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Kitchen: Toothpick Holders (28 items)

We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

A variety of toothpick holders are located in this listing. Although there may be a difference between the holders of toothpicks and of matches, frankly there are a number of holders that could be identified as either one or the other, simply as a matter of interpretation...or use. Check the matchholder listing under tobacco section on this site, too.


Item KR033GItem KR033G
Toothpick Holder: Pink opalescent toothpick holder. Old Fenton label still on inside of holder. $25.00

Item K5023Item K5023
Toothpick Holder: Custard glass toothpick holder in shape of a mug. Originally had gold band around top lip which is basically worn off. Tiny chip off base at one side. 2" high. $7.00

Item R2195Item R2195
Toothpick Holder: Emerald green glass toothpick holder. Scalloped edge around top. Two rows of bullseye-type rings w/daisy design in bottom row. 2-1/4" diameter. $10.00

Item KR054JItem KR054J
Toothpick Holder: Very old glazed hand-painted clay toothpick holder of little Oriental man standing by large tree stump, right arm laying on top of stump rim. Stump is hollowed out is is the actual toothpick holder. Paper label on bottom "Vantines". 2-1/4" high. Very good. $60.00

Item R1189Item R1189
Toothpick Holder: Amber glass toothpick holder in shape of mug. Vertical paneled sides to look like wood. 2-1/4" $4.00

Item W665Item W665
Toothpick Holder: Glass marbled green agate-type toothpick holder in design of a bowl being held by a hand which is on a pedestal. 3-1/4" high. $15.00

Item K2158BItem K2158B
Toothpick Holder: Clear glass toothpick holder in shape of fleurs-de-lis, heraldic emblem of the Kings of France. 3-3/4" high. Small 1/8" "hollow" on curved part of bottom base. Could be interpreted as a chip but due to its smoothness, may have been there since manufacture. Attractive. $8.50

Item J4778Item J4778
Toothpick Holder: Glass turkey-shaped toothpick holder. Light green Jadeite, 3" long, 2-1/2" from base to top of round holder area. $30.00

Item M1506Item M1506
Toothpick Holder: Glass toothpick holder with sterling base. Arched rib design. 3" high. $18.00

Item K6225Item K6225
Toothpick Holder: Glass toothpick holder. Flower design. 2-1/2" $16.00

Item R545FItem R545F
Toothpick Holder: Glass toothpick holder. Frosted or satin glass finish. Floral daisy design. 2-1/2" $8.00

Item R2131BItem R2131B
Toothpick Holder: Opalescent carnival glass daisy design toothpick holder. Scalloped top and bottom 2-3/8" $20.00

Item R2131CItem R2131C
Toothpick Holder: Opalescent milkglass toothpick holder w/handpainted floral design around upper half. Vertical ribbed bottom half. 2-3/8" $30.00

Item R2131DItem R2131D
Toothpick Holder: Pressed glass toothpick holder w/two handles. Star, panel and diamond designs. Attractive. 2-1/2" $20.00

Item R2131FItem R2131F
Toothpick Holder: Tri-footed art glass toothpick holder. Hobnail mottled green to white. The 3 legs are leaf design. 2-1/2" $25.00

Item KR050KItem KR050K
Toothpick Holder: Ceramic toothpick holder in shape of a wooden barrel w/handle. Handle is a nude woman w/back arched. 2-1/4" high. Glazed white. (We call her Sylvia.) $12.00

Item KR072SItem KR072S
Toothpick Holder: Glass toothpick holder in shape of a mug w/glass handle. 2-3/8" high. Nice clean lines. $7.50

Item R2224Item R2224
Toothpick Holder: Footed toothpick holder, amber glass. 2-3/4" high $20.00

Item R2228Item R2228
Toothpick Holder: Diamond cross design on vertical panels. White carnival; ribbed base and scalloped top edge. $25.00

Item R2229Item R2229
Toothpick Holder: Boubous toothpick holder w/chick or bird image as a handle. Stemmed base. 2-3/4" $25.00

Item R2230Item R2230
Toothpick Holder: Square pressed glass toothpick holder w/lion's head in each of the four corners at base. Scalloped rim at top has two chips. $22.50

Item W1518Item W1518
Toothpick Holder: Pewter toothpick holder w/"Easter" etched into side with an embossed "bee." Cherub serves as a handle. 1-3/4" $50.00

Item R2369AItem R2369A
Toothpick Holder: Horse and cart glass toothpick holder. 4-3/4" long. $40.00

Item R2369BItem R2369B
Toothpick Holder: Elegant glass toothpick holder, star & ribbed design. Semi-cut. 2-1/2" high. $30.00

Item R2369CItem R2369C
Toothpick Holder: Ruby glass toothpick holder. Leaf and bark design. 2-1/2" $35.00

Item R2369EItem R2369E
Toothpick Holder: Satin glass toothpick holder, vaseline color. Boubous with three small legs. 2-1/4" high $35.00

Item R2369FItem R2369F
Toothpick Holder: Porcelain toothpick holder, Lustre glaze, violet or lavender color w/embossed gold floral design. Nice. 2-1/4" $35.00

Item R2369HItem R2369H
Toothpick Holder: Ruby red toothpick holder. Groups of 3 cherries design. 2-3/8" $30.00

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