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Breweriana: Beer Salt & Pepper Shakers

Breweriana: General (27 items)

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General line of items relating to breweriana.


Item K8092Item K8092
Breweriana: Miniature 3" Miller High Life beer can with cigarette lighter in the top. $3.00

Item K020Item K020
Breweriana: Recycled aluminum 1974 desk calendar, "Coors" beer. Promotes "Cash for Cans" program by using the recycled aluminum in their calendar product. January is missing but rest of monthly pad intact. Made to look like a billboard. Cardboard portion has some wear. $5.50

Breweriana: Glass Premium Sterling Beer bottle completely painted in grey with red and blue design of Dutch-looking characters holding mugs of beer. Made by Sterling Brewers, Evansville, Indiana. Some scrape marks but basically in good condition. $5.00

Item LK1679Item LK1679
Breweriana: Printed invitation on card stock, "Anheuser-Busch, brewers of Budweiser & Michelob cordially invites you and your friends to attend an open house at our new administration building, Newark, New Jersey, Feb 24th, 1956" w/Anheuser-Busch logo at top. 6-1/4" x 4-1/4" $2.00

Item CH0040BItem CH0040B
Breweriana: Small pro-Prohibition broadside produced by Prohibition Party, California, Circa 1920s. Great illus. of 3 buildings chain-linked together. "United California Industries?" heading. One is a saloon, one a gambling hall and the third a brothel. Below: "The products of these Industries(?) are: Drunkards, Harlots, Paupers, Insane, Criminals, Murderers, Vagrants, Tramps, Bums, Degenerates, Feeble-Minded, Disease and Death. Are these Necessary to the Prosperity of the State? Vote Yes on Amendments 1 & 2." Crd stock. 7-1/4" x 5-3/4" Have several. $3.00

Item W566Item W566
Breweriana: Prohibition "poster" (that's what they call it). 2-sides illustrated. Prod. in Ohio circa 1920s or earlier. One side has large American flag design. "Four pillars of civil liberty--One flag, one God, one country, no saloon" with strong narrative message against the impending danger of this "legalized monster." Other side has two clever caricature cartoons, one of a bartender standing on the back of Uncle Sam, entitled "Tax & License Laws". The other has Uncle Sam standing on back of the bartender, entitled "U.S. Prohibitory Laws" w/narrative, "who shall be on top?" 12" x 9" newsprint. $3.00

Item J1160Item J1160
Breweriana: "The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book" by Sigmund Spaeth. 1930. 100p. This is really a fun book with great drink recipes, funny illustrations and cartoons and all kinds of tavern and drinking songs. Remember, this was put out in 1930 when the prohibition--anti-prohibition issue was perhaps the top issue in the nation. (The cocktail made from rhubarb juice mixed with gin actually sounds pretty good.) Over 80 years old! $12.50

Breweriana: Matchbook. Large size 3-3/8" x 4-1/8". Old Reading Beer. Traditionally Pennsylvania Dutch. The ld Reading Brewery, Inc. Reading, PA. Open it up and nice story inside on flap regarding why Old Reading is wonderful good! Matches have a Pennsylvania Dutch design; 3 matches missing. Showy display piece. $3.00

Item LK2672BItem LK2672B
Breweriana: Tray. Colorful round 4-3/4" metal tip tray. "The Whittall Can Company Ltd, Montreal Que. Canada" $3.00

Item W2125Item W2125
Breweriana: Pair of round 3-3/4" metal coasters. "Knickerbocker The Beer Drinker's Beer" w/Knickerbocker logo. Blue and white. Nice. $6.00

Item J4297Item J4297
Breweriana: Hamm's Bear football stein. Produced by The House of Wiebracht in Germany for Hamm's Brewing Co. No. 967. 11" tall. $35.00

Breweriana: 8" ceramic statue of Hamm's bear and bear cub, both dressed in Batman-like capes and masks. Base has "The Hamm's Club Dynamic Duo 2003". This is a special commemorative produced for members of the Hamm's collecting club. $25.00

Item A2061C9Item A2061C9
Breweriana: Advertising brown paper shopping bag with large red and blue advertising design, "Drink Lithia, the Beer that Satisfies" with elf on beer keg toasting with a beer stein. Nice. Brewery is long gone. $2.50

Item LK2534Item LK2534
Breweriana: Unusual beer advertisement. Long red plastic double-shoehorn, 16" long w/one end slightly larger than the other, the larger end marked "his" and the smaller one marked "hers". In the center in white lettering, "The Original Old German premium lager beer, Have you tried Queens Brau select beer" $5.00

Item LK4316Item LK4316
Breweriana: Stegmaier Beer 3-5/8" oval stiff peel-off back wall advertisement w/metal hook at bottom for hanging things on. Stegmaier Brewing Co, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Shield logo of the brewery design. Red, black, white on gold bkgd. Circa 1950. $3.50

Item K8486Item K8486
Breweriana: Molded plastic Tuborg Beer ashtray made in Italy. Maroon. "Tuborg Beer" w/crown painted on all three sides in white. $2.50

Breweriana: Full color heavy vinyl banner. Stitched binding with brass eyelets in each corner. "Bud King of Beers, Bud Light, Bud Dry Draft, Proud Sponsor of the 1992 U. S. Olympic Team." "Summer Games USA" with Olympic symbol in huge lettering. Bottom left: "Watch the Games on NBC Barcelona `92" with NBC Peacock logo on bright yellow square. Entire bottom of banner is a swimmer, arms stretched out, full color. Great Bannr. 5' x 3' $17.50

Item A7325Item A7325
Breweriana: Old paper cap, heavy paper but has corrugated feel to it. Bright red with white printing. "Drink Old Stock, Finest Beer in Town" on one side, "Drink Old Stock, Philadelphia Brewing Company" on other side. $7.50

Item C4669Item C4669
Breweriana: 4" blue & white celluloid button, "Busch. You can't say beer better! Daytona Beach 1999" with white bar through center to write your name. $5.00

Item J4969Item J4969
Breweriana: 10 Washington Redskins 4" x 4" window decals. $2.00

Item LK1766Item LK1766
Breweriana: Sheet of note paper w/2-color advertisement, "Get on the Sunny Side, Sunshine Premium Beer w/caricature of a man's head. Red & black. Believe Sunshine Beer was from Reading. Notepaper has some age on it. 4" x 5-3/4" $1.00

Item S037Item S037
Breweriana: Metal Arrow beer ashtray in the shape of an arrow. Embossed red and black "Arrow Beer" w/arrow, silver bkgd. $5.00

Breweriana: 50 O'Doul's coasters for $5.00

Item J4984Item J4984
Breweriana: Bud Whassup shamrock necklace for St. Patrick's Day. Says "Whassup!" 3 or 4 times when button is pushed. $3.00

Item CJK1001Item CJK1001
Breweriana: 20" x 6" Kirin Ichiban can display. Holds 6 cans. Some scuffing on paper. Can be used as a shelf display, window display (if suction cups are added) or may have originally been part of a larger display. Has a scratch in lower middle (visible in picture); looks lik it could be fairly asily repaired if deemed necessary. $2.50

Item CJK1002Item CJK1002
Breweriana: 9" x 8" O'Doul's age-check calendar. Cream-colored on white. "If you were born before (date changes)" "Proud Sponsor of the PGA Tour" w/PGA logo at bottom. $3.00

Item CJK1002AItem CJK1002A
Breweriana: 9" x 8" O'Doul's agte-check calendar. Green on white. "If you were born before (date changes)" "Proud Sponsor of the PGA Tour" w/PGA logo at bottom. Month part of the display is missing. $2.00

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Breweriana: Beer Salt & Pepper Shakers

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