in haze. "Gazing through Sulphurous Vapors into the Crater of Aso San, Japan. Stereoview. $7.50

Item A4938NItem A4938N
Stereoview: McKinley's home, Canton, Ohio. Color tinted stereoview. $12.00

Item LK0542Item LK0542
Stereoview: "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean, showing her triumph over the Shamrock. 1899 Stereoview. $12.00

Item LK0544Item LK0544
Stereoview: Hunter in thicket with two dogs, poised. "Pointing the scattered birds in a thicket, U.S. Field Trials 1901" stereoview. $17.50

Item LK0545Item LK0545
Stereoview: "Sports Gath" and "Oakley Hill" steady to shoot and wing, under the careful hand of the celebrated D. E. Rose, U.S. Field Trials" 1901. Hunter Rose with his two pointers. Stereoview. $17.50

Item LK0546Item LK0546
Stereoview: Hunter in woods laiden with snow. Dog on hind legs by hunter. "Tis time to lunch Jack." 1890. stereoview. $12.50

Item LK0547Item LK0547
Stereoview: Dog sitting in 2-wheeled cart behind horse in midst of a cotton field. "The overseer, Cotton Plantation." 1892. stereoview. $8.00

Item LK0549Item LK0549
Stereoview: "Balcony on Champs de Mars, Paris Exposition, France" 1900. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK0553Item LK0553
Stereoview: Grand Palace of Arts from Pont Alexander III, Paris Exposition, France. 1900. Stereoview. $15.00

Item LK0557Item LK0557
Stereoview: The Torrent of His Mercies, Yosemite, California. 1894. Falls is apparent but scenery a little difficult to see due to the mist from the falls. Stereoview. $4.50

Item LK0560Item LK0560
Stereoview: The Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy. 1896. Stereoview. $7.00

Item LK0561Item LK0561
Stereoview: Old Paris, France. 1900. Stereoview. $5.50

Item LK0565Item LK0565
Stereoview: Statue of the Virgin Mary, Vatican. Rome 1896. Stereoview. $7.00

Item LK0566Item LK0566
Stereoview: Statue of the Virgin Mary, Vatican. Rome 1897. Stereoview. $8.00

Item LK0567Item LK0567
Stereoview: A group of camels (and camel drivers) Cairo, Egypt. 1898. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK0568Item LK0568
Stereoview: Young mother dressed up to look like a grandma, sitting in rocking chair, dust cover, granny glasses, holding a little baby. "Gramma's Darling or Darling Gramma" 1892. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0569Item LK0569
Stereoview: Parlor courting scene entitled "Bliss!" Young couple in each other's arms on loveseat, appears both may have fallen asleep. Old lady in night gown waiting in bkgd. watching clock with what appears to be a rolling pin in her hand. 1897. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK0570Item LK0570
Stereoview: Young couple in bedroom. Girl is seated on bed in her night gown, young man is laying on floor. Has tux on, including top hat still on his head, cigar in his mouth, entitled "Where am I at" may be wedding night if he sobers up! 1897. Stereoview. $4.50

Item LK0572Item LK0572
Stereoview: Parlor scene. Entitled "The mother-in-law's annual visit" Young girl sitting in center of pic bent over crying. Husband standing with hands on hips looking at the mother-in-law who has a look on her face that nightmares are made of! 1897. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK0573Item LK0573
Stereoview: Wife standing in center of bed with night gown hoisted up slightly. Young husband standing beside bed in his nightshirt holding a small mouse by the tail. "His last race is run" Stereoview. $8.00

Item LK0574Item LK0574
Stereoview: Parlor scene entitled "No body's business." Young couple apparently kissing behind an open umbrella while mother looks on with fists clenched. 1897. Stereoview. $6.50

Item LK0575Item LK0575
Stereoview: Cute pic of young couple kissing at the window. Entitled "By Moonlight". Stereoview. $5.00

Item LK0576Item LK0576
Stereoview: Bedroom scene with wify trying to jump into bed from the right as hubby does the same from the left. Entitled "Last in Bed Must Put out the Light." 1899. Stereoview. $7.50

Item LK0961Item LK0961
Stereoview: "Boys Who Saw Action" formation of soldiers. Cannot tell era but probably pre-World War I. Stereoview. $4.00

Item LK0962Item LK0962
Stereoview: The beautiful flowering hedges at Berkeley, CA. Early 1900s Full color. Stereoview. $3.00

Item LK0969Item LK0969
Stereoview: St. Louis World's Fair Plaza. Full color. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0970Item LK0970
Stereoview: Great Bridge across Mississippi River, St. Louis. (Eads Bridge constructed from 1869-1874) Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0977Item LK0977
Stereoview: Three British Columbia, Canadian views w/mountains, full color: Mt. Balfour; Mt. Burgess (small 1/2" rub off bottom of right pic); and, at the foot of the Great Illecillewaet Glacier. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK0978Item LK0978
Stereoview: Lady in long dress with cup in her extended hand. Two dogs standing at her feet. "Ready for Breakfast-Which one gets it?" 1898. Stereoview. $3.50

Item LK0979Item LK0979
Stereoview: Sepiatonepic of little girl sitting in the middle of a brass bed trying to put her stockings on. Entitled "Time to get up" Stereoview. $3.00

Item LK1855Item LK1855
Stereoview: Man milking cow (people standing around) in narrow street of LaGuaira, Venezuela. "Native method of distributing milk. Unadulterated." Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK1856Item LK1856
Stereoview: Drying coffee in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK2299Item LK2299
Stereoview: View of the deck of the U.S. Battleship Pennsylvania. World War I era. Stereoview. $20.00

Item LK2578Item LK2578
Stereoview: Cannon abandoned by Germans in retreat at Acy, France. Stereoview. $7.00

Item LK2579Item LK2579
Stereoview: M'lle. Marcelle Semmer decorated for heroic actions under fire, standing in the ruins of Eclusiers, France, posing with two French officers. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK2580Item LK2580
Stereoview: A French Relief column of Algerian Zouaves, black troops, in Argonne Forest. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK2581Item LK2581
Stereoview: Huge armored tank (British model) making its way through a smoke screen. World War I. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK2582Item LK2582
Stereoview: Serbian trench, awaiting phone call from Listening Post to fire rocket for illuminating "no man's land." World War I. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK2586Item LK2586
Stereoview: World Disarmament Conference in session showing delegates around huge table, others behind. Continental Hall of the D.A.R., Washington, DC Nov 21, 1921. Delegates identified on back. Stereoview. $12.50

Item LK2588Item LK2588
Stereoview: Scene of one of America's own doughboys, World War I, standing in silence beside grave of Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt, buried by Germans where he fell near the little village of Chamery, by city of Reims in France. Stereoview. $20.00

Item LK2590Item LK2590
Stereoview: General Pershing decorating officers of 89th Div, Treves, Germany. Close-up. Stereoview. $25.00

Item LK2591Item LK2591
Stereoview: Along the noted Bowery, New York City, 1899. Street cars and horse drawn livery wagons. Stereoview. $25.00

Stereoview: Last rites of the heroes of the Maine. 1898. Kilburn. Stereoview. $15.00

Item LK2593Item LK2593
Stereoview: Young lady strolling in the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Versailles, France. 1901 hand tinted. Stereoview. $10.00

Item LK2594Item LK2594
Stereoview: Village life and homes in small Swedish village. 1897. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK2595Item LK2595
Stereoview: The world's greatest silver mining city, Guanajuato, Mexico. View over the roof tops. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK2596Item LK2596
Stereoview: Inspecting plate glass after polishing, Rossford, Ohio. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK2598Item LK2598
Stereoview: Cultivated bamboo, a plantation at Nankin, China. 1900. Stereoview. $6.00

Item LK2703Item LK2703
Stereoview: Fighting, Boer War, Feb 12, 1900. Worcesters against Boers near Colesberg (the Boers drove them back). Stereoview. $12.50

Item LK2706Item LK2706
Stereoview: President McKinley's Late Home, Canton, Ohio. Colored print 1903. Stereoview. $9.00

Item LK2707Item LK2707
Stereoview: Huge crowds viewing rows upon rows of soldiers marching, marking the celebration upon the return of Admiral Dewey. 1899. Stereoview. $15.00

Stereoview: Oneonta Gorge, Oregon. full color. Stereoview. $8.50

Stereoview: The Upper & Lower Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, California. 1898. full color. Stereoview. $7.50

Stereoview: Wisconsin Dells Stand Rock. Fantastic full color pic of a person in mid-air jumping across to the rock which has to be at least 80' high! Stereoview. $8.50

Stereoview: Among the Wine Saps, Northern Yakima, Washington. Full color. Stereoview. $5.50

Stereoview: "Birdseye View of El Paso, Texas" color. Stereoview. $6.00

Stereoview: Hunter w/rifle in left hand, prong horn antelope over his right shoulder, heading for camp. Full color. Stereoview. $8.00

Stereoview: A "forest" of oil wells and derricks in the oil fields near Los Angeles. Full color. Stereoview. $9.00

Stereoview: Full color pic of little girl standing on porch step bandaging up her brother. Entitled "The day after the 4th of July" he forced to much gunpower into his toy cannon and it exploded. Large bandages on his knee, ankle, head, arm, plus a crutch. Great Fireworks safety picture. Stereoview. $17.00

Stereoview: Two b&w cards from inside of The T. Eaton Co. factory in Toronto, Canada, one showing china department and the other ladies' whitewear. Stereoview. $12.50

Stereoview: Colored pic of three little children, fully clothed, at the sandy beach, little red 2-wheeled cart filled with sand. Having a great time. Stereoview. $7.00

Stereoview: Five little girls, seated all in a row on a teeter-totter. Full color. Stereoview. $5.50

Stereoview: Two stereoview cards. First shows three women in bedroom, all in white nightgowns searching under their bed. Titled: "Looking for a man." Second card shows them dragging a man out from under the bed as they hit him with their hair brushes, shoes, etc. Titled: "A Man, At Last a Man!" Dated 1899. $10.00

Stereoview: Young lady in Lawrence, Mass mill copying designs to be printed on cotton cloth. B&W photos. Bottom of card has been cut off. $5.00

Stereoview: New York Harbor. B&W photos. Left photo has several small stains. $4.00

Item K8895Item K8895
Stereoview: Lake Thun & Chateau of Ober-Ofen. B&W photos. $5.00

Stereoview: Central Park, New York City showing rustic bridge near 8th Avenue. Tinted photos, not terribly clear. One stain on right photo. $4.00

Item K8899Item K8899
Stereoview: The Summit of Mount Blanc and Valley of Seruoz, France. Tinted photos. $5.00

Item K8900Item K8900
Stereoview: Peak of the Wetterhorn, Switzerland. tinted photos. 1 bend. $4.00

Item K8901Item K8901
Stereoview: Boy and girl enjoying water at lake or beach. Girl is riding a pony which is standing in the water. Tinted photos. $4.00

Item K8902Item K8902
Stereoview: Yosemite Falls, Cal. Tinted photos. Right photo has small stain. $4.00

Item K8903Item K8903
Stereoview: Delaware Water Gap, Penn. B&W photos. $4.00

Item K8904Item K8904
Stereoview: Suspension Bridge and Niagara Falls, B&W photos. Photo's on reverse side of someone's home(?). $4.00

Item K8905Item K8905
Stereoview: Niagara Falls from American side, b&w pics; reverse side has view of a Cypress swamp, b&w photos. $5.00

Item K8906Item K8906
Stereoview: Glacier scene. B&W photos. $4.00

Item K8908Item K8908
Stereoview: Hayden Valley, b&w photos. Small stain at top edge of card. $4.50

Item K8909Item K8909
Stereoview: View of Athens, Greece. b&w photos. Park scene on reverse. $4.00

Item K8910Item K8910
Stereoview: Several people seated on giant log, probably a Redwood or Sequoia. B&W photos. $5.00

Item K8912Item K8912
Stereoview: Small girl on knees watching two puppies drinking from saucer. $4.00

Item K8913Item K8913
Stereoview: Family of several people posed in garden, home in bkgd, b&w photos hand tinted. $5.00

Item K8914Item K8914
Stereoview: The model husband. Bedroom scene. Wife asleep in bed, husband in night shirt & cap walking the baby. b&w photos. $5.00

Item K8915Item K8915
Stereoview: Model husband. Bedroom scene. Husband holding baby. Baby's bed next to the parent's bed. b&w photos. tinted. $5.00

Item K8916Item K8916
Stereoview: Just Home from the Club. Bedroom scene of man and wife. She is pointing her finger and scolding him. b&w photos. tinted. $5.00

Item K8917Item K8917
Stereoview: What a difference in the morning. Bedroom scene. Man sitting on side of bed with what appears to be a hang over. Wife in bed. b&w photos. $5.00

Item K8918Item K8918
Stereoview: Couple getting ready for bed. Man holding his boots. Sign on wall, "Put your boots in the hall to be shined." Wife saying, "Naow, Silas, if yeow put them boots aout that way, they'll steal'em sure." b&w photos. $5.00

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