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Paper: Postcards (260 items)

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A broad range of post cards and groups of post cards including scenic and travel, holidays, political and an assortment of other topics.

Note: Post cards are carried in other lists including political, travel, advertising, holiday and celebrities.


Item LK4797Item LK4797
Postcard: New York City. 4 color tinted linen postcards. Unused. Circa 1930s. Scenes include Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, RCA Building and Rockefeller Center, & the Empire State Building towering over other midtown skyscrapers. $10.00

Item K9863PCItem K9863PC
Postcard: Richard Nixon full color photo campaign post card, playing the piano with family around him, (Pat, Tricia, Julie & David, nice of all of them, particularly Nixon, himself), pub. by United Citizenss for Nixon-Agnew. Rev. message: "This time vote like your whole world depended on it, and when you do...take 4 voters with you. Remember...polls don't vote, People do" $2.00

Item A2152PCItem A2152PC
Postcard: "Model of Old Ironsides," b&w 1935 postcard with fac. note below picture, "A splendid model of my favorite ship, Franklin D. Roosevelt". Unused. $7.00

Item W822Item W822
Postcard: Five various postcard shots of the Old Nathan Hale School House in New London, Connecticut. Postmarked between 1906 and 1950. $10.00

Item W828Item W828
Postcard: Nine different scenes from Pike's Peak and Royal Gorge area, Colorado.. All unused. Circa 1910. $25.00

Item W827Item W827
Postcard: Five Aberdeen, South Dakota scenes, circa 1900-1910. $25.00

Item W826Item W826
Postcard: Three views from Minnesota State Soldiers' Home. Circa 1910. $10.00

Item W824Item W824
Postcard: Gettysburg, PA. Souvenir packet of 18 unused linen post cards. Circa 1950. $10.00

Item W823Item W823
Postcard: Group of 7 Baltimore scenes. Linen finish. Circa 1930s. $20.00

Item W829Item W829
Postcard: Group of four very early Colorado postcards including an aerial view of Denver, train arriving at Pike's Peak Summit, Balanced Rock (with man in early auto posing in front) and ladies all dressed up in fancy hats riding mules on canyon trail (this card has bent corner). All unused. Unusual size, 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" $50.00

Item W821Item W821
Postcard: Best Wishes engraved card w/sheep herding scene. Unused. $5.00

Item W820Item W820
Postcard: Promo card by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company with scene depicting nursery rhyme "There was a little girl and she had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead..." Unused. $9.00

Item W816Item W816
Postcard: Speed and Proficiency. One of Uncle Sam's New Torpedo Boats. Dist. by Third National Bank, Nashville, Tennesssee. Bluetone linen card. Unused. $15.00

Item W815Item W815
Postcard: Scene of the Domestic Science Building at Piney Woods School in Piney Woods, Mississippi with all the students & teachers posed in front and up and down the staircases. A great shot. A printed message on the reverse side indicates the card was sent to those who contributed to the building fund to make this building possible. It is postmarked 1945. $25.00

Item W814Item W814
Postcard: "Doing His Duty" A great World War I b&w scene of a young soldier and his wife strolling past a cannon pushing a carriage with small child seated inside. 1917. $12.50

Item W813Item W813
Postcard: Beatrice Lillie in Billy De Wolfe's Ziegfeld Follies. Promo on other side urges the recipient to contact the secretary now to reserve choice seats. Unused. $10.00

Item W812Item W812
Postcard: Electric Fountain, San Diego, Calif. Unused. $5.00

Item W811Item W811
Postcard: Grammar School, Dos Palos, Calif. Postmarked 1910. $6.00

Item W809Item W809
Postcard: Mouth of Cave "Sunny Jim", La Jolla, Calif. Unused. Circa 1900-1910. $4.50

Item W808Item W808
Postcard: Caricature of gentleman and maid kissing. Caption reads "One for the governor" Some slight marking on bottom edge. Postmarked 1902. $5.00

Item W807Item W807
Postcard: Scene of young lady baker w/caption "I am Looking for Dough." 1911. Bend on bottom right. $5.00

Item W806Item W806
Postcard: Card showing scene of Osceola, Nebraska. Postmarked 1912. Overall soiling. $3.50

Item W805Item W805
Postcard: Peace with Honour! embossed postcard. Raphael Tuck. $12.00

Item W804Item W804
Postcard: Caricature postcard. "Eat, Drink and be Merry, for you may soon have a mother-in-law." c. 1909; postmarked 1911. Great! $17.50

Item W803Item W803
Postcard: Sheyenne River in Winter, Valley City, North Dakota. Circa 1910. $6.00

Item W802Item W802
Postcard: Postcard displaying the 50 star flag, "Display Your Flag Proudly!" 1969. $3.50

Item W801Item W801
Postcard: Advertising postcard. Reverse side promotes a complete maple living room, 5 whole pieces, for only 89 dollars! R. H. Muir, Inc, East Orange, NJ. $4.00

Item W798Item W798
Postcard: Advertising postcard promoting Columbia Records. $5.00

Item W797Item W797
Postcard: One fold double postcard advertising the Jeep Forward Control Truck FC-150. Unused. $6.50

Item W796Item W796
Postcard: One fold double postcard advertising the Universal Jeep Model CJ-5. Unused. $6.50

Item W795Item W795
Postcard: Ambassador Bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. "The World's Largest International Suspension Bridge". Unused. $5.00

Item W794Item W794
Postcard: 48-star flag, World War I era. "My Life, my all, for my Country's Flag!" Postmarked 1917. $7.50

Item W792Item W792
Postcard: Air View of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Back printed "Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb." Linen card. Postmarked 1950. Some scrapes on bottom border. $4.00

Item W790Item W790
Postcard: U.S. Veterans' Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. Linen card. Postmarked 1948. $5.00

Item W788Item W788
Postcard: Pocahontas statue, Jamestown Island, Virginia. Postmarked 1924. $3.50

Item W787Item W787
Postcard: Callander, The Home of the Quintuplets. Postmarked 1939. $6.00

Item W786Item W786
Postcard: Residence of Gary Cooper, Brentwood, California. Linen card. Postmarked 1940. $5.00

Item W784Item W784
Postcard: New Post Office, Chicago. Linen card. Postmarked 1943. $3.50

Item W783Item W783
Postcard: English Garden, Gardens of the Nations, Rockefeller Center, New York City. Linen card. Postmarked 1950. $3.50

Item W782Item W782
Postcard: Water Front, Colonial Beach, Virginia. Postmarked 1945. $3.50

Item W781Item W781
Postcard: Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore, MD. Linen postcard. Unused. $2.00

Item W780Item W780
Postcard: Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Postmarked 1911. $3.00

Item W779Item W779
Postcard: Foster County Court House, Carrington, North Dakota. Postmarked 1910. $5.00

Item W778Item W778
Postcard: Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. Postmarked 1910. $3.50

Postcard: Two regular photo sepiatone cards of man & woman sitting smartly behind the driver's wheel of their automobile. Pre-1920. Wooden driving wheel. Talk about Ma & Pa Kettle! He has a white beard and old felt hat with brim turned up. She has her hair drawn back and the look of being "so proud." $8.00

Postcard: Sepiatone photo of the doorway to Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg, VA, where George Washington held many war councils. Postmked 1936. $3.00

Postcard: 1910 postmked card, tinted photo of old auto going down dirt road with hay fields on both sides. Edge of card is an actual printed gold frame. Nice. $5.50

Postcard: B&W photo, Isaac Hamburger & Sons' Building, Baltimore. $3.50

Postcard: Tinted photo of people standing by a pool. Postmarked 1912 from Big Pool, MD. $4.50

Item A6037PCItem A6037PC
Postcard: Bureau of Printing & Engraving building, Washington, DC, color. Probably 1930s. $2.50

Item A6039PCItem A6039PC
Postcard: New York World's Fair, 1939, Color. Linen. Hall of Metals. Postmked 1939, World's Fair, NY. $4.00

Item A6041PCItem A6041PC
Postcard: A collection of amateur radio station cards sent from ham operator to another acknowledging their conversations, etc. Most of these are post cards that have been mailed, postmked 1933-37. Many have graphic designs promoting their amateur station or hometown, some of them very, very clever. There are 32 total, all different. $85.00

Item A6042PCItem A6042PC
Postcard: A collection of amateur radio station cards sent from ham operator to another acknowledging their conversations, etc. Most of these are post cards that have been mailed, postmked 1956-71. Many have graphic designs promoting their amateur station or hometown. There are 18 total, all different. $30.00

Item A6043PCItem A6043PC
Postcard: Glossy b&w print, The Library of Congress, Washington, DC. $2.00

Item A6044PCItem A6044PC
Postcard: Color tinted card, Radio City Music Hall, N.Y. $2.50

Item A6048PCItem A6048PC
Postcard: Three color tinted post cards of scenes from the Franciscan Monastery, Mount St. Sepulchre, Washington, DC. Monks shown in two. $12.00

Item A6049PCItem A6049PC
Postcard: 10 colored scenic cards, circa. 1930,of Watkins Glen, New York. $17.50

Item A6050PCItem A6050PC
Postcard: Niagara Falls. 18 colored post cards, circa. 1930. Some duplication. Several have scenes with automobiles. $30.00

Item A6052PCItem A6052PC
Postcard: A grouping of real photo sepiatone post cards, probably around 1920. Real "down home" with some goofy looking family characters in some even goofier get-ups. 26 total. Unused. All different. $38.00

Item A8465PCItem A8465PC
Postcard: Kokomo, Indiana. 12 linen post cards and a souvenir folder, all showing scenes of Kokomo. 1940s. Includes Hotels Courtland and Frances, Kokomo High School, New $175,000 Swimming Pool, Telephone Building, Memorial Gymnasium, etc. $22.00

Item A8466PCItem A8466PC
Postcard: Notre Dame and South Bend, Indiana. 5 colored post cards and souvenir folder with university scenes, plus Central High School, Hotel Oliver, etc. Circa 1937-1940. $14.00

Postcard: Color tinted linen card, The Summit on the Beartooth Highway, Montana. Card postmked 1952 but believe card is 1940s vintage. Old vintage car front & center. $3.50

Item A8534PCItem A8534PC
Postcard: Colored scene of the High School, Martinsburg, WV, pub. The Neff Novelty Co, Cumberland, MD . $2.00

Item A8535PCItem A8535PC
Postcard: Colored pic of Children's Home, Wheeling, WV, pub. The Neff Novelty Co, Cumberland, MD $2.00

Item A2159PCItem A2159PC
Postcard: 1924 Reward Notice post card. Issued by War Department, Fort Leavenworth, KS to the Sheriff in various counties in the area. 4" x 9-1/4" Reverse has information on a wanted person. This one happens to be a $50 reward for Theodore P. Dunn #24430 for desertion. Gives both front and side photo of Dunn and a description and circumstances. $30.00

Item A8536PCItem A8536PC
Postcard: 1924 Reward Notice post card. Issued by War Department, Fort Leavenworth, KS to the Sheriff in various counties in the area. 4" x 9-1/2" Reverse has information on a wanted person or persons. This one is a fifty dollar reward for either of two escaped convicts, Walter Johnson #24708, aka Rollie Spear and Wayne Bruce #24531. Gives both front and side photo views of both of them and a description and circumstances. $30.00

Item A8560PCItem A8560PC
Postcard: 1925 Reward Notice post card. Issued by War Department, Fort Leavenworth, KS to the Sheriff in various counties in the area. 4" x 9-1/2" Reverse has information on a wanted person. This is a $50 reward for Willie A. Stone #24993 for desertion (2 counts) and escape. Gives both front and side photo views of this 19-year-old, a description and circumstances. $30.00

Postcard: Post Souvenir Folder from "picturesque Benzonia, Michigan." 12 b&w foldouts with gold woodgrain frame technique used around each to make them appear like framed prints. Includes photos of the Benzonia Academy, public school building, Crystal Lake, Congregational Church and main street (dirt street). Circa. 1880s. $12.00

Item A8538PCItem A8538PC
Postcard: Colored photo postcard of President & Mrs. Carter and Vice President & Mrs. Mondale standing together in the White House on January 20, 1977 following the inauguration. $2.50

Item A8539PCItem A8539PC
Postcard: Linen card, colored photo of Frances Scott Key Monument in Baltimore. $2.50

Item A8540PCItem A8540PC
Postcard: B&W photo post card of The Waldorf Astoria, New York City. 1940s $4.25

Item A8541PCItem A8541PC
Postcard: Series of b&w post cards from Tom Breneman's Breakfast in Hollywood ABC Radio Show. c. 1945. Includes photos of Bob Hope, Carmen Miranda, Eddie Cantor, Sonja Henie, etc. 14 total $26.00

Item A8542PCItem A8542PC
Postcard: Colored linen post card "Drop in Any Time" in Florida with gigantic alligator with his mouth open coming out of the water. (artwork). $3.00

Item A8543PCItem A8543PC
Postcard: Formal colored pic, head & shoulders, of President George Bush. Photo by David Valdez, White House. $1.50

Item A8563PCItem A8563PC
Postcard: B&W photo, "Typical street, reception center, Camp Lee, VA," postmked 1943. Was spot glued at one time but does not show through to photo side. $3.00

Item A8565PCItem A8565PC
Postcard: 1929 post card urging person to attend the Mitchell Church on Sunday May 26th. "An Hour spent in God's House is An Hour Well spent" Postmked Omaha, NE. $3.50

Item A6531PCItem A6531PC
Postcard: Nice colored photo of George and Barbara Bush. "The First Family" below with Presidential Seal. $2.00

Item A6532PCItem A6532PC
Postcard: Colored photo of George Bush on left half of card. "41st President of the United States George W. Bush" with Presidential Seal on right side. $2.00

Item A6927PCItem A6927PC
Postcard: B&W pic of M. E. Church, Lyons, Wis. 1910. $3.00

Item A6932PCItem A6932PC
Postcard: B&W view of a "crushing plant" with snow all around, mountains in bkgd, postmarked with great looking stamp from Chile with O'Higgins picture. $5.00

Item A6935PCItem A6935PC
Postcard: Grouping of 10 very nice professional, formal shots of a young lady in various poses, some seated, some with fur wraps, some standing. All appear to be the same young lady. $18.00

Item A7548PCItem A7548PC
Postcard: Promotion post card from Montgomery Ward promoting (& illustrating) their new 1934 Wall Paper sample book. "pay as little as 5 cents a single roll". Order form for ordering catalog is part of card. $6.00

Item A8949PCItem A8949PC
Postcard: B&W post card of a religious parade. Three marchers in hooded robes front and center with others in darker robes to their sides. Crowds of "lookers" along the street curbs. $20.00

Item A9345PCItem A9345PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Titled "New York Windy Corner" shows skyscraper w/young lady, her umbrelly inside out and skirt flying in the air. Small portion tinted. Postmked w/stamp. 1906. $18.00

Item A9346PCItem A9346PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Titled "Raising a Full House on 3 Jacks" shows a house with people hanging out of the windows on the backs of three donkeys. Roof tinted pink. Postmked w/stamp. 1906. $18.00

Item A9347PCItem A9347PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Two donkeys head to head (heads & necks only). "When shall we three meet again?" printed between the heads. "Red Cliff Colo" at lower right. Not mailed. $16.00

Item A9348PCItem A9348PC
Postcard: Leather post card. "Foxy" looking owl sitting on branch. "You're a Wise Guy" printed at left. Postmked w/stamp 1906. Card has evenly placed holes punched in border all the way around as if someone was going to weave a border or something. $12.00

Item A9349PCItem A9349PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Dutch boy & Dutch girl kissing, windmill in bkgd. "When We Meet In.." (the sender was to fill in destination but card has not been used). $12.50

Item A9350PCItem A9350PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Young lady standing on rock in water in swimming attire (almost fully clothed) waving at young man walking along beach, "Come on in the water is fine." He also is fully clothed. Both the clothes on the man & lady are tinted. Card is addressed but was apparently never mailed. $15.00

Item A9351PCItem A9351PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Little boy straddle a tree branch with bull dog below. "In the shade of the old apple tree." Apples & foliage are tinted. Someone has written "Spring Valley, I'm having a fine time up here." in lefthand margin." Postmarked w/stamp 1906. $12.50

Item A9352PCItem A9352PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Four Dutch children in wooden shoes holding hands in a circle. "I'm Going 'Round among my friends in Freeport" multi-colored clothing. Postmked & stamped 1906 Freeport, Ill. $18.00

Item A9353PCItem A9353PC
Postcard: Leather post card. "I have settled down at last." with scene of newly "planted" grave & tombstone. On stone, "Here Lies..." and the sender has presumably placed his name & age. Postmked & stamped 1906. $20.00

Item A9354PCItem A9354PC
Postcard: Leather post card. "I can't express my thanks, so I'll send them by freight. Chicago" w/sketch of wagon & team of horses unloading cargo onto a box car. Tinted. Postmked & stamped. $15.00

Item A9355PCItem A9355PC
Postcard: Leather post card. Couple in steamy embrace on bench in front of an upright piano. "How would you like to try this with me?" her dress is tinted. W.S. Heal. Stamped, no postmark showing. $17.00

Item A9356PCItem A9356PC
Postcard: Leather post card. "Will You Be My Teddy Bear?" Red Cliffe, Colo. Faint silhouette of a bear at right w/stain on it. May have been something attached to card where bear is at one time and no longer there?? Postmked 1909. $7.00

Item KR3316Item KR3316
Postcard: Leather post card. "I'm in Society!" with a man and woman on front in dark pink. 1907. $12.00

Item KR3317Item KR3317
Postcard: Leather post card. "Looks Fine from Here" with a boy on his knees and woman in front of him w/her butt near his face in dark pink and light blue. 1906. $12.00

Item KR3318Item KR3318
Postcard: Leather post card. "Better Smoke Here Than Here-After" with red devil. $12.00

Item KR3320Item KR3320
Postcard: Leather post card. "If the Folks at Home Could See Me Now" with a man and woman sitting closely on a bench. 1906. $12.00

Item KR3321Item KR3321
Postcard: Leather post card. "The Morning After" with a dog on crutches and bandaged up. 1907. $12.00

Item KR3322Item KR3322
Postcard: Leather post card. "My Deer, I've Reached Chicago Safely" with a deer on front. 1907. $12.00

Item KR3323Item KR3323
Postcard: Leather post card. "I Pick Things Up Easily" with a woman in red on front. 1905. $12.00

Item KR3325Item KR3325
Postcard: Leather post card. "I'm Feel-in...Fine, Oh, Feel-in Fine" under musical notes and next to a smoking woman in top hat. 1907. $12.00

Item KR3326Item KR3326
Postcard: Leather post card. "Caught With the Goods" with a woman walking in on a couple eating at a table. $12.00

Item KR3327Item KR3327
Postcard: Leather post card. "Here's to You--May You Live as Long as You Like And Have What You Like As Long As You Live" next to a man making a toast. 1907. $12.00

Item KR3328Item KR3328
Postcard: Leather post card. "Here's to the merry old world, And the days be they bright or blue, Here's to the fates, may they bring what they may, But the best of them all-that's you." 1906. $12.00

Item KR3329Item KR3329
Postcard: Leather post card. "I think of you by day, I dream of you by night." 1905. $12.00

Item W606Item W606
Postcard: Grouping of 25 Italian scenic postcards, 1950s, most with Italian stamp cancellations. Representing Fiesole, Florence, Tivoli, Verona, etc. $20.00

Item LK0078Item LK0078
Postcard: Tinted scene, "Seven mile stretch on Lincoln Highway between Stoyestown and Bedford, PA. 1920s. $7.50

Item LK0082Item LK0082
Postcard: Nice scene of The Washington Memorial National Carillon at Valley Forge. 1939. B&W. $4.00

Item LK0702Item LK0702
Postcard: Tinted picture of loop tunnels 14 & 15, Shasta Route, S.P. R.R. Postmked 1910 Franklin stamp. $5.00

Item LK0703Item LK0703
Postcard: First Congregational Church, Waterloo, Iowa. Color. Postmked 1910 Franklin stamp. $4.00

Item LK0704Item LK0704
Postcard: Four linen finish post cards relating to Cumberland, MD & scenes along U.S. 40. $9.00

Item LK0705Item LK0705
Postcard: Practice in Anti-Aircraft Firing at Target in Motion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Color. Linen finish. Postmked 1952 $3.00

Item LK0707Item LK0707
Postcard: Color pic of EXIT 3 MOTEL, Gate 3, Ohio Turnpike, Wauseon, Ohio. $2.50

Item LK0708Item LK0708
Postcard: Atlantic City. View of Ocean looking towards Ventnor. Shows Ritz, Ambassador, Chelsea & President Hotels (don't know if any are there now). Postmked 1953. Color. $4.00

Item LK0709Item LK0709
Postcard: B&W pic of Chess Park, Monongahela, PA. 1950s. $2.00

Item LK0711Item LK0711
Postcard: Mechanics' Hall, Boston, Mass w/street cars in front. Color. $3.50

Item LK0712Item LK0712
Postcard: Colored pic. "Henry's Knob" Pennsylvania Turnpike. 1950s. $3.50

Item LK0716Item LK0716
Postcard: "This is how the fish run here!!" Actual colored pic of semi-trailer truck with back end filled by a giant striped bass. Caricature of fisherman in lower right corner. 1950s. $4.50

Item LK0717Item LK0717
Postcard: Colored pic of 1940 Studebaker President 8. 110 horsepower. 4-door sedan, MOdel 6C W3. $8.00

Item LK0718Item LK0718
Postcard: Glass House Drive-In Restaurant. Atlanta, GA. Color. 1950s $3.50

Item LK0719Item LK0719
Postcard: B&W pic of lady, real picture. Victorian. Full puffy white blouse w/high collar, pinch-on glasses. Signed on photo "Tipton Photo. Gettysburg." (Tipton was one of the famous local photographers during the Battle of Gettysburg). $4.50

Item LK0890Item LK0890
Postcard: Full color linen post card of First Congregational Church, Elgin, Illinois. $3.00

Item LK0891Item LK0891
Postcard: 1950s colored post card of the Warren, Illinois Presbyterian Church. $3.00

Item LK0889Item LK0889
Postcard: Heinz 57 Ocean Pier, Atlantic City. Color. Nice scene of people strolling along board walk and of the pier. $5.50

Item LK0892Item LK0892
Postcard: Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY Postmked 1907 $6.00

Item LK0893Item LK0893
Postcard: B&W photo of Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, MD. Busy scene of horses and wagons. Postmarked 1907. A bend through the center but still a nice historic view. $3.00

Item LK0894Item LK0894
Postcard: Facade of Bullock's Store for Men, Los Angeles, CA Satin. Circa 1930s. $3.50

Postcard: Group of 15 birthday post cards from 1920s, some postmarked w/stamps. $20.00

Item LK2290Item LK2290
Postcard: Bathing Beach, Virginia Beach, Va. Crowd of people on beach. tinted linen postmked 1936. $4.50

Item A9937Item A9937
Postcard: Miscellaneous group of 10 postcards, all featuring covered bridges. $5.00

Item C9673Item C9673
Postcard: New York Stock Exchange. b&W glossy. Shows activity on trading floor. Probably 1940s. $3.50

Item C9675Item C9675
Postcard: The Blaine Restaurant (air conditioned) Portland, Maine. 2 interior pics. b&w 1940s. $2.50

Item C9676Item C9676
Postcard: The "Daylight" passenger train Los Angeles to San Francisco along the cost. hand tinted linen. $4.00

Item C9677Item C9677
Postcard: Trinity Church, Broadway & Wall St, NYC. b&w 1946. $2.50

Item C9678Item C9678
Postcard: Vista Dome California Zephyr. daily between Chicago-Denver-Salt Lake City-San Francisco. Hand colored glossy. 1940s. $4.50

Item C9681Item C9681
Postcard: Guarantee Trust Co of NY Country Home. Patterson, NJ. Sepia. 1920s. $2.50

Item C9685Item C9685
Postcard: Thousand Islands St. Lawrence River Canada. Souvenir folder. hand tinted. $3.00

Item C9686Item C9686
Postcard: Highlands & Franklin Section N.C. Souvenir folder. hand tinted. $4.00

Item C9688Item C9688
Postcard: Three linen colored postcards from San Francisco Chinatown. Circa 1940s. $5.50

Item C9689Item C9689
Postcard: Three glossy postcards from McGuire Air Force Base (NJ) Probably late 1980s, showing aircraft. $3.00

Postcard: Group of 20 foreign postcards, all used & with foreign stamps. 1950s are the latest, with some from 1920s or earlier, 1930s & 1940s. Some great stamps, representing a number of different countries, mostly European. Most show scenery & city views. Have several sets. $12.50

Item LK4288Item LK4288
Postcard: Colored postcard of Cambridge Massachusetts' Harvard Square showing people walking and getting on and off two street cars or trolleys. Postmarked 1910. Bent corners. $5.00

Item LK4290Item LK4290
Postcard: B&W photo postcard showing Will Rogers home, Santa Monica, CA. $5.00

Item LK4291Item LK4291
Postcard: Two colored postcards, one showing home of Huckleberry Finn, Hannibal, MO and the other showing Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer monument, Hannibal, MO. Both postmked Hannibal 1927 with 2c stamps. $6.00

Item LK4478Item LK4478
Postcard: Colored linen postcard, "George's Court & Cafe, U.S. Hwy 67, Arkadelphia, Ark". Circa 1950. $4.00

Item LK4480Item LK4480
Postcard: Mirror Lake, Spanish Peaks Primitive Area, Gallatin National Forest, Montana colored linen postcard. Postmked 1950. $3.00

Item LK4481Item LK4481
Postcard: Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Harrisonburg, VA colored linen postcard, circa 1940s. $3.50

Item LK4482Item LK4482
Postcard: The New Greenbrier and Cottages, White Sulphur Springs, WV. Circa 1940s. Full color postcard. $2.50

Postcard: Memorial Tower, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada colored postcard. Circa 1940s, postmked 1954 w/Queen Elizabeth 4c Canadian stamp. $3.00

Postcard: Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada hand-tinted postcard. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Item LK4485Item LK4485
Postcard: Howard Johnsons restaurant colored postcard, circa 1950s. $3.00

Item LK4486Item LK4486
Postcard: LaPorte Avenue, looking north from Methodist Church, Eagles Mere, PA. Hand tinted postcard. Circa 1940s or earlier. $4.50

Item LK4488Item LK4488
Postcard: View from beach showing lighthouse, Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.00

Item LK4489Item LK4489
Postcard: B&W glossy postcrd, "Don Hoel's in the Heart of Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona". Circa 1930s. $5.00

Item LK4490Item LK4490
Postcard: Lily Pond and Band Stand, Garfield Park, Chicago. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.00

Item LK4491Item LK4491
Postcard: Bellingham, Washington, Mt Baker in distance, colored linen postcrd. Circa 1950s or earlier. $4.00

Item LK4493Item LK4493
Postcard: Bickels Knob, Elevation 4014 ft on Route 5, near Elkins, W. Va. colored linen postcard. Circa 1950 or earlier. $2.50

Item LK4494Item LK4494
Postcard: The Floridian Hotel, Miami Beach. Colored linen postcrd. Circa 1940s. $4.00

Item LK4495Item LK4495
Postcard: Two photo colored linen postcard, Mount Rushmore, as it looked before, and as it looks today. Circa 1950. $3.00

Item LK4496Item LK4496
Postcard: Horses leaving Paddock, Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1930s or 40s. $5.00

Item LK4497Item LK4497
Postcard: Skytop Lodge, High in the Poconos, Skytop, PA. Colored linen postcrd. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.50

Item LK4498Item LK4498
Postcard: The Hotel Good, Oceafront at 43rd St, Miami Beach. Colored pic postcard, 1940s. $4.00

Item LK4500Item LK4500
Postcard: Looking South on Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida. Colored linen postcard. 1950 or earlier. $3.50

Item LK4501Item LK4501
Postcard: Bird's-eye view of John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.50

Item LK4502Item LK4502
Postcard: Looking north on Collins Avenue from Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1950. $3.50

Item LK4503Item LK4503
Postcard: Chinatown, Grant Avenue San Francisco. Colorful postcard. 1930s. Great vintage autos shot. $5.00

Item LK4504Item LK4504
Postcard: Cable Car on turn table at Powell and Market Streets, San Francisco. Colorful postcard. Circa 1940s or 1930s. $5.00

Item LK4505Item LK4505
Postcard: Biscayne Boulevard and MacArthur Causeway, Miami, Florida. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1940s. $3.00

Item LK4506Item LK4506
Postcard: Hotel Normandie, San Juan, P.R. Colored linen postcard, circa 1940s. $3.00

Item LK4508Item LK4508
Postcard: B&W pic of Lake Swannanoa, New Jersey. Circa 1950 or earlier. $3.00

Item LK4510Item LK4510
Postcard: Glimpse from San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, Texas. Colored linen postcard, Circa 1950 or earlier. $2.50

Item LK4512Item LK4512
Postcard: Saginaw Street, Looking North, Flint, Michigan. Nice colored linen postcard circa 1950 showing the Kresge store, Penney's on down the street. $4.50

Item LK4513Item LK4513
Postcard: On the "Miracle Mile" Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. Colored postcard. Circa 1950s. $3.00

Item LK4514Item LK4514
Postcard: North Side Motel, Mt Sterling, KY. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1950. $3.00

Item LK4515Item LK4515
Postcard: The Mayflower, Altantic City, NJ. Colored postcard, Circa 1950s. $3.50

Postcard: Along the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada. Hand tinted colored postcard. Circa 1950s or earlier. $2.50

Item LK4519Item LK4519
Postcard: Md-Season at Hialeah Race Course, Hialeah, Fla. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1930s-40s. $5.00

Item LK4520Item LK4520
Postcard: Central Park at 59th Street, Showing Hotels Plaza, Savoy Plaza, Sherry Netherlands and Pierre. Colored linen postcard. Circa 1940s. $3.50

Postcard: Haynes Yellowstone National Park postcards, unused, with original box. 65 total. 1920s. $100.00

Postcard: Dixie Hotel, New York City. $4.00

Postcard: Sharkey's Bar, Norco, LA. $5.50

Postcard: Village Corners in Greenwich Village. $4.00

Postcard: Dixie Hotel, New York City. $4.00

Postcard: Aerial View, U.S. Marine Hospital, Stapleton, Staten Island, NY. $4.00

Postcard: The Rice Bowl Restaurant (in the heart of Chinatown, 44 Mott Street, New York City. $5.00

Postcard: The Hurricane, New York's Smart Tropical Restaurant, Broadway & 49th St. $5.50

Postcard: Church of the Immaculate Conception, New Orleans, LA. $2.50

Postcard: The Hurricane, New York's Smart Tropical Restaurant, Broadway & 49th St. $5.00

Postcard: The St. Clare, Atlantic City, NJ, Pennsylvania Ave. near Beach. $5.50

Postcard: Bales of Cotton Ready for shipment. Photo by Tenn. Dept. of Conservation. $5.00

Postcard: Camp Snapshot. 1942. $4.00

Postcard: Bayonet Drill, Fort Bragg, NC. 1942. $4.00

Postcard: New York World's Fair 1939. Westinghouse Electric Building. $5.00

Postcard: New York World's Fair 1939. R.C.A. Exhibit Building. $5.00

Postcard: Hotel Statler, New York City. $4.00

Postcard: Pergola, Oake's Garden Theatre, Niagara Falls, Canada. $2.50

Postcard: Bridge spanning the Sinepuxent Bay, Ocean City, MD. $4.50

Postcard: Surf Bathing at Ocean City, MD. $3.50

Postcard: National Airlines DC-7 $5.50

Postcard: Ford V-8 for 1936. Corner bent. $5.00

Postcard: King's Arms Tavern, Williamsburg, VA. 1961. $2.50

Postcard: Golden Ox, at the Stockyards, Kansas City. $4.00

Postcard: The Old Southern Tea Room, 1201 Monroe St, Vicksburg, Mississippi. $4.00

Postcard: The Crab Claw, St. Michaels, MD. $2.50

Postcard: Greenbrier, White Sulfur Springs, WV. Circa 1970. $2.00

Postcard: Expo 86 Fairsite, Vancouver, BC. Canada. $3.50

Postcard: Kissing the Blarney Stone, Blarney Castle, County Cork, Ireland. $2.00

Postcard: Frenchman's Reef, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. $1.50

Postcard: The Crookedest Street in the World. San Francisco. $2.00

Postcard: New Wilson Line Steamer, "City of Washington" arriving at Mt. Vernon, VA. Was pasted down at one time. $2.50

Postcard: View of Boardwalk showing Chalfonte and Haddon Hall Hotels, Atlantic City, NJ. 1930s. Card was pasted down at one time. $3.00

Postcard: The Factory of the Hershey Chocolate Corporation, Hershey, PA. Circa 1920. Card was pasted down at one time. $3.00

Postcard: The Park Entrance, Hershey, PA. $1.50

Postcard: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 1930s. $2.50

Postcard: Blue Hole Entrance, Castalia, Ohio. $2.00

Postcard: Union Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH Late 1930s. $3.00

Postcard: Air View, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Mich. $2.00

Postcard: Hanging Rock and View of Valley from Cedar Mountain, between Saluda and Tryon, NC. $2.50

Postcard: The Lost River at Natural Bridge, Virginia. $1.50

Postcard: Municipal Stadium and Union Terminal Tower from boat landing, Cleveland, OH. $2.00

Postcard: Cumberland Hotel, Plattsburg, NY. 1930s. $2.50

Postcard: Bottomless Pools, "In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains" $1.50

Postcard: Salt Petre Cave, Natural Bridge, Va. $1.50

Postcard: A Swinging Bridge across mountain stream. $1.50

Postcard: Trout Hatchery and Water Wheel at Blue Hole, Castalia, OH $2.00

Postcard: Blue Hole, Castalia, Ohio. $1.50

Postcard: Hialeah Park, Miami Jockey Club. 1940s. $2.00

Postcard: General Motors Bldg, New Central District, Detroit, Michigan. $4.00

Postcard: Winding Highway Cut thru Solid Rock, in the heart of the mountains. $1.50

Postcard: Caesar's Head, South Carolina near NC State line. $1.50

Postcard: New U.S. Post Office at 30th & Market Sts, Philadelphia, PA. 1940s. $2.00

Postcard: Detroit Public Library, Detroit, MI $1.50

Postcard: Union Stock Yards, Wichita, Kansas. 1940s. $4.00

Postcard: Barnes Hospital Group, St. Louis, MO. 1940s. $2.00

Postcard: Ball Stadium and dormitory, Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, MS. $2.00

Postcard: Chester Bridge and Thompson Pottery, East Liverpool, Ohio. 1940. $2.50

Postcard: Ferry Building, San Francisco 1940s. $2.50

Postcard: The steamer, Greater Detroit, Detroit, MI 1930. $3.50

Postcard: Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA. Mountain Laurel. 1930s. $1.50

Postcard: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 1930s. $2.00

Postcard: Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA. Fawn deer and 2 children. 1930s. $2.00

Postcard: San Juan, Puerto Rico 1960s. $1.00

Postcard: Briggs Stadium, Detroit, home of the Detroit Tigers. 1941. $10.00

Postcard: Stroller IV passing painted rocks. Watkins Glen, NY. 1940. $1.50

Postcard: Belle Isle Casino, overlooking the Detroit River, Detroit, MI. 1944. $2.00

Postcard: Old Water Tower, Rockford Park, Wilmington, Delaware. 1940. $2.50

Postcard: View of Lover's Leap and the Narrows, 1,652 Ft above sea level, Cumberland, MD. 1940. $2.50

Postcard: Somerset County Courthouse, Somerset, PA. 1930s. $2.50

Postcard: Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA. 1930s. $1.50

Postcard: Hotel Bentley, Alexandria, LA. 1942. $3.00

Postcard: Heart of Detroit by moonlight. 1930s. $2.50

Postcard: Moore's Brick Cottages, Route 1, Richmond-Petersburg Pike in Chester, VA. Circa 1940. $3.00

Postcard: U.S.O. Club, Spartanburg, SC. Postmarked 1942 camp Croft. $4.00

Postcard: View of military exchange (PX), Camp Edwards, Mass. $4.00

Postcard: View from S.S. Grand View Point Ship Hotel, U.S. 30 17 miles West of Bedford, PA. $2.00

Postcard: The Washington Cathedral of S.S. Peter and Paul at night. 1942. $1.50

Postcard: Silhouette of Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star Spangled Banner" $2.50

Postcard: Pineapple scene from Honolulu, Hawaii. Postmarked 1941. $2.00

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