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Books: Autographed Books (82 items)

We last updated our site on 23-Jul-2018. The next update is scheduled for 19-Aug-2018.

All books on this listing are autographed or inscribed. In good condition unless otherwise noted.


Autograph Book: "Peace With Russia?" by Averell Harriman. 1959. Simon and Schuster. 174p. DJ. Signed "For Joe Jones a wise adviser and determined fighter with my warm regards, Averell Harriman Nov. 1959" (Joe Jones was the author of "The Fifteen Weeks;" Harriman was governor of New York, U.S. Ambassador to USSR and Britain, Democratic candidate for President in 1952 & 1956) $25.00

Autograph Book: "Miami and The Siege of Chicago," an informal history of the American political conventions of 1968 by Norman Mailer. 1968. Penguin Books. 217p. PB. Signed "Norman Mailer." $10.00

Autograph Book: "Jimmy Carter The Man and The Myth," by Victor Lasky. 1979. Richard Marek Publishers. 419p. DJ. Signed "To Andy Tully with affection, Victor Lasky" $18.00

Autograph Book: "Between Two Worlds: a Congressman's Choice" by John B. Anderson. 1970. Zondervan Publishing House. 163p. DJ. Signed "To Bernard Trimble with all best wishes! John B. Anderson M.C." (Congressman Anderson was a presidential candidate in 1980) $15.00

Autograph Book: "A Very Personal Presidency: Lyndon Johnson in the White House" by Hugh Sidey. 1968. 305p. DJ. Signed "Hugh Sidey" (Sidey was a White House correspondent for Time-Life) $10.00

Autograph Book: "The War Against Progress," an `army' of social activists is fighting to steer the U.S. toward a no-growth, let's share-the-poverty future, by Herbert E. Meyer. 1st Edition 1979. Storm King Publishers Inc. 195p. DJ. Signed "Autographed for Ambassador Douglas MacArthur at the request of Lester B. Korn and Richard M. Ferry. Herbert E. Meyer" (Herbert Meyer was associate editor of Fortune magazine at the time he wrote this publication.) $25.00

Autograph Book: "All The Best, Letters from A Feisty Mayor" by Edward I. Koch. 1990. Simon and Schuster. 287p. DJ. Signed "To Bud All the Best Ed Koch" $12.50

Autograph Book: "Black on Red, My 44 Years Inside the Soviet Union," an autobiography by Black American Robert Robinson with Jonathan Slevin. 1988. Acropolis Books Ltd. 436p. DJ A fascinating account of a Jamaican-born toolmaker working for the auto industry who at the age of 23 was recruited to work in the Soviet Union on a 1-year contract. Here he spent the next 44 years as the government refused to give him an exit visa, finally leaving the Soviet Union in 1974 on an approved trip to Uganda, where he asked for and was given asylum, and then returning to the United States. Signed "To: Margaret Peirson with my compliments, and best wishes. Sincerely, R. Robinson. D.C., July 24, 1991." $17.50

Autograph Book: "Passion for Truth," from finding JFK's single bullet to questioning Anita Hill to impeaching Clinton. by Arlen Specter. 1st Edition. 2000. 564p. DJ. Signed "To Ray Binnan Best Regards Arlen Specter 4/24/02" (Arlen Specter was a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania) $12.50

Autograph Book: "Who Owns America" by Walter J. Hickel. 1971. Prentice-Hall, Inc. 328p. DJ. Signed "Walter J. Hickel" (Hickel was governor of Alaska and U.S. Secretary of Interior) $12.50

Autograph Book: "Nine Honest Men" by David Lawrence. 1936. D. Appleton- "Century Company. 164p. Signed "To my friend George Allan with best wishes, David Lawrence" The book is written by the editor of the United States News and is about the nine Supreme Court Justices of the United States... nine men who traditionally rose above politics to make sane decisions on the important legal matters of our country (perhaps the current Justices should read this book!) $20.00

Autograph Book: "Pleasant Reflections," a collection of personal tributes interspersed with trifles of fancy by Orrin Chalfant Painter. 1906. The Arundel Press. 50p. Signed "J. Norris Herring, from your friend Orrin C. Painter. Christmas, 1906" $5.00

Autograph Book: "Sonnets to Steve and Other Poems" by Wilbert Snow. 1957. 1st Edition, Exposition Press. 55p. DJ Signed "Wilbert Snow" (Former governor of Connecticut, this book was the winner of the 1957 Exposition Poetry Book Contest) $9.00

Autograph Book: "It's A Long Way To Guacamole", The Tex-Mex Cookbook by Rue Judd and Ann Worley. 1978. 106p. Signed by both authors "Rue Judd Ann Worley" $8.00

Autograph Book: "Vashington Ou La Liberte Du Nouveau Monde, Tragedie" (about George Washington) edited by Gilbert Chinard. 1941. Princeton University Press. Book is printed in French. 75p. Signed "For L. P. Eisenhart his grateful. G. Chinard. One of the fifty copies spcially printed for the author." Luther Pfahler Eisnhart"s personal bookplate is on inside front cover. (Chinard was the first permanent Meredith Howland Pyne Professor of French literature at Princeton University. Eisenhart was a renowned mathematician on the Princeton faculty.) $10.00

Autograph Book: "The Naked Truth" by Charles H. Betts. "Vital issues before the country clearly analyzed and discussed, the mask stripped from Demagogues and the facts revealed-The heart and brain of humbug pierced by the sword of truth." 1913. By Charles H. Betts, Editor of the Lyons Republican. The Lyons Republican Company, Lyons, N.Y. 91p. Signed: "Hon. William Gorham Rice, compliments of Charles H. Betts. May 8, 1918. + four lines of thoughts" (Betts is pro-Taft; not a fan of T.R.) Interesting book. $10.00

Autograph Book: "One Foot in Washington, The Perilous Life of a Senator's Wife" by Ellen Proxmire. 1963. Robert B. Luce, Inc. 175p. DJ. Signed: "Ellen Proxmire 1970" (author was the wife of Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire) $9.00

Autograph Book: "The Honorable Mr. Marigold, My Life With Everett Dirksen" by Louella Dirksen with Norma Lee Browning. 1972 1st edition. 297p. DJ. Signed: "To Lelah Thomas, Louella Dirksen" (author was the wife of Illinois Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen) $12.50

Autograph Book: "Mrs. Copeland's Guest Book," by Frances Spalding Copeland. 1937. David McKay Company. 127p. Cover is slightly soiled. Signed: "Frances S. Copeland" Personal bookplate of Irene Moore Van Eckhardt on inside front cover. Reminiscences of years in Washington. (Mrs. Copeland was married to U.S. Senator Royal Samuel Copeland from New York. $7.00

Autograph Book: "Men and Politics, an Autobiography" by Louis Fischer. 1941, 1946. Duell, Sloan and Pearce. 672p. DJ (dust jacket in poor condition; book is fine). Signed: "To Irene Van Eckhardt with friendly sentiments from Louis Fischer" (Fischer was a noted Jewish-American journalist who "covered the world" and all it's leaders from pre-World War I until the 2nd World War.) $10.00

Autograph Book: "Collected Speeches of Heber Holbrook Rice" 1947. Southeastern Press, Roanoke, VA. 94p. Soft cover. Very small print run. Signed: "To my esteemed friend Robert Nelson Anderson with best personal regards. Heber H. Rice" (Heber Rice was past National President, Federal Bar Association, Battalion Commander in World War I, Honorary President, United Nations League of Lawyers) $8.00

Autograph Book: "Up to Now, an Autobiography" by Alfred E. Smith. 1929 1st Printing. The Viking Press. 434p. DJ (dust jacket has some chips and stains but book is fine) Signed: "To Mrs. Armin M. Hoar with best wishes of Alfred E. Smith" (Smith was governor of New York, Democratic Presidential Candidate in 1928) $65.00

Autograph Book: "Richard Dimbleby Broadcaster" by his colleagues. Edited by Leonard Miall. 1966. British Broadcasting Corporation. 172p. Soft cover. Illus. Signed on permanently affixed card: "Dant(?) Dimbleby" (Richard Dimbleby was an English journalist and broadcaster, who became the BBC's first war correspondent, and then its leading TV news commentator.) $7.00

Autograph Book: "Hearts of Hickory, A Story of Andrew Jackson and the War of 1812" by John Trotwood Moore. 1926. Cokesbury Press, Nashville. 450p. Some dirt smudges on backstrap. Signed: "John Trotwood Moore" (John Trotwood Moore was state librarian and archivist in Tennessee.) $10.00

Autograph Book: "I Love a Roosevelt, The Inside story of the Roosevelt children by Elliott Roosevelt's irrepressible wife" by Patricia Peabody Roosevelt. 1967. 1st Edition. Doubleday & Company, Inc. 387p. Illus. DJ. Signed: "Dear Mr. Norris - Thank you for reading my book - Hope we meet in Chicago in September. Patty Roosevelt June 1967" $10.00

Autograph Book: "Purple Peaks Remote," a romance of Italy and America by John Merritte Driver. 1905. Laird & Lee. 418p. Illus. Signed: "With many, very many, pleasant memories. John Merritte Driver" $6.00

Autograph Book: "William Lyon Phelps Autobiography with Letters" 1939. Oxford University Press. 982p. Illus. Signed: "Wm. Lyon Phelps 1939" (Wm. Lyon Phelps, born and died in Connecticut, was an author, critic and scholar. He taught the first American university course on the modern novel, serving as professor of English at Yale University. A popular speaker, many of his speeches are considered classics.) $12.50

Autograph Book: "One Sweet Guy and what he's doing to you, The Promises and Perils of Reaganism" by Arthur E. Rowse. 1981. Consumer News Inc. 230p. DJ. Signed: "Thanks, Ted, for your incisive comments. Hope you like the result. Best regards, Ted Rowse" (Rowse was a journalist with the Washington Post) $10.00

Autograph Book: "Hillary Rodham Clinton, A First Lady for Our Time" by Donnie Radcliffe. 1993. Warner Books. 270p. Illus. DJ. Signed: "To Dorothy Ecbols, with many thanks for your wonderful hospitality in inviting me here. Warmest regards. Donnie Radcliffe. October 28, 1993" (Donnie Radcliffe is a Washington Post reporter.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "Crisis, the Last Year of the Carter Presidency" by Hamilton Jordan. 1982. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 431p. Illus. DJ. Signed: "Hamilton Jordan" (Hamilton Jordan was President Carter's White House Chief of Staff.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "American Bistro," A personal sampling of the best new recipes adapted for entertaining at home, by Irena Chalmers and Friends. 1986. Contemporary Books, Inc. 176p. Illus. DJ. Oversized book. Signed: "For Alan with love Irena" This is a great book!! (Irena Chalmers is a noted author and food commentator, teacher and culinary mentor... recognized as the pioneer of the single subject cookbook.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "A Centenary Remembrance FDR" by Joseph Alsop. 1982. The Viking Press. 256p. Illus. Primarily a photo book. DJ. Oversized book. Signed: "For Maria & Carl Goule with warmest regards, Joseph Alsop" (Joseph Alsop is a noted political columnist, first in collaboration with his brother, the late Stewart Alsop, then on his own.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "Statesman of Harpers Ferry," by Charles E. Ransom Jr. 1995. Nuggets of Wisdom Books, Rippon, WV. 144p. The impressive biography of Bradley Nash who was born in 1900, worked as President Hoover's personal secretary, was mayor of Harpers Ferry, WV and donated much of the land the Harpers Ferry National Historial Park sits on.. A limited edition book. Co-Signed: "For Mike Shif(?). Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the book. Charles Ransom" and "Best Wishes! Bradley Nash" $15.00

Autograph Book: "United We Stand How We Can Take Back Our Country," by Ross Perot. 1992. 118p. Soft cover. Signed: "Ross Perot" $10.00

Autograph Book: "Harry Truman President, a Realistic appraisal of His Administration," by Frank McNaughton and Walter Hehmeyer. 1948.McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 294p. DJ Dust jacket has some wear, book is fine. Signed: "To Jim Shepley with the deepest admiration of the author. Frank McNaughton" $8.00

Autograph Book: "Coolidge Dawes Lincoln Tour 1924" by Larry L. Krug. 2007. Schiffer Publishing. 144p. Illus. Soft cover. History of the cross-country road rally of 100,000 automobiles in support of the Coolidge-Dawes campaign, a continuous political parade from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1924, following the famous Lincoln Highway. Signed: "Larry L. Krug" (Larry Krug, an historian and collector of political memorabilia, accumulated the most significant personal Coolidge political collection and has been a member of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation for nearly 50 years.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "Looking Outward, Years of Crisis at The United Nations" by Adlai E. Stevenson; edited, with commentary by Robert L. And Selma Schiffer. 1961 1st edition. Harper and Row. 295p. DJ. Signed: "To Roxane Eberlein: With my grateful thanks for your many kindnesses, for your patience in the face of countless questions and invaluable help reflected in so many different ways all calculated to calm, contain and preserve the uncollected editor of this collection. Sincerely, Bob Schiffer" (Roxane Eberlein was long time aide to Adlai Stevenson, from the time he was governor of Illinois, through his two presidential campaigns and years at the United Nations. She died in 1990. Bob Schiffer was with the New York Times and a speech writer at the United Nations.) $17.50

Autograph Book: "A Democrat Looks at His Party" by Dean Acheson. 1955. 1st Edition, Harper and Brothers. 199p. DJ. Signed: "Dean Acheson Washington November 1955" (Acheson was U.S. Secretary of State in the Truman Administration.) $12.50

Autograph Book: "Cover Up" an insider looks at the spiritual odyssey of the men behind President Nixon, The Watergate in all of Us. By Harry S. Dent. 1986. Here's Life Publishers. 208p. DJ. Signed: "Harry Dent" on affixed book plate that reads: "This book is number 33 of a Limited Edition printing presented with my compliments (and then the signature)." (Harry Dent served the Nixon White House as Special Counsel from 1968 to 1972. He was the chief architect of Nixon's successful Southern Strategy during the 1968 election and, while in the White House was chairman of the White House prayer breakfast group.) $15.00

Autograph Book: "A Story About Great Oaks and Little Acorns" by Raymond Clifford Brehaut. 1977 1st edition. Great Southern Printing and Manufacturing Company, Frederick, MD. 135p. DJ. Inside back cover, "This copy of A Story About Great Oaks and Little Acorns is number 328 of an edition of 1,000 copies printed in 1977. Signed: "To Miss Louise Doty with my best wishes, Raymond C. Brehaut" $7.00

Autograph Book: "The Buying of the President," by Charles Lewis and the Center for Public Integrity. An inside look at th special interests behind Clinton, Dole, Gramm, Wilson, Alexander, Buchanan, and others. 1996. Avon Books. 271p. Soft cover. Signed: "Jim. It was such a treat being on your show! Thanks for the interest. Enjoy! Best. Charles Lewis" $6.00

Autograph Book: "Chkalov" Moscow "Molodaya Gvardya," first transpolar flight... U.S.S.R. to U.S.A. 1978. Illus. Published by Sodbuster Enterprises, San Jose, CA in English. 299p. DJ. Signed: "To Galina, One of my very good friends in the Soviet Union... May you enjoy our efforts of translating and printing this wonderful book of Valeri Pavlovich Chkalov which was written by my dear friends Alexander Belyakov and the Co-pilot Georgi Bailukov. Dick Bowne, 18 July 1978" $12.50

Autograph Book: "Lippmann, Liberty, and the Press" by John Luskin. 1972. The University of Alabama Press. 273p. DJ. Signed: "Dear Mrs. Hole, the University of Alabama Press is sending you at no cost to you and very little to me, a copy of the book with the references to Kennedy... Sincerely, John Luskin" $8.00

Autograph Book: "Bush Doubles Oil Price... and other stories fact and fiction" by Dr. Paul Aaron. 2004. 105p. Saura Press. Soft cover. Signed: "Paul Aaron 3/13/05" Stories include: A Connecticut Cowboy in King George's Court, The Thousandth Soldier, Lili Putian Gulliver's Travels Updated and Bush Doubles Gas Tax. $10.00

Autograph Book: "The American Challenge, as Reflected in a Study of The Coats of Arms of the United States of America," by Wm. H. Cobb. 1943. 73p. Autographed book from Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's personal library. Inscribed: "To Capt. E. V. Rickenbacker with kind regards. Wm. H. Cobb 4/6/43" (Eddie Rickenbacker was one of the best known Americans in the first half of the 20th Century - America's top flying ace during World War I, manufactured Rickenbacher automobiles in 1920, owned The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was one of the fastest drivers on the track, and purchased Eastern Airlines.) $20.00

Autograph Book: "Invest in Success" by Wayne Eads. 1964. 191p. DJ Autographed book from Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's personal library. Photo of Rickenbacker and a quote from him appears on the top of the dust jacket. Inscribed: "To Captain Rickenbacker, who already has invested in success. Wayne Eads Sept 11-64" (Eddie Rickenbacker was one of the best known Americans in the first half of the 20th Century - America's top flying ace during World War I, manufactured Rickenbacher automobiles in 1920, owned The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was one of the fastest drivers on the track, and purchased Eastern Airlines.) $40.00

Autograph Book: "I Was in Hell with Niemoeller" (Pastor Martin Niemoeller) by Leo Stein. 253p. Autographed book from Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's personal library. Inscribed: To Captain Edward Rickenbacker from William T. Bachow, Fleming H. Revell Company" (publisher). (Eddie Rickenbacker was one of the best known Americans in the first half of the 20th Century - America's top flying ace during World War I, manufactured Rickenbacher automobiles in 1920, owned The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was one of the fastest drivers on the track, and purchased Eastern Airlines.) $35.00

Autograph Book: "Memoirs of Jerome B. Pound, with Histories of Pound-Murphey-Willingham-Palmer-Pitts Families Bound to Me by Ties of Blood" by Jerome B. Pound. 1949. 340p. Autographed book from Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's personal library. Inscribed: To Capt. E. V. Rickenbacker with much esteem and best wishes of the author, Jerome B. Pound. Dec. 28, 1949" (Eddie Rickenbacker was one of the best known Americans in the first half of the 20th Century - America's top flying ace during World War I, manufactured Rickenbacker automobiles in 1920, owned The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was one of the fastest drivers on the track, and purchased Eastern Airlines.) $40.00

Autograph Book: "Fifty Billion Dollars, My Thirteen Years with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation" by Jesse H. Jones. 1951 1st printing. 631p. Autographed book from Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's personal library. Inscribed: "For Captain Eddie Rickenbacker with warm regards, Jesse H. Jones" (Eddie Ricknbacker was one of the best known Americans in the first half of the 20th Century - America's top flying ace during World War I, manufactured Rickenbacker automobiles in 1920, owned The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was one if the fastest drivers on the track, and purchased Eastern Airlines.) $40.00

Autograph Book: "Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Hearings Before the Select Committee on assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives Ninety-Fifth Congress. 1978. 4 Volumes. Combined total of 1,827 pages. Soft covers. Volume I is signed by G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Director, Select Committee on Assassinations. $20.00

Item W2219Item W2219
Autograph Book: "Barry Goldwater's People and Places" by Barry Goldwater. A book of photograph. 1967. DJ. Illustrated. Autographed: "Barry Goldwater" $75.00

Autograph Book: "The Great Mistake" by John Knox. 1930. 176p. A scathing anti-Herbert Hoover account. Inscribed: "To August F. Lanper. John Knox." $25.00

Item KE5008Item KE5008
Autograph Book: "Old Myths and New Realities," by Senator J. W. Fulbright. 1964. 147p. PB Random House. Autographed by Fulbright. $20.00

Item KE5010Item KE5010
Autograph Book: "Ethel," the best selling biography of Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy, by Lester David. 1971. PB. 283p. Autographed by Lester David. $7.50

Item KE5036Item KE5036
Autograph Book: "For the Eyes of the President Only," a novel by Pierre Salinger. 1971. 349p. Wm. Collins Sons & Co Ltd, London. DJ. Small 3/4" tear on top left corner. Autographed by Pierre Salinger. $30.00

Autograph Book: "Boston in the Age of John Fitzgerald Kennedy" by Walter Muir Whitehead. 1966. University of Oklahoma Press. 208p. Top right corner 1" off first 2 inside pages. Autographed "Ted Kennedy" $18.00

Item KE5070Item KE5070
Autograph Book: "A Nation of Immigrants," by President John F. Kennedy, Introduction by Robert F. Kennedy, 1964. Harper & Row soft cover. 111p. Some discoloring along backstrap and about 1" vertically on front cover along backstrap, probably discoloration from the sun. Autographed "Robert F. Kennedy" on an affixed card inside cover. $85.00

Item KE5076Item KE5076
Autograph Book: "The Kennedy Women," by Pearl S. Buck. 1970. 218p. Illus. D. J. Methuen & Co., Ltd, London edition. Most of the Kennedy women pictured on the DJ, front and back, including Rose, Ethel and Jackie on front. Autographed by Pearl Buck on card affixed. $48.00

Item KE5078Item KE5078
Autograph Book: "Upstairs at the White House, My Life with the First Ladies," by J. B. West, Chief Usher of the White House, 1941-1969. 1973. 381p. Illus. DJ. Autographed by West. $12.50

Item KE5079Item KE5079
Autograph Book: "The Making of the President 1960" by Theodore H. White. 1960. 400p. Autographed by White on insert card affixed. $30.00

Item KE5080Item KE5080
Autograph Book: "Decisions for a Decade, Policies and Programs for the 1970s, by Senator Edward M. Kennedy. 1968. 225p. DJ Autographed "Edward Kennedy U.S.S." $25.00

Autograph Book: "In Search of History, a Personal Adventure," by Theodore H. White. 1978. 561p. DJ. Autographed by White. $25.00

Item KE5087Item KE5087
Autograph Book: "Joan, the Reluctant Kennedy," by Lester David, 1974. 164p. Illus. DJ. Autographed: "Sincerely, Lester David" $10.00

Item KE5089Item KE5089
Autograph Book: "A Mother in History," by Jean Stafford. 1966. 97p. DJ. This is the story of Marguerite Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald's mother. She is pictured on the cover standing next to the grave of her son. Autographed: "Marguerite C. Oswald" $150.00

Autograph Book: "The Making of the President 1964" by Theodore H. White. 1964. 431p. Autographed by White on card affixed. $24.00

Item KE5098Item KE5098
Autograph Book: "Robert Kennedy, a Memoir," by Jack Newfield, 1969. 318p. DJ. Autographed by Ted Kennedy 1971. $28.00

Autograph Book: "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy. Memorial Edition w/special forward by Robert F. Kennedy. 1964. 287p. DJ (Dust jacket has war and some tape repair. Autographed "Robert F. Kennedy" on card affixed. $75.00

Item KE5169Item KE5169
Autograph Book: "To Move a Nation, The Politics of Foreign Polilcy in the Administration of John F. Kennedy," by Roger Hilsman, 1967. 602p. DJ. Autographed on Columbia University notepaper by Hilsman, affixed. $20.00

Item KE5172Item KE5172
Autograph Book: "The Strategy of Peace," by John F. Kennedy. 1960. London Edition. 233p. DJ. Autographed on card affixed "John Kennedy" signed while visiting Great Britain in June 1963. $680.00

Item KE5173Item KE5173
Autograph Book: "The Kennedy Years," The New York Times. 1964. 327p. Illus. DJ. Coffee table size 13" (Some taped repairs to dust jacket.) Autographed "Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy" and "Edward M. Kennedy USS" both signatures on cards affixed. $35.00

Autograph Book: "Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy" by James MacGregor Burns. 1976. 383p. Illus. DJ. One tap repair on the dust jacket. Burns autographed card affixed. $20.00

Item KE5187Item KE5187
Autograph Book: "American Journey, The Times of Robert Kennedy" edited by George Plimpton. 1971. 371p. DJ. Autographed "George Plimpton" on Paris Review card affixed and also autographed by Ted Kennedy. $75.00

Item KE0111Item KE0111
Autograph Book: "Cry Peace, The Kennedy Years," by Thomas A. Lane. 1969. DJ. 255p. Autographed and dated by author. $20.00

Item KE3190Item KE3190
Autograph Book: "The Peace Corps" by Glenn D. Kittler w/introduction by R. Sargent Shriver (first director of the Peace Corps). 130p. Illus. PB. Autographed by Shriver on card affixed to page 2. $25.00

Item KE5217Item KE5217
Autograph Book: "The Center, The Anatomy of Power in Washington" by Stewart Alsop. 1968. Bottom of title page clipped otherwise fine. 365p. DJ. Autographed by Alsop on affixed insert card. $12.00

Item KE7360Item KE7360
Autograph Book: "John Kennedy, A Political Profile," by James MacGregor Burns. 1960. 309p. Illus. DJ. Signed card by author Burns attached to inside front page. $7.00

Item KE5011Item KE5011
Autograph Book: "Kennedy Campaigning, the System and the Styles as Practiced by Senator Edward Kennedy" by Murray B. Levin. 1966. 313p. Illus. DJ. Personally signed by James MacGregor Burns on inside front page, who is mentioned several times in the book. Dust jacket has some overall wear. $20.00

Item KE0623Item KE0623
Autograph Book: "Reflections on the Cuban Missile Crisis," by Raymond L. Garthoff. 1987. Pics of JFK and Khrushchev on cover. 160p. Hand written note and sig. On author's card attached. Soft cover. $13.00

Item KE0630Item KE0630
Autograph Book: "Kennedys, The Next Generation," by Jonathan Slevin and Maureen Spagnolo. 1990. National Press Books. Illus. 224p. DJ. Signed & dated note on inside cover by author Maureen Spagnolo. $14.00

Autograph Book: "The Lincolns in Chicago" by Blaine Brooks Gernon, 1934. Ancarthe Publishers, Chicago. 64p. Hard cover. Inscribed by author. Very limited edition. Top " of backstrap missing. $20.00

Item K4655Item K4655
Autograph Book: "My Hope for America" by Lyndon B. Johnson. 1964. 121p. Illus. DJ. Autographed "Lyndon B. Johnson on inside front cover. $200.00

Autograph Book: "The Carpenter's Apprentice," the Spiritual Biography of Jimmy Carter by Dan Ariail and Cheryl Heckler-Feltz. 1996. 176p. Illus. DJ. Autographed by Heckler-Feltz. $12.00

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