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Political: Campaign Buttons and Jewelry, State and Locals 1
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Political: Campaign Buttons & Jewelry, Third Party

Political: Campaign Buttons and Jewelry, State and Locals 2 (154 items)

We last updated our site on 21-May-2017. The next update is scheduled for 10-Jun-2017.

This list is primarily comprised of state office seekers, governors, U.S. senate and representatives, and local candidates. For other political items check out the following listings: Political, Campaign Literature, Bumper Stickers, Matchbook Covers, Post Cards and other Campaign Buttons categories. Queries for additional buttons are welcomed. We have others in inventory that are not listed below. NEED TO EXPAND YOUR INVENTORY? Buy out this entire catalog... hundreds of buttons at prices making all of them a bargain. Includes all items in both state and local button catalogs, including duplicates. Contact us. We will negotiate a great deal far below the catalog prices. Contact for further information and price. Let's talk.


For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...


State--Senatorial-Congressional-Gubernatorial, Etc

Campaign Button: "Love Vanderhoof" white on blue with large "C" in center in red with yellow inside. (Colorado) 1-1/4" $3.00

Item LK0110Item LK0110
Campaign Button: "Queremos A Puchinski Para Nuestro Senador" R/W/B 1-1/4" litho. (Roman Pucinski, Illinois) $2.50

Item J5848Item J5848
Campaign Button: "Bob Taft for Senate" R/W/B 1" (Ohio) $3.00

Item K6520Item K6520
Campaign Button: Color pic of Don Bailey. "from the People, for the People. Don Bailey for Congress" 3-1/2" $4.00

Item W4106Item W4106
Campaign Button: "Carol Moseley Braun Democrat U.S. Senate" R/W/B 2-1/4" (Illinois) $6.00

Item W3465Item W3465
Campaign Button: "U.S. Senate BREWSTER Vote Democratic" orange on black. 1-1/2" (Daniel Brewster, Maryland Senator 1960s) $5.00

Item W3466Item W3466
Campaign Button: "Bella for Senator" on sketch of large lady's hat, blue bkgd. (Bella Abzug, New York) 1-3/4" $7.50

Item K4540Item K4540
Campaign Button: "Senator Jake Garn" horizontal oval button R/W/B 2-3/4" (Utah) $4.00

Item LK0764Item LK0764
Campaign Button: "Dukakis O'Neill" (Mike Dukakis for Gov. Mass.) white on blue bkgd. 1-5/8" $4.00

Item K8953AItem K8953A
Campaign Button: "More and Better Jobs. RHODES for Governor" black, white and red. 1-1/2" (Ohio) $4.00

Item LK0642Item LK0642
Campaign Button: "Washington for Washington for" in continuous circle. White on blue bkgd. 1-3/4" (Walter Washington, Mayor, District of Columbia) $3.00

Campaign Button: Fauntroy pic. "Fauntroy for Congress" black lettering on white bkgd. 2-1/4" (Washington, DC) $5.00

Item A7192FItem A7192F
Campaign Button: "Ann Klein Governor" (New Jersey) white lettering on horizontal rainbow colored stripes. 1-3/4" $3.00

Item K6512Item K6512
Campaign Button: "Bob Killian '74" R/W/B 1-1/4" (This was Killian's Lt. Gov. campaign in Connecticut, which he won) $2.00

Item K6513Item K6513
Campaign Button: "Scranton Van Zandt" Red and blue on white bkgd. (Pennsylvania) 7/8" $1.50

Item W3462Item W3462
Campaign Button: "Ottinger for Senator" R/W/B 1-1/2" (Richard Ottinger, NY) $4.00

Item KR053UItem KR053U
Campaign Button: "Green for Governor" white lettering on green bkgd w/white rim. 7/8" (Illinois) $5.00

Item K7244Item K7244
Campaign Button: "For Governor CAREY. For Lt. Governor CUOMO" red and blue lettering on white bkgd w/large center blue map of New York State w/red outline. 1-1/2" $4.00

Item LK3069Item LK3069
Campaign Button: "Send Clinton a Message. Jim Miller U.S. Senate. He can Beat Bobb!" (Virginia) White on blue bkgd. 3" $4.00

Item LK3070Item LK3070
Campaign Button: "Adlai III" R/W/B 1" (Adlai Stevenson III, IL) $2.00

Item CT046Item CT046
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Hubert Humphrey. "Humphrey for Senator" R/W/B 2-1/4" $20.00

Item CT048Item CT048
Campaign Button: "Get Off the Bender, Vote for Stender" black & white 1-1/2" (may be for NJ Assemblywoman Linda Stender, but not sure) $1.50

Item CT053Item CT053
Campaign Button: "Carstens for Mayor" with pic. 7/8" Some discoloration. $2.00

Item CT054Item CT054
Campaign Button: "For Governor Lewis Emery, Jr., Lt. Gov. J. s. Black, Sec. for Affairs, J. J. Green w/photo of Emery; crossed flags. 7/8" Nice design (ran for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1906) $18.00

Campaign Button: "Re-Elect Cotter Congressman" R/W/B 1-1/2" $1.50

Item K8193BHItem K8193BH
Campaign Button: "Elect McNAIR Governor" R/W/B1-1/8" $4.00

Item K8195BHItem K8195BH
Campaign Button: "Elect Whittier Governor" blue on white 1-1/4" $4.00

Item K8196BHItem K8196BH
Campaign Button: "Vote VOLPE" (RI) 1" $3.00

Item K8197BHItem K8197BH
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Dempsey. "Dempsey for Governor" R/W/B 1" (John Dempsey, governor, Connecticut) $4.50

Item K8200BHItem K8200BH
Campaign Button: "Daddario for Governor" white on blue, 7/8" Emilio Daddario, Connecticut, 1970(?) $4.00

Item K8201BHItem K8201BH
Campaign Button: "Ella" white on green w/white rim. 3/4" (Ella Grasso, Gov CT) $3.00

Item K8203BHItem K8203BH
Campaign Button: "ED MAY for U.S. Senate" R/W/B 1" $3.00

Item K8204BHItem K8204BH
Campaign Button: "Leadership ROCKEFELLER Let's Keep It" blue & white 1" $3.00

Item K8205BHItem K8205BH
Campaign Button: "Joe DUFFEY for U.S. Senator" white on blue 7/8" (Joseph Duffey, Connecticut, 1970) $3.00

Item K8206BHItem K8206BH
Campaign Button: "Bill O'Neill Lieutenant Governor" green & white 2-1/8" $2.00

Item K8207BHItem K8207BH
Campaign Button: "Elect Wyman U.S. Senator" R/W/B 1-1/2" tin tab. (Louis Wyman, New Hampshire. Election battle with John Durkin considered by many to be the closest U.S. Senate election in history) $2.50

Item K8208BHItem K8208BH
Campaign Button: "Sweeny Coroner" red & blue with many round red & blue circles on button. (Looks more like a circus button than it does a coroner's button!) 1-3/4" $3.00

Item K7857BHItem K7857BH
Campaign Button: "Jerry WALDIE for Governor" blue, yellow & white, 1-1/2" (California) $3.00

Item K7858BHItem K7858BH
Campaign Button: "Danforth U.S. Senator" R/W/B w/3 white stars above, 1-1/8" (Missouri) $6.00

Item K7860BHItem K7860BH
Campaign Button: "Luv the Guv Shapiro" on flower design, dark & light blue and white, (Illinois) 1-5/8" $2.50

Item K7865BHItem K7865BH
Campaign Button: "Ann Klein Governor" white lettering on rainbow bkgd. (New Jersey) 1-3/4" $3.00

Item K7866BHItem K7866BH
Campaign Button: B&W pic of Stokes, "Stokes will win" black on off-white bkgd (Governor) 3/4" $4.00

Item K7837BHItem K7837BH
Campaign Button: "'74 WALDIE for Governor" blue, gold & white, 2-1/4" $4.00

Item K7838BHItem K7838BH
Campaign Button: "Bob Moretti Governor" white & light blue on dark blue, 1-1/2" $3.00

Item K7839BHItem K7839BH
Campaign Button: "Scranton Van Zandt" blue & red on white bkgd, 7/8" (Pennsylvania) $2.00

Item K7842BHItem K7842BH
Campaign Button: "BAGLEY will WIN" black on shocking orange, 1-3/4" $2.50

Item K7843BHItem K7843BH
Campaign Button: B&W pic of Pete Flaherty, "Flaherty for Governor" white on red rim, 2-1/4" Nice. $2.00

Item K7844BHItem K7844BH
Campaign Button: "Think YOUNG for Senator" red on cream bkgd, 1-1/2" $2.00

Item K7845BHItem K7845BH
Campaign Button: "CORY" red & white line art lettering w/center of "o" having blue & white star design, red bkgd. 1-1/8" $1.50

Item K7848BHItem K7848BH
Campaign Button: "Tunney." black on white bkgd 1-1/2" $1.50

Item K7875BHItem K7875BH
Campaign Button: "A Walker talker." white on blue 1-3/4" (Dan Walker, governor, Illinois) $3.00

Item K7876BHItem K7876BH
Campaign Button: B&W pic of Dan Walker w/"for Governor" signs on wall in bkgd, 2-1/4" (Illinois) $6.00

Item K7877BHItem K7877BH
Campaign Button: "Dan Walker for Governor" red & blue on white bkgd, 1-5/8" (Illinois) $2.00

Item K7878BHItem K7878BH
Campaign Button: "Dan Walker '76" red & blue on white bkgd, 1-1/2" (Illinois) $2.00

Item K7879BHItem K7879BH
Campaign Button: "I'm with Smith" black on white with R/W/B lines at bottom. 1-1/8" (Ralph Tyler Smith, governor, Illinois) $2.00

Item K7880BHItem K7880BH
Campaign Button: "Play It Again JIM" blue & red on white bkgd, 1-3/8" (Jim Thompson, governor, Illinois) $2.50

Item K7881BHItem K7881BH
Campaign Button: "I'm Big on Jim" R/W/B round tin tab, 1-1/2" (Jim Thompson, governor, Illinois) $1.50

Item K7882BHItem K7882BH
Campaign Button: "Howlett for Governor" green on white, 1-3/8" (Michael Howlett, governor, Illinois) $2.00

Item K7883BHItem K7883BH
Campaign Button: "Carpentier" white on green tin tab, (Charles Carpentier, Illinois Secretary of State) $1.00

Item K7884BHItem K7884BH
Campaign Button: "Kucharski" red on white bkgd, 1" (Roman Kucharski, Illinois) $1.50

Item K7901BHItem K7901BH
Campaign Button: "Adlai" red on black bkgd w/white star dotting the "i" (Adlai Stevenson III, U.S. Senator, Illinois) 1-3/8" $2.00

Item K7902BHItem K7902BH
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Wm. Stratton, "Re-Elect Our Governor" blue on white tin tab in die-cut shape of state of Illinois. $3.50

Item K7903BHItem K7903BH
Campaign Button: "Stratton" red lettering on white bkgd w/one red star above and below. 7/8" (William Stratton, governor, Illinois) $3.50

Item K7904BHItem K7904BH
Campaign Button: "PERCY for Governor" red & blue lettering on white bkgd (Charles Percy, Illinois) 1-1/4" $4.00

Item K7905BHItem K7905BH
Campaign Button: "Hartigan Lt. Governor Democrat" white lettering on giant red heart, white bkgd, 1-1/2" (Illinois) $1.00

Item K7906BHItem K7906BH
Campaign Button: "Howlett for Governor" white on green bkgd, 1-1/2" (Michael Howlett, Illinois) $2.00

Item K7907BHItem K7907BH
Campaign Button: "Mike Bakalis for Comptroller" chartreuse on black (Illinois) 1-1/2" $1.00

Item K7908BHItem K7908BH
Campaign Button: "O" inside outline of state of Illinois, black on orange bkgd, 1" (Richard Ogilvie, governor, Illinois) $2.00

Item K7909BHItem K7909BH
Campaign Button: "Ogilvie" black on orange bkgd, 7/8" (Richard Ogilvie, governor, Illinois) $2.00

Item K7910BHItem K7910BH
Campaign Button: "Howlett" cut-out letters jewelry tac (Illinois governor) $3.00

Item K7911BHItem K7911BH
Campaign Button: "Luv the Guv Shapiro" light blue, dark blue & white w/flower design 1-1/2" $2.50

Item K7912BHItem K7912BH
Campaign Button: "Howlett Hartigan Democratic" black and red on white bkgd, 1-1/2" (Illinois governor, lt. governor) $3.00

Item K7886BHItem K7886BH
Campaign Button: "Cooper Republican" blue on white w/red and blue horizontal stripes, 1-1/4" (Illinois Governor) $2.00

Item K7887BHItem K7887BH
Campaign Button: "Vote DiXon Governor" white on green bkgd, 1" (Illinois) $2.50

Item K7889BHItem K7889BH
Campaign Button: "Bakalis" chartreuse on black, 1-1/2" (Michael Bakalis, Governor Candidate, Illinois 1978) $2.50

Item K7890BHItem K7890BH
Campaign Button: "B for Barrett" w/outline of state of Illinois, black on round orange tin tab $1.50

Item K7893BHItem K7893BH
Campaign Button: "PERCY for Senator" R/W/B (Charles Percy, Illinois) 1-1/8" $3.00

Item A0066BHItem A0066BH
Campaign Button: "Re-elect Mon C. Wallgren your Governor" R/W/B 7/8" (Monrad Wallgren, Washington State 1940s) $5.00

Item A0067BHItem A0067BH
Campaign Button: "Stratton" red lettering on white bkgd, single blue star above & below name, blue rim. 7/8" (William Stratton, Governor, Illinois) $4.00

Item A0068BHItem A0068BH
Campaign Button: "Million Friends for PERCY" R/W/B (Charles Percy, Illinois) $4.00

Campaign Button: John Elkin pic within keystone design, colorful button of "The Indiana Plow Boy" with several scenes. "Stalward, for Governor, Republican" around top with R/W/B stars & stripes and gold rim. 1" Slight staining but still very attractive. $5.00

Item A0070BHItem A0070BH
Campaign Button: "Unity Fusion Ross Winter Talfor Schweitzer" R/W/B 7/8" $3.00

Item A0072BHItem A0072BH
Campaign Button: "Ann Klein Governor" white on horizontal stripes in rainbow of colors. (New Jersey) $3.00

Item A0073BHItem A0073BH
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Leonard Small. "Len Small" white on red top half of rim. "Back to Prosperity" white on blue bottom half of rim. 3/4" (Len Small, Governor, Illinois) $8.00

Item A0075BHItem A0075BH
Campaign Button: "Bill Singer Mayor" R/W/B (Chicago) 1-1/2" $2.00

Item K7871BHItem K7871BH
Campaign Button: "Terry PUNT for State Senator" white on blue bkgd, 1-3/4" $1.00

Item K7872BHItem K7872BH
Campaign Button: "WILL THORNE For Barstown City Council" green on yellow, 2-1/4" $1.00

Item K7874BHItem K7874BH
Campaign Button: B&W pic of Milner, "Congratulations to Des Moines Own Neil Milner" black on white rim, 2-1/4" $1.00

Item K6508Item K6508
Campaign Button: Tin Tab in shape of star badge. "Scofield for Sheriff" red on white. $1.00

Item K8954TBHItem K8954TBH
Campaign Button: "Mullins for Supervisor" white lettering on blue bkgd. 1-3/8" $1.00

Item K8954VBHItem K8954VBH
Campaign Button: "Rothrock Delegate" w/sketch of owl. red on white. 4" $1.50

Item K8954QBHItem K8954QBH
Campaign Button: "Harold O. MILLER for Congress" blue on green. 1-1/2" $1.50

Item K8954RBHItem K8954RBH
Campaign Button: "People's Democrat RAWLINGS" red and white. 1-1/4" $1.50

Item K8954MBHItem K8954MBH
Campaign Button: "Vote HOOFNAGLE for County Chairman" R/W/B 1-1/4" $1.00

Item K8954KBHItem K8954KBH
Campaign Button: "County Chairman BABSON" R/W/B 3" $1.00

Item K8954HBHItem K8954HBH
Campaign Button: "MILLER U.S. Senate" R/W/B 1-1/4" $1.50

Item LK0439Item LK0439
Campaign Button: "Eleanor Holmes Norton for Congress" w/3 stars and double horizontal line at bottom. blue on white. 2-1/4" (District of Columbia) $3.00

Item W6051Item W6051
Campaign Button: "Re-Elect Mayor Capone Experienced Leadership" Mirron back; not button. Black, white and pink. 3" Nice political campaign mirror. $4.00

Item W3466AItem W3466A
Campaign Button: "Ashbrook for U.S. Senate" blue lettering on white bkgd w/flag design at top. 1-1/4" $2.00

Item LK0122Item LK0122
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Witwer. "Witwer for U.S. Senator" white on blue outer rim. (Illinois) $3.00

Item W6075Item W6075
Campaign Button: "A Beveridge Volunteer" w/pic of Beveridge (Albert J. Beveridge, served two terms as U.S. Senator from Indiana) 3/4" $5.00

Item K7824BHItem K7824BH
Campaign Button: Sepiatone pic, "Hiram Edgerton for Mayor" 5/8" (Mayor of Rochester, New York in 1908) $3.50

Item CH1129GItem CH1129G
Campaign Button: "Go Like '70" white on red top half; "with" blue on white center stripe; "George Murphy" white on blue bottom half. (U.S. Senator, California) 1-1/2" $4.00

Item A9734CBItem A9734CB
Campaign Button: Trigate, pics with names/office seeing below, "Broderick Governor; Scott U.S. Senator; Scalera Lt. Governor" on yellow map of Pennsylvania. "Our Republican Team" at top in white, blue bkgd; "They Can Make It Work" at bottom. 3-1/2" $8.00

Item A9733CBItem A9733CB
Campaign Button: Colored pic of Ann Richards (Texas) "Re-Elect Ms. Gov." gold lettering on black bkgd. 3" $5.00

Item A9735CBItem A9735CB
Campaign Button: Ollie North pic. "Coal Miners Dig Ollie North" black and white. 3-1/2" (ran for U.S. Senate, Virginia) $5.00

Campaign Button: "Democrat Kerner for Governor" R/W/B. Red circle in center w/white star. (1960 Illinois) 1-1/8" litho. some edge rust but rare pin. $2.50

Campaign Button: "Kerner in '64" R/W/B Illinois-shaped tin tab. (Otto Kerner, Illinois Governor) $2.50

Item K6518Item K6518
Campaign Button: Stratton tin tab in shape of Illinois, blue pic of William Stratton. "Re-Elect Our Governor" $2.50

Item W5745Item W5745
Campaign Button: Pic of Frank Lowden. "Lowden for Governor" white on blue rim. (Illinois) 7/8" $6.00

Item W4679Item W4679
Campaign Button: Pic of Frank Lowden. "Lowden for Governor" white on blue rim. (Illinois) 7/8" $6.00

Item A7168Item A7168
Campaign Button: "Re-Elect Knowles Governor" black, orange and white. 1" $4.00

Item J4364Item J4364
Campaign Button: "Lindsay for Mayor" blue on white wide center stripe, red above and below. 1" (John Lindsay, New York City) $3.00

Item LK2539Item LK2539
Campaign Button: "King Swope for Governor" white on black rim around pic of Swope (ran for governor of Kentucky in 1935 and 1939) 1" litho. No scratches but the paint on the litho appears crazed. Tough button to get. $10.00

Item W3468Item W3468
Campaign Button: "Vote Democratic Birch BAYH for U.S. Senator" R/W/B (Indiana) 1-1/8" $2.50

Item W4680Item W4680
Campaign Button: Sepiatone pic of Charles Deneen. "For Governor Deneen" 7/8" (Illinois 1904) $8.00

Item W6082Item W6082
Campaign Button: Sepiatone pic of Charles Deneen w/name below (Illinois 1904, 1908, 1912) Slightly faded. 7/8" $4.00

Campaign Button: Photo button. "Mc Cormick" white lettering. 3/4" $2.00

Item CT061Item CT061
Campaign Button: Pic of Steenerson. "Halvor Steenerson, Candidate for Congress, 9th Dist. Minn." 7/8" (U.S. Congressman from Minnesota 1903-1923) Slight foxing on lower curl. $5.00

Item LK2536Item LK2536
Campaign Button: "For Senator John E. Fox" black writing on cream colored button w/Fox's pic in center. Circa 1900. (member of Pennsylvania State Senate from 1901-1912) 7/8" $4.00

Item A7139FItem A7139F
Campaign Button: "Len Small Back to Prosperity" R/W/B with bluetone pic in center. 7/8" (Illinois governor 1920s) $7.00

Item LK2540Item LK2540
Campaign Button: "Santaguida Congress" R/W/B 1" (Frank Santaguida, Connecticut) $3.00

Item LK0122Item LK0122
Campaign Button: Bluetone pic of Witwer. "Witwer for U.S. Senator" white onblue outer rim. 1" $3.00

Item J5861CItem J5861C
Campaign Button: "Pat BROWN for me" red and blue on white. 1" (California, governor) $4.00

Campaign Button: "For Assembly Philip N. Cassidy" w/pic of Cassidy in center. 1-1/4" (was a candidate in Brooklyn, NY 1907) $2.00

Campaign Button: Nelson Rockefeller bluetone pic. "For Governor Rockefeller" white lettering on blue rim. (New York) 1" $3.00

Item K0039Item K0039
Campaign Button: Tin tab. "Agnew Governor" white lettering on red and tan. (Maryland, Spiro Agnew) $5.00

Item W5808Item W5808
Campaign Button: "For CARTER Congress" blue and white. (Tim L. Carter, Kentucky, circa 1964) $4.00

Item W2508Item W2508
Campaign Button: "Margie Hendriksen for U.S. Senate" pale yellow on teal. 1-3/4" (Oregon, 1980s) $4.00

Item CT035Item CT035
Campaign Button: "Re-Elect Bill Stinson Your Congressman" R/W/B 1" (Washington State) $4.00

Item CT041Item CT041
Campaign Button: "Wallgren for Governor" R/W/B 7/8" (Washington State, Montrad Charles Wallgren) $4.00

Campaign Button: "Elect WHITTIER Governor" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" (Summer G. Whittier, Massachusetts 1956) $3.00

Item A7196FItem A7196F
Campaign Button: "For Mayor Jack Currey Pull the Lever" 1" $2.00

Item K6992Item K6992
Campaign Button: Pic of man. "U-Kno-Me For Mayor" (well, sorry, but we don't know him). 1-1/4" Looks like circa 1930s. $2.00

Item K7006Item K7006
Campaign Button: "OLSON Lt. Governor" white lettering on red bkgd. 1-1/4" (Russell Olson, Wisconsin 1979) $2.00

Campaign Button: "The Shafer Broderick Team" R/W/B 1" (Ray Shafer and Ray Broderick, Pennsylvania) $2.00

Item K6991Item K6991
Campaign Button: "WOOD" white on blue bkgd, red rim. 7/8" (Reuben Wood, Missouri Congressman) $2.50

Item W5833Item W5833
Campaign Button: "Hamilton for Senator" orange on purple. 1-1/4" (Lee Hamilton, Indiana) $2.50

Campaign Button: "Richard Daley for Mayor" blue and white w/red accents. (Chicago) 2-1/4" $3.00

Campaign Button: "Wecht, Ertel, Lloyd Democrats United for Victory '82" red, blue, green and white 3" (Pennsylvania) $3.00

Campaign Button: "Bill GOODLING for Congress Jobs Service" red and blue lettering on rectangular white button. 6 blue stars. 2-3/4" x 1-3/4" (Pennsylvania) $3.00

Item CT037Item CT037
Campaign Button: "Gracie Hansen Democrat for Governor" white on red w/"diamond stud" dotting the "i" in Gracie. Nice novelty button. 1-1/4" (Washington State. Known for her bare-breasted hostessing at the Seattle World's Fair and other interesting feats) $12.00

Item K7988Item K7988
Campaign Button: "Eagleton" black on white bkgd. 1-1/2" (Tom Eagleton, Missouri) $2.50

Campaign Button: "Elect IVES Governor" R/W/B 7/8" (Irving Ives, New York 1954) $3.00

Campaign Button: "New Yorkers for Kennedy" red and white lettering against white New York City skyline, blue bkgd. 1-1/2" (Robert Kennedy) $3.50

Item A7165Item A7165
Campaign Button: "Stratton" in red with blue star above and below. 1" litho (Wm. Stratton, Illinois) $3.00

Item LK0126Item LK0126
Campaign Button: "Re-Elect Douglas. The People's Senator" white on green 1" (Senator Paul Douglas, Illinois) $5.00

Item LK0627Item LK0627
Campaign Button: "Goodwin? Too taxing!" white on black. 1-1/2" $1.00

Campaign Button: Edgerton pic. "For Mayor Hiram Edgerton" 5/8" sepiatone. (1908 Rochester, NY) $5.00

Item CT060BItem CT060B
Campaign Button: B&W pic of George Allen. "For Justice of The Supreme Court George A. Allen" black lettering around pic. Cream bkgd. 1-3/4" Some overall crazing but a tremendously interesting button circa. 1890's. $20.00

Item W1657Item W1657
Campaign Button: Sherman pic. "Lawrence Y. Sherman" below pic, black lettering on white bkgd. 7/8" (was Republican senator from Illinois serving from 1912-1920) $25.00

Campaign Button: Brass lapel button w/"Seal of the Governor of the State of California XXXVII" 3/4" (this would have been Gov. Gray Davis's administration) $2.00

Campaign Button: "Congressman Lane Evans" Red and blue lettering on white bkgd. 2-1/4" (Democratic Illinois Congressman 1983-2007) $3.00

Campaign Button: "Shimkus U.S. Congress" w/U.S.flag, R/W/B on white bkgd. 2-1/4" (John Shimkus, Illinois U.S. Representative) $1.50

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