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Collectibles: Measuring Devices (56 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

This listing includes a variety of measuring devices for meassuring distance, weight, time, etc, including rulers, tape measures, thermometers, scales, clocks and other items used for the purpose of measuring.


For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...



Ruler: Wooden 6" advertising ruler. "The Whitlock Coil Pipe Co, Hartford, Conn. w/list of cities where they have offices; reverse has listing of product line. $6.00

Ruler: Wooden 6" advertising ruler. "Racine Coke. A Clean Fuel -Reasonably Priced" Reverse: "Racine Coke. Your Neighborhood Likes It. Smokeless. Sootless..." $6.00

Item KR074WItem KR074W
Ruler: 15" wooden ruler. Advertises Western States Envelope Company, Milwaukee 46, Wisconsin. $8.50

Item KR074VItem KR074V
Ruler: 2-fold 24" wooden advertising ruler. Advertises "Skelgas. for cooking, refrigeration, water heating" Back side has listing of various kitchen measures. $10.00

Ruler: Wooden 6" advertising ruler. "Thrift Stamps Free. Boys Girls. Read Other Side. Reverse: "Boys and Girls, Thrift Stamps Free for heping us introduce our sanitary pot and pan scrapers. Send your name and address on a postal-card. We will mail you Ten Sanitary Pot and Pan Scrapers to be sold at Ten cents each. When all sold, return one dollar to us and we will send you by return mail one 25 cent thrifty stamp. Avon Mfg Co, P.O. Box 772, Chicago, ILL. $10.00

Ruler: Plastic 7" (& MM) advertising ruler. "Western Electric Co, Inc. 1869 - Century of Communication Service - 1969" Reverse blank. $4.00

Ruler: Celluloid 6" (& centimeters) advertising ruler. "M.J. Hoffman, Brooklyn, NY. Suppliers for taxidermists, entomologists, cologists, furriers" Reverse: F.C. and other tables. $6.00

Ruler: 36" wooden measure, however split in 2 halves of 18" each, slides between two metal brackets. Reverse side has advertising in large black lettering: "It's A Good Rule To Sell Your Grain To The Highmore Co-op. Assn. - Grain & Coal" Brackets are slightly rusty; wooden rule fine. $6.00

Ruler: Great advertising 12" ruler. Front side, below the numbers, has heavy black vertical lines almost looking like a train track w/ties. Superimposed over this, in the center: "Southern Dairies. Health Builders of The South," and on each side in elongated ovals, "Southern Dairies Ice Cream" The back carries the ice cream logs again, plus the company's pledge of quality. $17.00

Ruler: Wooden 12" ruler, w/golden rule on front, "A Good Rule, Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" Reverse side has advertising: "Compliments The Coca-Cola Bottling Co." $10.00

Ruler: 12" wooden ruler, "West Shore Heating Co. Camp Hill, PA. Phone REgent 7.2581. Reverse, "More Families buy LENNOX than any other make, and illustrates 6 models of furnaces. $7.50

Ruler: 12" wooden ruler. "Compliments of Stewartstown Fair Ass'n." On reverse: "Boost Children's Day at the Fair" $8.00

Ruler: 12" wooden ruler. "The Patriot and The Evening News. Harrisburg's Best Newspaper". Reverse side has tables of standards for weight and height of children. $10.00

Ruler: 12" wooden ruler. "Central National Bank and Trust Company, North Main at Mulberry, Rockford, Ill." More advertising on reverse. $8.00

Ruler: Folding wooden yardstick (folds into 12" sections). Advertises "Hawthorn - Mellody, Enjoy the growing up Goodness of Hawthorn - Mellody". (dairy products). $14.00

Ruler: 6" coated cardboard ruler. Black w/silver print. Advertising for: Adluh table-tested flour. Allen Brothers Milling Company. Columbia, SC & Greenwood, SC $8.00

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "Racine Coke. A Clean Fuel. Reasonably Priced." Reverse side has more advertising. Both tips of measuring side have been chipped off otherwise fine. $3.50

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "Hobart M. Cable, Pianos". Reverse side: "The Piano of Quality." $8.50

Ruler: 6" yellow plastic ruler. "It's a good rule to use the Yellow Pages". Reverse: "People in a buying mood naturally turn to THE YELLOW PAGES. The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company" w/Yellow Pages logo. $7.50

Ruler: 6" coated cardboard ruler. Pic of Clark's Teaberry Chewing Gum package and small Teaberry caricature. c. 1937. Reverse: Pic of four different Clark's gum packages. $12.50

Ruler: 6" tin ruller. "It's A Good Rule To Insure The Whole Family With ROYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERICA. Dependable Fraternal Life Insurance Since 1895. Supreme Office - Rock Island, Ill." purple on off-white bkgd. Reverse plain. $10.00

Ruler: 6" coated cardboard ruler. "Dahlgren-Johnson Custom Cabinets. Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling. 1000 Ninth St. - 964-2026." Reverse plain. Believe this is from Rockford, Illinois. $4.50

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "Madison College. Established Madison, Wis. 1856. For the Lady's Work Basket. For the Man's Vest Pocket." Reverse side has some facts about Madison College. $10.00

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "The Parsons & Parsons Co, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry. There is Satisfaction in wearing KantKracK coated collars & linen cuffs." Reverse has two pics of high stiff collars, "Merchants Want Merchandising Value. Purchasers Want Wearing Value. KantKracK Coated Linen Collars Have Both." $15.00

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "The Segal-Wilson Co. 3418 Reading Rd, Cinti, Ohio. Supplies for all Work-Rooms. Good Thread All Kinds." Reverse: "Insist on Soltex Seam Binding. Can Be Purchased Only From The Segal-Wilson Co., Cinti., Ohio." $8.50

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "Bankers Mutual Life Co., Freeport, Illinois. You can measure anything with this except the length of your life, so insure today with the..." Reverse: "Who will take care of your family when you are gone. Bankers Mutual Life Co., Freeport, Ill. if you have a policy with them." $10.00

Ruler: 6" wooden ruler. "Racine Coke. A Clean Fuel. Reasonably Priced." Reverse: more info on Racine Coke. $8.00

Ruler: 12" wooden ruler. "Breyers Ice Cream" between 2 logos. On back, "Breyers Ice Cream...Made Better - Tastes Better," "Consistently Superior Since 1866" and "Quality Buyers Ask For Breyers." $5.00


Calculator: Perfection B.T.U. Calculator dist. by Perfection Stove Company, Cleveland 4, Ohio. 1948. Very heavy card stock slide rule mechanism. How to measure cubic feet in rooms to determine B.T.U. $10.00

Item KR050WItem KR050W
Calculator: Redington Counting Machine. Hand operated, heavy duty metal counter w/pull down lever for moving the dials which can count up to 99,999. Produced by F. B. Redington Co, Chicago U.S.A. Has original, affixed metal plate. Working condition. Pull down lever does not have a handle but has a series of four small holes. May never had a handle (invision a string or rope affixed to lever to pull down and move counter). Undated. Approx 4-1/2" long, 2-1/2" wide and 2-1/2" high. $35.00

Calculator: Proportion Scale. Original size and number of times of reduction, percentage of original size. C-Thru Ruler Company. Hartford, Conn. Circa 1960s. $7.00

Item W637Item W637
Calculator: Enameled Resistor Wire Comparator. Hoskins Manufacturing Company. Detroit, Mi. 1960. $14.00

Item W638Item W638
Calculator: Noise-fugure Slide Rule. Airborne Instruments Laboratory. Deer Park, Long Island, New York. 1961. $15.00

Item W639Item W639
Calculator: Heli-Coil Screw Thread Inserts Production and ordering data for standard free-running and screw-lock internal locking calculator. Heli-Coil Products Division. Danbury, Conn. 1965. $10.00

Item W641Item W641
Calculator: Boonton Electronics Slide Rule. Boonton Electronics Corp, Parsippany, NJ. Undated. $10.00

Item W642Item W642
Calculator: Thermistor Data & Curve Computer. Fenwal Electronics, Inc. Framingham, Mass. 1959. $12.50

Item W643Item W643
Calculator: Thermistor Data & Curve Computer. Fenwal Electronics, Inc. Framingham, Mass. 1959. $12.50

Item W645Item W645
Calculator: RCA Industrial Battery Guide slide rule calculator. Radio Corporation of America, Harrison, NJ. 1962 $10.00

Item W646Item W646
Calculator: Boonton Electronics Resonance Slide Rule. Resonance and Wavelength. Inductance. Boonton Electronics Corporation. Parsippany, NJ. Undated. $10.00

Item W647Item W647
Calculator: Foamflex Coaxial Cable calculator measured in decibels per 100' and kilowatts at 40 degrees C. Phelps Dodge Copper Products Corporation, North Haven, Conn. 1962. $12.50

Item W649Item W649
Calculator: Alfred Nomograph. Calibration slide rule calculator. Alfred Electronics, Palo Alto, Calif. Circa 1960. $12.50

Item W650Item W650
Calculator: English/Metric Converter. No. MC150 calculator. Measures miles vs. kilometers, pounds per square inch vs. kilopascals, imperial gallons vs. liters, cubic yards vs. cubic meters, fractional inches, decimal inches, millimeters, volume, mass, area, length. Vari-Line Industries. Tenafly, NJ. 1975. $15.00

Item W651Item W651
Calculator: RF Connector Selector calculator. American Phenolic Corporation. Chicago 50, Illinois. 1954. $12.50

Item W652Item W652
Calculator: Amphenol Trimmer Selector calculator measuring in ohms. Amphenol Controls Division, Amphenol Corp, Janesville, Wis. 1967. $10.00

Item W653Item W653
Calculator: Amphenol Trimmer Selector calculator measuring in ohms. Amphenol Controls Division, Amphenol Corp, Janesville, Wis. 1967. $10.00

Item W654Item W654
Calculator: Thermistor Data & Curve Computer. Includes resistance temperature curve, measures resistance in ohms and current in amps, power in watts and dissipation constant. Fenwal Electronics, Framingham, Mass. Circa 1960s. $10.00

Item W656Item W656
Calculator: Signal Distribution System Performance Calculator. Norlin Communications, Alexandria, VA and Gaithersburg, MD. 1978. $10.00


Scales: Salter's Improved Spring Balance #2 Scales. Brass front (needs polishing). Up to 40 pounds. $28.00

Scales: Chatillon's Iron Clad heavy duty scale. Heavy iron with both brass mfg's plate and brass numbering plate. Up to 300 pounds. $50.00

Scales: Viking Jr. Hanson Model 890 Spring scale. Capacity 25 lbs. Painted tin face. Metal scale. $25.00

Scales: Metal postage meter scales. 4-3/4" high, round 3-1/4" platform. Measurements start for 3c 1st class and 6c airmail. $25.00


Thermometer: Tin advertising wall thermometer, 13-1/2" high, rectangular. "Sperry+New Hollan Ceresville. New Holland Farm Equipment Ford Tractors & Equipment..." Red & black in white bkgd. Very good. Working. $17.50

Thermometer: Thermometer (working) insert in full color photo of stag deer in mountains in 9" oval tin frame w/mottled design. Celluloid over pic. Wall hanger on back. "Compliments of A. E. Jenson. Fancy Groceries. Phone 100. 562 2nd Ave S, Clinton, Iowa" at top of pic. Circa 1920s. $30.00

Item K3428Item K3428
Thermometer: Miniature Empire State Building. Metal. Thermometer on front side. Working. 6-1/2" high. $37.00


Item J0704Item J0704
Clock: Millennium 2000 Countdown Clock. Digital window shows amount of time remaining until 2000 arrives. Can be easily switched to a regular clock at any time, or after Year 2000 arrives. Colorful stars and the World scene on front of the 5" clock. Clock is in unopened, decorated display box with window. Very tasteful keepsake of the "event." $25.00


Item R2255Item R2255
Measuring Device: Brass drafting set in hinged wooden box. 12 pieces. Basically appears to be complete. Box measures 7-1/2" x 4-1/2" $60.00

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