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Magazines: Collier's (48 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This category includes past issues of Collier's magazine. Many of these are sought for their cover designs, their advertising and cartoons, as well as their superb news and features. Back issues of Collier's are hard to find as it appears people did not save their back issues like they did with LIFE, Saturday Evening Post and some of the other popular magazines.


Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sep. 2, 1944. Vernon Grant cover painting of a serviceman and a woman swinging as a bee buzzes around. Nazism's Last Stand. $7.50

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sep. 16, 1944. Lt. John Whitcomb U.S.N.R. cover painting of a serviceman and a woman embracing. Cowardice at Chicago by Wendell L. Willkie. Cover split at spine. $7.50

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Dec. 2, 1944. Ike Vern-Pix cover photo of clowns. Revolution Down South by Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall. Water stains. $7.50

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sep. 29, 1945. Vernon Grant cover painting of a woman painting a bird house. Cover is quite worn and torn. $7.50

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 11, 1947. Jon Whitcomb cover sketch of woman coloring hair. Feature: Why Henry Wallace opposed Russian recognition. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 25, 1947. David Peskin cover of a blonde woman. "What's wrong with the U.N.?" cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 30, 1948. Keith W. Jones cover photo of young boy with small dog. Feature: "A Million Words a Minute: First Authorized Story of the Latest Transmission Miracle." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, March 26, 1949. John Calkin's cover photo of a Michigan farmer." Featured: "Churchill's New Battle for Britain" and "Lincoln Highway-The Glory Road." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, April 9, 1949. George Carger cover of a clown. Featured: "Trouble Is My Middle Name" by Rocky Graziano and "Mickey Mouse and How He Grew." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, June 11, 1949. Gregory D'Alessio cover sketch of crowded fishing boats in polluted water. "What Good is the Atom?" feature. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 2, 1949. Ewing Krainin's time-lapse photo of the George Washington Bridge. "The Actor Who Won't Stay Dead (Rudolph Valentino)" featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 1, 1949. Thomas Fransioli, Jr. cover sketch of "The Circle (Indianapolis, IN)." "The German's Wait Only for a Leader" feature. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Dec 31, 1949. Art D'Arazien cover art of two children walking in Topsham, VT snow between two barns, towards a church. "A Protest Against (College Football) Bowls" featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, April 29, 1950. Richard Tucker cover photo of woman from Ringling Bros. and Barlum and Bailey Circus in a bikini sitting on the lap of a clown. Charlie McCarthy: The Double Life of Edgar Bergen" feature. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 1, 1950. Frank Reilly's cover sketch of Molly Pitcher in the Battle of Monmouth. One-inch tear in cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Feb. 10. 1951. This cover, by Stanley and Janice Berenstain, shows 35 disrespectful youth running wildly around an art museum. "Gene Tunney's Place in Ring History," "The Red Czar Moves to Conquer Us," by Gov. Thomas E. Dewey and an article on Dean and Jerry Lewis are featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, March 31, 1951. Stan Ekman's painting of a young girl kneeling at her bedside in prayer covers this issue which features "A Reporter in Search of God" as well as "Russia Can't Take Alaska." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, June 23, 1951. The cover shows a boy saluting in front of a poster of a Marine saluting. "G.B. Shaw's Letters to Gene Tunney," by Gene Tunney. Somewhat scuffed cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, June 30, 1951. Jimmy Durant appears on the cover with four female backup singers. "Schnozzola! (Beginning Jimmy Durante's Life Story" features with "Custer's Last Stand," "Why Stalin Must Be Tried For Murder," and "A New War Story," by James Jones, author of "From Here to Eternity." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 7, 1951. Fred Freeman's painting of the Liberty Bell is on the cover. The issue in large part celebrates 175 years of freedom in addition to continuing the life story of Jimmy Durante and "`I Predict for Yugoslavia...'" $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 14, 1951. Stan Ekman's painting of his eight-year-old in a cowgirl outfit is on the cover. Features "General Ike's Miracle Man" as well as continuing the Jimmy Durante life story with "Speakeasy Days." Crayon markings on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 21, 1951. A David Mink painting of a family purchasing popcorn on a sidewalk is on the cover. "Guerrillas--Our Hope in Red China" features along with "But Can Broadway Do Without Me?" the continuing story of Jimmy Durante's life. Marginal dirt stains on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Aug. 4, 1951. Thomas Fransioli's painting of Detroit's 250th Anniversary is on the cover. "Polio is Losing It's Punch" and the conclusion of the Jimmy Durante series highlight. Marginal dirt stains on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 20, 1951. Stalin is on the cover, painted by Frederick Siebel, and is featured in "Stalin Can't Win" which also speaks of past dictator's from Napoleon to Hitler. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 26, 1952. Sculptor Jack Lambert's Clay figures of donkey's heading to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention is pictured on the cover and "Convention Time Again" is featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sept. 6, 1952. Zsa Zsa Gabor is pictured on the cover speaking on the telephone. An inside glimpse into the conversation, to Eva, Magda and Mama Gabor, highlights this issue as well as an inside look at the salary of the Brooklyn Dodgers in "Baseball's Biggest Bargain." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sept. 13, 1952. Stanley Ekman's drawing of Ladies' Day at Wrigley Field is on the cover. Mild dirt stains on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 4, 1952. Peter Dimitri's picture of a man measuring the length of the skirt a woman is wearing is on the cover. A "Progress Report on the War Against Cancer" is featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 11, 1952. Lee Burke's painting of a child dressed as a bandit raiding a cookie jar is on the cover. "Atom's for Cancer" and "Shirly Temple's Favorite Role" are featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Feb. 7, 1953. Ken Cowhey's drawing of a yawning man putting an overcoat over his pajamas as his impatient dog looks on is the cover. "What We've Learned About Winter warfare" and "Where are Baseball's .300 Hitters?" highlight. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Feb. 14, 1953. Lee Burke's drawing of two children in and hanging from their mother's filling grocery cart is the cover. "Lincoln--As You Never saw Him Before," "We're Selling Out Our Disabled Veterans!" and "Racial Prejudice--How San Francisco Squelched It" are the features. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, April 4, 1953. Artist Carol Johnson's painting on the cover shows a father and son, with the help of a wheelbarrow, looking for the perfect spot to plant a tree. "Can a Mechanical Brain Replace You?," "Will They Climb Everest Now?" and "Loneliest Man In Washington" included. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, April 25, 1953. A man who has his hands full from newly-purchased gardening tools browses fishing gear in a window as his wife looks on. "The Secret Test Bombing of America," "Depression--Not in Your Lifetime" and "New Top Lady of the Marines." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER's, July 4, 1953. Children celebrate on the cover (by Eric Gurney) with water guns, balloons and paper airplanes as they visit the top of the Statue of Liberty. Features include "We Kept Truman's Big Secret" and "Wham! Whoosh--Mantle's Away!" $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 11, 1953. On the cover sketch by Fredric Varady, a smiling man washes his car with a "Hers" towel while, in the background, a woman leans out a window and washes the outside of it with a "His" towel. Features include "Disney's New One" and "I Scout For the Yankees." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 18, 1953. A freckled, teenaged girl models her swimsuit in the living room for her family as generally approving expressions look on except for that of a concerned father on the cover sketch by Charles Hawes. Feature: "Ted Williams--Still a Big-Leaguer" interviews the future Hall of Famer/Marine Captain at his Korean jet base. Slight dirt stains on top of cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, July 25, 1953. On the cover sketch by Lee Burke, Rain comes down on a picnic as a college student in a letter-sweatshirt holds a blanket above his and his girlfriends head. Feature: "Is Adlai Stevenson Through?" $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Aug. 7, 1953. With a tear in his eye, ex-diplomat William O'Dwyer (a caricature by one of the world's best, Miguel Covarrubias) raises his sombrero to a lady walking out of town. O'Dwyer is featured in the first of a two-part piece as well is "A Car That Drives Itself," "The Truth About TB Miracle Drugs," and a report on the upcoming movie "From Here To Eternity" and the eyebrow raising decision to cast "crooner" Frank Sinatra as lead. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Aug. 21, 1953. Fred Freeman's sketch of the Navy,s new weapon, a midget sub, appears on the cover. The new weapon is explained in the feature. Also included, "Elizabeth Taylor's Baby," "Is Germ-Free Living Next" and the conclusion of the William O'Dwyer story. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 16, 1953. Red Buttons, and numerous facets of his personality, has been captured on the cover sketch by Louis S. Glanzman. Buttons is interviewed in the feature . Other articles include "You'll Be Hearing About Enzymes" and "Marilyn (Monroe) On the Rocks" with Joe DiMaggio. Slight tear on binding. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Oct. 30, 1953. An Aaron Harte sketch of two doctors on the cover is accompanied by the headline "Why Some Doctors Should Be In Jail." $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Nov. 13, 1953. A Morman husband and his five wives are drawn on the cover by C.E. Monroe, Jr. "Why I Have Five Wives" is featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, May 14, 1954. Marlene Dietrich is painted on the cover on stage in a gown, drawn by David Berger. The truths and myths of Miss Dietrich are revealed in "Dietrich--The Body and Soul." "Casey Stengel Is Wise--But Weiss Is Wiser" also is featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Feb. 17, 1956. Herman Wouk appears on the cover of this issue which includes his new short novel "The `Lomokome' Papers." Features: "The Changing Role of the Vice-President" and "Around the World in 80 Days," featuring Frank Sinatra among fifty top stars. Some writing and scratching on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, March 16, 1956. Marlon Brando is on the cover. "ICBM," and the race between the U.S. and Russia to build this weapon and Bill Russell and the "All-America (Team) in College Basketball" are featured. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, April 13, 1956. Two actors appear on the cover from one of many recent hit plays that has brought about a "Broadway Boom." Dirt stains on cover. $7.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Aug. 17, 1956. On the cover, Kim Novak leans against a pole on Broadway. "The Negro Voter: Can He Elect a President?" is featured. Very slight tear on cover. $9.00

Colliers: COLLIER'S, Sept. 28, 1956. A grainy picture of the Andrea Doria appears on the cover. "Five Desperate Hours in Cabin 56" and "Why So Many Home runs (in 1956)" are featured. $7.00

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