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Calendars: Calendar Towels (35 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

Calendar towels were at the height of popularity in the 1950s-1970s and were commonly used as gifts. Rare ones can sometimes be found that carry advertising of a local merchant, along with a scene and annual calendar, or is a souvenir of some travel location. Today, besides being an interesting collection area from a specific era, they are often sought as birthday gifts for a person's birth year. All calendar towels are approximately 30" long by 15" wide unless noted.


Calendar Towel: 1960. Garden scene depicted with butterflies, a well and a blonde woman tending to the flowers in an apron. Unwashed. $12.00

Calendar Towel: 1961. Colorful Pennsylvania Dutch theme. $9.00

Calendar Towel: 1963. Colorful home w/floral border. $9.00

Calendar Towel: 1968. Large, red, dark green and mustard yellow rooster with calendar below. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1969. A red-headed woodpecker, blue jay, Rose-breasted grosbeak, cardinal, scarlet tanager and eastern bluebird are all depicted and labeled. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1969. Mustard yellow, red and brown country home by green, yellow and brown tree in lawn. "Bless this house, Oh Lord, we pray, Make it safe by night & day" surrounded by calendar below. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1970. Olive green towel with two cardinals on tree limbs at top, surrounded by white and orange flowers and light green leaves with white calendar below. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1970. Praying hands and religious saying. $6.00

Calendar Towel: 1972. Bless This HOuse cross-stitch type printed design. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1973. "1973" sign above an "inn" sign. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1973. Pitchers, cup and grinder and other kitchen apparatuses surround the calendars. Yellow, orange, pink, dark green, black and mustard yellow. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1973. Red, yellow, orange, green and black kitchen items and fruit on a blue and light blue background with calendar below. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1973. A family shown entering a county fair with a hot-air balloon in the distance. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1973. Red, yellow, green, orange, brown and black produce stand above calendar. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1974. Red, black, yellow, green and blue patterns (like those on a quilt) above the calendar. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1974. "Bon Apetite" at top and down eack side in yellow with red outlining on blue background with brown and orange added to the colors in a design below. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1974. Autumn scene of a covered bridge. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1975. Old mill with water wheel. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1975. Wildlife standing next to tree with row of 6 monthly calendars on each side. Includes a fawn, raccoon, quail, chipmonk, blue jay, rabbit, cardinal, owl, squirrel, nuthatcher, etc. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1976. Autumn scene with a rust red and brown colored bridge. Sky blue, yellow, orange and green also apparent. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1976. Flower pot. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1978. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference" at top above a church with sky blue, brown, tawny and two shades of green. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1981. Brown towel with calendar in brown on yellow. Red, yellow, green, orange and burnt orange flowers above. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1981. "There are two days about which no one should ever worry-yesterday and tomorrow." Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1985. Kellogg's Corn Flakes, "Mother!...Did You Say Kellogg's?" Unwashed. $58.00

Calendar Towel: 1985. "Red Wing Special...Best Flour in the World." Unwashed. $68.00

Calendar Towel: 1987. Autumn scene of a burgundy covered bridge with a black roof. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1987. A butterfly hovers over a puppy and a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1987. "Bless this house Oh Lord we pray," is printed above a country home. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1988. Ducks. Unwashed. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1991. Two kittens sleeping in a basket as another two play; one with a ball of yarn, one with a wind-up mouse toy. Gray, brown, mustard yellow, blue and black. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 1991. A cottage house next to a water mill. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 2000. Two cardinals. $8.00

Calendar Towel: 2000. Coca-Cola in maroon, beige, peach and gold circle. $30.00

Calendar Towel: 2000. Covered bridge. $8.00

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