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    Political: Paper and 3-D #3 (304 items)

    We last updated our site on 28-Jun-2016-2016. The next update is scheduled for 01-Oct-2016.

    This listing contains political items, mostly presidential in nature with some state candidates. Some aspects covered are: campaigns, elections, inaugurations, administrations, deaths, third parties and minor candidates. The items on this list are primarily paper items and miscellaneous 3-D items. There are no buttons on this list. Note: Additional political items may be found on other lists at this site including newspaper headlines, presidential books, campaign literature, political china and glassware, campaign buttons, matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and First Ladies.


    Item A4400NItem A4400N
    Political: Post card. "Vote for Jimmy Carter Democrat for President" with photo of Carter. $2.50

    Item A4406NItem A4406N
    Political: Fancy printed program with embossed presidential seal and braided royal blue rope w/tassel. Event: the welcoming of The President of The Republic of El Salvador and Mrs. Duarte to the White House. Oct. 14, 1987. $10.00

    Item A4406CNItem A4406CN
    Political: Goldwater-Miller Ninth Inning Rally, L.A. 10/30/64. 8-1/2" x 11" event poster. Sponsored by United Republican Finance Committee of Los Angeles. Starts out with presentation of flags by Goldwater Girls. Adjourns with address by Barry Goldwater. $4.50

    Item A4406DNItem A4406DN
    Political: 1917 booklet, "The President's Flag Day Address with Evidence of Germany's Plans". Special edition printed for distribution by Boy Scouts of America. (Woodrow Wilson). $15.00

    Item A4406ENItem A4406EN
    Political: October 1917. "First Session of THE WAR CONGRESS" by Charles Merz. 48 pages. $22.00

    Item A4406JNItem A4406JN
    Political: "Republican Ticket" at top. woodcut of spread eagle w/banner in beak. "for Town Officers" and then it lists candidates for assessors, board of relief, selectmen, town clerk, treasurer, registrar of Voters, School board, constables and grand jurors. Does not give geographic location nor is it dated. Approx. 1870s. 8" x 5" $11.00

    Item A4406MNItem A4406MN
    Political: Inaugural Ceremony Program. January 4, 1943. Legislative Chambers. Sacramento, California. Very colorful cover w/jugate pics of Earl Warren, Governor and Frederkck Houser, Lieutenant Governor. Nice piece. $55.00

    Item A4406PNItem A4406PN
    Political: Campaign letter. "Warren-for-Governor Non-Partisan Committee. San Francisco, California." Oct 1942. Announces the sponsorship of a "California Women for Warren Day". Signed in ink by Jessie Williamson, Co-chairman for Women's Activities, Northern California Warren Campaign. $5.00

    Item A4406TNItem A4406TN
    Political: 20-page printed campaign booklet, the "Roden Doctrine" promoting the presidency of George Roden, Democrat, for President in 1976. Pic of Roden on cover with R/W/B banner. $10.00

    Item A4406UNItem A4406UN
    Political: Muggles spin-wheel divides the faces of 8 world leaders and dignitaries and so it can show the top half of one with the bottom half of another, such as the top half of Margaret Thatcher's head with the bottom half of Yasser Arafat's head, or the top half of the Ayatollah Khomeini's head with the bottom half of George Bush's head. Also has Norman Schwarzkopf, Henry Kissinger, Prince Charles & Moammar Kadafi. Kind of a strange but fun item. $20.00

    Item A4406VNItem A4406VN
    Political: The Grand Old Party report. 1890. 32-page booklet reports on the fact that in 9 months the Republican Congress has redeemed all its pledges, a record quite unparalleled. Tremendous graphics on cover with the U.S. flag and pics of Lincoln and Grant and a scroll that enumerates some 15 of the bills passed by Congress in the preceeding 9 months including a federal election law, a protective tariff law, silver restored, obstruction knocked out, a just pension law, an effective 8 hour law, a uniform bankruptcy law, two more new states, six new ships for the Navy, and more. $45.00

    Item A4408NItem A4408N
    Political: Official b&w 8" x 10" photo of Hubert Humphrey. $6.00

    Item A4409NItem A4409N
    Political: The Instant Button Book from the 1960s. Comes with a plain white pinback button and sheets of peel-off button slogans so you can choose the one of your liking and affix it to your plain button. Actually has 84 different slogans, some really signs of the times so to speak. Examples: "Pave Vietnam," "Nasser had his nose bobbed," "Dean Rusk is totally Uncommitted," "Unleash Chiang Kai Chek," "Bomb Hanoi Now," "Feed Twiggy," "Mao is a Minor Poet," "Pray for Jimmy Hoffa," "I Stole Bob Dylan's Comb," and "I Can't Relate to Trees." Totally unused. $25.00

    Item A4410NItem A4410N
    Political: Colored jugate pics of Willkie and McNary on a stamp with "We Want Willkie and McNary" Horizontally rectangular. Not seen this one before. $8.50

    Item A4413NItem A4413N
    Political: Large 2-1/2" stamp, bluetone pic of Wendell Willkie. "Win With Willkie" Nice. $7.50

    Item A4415NItem A4415N
    Political: B&W pic of Eisenhower on stamp. "Let's Make it Unanimous! We Want Ike!" R/W/B $7.00

    Item A4417NItem A4417N
    Political: Bluetone pic of FDR on stamp. "No Retreat, Forward with Roosevelt" in red and white. $12.00

    Item A4419NItem A4419N
    Political: Smiling Nixon b&w pic on stamp,"Nixon Now" $1.50

    Item A4422NItem A4422N
    Political: Four colorful stamps from Woodrow Wilson era, each promoting Glacier National Park and each having a different B&W pic on it. One has President Woodrow Wilson, another has Vice President Tom Marshall, a third has Dept. of the Treasury Secretary Wm. McAdoo and the fourth has Dept. of the Interior Sec. Franklin Knight Lane. $25.00

    Item A4430NItem A4430N
    Political: Blue and white stamp, (California) "Vote for Bill Knowland June 3rd. $2.50

    Item A4433NItem A4433N
    Political: Attractive and ornate cigar band picturing President William Howard Taft. $12.00

    Item A4434NItem A4434N
    Political: 5-1/4" x 3" hand card promoting George Beadles, Candidate for Alterman on the People's Ticket, 1909 w/oval pic of Beadles. $6.50

    Item A4436NItem A4436N
    Political: Blue and white stamp. "I support Reagan/Bush '84" $2.00

    Item A4439NItem A4439N
    Political: 1988 Republican National Convention, New Orleans, GUEST ID badge. $5.00

    Item A4440NItem A4440N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic of the Nixon family with Dick & Pat each holding one of the girls. Reverse has printed message: "Sept 29, 1952 Dear Friend, This is just a note to tell you how deeply Pat and I appreciate your expression of confidence after the broadcast last Tuesday. We want you to know wwe shall do our bst never to let you down. Dick Nixon" It was mailed to a supporter in Orange, CA $20.00

    Item A4441NItem A4441N
    Political: (post card) Sepia caricature of Taft strugging along with gun over his shoulder & hunting dog, possums hidding in brush, capitol in bkgd. "The Only Possums That Escaped" Nice. $25.00

    Item A4442NItem A4442N
    Political: (post card) McKinley Monument in Buffalo, New York. Oval pics of William and Ida McKinely. $6.00

    Item A4443NItem A4443N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of George Bush taking the oath of office (close up) with Barbara by his side This 1981 post card was printed in error with the negative "flipped" as both Bush and the Chief Justice have their left hands raised. $10.00

    Item A4444NItem A4444N
    Political: (post card) President Taft at the Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkeley, California. $8.00

    Item A4445NItem A4445N
    Political: (post card) A fun caricature card in full color with Reagan in the center with "Jolly Beans"; Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon at top with "Has Beans" and Jerry Brown and Ted Kennedy at the bottom with "Would Beans." This is a play on Reagan's fondness for jelly beans. 1982. $4.50

    Item A4446NItem A4446N
    Political: (post card) Temple of Music, Where President McKinely was shot, Buffalo, NY. Oval pic of the president in upper right corner. $10.00

    Item A4447NItem A4447N
    Political: (post card) The Milburn Residence with a small white "x" by a window on the side showing the room in which President McKinley died, Buffalo, NY. Pic of McKinley insert in upper left. $15.00

    Item A4448NItem A4448N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of the Millard Fillmore residence in Buffalo, NY. $15.00

    Item A4449NItem A4449N
    Political: (post card) Nice colored sketch of Wm. McKinley with 3 long-stemmed pink carnations along bottom and a quote "God's will, not ours, be done," Wm. McKinley. Bottom right corner bent. As is. $3.50

    Item A4450NItem A4450N
    Political: (post card) B&W jugate pics of Taft & Sherman. "For President Wm. H. Taft" and "For Vice President James S. Sherman" below pics. "Our Choice" at bottom. Photos layed on embossed bkgd image of R/W/B stars and stripes banner w/gold accents. Great visual piece. $50.00

    Item A4451NItem A4451N
    Political: (post card) b&w pic of Dewey & Warren families marching along in the street shoulder to shoulder (kind of dumb looking). Rev.: "Two American Families, l. t. r. John Dewey, Virginia and Nina Warren, Governor and Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Dewey, Governor Dewey, Dorothy Warren and Thomas Dewey, Jr." $14.00

    Item A4452NItem A4452N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Richard Nixon, fac. sig. below in white and pic of Capitol along bottom of post card. This is a nice Fabian Bachrach photo of Nixon. $4.00

    Item A4454NItem A4454N
    Political: (post card) Dual sepia oval photos of Alice Roosevelt and Nicholas Longworth mailed on their wedding day, Feb. 17, 1906. Nice graphic design. (Teddy R's. daughter). $14.00

    Item A4456NItem A4456N
    Political: (post card) Color pic of "Eisenhower Farm, Gettysburg, PA" with insert pic of Ike and Mamie, "America's First Family, President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower" Vintage. $6.00

    Item A4458NItem A4458N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Taft, face only. "Bill" below in large letters, dark green bkgd w/white border. Very tip of upper left corner bent. $14.00

    Item A4459NItem A4459N
    Political: (post card) Image of Franklin Pierce, 14th president of United States. Embossed golden eagle design and R/W/B US flag. Attractive Pierce display piece. $20.00

    Item A4461NItem A4461N
    Political: (post card) Colored photo of Mr. & Mrs. William Jennings Bryan. Names at top. $10.00

    Item A4462NItem A4462N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Jimmy Carter posed in front of White House. 1979. Nice picture. $3.50

    Item A4464NItem A4464N
    Political: (post card) Ronald Reagan & his family at the victory celebration the night Reagan won re-election to a second term. 1984. $3.00

    Item A4465NItem A4465N
    Political: (post card) Close-up of President Reagan waving to onlookers as he leaves the Washington Hilton following an address at a labor meeting. Seconds after this 1981 photo was taken a man shoots the president, Press Sec. Brady and others. $3.00

    Item A4467NItem A4467N
    Political: (post card) campaign scene. First Lady Rosalynn Carter speaks for President Carter in Manchester, NH as campaign '80 gets off to an early start. Because of the crisis in Iran and Afghanistan, the President called off his personal campaign efforts in late 1979. $3.00

    Item A4468NItem A4468N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of McKinley National Memorial in Niles, Ohio with oval insert of McKinley at upper left. $6.50

    Item A4475NItem A4475N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic "House of President McKinley, Canton, Ohio with circular insert of McKinley in upper right corner. Penny post card. $4.50

    Item A4478NItem A4478N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic, Milburn Residence, Buffalo, N.Y. where Pres. McKinley died. oval pics in upper left & right corners of Wm. & Ida McKinley. Slight bend on left side. $4.00

    Item A4479NItem A4479N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic. Teddy Roosevelt and family. $7.50

    Item A4480NItem A4480N
    Political: (post card) Sepia pic of Woodrow Wilson, fac. sig. below. Harris & Ewing photo. Slight edge wear. $7.00

    Item A4481NItem A4481N
    Political: (post card) Totally embossed design of "The McKinley Monument, Canton, Ohio" in muted greys & pinks. Nice. $10.00

    Item A4482NItem A4482N
    Political: (post card) President Wilson in Paris, 1918 riding in open carriage, close-up. b&w. $12.00

    Item A4483NItem A4483N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Nation's Capitol with oval upper left insert of President Eisenhower. $6.00

    Item A4485NItem A4485N
    Political: (post card) Sepiatone pic of Coolidge's birthplace in Plymouth Notch, VT. "Where President Coolidge took the oath of office." $6.00

    Item A4488NItem A4488N
    Political: (post card) Colored photo, "Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, Staunton, VA" with upper left oval insert of Wilson. $4.00

    Item A4490NItem A4490N
    Political: (post card) B&W. "President Coolidge on his father's farm, Plymouth, VT." Shows Coolidge chopping wood with an axe, or better, posed as if he were chopping wood. Has a straw hat and smock on. Several farm scenes were taken at this time and made into post cards, popular during his administrative years. $12.00

    Item A4496NItem A4496N
    Political: (post card) Colored formal pic of Lyndon Johnson. One of the nicest pictures of LBJ. From Johnson's administration years. $3.50

    Item A4497NItem A4497N
    Political: (post card) Interesting colored pic of President Teddy Roosevelt replanting the original Navel Orange tree in front of the old Adobe and Campanile, Glenwood Hotel, Riverside, CA. A lot of people standing around but still a good shot of TR posed with shovel. $8.00

    Item A4501NItem A4501N
    Political: (post card) Great sepiatone photo of the Nixon family with "the Nixons" fac. sig. below. Rev.-"Im for Dick Nixon, Nixon for President." Produced by Southern California Headquarters. Postmarked from L.A. on Aug. 30, 1960. $20.00

    Item A4505NItem A4505N
    Political: (post card) Nice r\w\b design of "Nixon Dirksen" with campaign message on back supporting Nixon for President and Everett Dirksen for re-election to the Senate, produced by Illinois Youth for Nixon/Agnew. Unusual. $14.00

    Item A4506NItem A4506N
    Political: (post card) A very nice pose of Richard Nixon seated on the steps with hands clasped in front of him. (Almost looks handsome!) Rev: "I'm for Dick Nixon...How about you?" Produced by Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge. $10.00

    Item A4507NItem A4507N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of "Wheatland-Home of Late President Buchanan, Lancaster, PA. Old. $6.50

    Item A4508NItem A4508N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of John Kennedy on left. "In Memoriam, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, May 29, 1917-Nov 22, 1963" on right with logo of eternal flame. $3.50

    Item A4509NItem A4509N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Herbert Hoover with pipe in hand. Nice head & shoulders shot. Dist. by Hoover Library. Circa. 1960s. $3.00

    Item A4510NItem A4510N
    Political: (post card) Campaign pc, colored pic of George Wallace, fac. sig. below, "Best Wishes, George C. Wallace, Gov." $4.00

    Item A4511NItem A4511N
    Political: (post card) Nice colored pic of William Jennings Bryan seated in straight back chair. Penny post card. $6.50

    Item A4512NItem A4512N
    Political: (post card) Sepia card with small round pic of George Washington in center. Card is then divided into four segments. Front and back pics of Mt. Vernon, Nation's capitol and Washington's grave are depicted. Probably circa. 1900 judging by clothing of people at tomb. $5.00

    Item A4513NItem A4513N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of a smiling Richard Nixon playing the piano while Pat, Tricia, Julie & David watch. Rev. has message from Nixon asking for their vote w/fac sig. $4.00

    Item A4518NItem A4518N
    Political: (post card) Nice colored pic of President Reagan and Vice President Bush on porch of White House following first year in office. 1981. Good picture of both. Reverse gives list of accomplishments of first year. $6.50

    Item A4520NItem A4520N
    Political: (post card) Hand tinted colored portrait of President Calvin Coolidge. Came out during his administration. $17.50

    Item A4521NItem A4521N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev shaking hands during meetings on the SALT II arms limitations treaty in Vienna. (Later in the year, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Carter asked the U.S. Senate to shelve the treaty indefinitely. 1979. $3.00

    Item A4525NItem A4525N
    Political: (post card) Nice colored picture of First Lady Betty Ford standing before a bouquet of yellow mums. From White House years. $2.50

    Item A4526NItem A4526N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Jimmy Carter and Egypt's Anwar Sadat with their wives during Sadat's visit to Plains, GA after Carter left office. (Sadat was assassinated eight weeks after this picture was taken.) $3.00

    Item A4529NItem A4529N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic, "Nelson Rockefeller for President in '68" $5.00

    Item A4532NItem A4532N
    Political: (post card) Hand tinted colored pose of President Warren G. Harding. Issued during his administration. $15.00

    Item A4535NItem A4535N
    Political: (post card) Hand colored pic of Washington's Headquarters, Morristown, NJ. $2.50

    Item A4536NItem A4536N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic on blue stock, "Udall for President" Iowa Committee. $4.50

    Item A4537NItem A4537N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic, "Temple of Music, Buffalo, NY (where McKinley was shot)" and oval pic. of McKinley in upper left corner. $3.00

    Item A4541NItem A4541N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Nixon, "Richard Milhous Nixon, President of the United States" below. Produced during his first term. $4.00

    Item A4542NItem A4542N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Woodrow Wilson's birthplace, Staunton, VA. Oval pic of Wilson in upper left. Linen card. Postmarked 1941. $3.50

    Item A4549NItem A4549N
    Political: (post card) Nice b&w pic of McKinley's National Memorial in Canton, Ohio and a portrait of McKinley in upper right. Penny post card. $4.00

    Item A4554NItem A4554N
    Political: (post card) Great embossed card made to appear like needlework of the McKinley Monument in Buffalo, NY Postmarked 1907. Really different. $12.00

    Item A4557NItem A4557N
    Political: (post card) Nice formal looking b&w pic of Dwight Eisenhower with white border. 1952 campaign message on reverse. Produced by Eisenhower for President Club of the District of Columbia. $22.00

    Item A4558NItem A4558N
    Political: Willkie Volunteers. Great R/W/B stationery, unused. From California. Interesting slogan: "Regardless of Party...We Want Willkie" American flag in center of letterhead. $3.00

    Item A4561NItem A4561N
    Political: 7-1/4" triangle shaped window sticker. Black on yellow. "Willkie and the American Way" in the center. "No Third Term" at the top, "Republicans" on left side and "Democrats" on right side. $22.50

    Political: Paper broadside announcing William J. Bryan speaking at the Opera House this afternoon. Handwritten at the top of all these is the date May 20th, 1908. 8-5/8" x 4". Lower right corner is missing. $12.00

    Item A4565NItem A4565N
    Political: George Wallace full color campaign photo on heavy stock with fac. sig. in lower right corner, "Best Wishes George C. Wallace Gov." in heavy black ink. 10-1/4" x 8". Nice. $5.00

    Item A4567NItem A4567N
    Political: Willkie 4-page brochure, large (12-1/2" x 9"), with large photo of him on front, illustrated messages inside on "Who is Wendell Willkie?," "What he stand for...", and what "He is against..." with testimonials on the back cover. $9.00

    Item A4568NItem A4568N
    Political: Democratic Convention, State of Utah convention program for 1948 with great photo of Truman on the first page. Full program and illustrations. $35.00

    Item A4574NItem A4574N
    Political: The National Hughes Alliance Enrollment and Contribution blank. "Patriotic citizens of all parties who believe that Charles E. Hughes is the man America needs as President during the next four years, are invited to become members of the National Hughes Alliance." Also gives Hughes' beliefs and what he stands for. $27.00

    Item A4578NItem A4578N
    Political: Stereoptic View card of the State Dining Room, Executive Mansion, Washington, DC in 1891. $10.00

    Item A4583NItem A4583N
    Political: "The Treaty of Peace and The League of Nations" printed address by Herbert Hoover, Palo Alto, Oct 2, 1919. $8.50

    Item A4588NItem A4588N
    Political: Giant size R/W/B paper cigar band "Souvenir National Convention 1948 Phila, PA" $10.00

    Item A4589ANItem A4589AN
    Political: Giant size blue & white paper cigar band "Souvenir National Convention 1952 Chicago, IL" $10.00

    Political: Giant size blue & white paper cigar band "Souvenir National Convention 1956 Chicago, IL" $10.00

    Item A4597NItem A4597N
    Political: Campaign stamp used during 1980 Reagan campaign, R/W/B "Return to Reason Vote Republican" w/four red stars. $1.00

    Political: 3" blue & white sticker, "Ron Turns Me On" (Reagan), Lady Liberty artwork. $4.50

    Item A4605NItem A4605N
    Political: "The Wrong Which Has Been Done by Bureaucracy's Harsh and Unjust Administration of the Economy Bill's Provisions Relating to Injured Veterans Should at Once Be Remedied" printed speech (yes, that was the rather lengthy title, catchy, huh!) of Hon. Hiram W. Johnson of California in the Senate of the United States, May 31, 1933. $10.00

    Item A4612NItem A4612N
    Political: 4-5/8" typeset on newspaper stock, column width, "Sycamore Township. For Special Election Under TOWNSHIP Local Option LAW. Against the Sale" penciled at top "1888" and "The Path to Freedom" by Wm. Thurston Brown. A printed brochure, pocket-size reprinted from the National Rip-Saw, a monthly Socialist Journal, St. Louis. Held together by two blue & white stickers that state "The Workers make the Automobiles but they don't ride in them--except on election day. Vote the Socialist Ticket." Not dated but believe it could be 1911. $15.00

    Item A4615NItem A4615N
    Political: "Pat for First Lady" blue & white 7" window sticker (Pat Nixon 1960) $5.00

    Item A4616NItem A4616N
    Political: Nice 8" x 10" b&w formal head & shoulders photo of Senator George McGovern, South Dakota. 1968. $7.00

    Item A4618NItem A4618N
    Political: Peel-off R/W/B sticker, "Humphrey" on die-cut map of U.S. 5-1/2" $3.00

    Item A4619NItem A4619N
    Political: B&W pic of George Wallace on stamp, "Wallace for President" $1.50

    Item A4620NItem A4620N
    Political: B&W pic of a laughing Richard Nixon on stamp, "Nixon Now" 1972. $1.00

    Item A4621NItem A4621N
    Political: (post card) B&W sketch with fac. sig. "Eugene J. McCarthy" 1968 campaign. $2.50

    Item A4628NItem A4628N
    Political: Cardboard ticket, 3-7/8" x 2-1/4" for "Patriotic Concert in honor of the Birthday of the Late President Wm. McKinley, given by The Thayer Fifth Regiment Band and a Living Flag consisting of 375 Girls in Auditorium. Jan 29th, 1907. Matinee 10 Cents" $4.50

    Item A4630NItem A4630N
    Political: Paper presidential ticket, 10" long. "REPUBLICAN National Ticket. For President: James G. Blaine, of Maine. For Vice President, John A. Logan, of Illinois. Long list of presidential electors. $32.50

    Item A4631NItem A4631N
    Political: Paper presidential ticket, 10-3/8" long. PROHIBITION STATE TICKET. 1886. Lists state offices and Henry T. Ogden for Congressional Ticket, plus county offices. Don't know state. Ticket split in center. $12.50

    Item A4633NItem A4633N
    Political: Official portrait, full color pic of Gerald R. Ford, "President of the United States of America" at bottom with Presidential seal & seal of the U.S. Bicentennial Society. 8" x 10" $10.00

    Item A4634NItem A4634N
    Political: B&W sketch of Gerald R. Ford by Mel Tivel (print), 8-1/2" x 11" $8.00

    Item A4635NItem A4635N
    Political: 8" x 10-1/4" colored print of President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush. Nice picture. Formal. $12.00

    Item A4636NItem A4636N
    Political: 8" x 10" colored print, formal, of President Reagan, U.S. a Presidential flags to the left. Fac. sig. below pic. Nice. $12.00

    Item A4636ANItem A4636AN
    Political: 8" x 10" colored pic of Nancy and Ronald Reagan standing together in a window of the White House, the Washington Monument in background. Nice pic. Fac. sigs. of both below the pic. $12.00

    Item A4636BNItem A4636BN
    Political: 8" x 10" colored pic of Ronald Reagan standing in Oval Office of White House, his desk and the Presidential and U.S. flags in bkgd. Nice pose. Fac. sig. below pic. $16.00

    Item A4637NItem A4637N
    Political: Great 8" x 10" colored print of Pres. & Mrs. Reagan standing together. Taken outside but perhaps on White House porch. $12.00

    Item A4638NItem A4638N
    Political: Nice colored print of the Reagans dancing at the Inaugural Ball. Close-up. 8" x 10" $15.00

    Item A4639NItem A4639N
    Political: Colored print, informal shot of Ronald Reagan riding his horse along a path. 8" x 10" $8.00

    Item A4640NItem A4640N
    Political: Colored print, informal shot of Ronald Reagan in work clothes with his Irish Setter. 8" x 10" $8.00

    Item A4641NItem A4641N
    Political: Formal pose in full color of the "4 presidents" -- Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon standing together at a White House gathering (believe it was before leaving for Sadat's funeral). Nice picture of all four of them. 8" x 10" $25.00

    Item A4642NItem A4642N
    Political: Formal colored 8" x 10" print of President George Bush. $12.00

    Item A4643NItem A4643N
    Political: Colored print, 8" x 10" of President George Bush w/fac sig below bic, in leather military-type jacket. Taken during Desert Storm period. $9.00

    Item A4644NItem A4644N
    Political: Colored pic 8" x 10" of George Bush, U.S. flag on left. $10.00

    Item A4644ANItem A4644AN
    Political: Full color 8" x 10" pic of the entire Bush family taken in the living quarters in the White House while George Bush was president. Quite a group of 22 with George and Barbara Bush seated on sofa surrounded by their children and grandchildren. $14.00

    Item A4645NItem A4645N
    Political: Informal pose of George Bush in shirt and pull-over sweater taken in wooded area. Full color 8" x 10" $10.00

    Item A4647ANItem A4647AN
    Political: Full color 8" x 10" colored pic, formal, of Bill Clinton. Fac. sig. below pic. $10.00

    Item A4647BNItem A4647BN
    Political: Full color pic, 8" x 10" of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Fac. sigs. of both below pic. $10.00

    Item A4648NItem A4648N
    Political: Colored print of White House, summer shot, taken from air. Official print. 8" x 10" $8.00

    Item A4649NItem A4649N
    Political: Colored print of White House South Portico. Ground level. 8" x 10" $8.00

    Item A4650NItem A4650N
    Political: Colored print of White House, front view taken across tulip beds. 8" x 10" $6.00

    Item A4652NItem A4652N
    Political: Colored print of the White House in winter time with snow on the ground. 8" x 10" $7.00

    Item A4653NItem A4653N
    Political: Colored print of White House in bkgd; Presidential helicopter taking off or landing in foreground (about 10' from ground). Group of people in bkgd. by White House, probably the press corps. 8" x 10" $9.00

    Item A4654NItem A4654N
    Political: Close up colored print of the Bush dog, Millie, in a tulip bed at the White House retreaving a ball. Cute. 8" x 10" $7.00

    Item A4655NItem A4655N
    Political: Nice 8" x 10" colored print of the Presidential plane, Air Force One flying, believe the scene below shows the Potomac River in foreground with Mt. Vernon directly under the plane. $8.00

    Item A4656NItem A4656N
    Political: Full color 8" x 10" print of First Lady Barbara Bush. $8.00

    Political: Lyndon Johnson bluetone pic on 3-1/4" x 5-1/4" card, "The Democrat Choice for '64" w/white linen handkerchief segment w/"Johnson and Humphrey" printed on it in blue stitched to the crd. Designed to fit into man's suit coat pocket. $12.00

    Item A4702NItem A4702N
    Political: Inaugural invitation to Distinguished Ladies receiption, 1965. Johnson-Humphrey. 9-3/4" x 7" w/inaugural insignia. $5.00

    Item A4703NItem A4703N
    Political: 28-page pub. on national platforms 1896 distributed by Union Pacific System. Conveys full platforms for National Republican Convention, Democratic Party Convention, Prohibition Party Platform, National Party Platform, People's Party Platform & National Silver Party Platform. $25.00

    Item A4704NItem A4704N
    Political: Cardboard card of invitation to a Nov. 1, 1940 Democratic Ward Mass Meeting w/FDR's pic, "Our Leader". Lists speakers & what office they're running for, starting w/Harry Hershey for Governor (Illinois). $7.50

    Item A4706NItem A4706N
    Political: Collection of sugar packets, each showing a full color pic of the president, includes packets featuring all presidents from George Washington through Lyndon Johnson. $15.00

    Item A4707NItem A4707N
    Political: Campaign Straight Talk from Tom Anderson. Six page campaign booklet for Anderson's Senate race in Tennessee. $4.00

    Item A4708NItem A4708N
    Political: 1960 Richard Nixon Headquarters placard. Stands-up, full color die-cut head/shoulders w/name below. 5-3/4" $12.00

    Item A4709NItem A4709N
    Political: LBJ Auto antennae aerial flag. "My Brand LBJ" 9-1/2" x 7" $10.00

    Item A4710NItem A4710N
    Political: Blue on white blotter-type material. Word "Mondale" repeated over & over again. 3-3/8" x 3-1/2" $2.50

    Item A4711NItem A4711N
    Political: Carter/Mondale Rally ticket Oct 27, 1976. Free. Providence Democrats sponsors. Sen. John O. Pastore, speaker. Johnston, R.I. $6.50

    Item A4713NItem A4713N
    Political: B&W 8" x 10" campaign photo of Carter & Mondale. Nice $6.00

    Item A4714NItem A4714N
    Political: Informal close-up 8" x 10" campaign photo of Jimmy Carter with his hand on his chin (in thought). $5.00

    Item A4715NItem A4715N
    Political: United Auto Workers campaign pamphlet promoting the Carter-Mondale election in 1976 listing all of the things Ford voted against and vetoed. $8.00

    Item A4716NItem A4716N
    Political: Nixon Agnew Official Campaign Materials Catalog. 20p. Illustrations of everything from buttons and banners to paper dresses, paper Nehru, necklaces, jewelry, license plates, lighters, pens & pencils, airline bags, wallets, balloons, aerial flagsj, pom-poms, campaign hats and more. $20.00

    Item A4717NItem A4717N
    Political: R/W/B leaflet. Humphrey bluetone pic, "Progress or Retreat, Your Political Choice" prepared by Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey. Good info. $5.50

    Item A4719NItem A4719N
    Political: Leaflet. R/W/B "Reason vs. Rashness, a Political Contrast" bluetone pic of LBJ. Prepared by Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey. $5.50

    Item A4720NItem A4720N
    Political: Johnson-Humphrey b&w pics, "For Prosperity with Stability, Johnson Humphrey for the USA" R/W/B 2-fold leaflet. $5.50

    Item A4721NItem A4721N
    Political: Johnson & Humphrey bluetone pics, "To Your Very Good Health, Johnson Humphrey for the USA" R/W/B 2-fold leaflet. $5.50

    Item A4722NItem A4722N
    Political: Johnson b&w pic on R/W/B leaflet, "Peace, Justice, Prosperity, Johnson for President. Nice leaflet. $5.50

    Item A4723NItem A4723N
    Political: Bluetone pics of Johnson & Humphrey on R/W/B leaflet, red bkgd cover. "For the USA, Vote Democratic Nov. 3". Attractive. $6.00

    Item A4724NItem A4724N
    Political: Invitation to White House program. "The President and Mrs. Clinton welcome you to The White House in Recogniton of The Members of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. Saturday, April 24, 1999. $10.00

    Political: Sample Democratic Primary Ballot. 1976. Presidential ticket includes Birch Bayh, Jimmy Carter, Frank Church, Fred Harris, Hubert Humphrey, Henry Jackson, Edward Kennedy, Ellen McCormack, Sargent Shriver, Morris Udall and George Wallace. $5.00

    Item A4725NItem A4725N
    Political: R/W/B cardboard sign. "Reserved, Official Car. Sen. Humphrey Visit" w/eagle on shield. $10.00

    Item A4728NItem A4728N
    Political: 4-page Landon & Knox leaflet, "Lady Luck" w/pair of dice on red & black cover. Discusses farm wheat exports. $8.50

    Item A4731NItem A4731N
    Political: Inauguration Ceremonies ticket and envelope. January 20th, 1941. $25.00

    Item A4732NItem A4732N
    Political: 4-page Landon & Knox leaflet w/young riveter on cover. "Jobs Ahead." Hits on how unemployment remains virtually unchanged from 1933-1936 at 12 million, but the number on relief continues to increase by millions. $11.00

    Item A4733NItem A4733N
    Political: Great TIME magazine Oct 24, 1969 Vietnam cover with 20 small squares of pictures, every other one a b&w pic of Nixon and the remaining ones colored shots of war action & protests. Just 4-page front/back cover. $3.50

    Item A4734NItem A4734N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of President Reagan & Canada's Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sitting talking during a 1986 state visit. $4.00

    Item A4736NItem A4736N
    Political: (post card) Bush in provacative pose in his lady's underwear, hand behind his head. "Bush for First Lady" banner. He is saying "I'm no Wimp." Fabrication. B&W $7.50

    Item A4737NItem A4737N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic of little boy in Lord Fauntroy outfit, w/teddy bear. Dan Quayle's head. "Daniel P. Quayle Vice President United States of America" Fabrication. $8.50

    Item A4738NItem A4738N
    Political: National GreebackLabor Ticket. $7.00

    Item A4739NItem A4739N
    Political: 3-1/2" x 1-3/8" "Impeach Nixon" blue & white peel-off sticker. $4.00

    Item A4742NItem A4742N
    Political: Four pieces. Annoucement card, "The Friends of Music in the Library of Congress, with a deep sense of loss in the death of their President, the Honorable Nicholas Longworth, announce that in his memory, a program of chamber music will be given on Sunday afternoon May 3rd..." along with a Friends of Music admission card made out to Levi Cooke; also a letter of appreciation for condolences and envelope (both edged in mourning black) addressed to Levi Cooke Esq, Washington, DC and handwritten note to Mr. Cooke signed by Alice Longworth. $65.00

    Item A4743NItem A4743N
    Political: McKinley one cent postal card, unused. $4.00

    Item A4745NItem A4745N
    Political: Willkie campaign card. Post card size. "Think! Who Nominated Hitler? -- Hitler. Who Nominated Mussolini? -- Mussolini. Who Nominated Stalin? -- Stalin. Who Nominated Roosevelt? -- Roosevelt. Who Nominated Willkie? -- The People. Vote for Willkie" $10.00

    Item A4746NItem A4746N
    Political: Campaign hand-card for J. P. Fitzgerald, Justice of the Peace. San Jose Township. 1906. some rough areas around the edges but seldom see campaign pieces for the Justice of the Peace candidates. $4.00

    Item A4747NItem A4747N
    Political: Two die-cut peel-off stickers, 3" high, both of Reagan, one in a blue suit w/American flags on each side of his head, and the other of Reagan in casual western clothes, waving. Both for $5.00

    Item A4748NItem A4748N
    Political: Full color post card. "Arch Moore for Governor, the leader West Virginia needs!" Pic. of Moore. $4.00

    Item A4749NItem A4749N
    Political: Leather-looking (actually plastic) holder "Historic Souvenir of Inauguration Day. Ronald W. Reagan 40th President of the United States. January 21st, 1985" printed in gold. Open up holder which contains 1st Day Cover for Jan 21, 1985 Inauguration Day and biog on Reagan. $10.00

    Item A4750NItem A4750N
    Political: Post card. B&W pic of George Smith. "Vote for George T. Smith, Our Next Governor, Democratic Primary, Aug 13, 1974" (GA) $4.50

    Item A4751NItem A4751N
    Political: Post card. Full color pic of Gov. Terry Branstad & his family (IA). Earlier campaign. $4.00

    Item A4752NItem A4752N
    Political: Post card. Full color pic of Gov. Terry Branstad & his family (IA). Later campaign. $4.00

    Item A4753NItem A4753N
    Political: "Graves for Governor" blue & white window sticker. 7" x 4" $5.00

    Item A4754NItem A4754N
    Political: "Dick Cooper for Governor, Your kind of Republican" R/W/B w/pic of Cooper (IL) post card size. Reverse - Pic of Cooper family & biog. $4.00

    Item A4755NItem A4755N
    Political: Post card. Colorful bucking horse w/rider artwork. "Mary Mead Governor" (WY) blue, green, yellow, white. $5.00

    Item A4757NItem A4757N
    Political: Printed speech. "The Constructive Character of the Republican Party" by Herbert Hoover. October 18, 1952, New York City, during Eisenhower's 1952 campaign. $10.00

    Item A4759NItem A4759N
    Political: Colored pic of state capitol bldg. of Alabama post card. Insert pic, "Lurleen Wallace, Governor" $8.00

    Item A4760NItem A4760N
    Political: Post card. "For the People. Bryan Dorn for Governor." Pic of Dorn shaking hands in crowd of people. b&w (SC) $5.00

    Item A4761NItem A4761N
    Political: R/W/B peel-off sticker. "Reagan-Bush '84 Volunteer" 1-3/4" x 1-1/8" $2.50

    Political: White House official photo of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. December 1964. 8" x 10" $14.00

    Item A4765NItem A4765N
    Political: Press Photo. President Harry Truman stresses a point while standing at podium delivering speech. 8" x 10" $15.00

    Item A4766NItem A4766N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. IKE's pic. "Employee" 5" $10.00

    Item A4767NItem A4767N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. Admission to Television Lounge, Fifth Session. 5" $10.00

    Item A4768NItem A4768N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. Admission to Television Lounge, Fourth Session. 5" $10.00

    Item A4769NItem A4769N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. Admission to Television Lounge, Third Session. 5" $10.00

    Item A4770NItem A4770N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. IKE's pic. "PRESS" 5" $13.50

    Item A4771NItem A4771N
    Political: Nice 40p 1936 illustrated booklet on Mount Vernon, Virginia. $10.00

    Item A4772NItem A4772N
    Political: Official b&w photo of Lyndon B. Johnson. 8" x 10" $8.00

    Item A4773NItem A4773N
    Political: "Labor for Jesse Jackson" 3-fold illustrated leaflet. Distributed by The Jesse Jackson '88 Exploratory Committee, Washington, Dc. $6.00

    Item A4774NItem A4774N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. IKE's pic. "Side Camera Stands" 5" $10.00

    Item A4775NItem A4775N
    Political: Ticket. 1960 Republican National Convention, Chicago. IKE's pic. "Podium Camera Stand" 5" $12.00

    Item A4776NItem A4776N
    Political: Nixon-Lodge Team 1960 illus. flier plus Nixon for President Committee Charter Member sign-up card. $12.50

    Item A4777NItem A4777N
    Political: 1968 Republican National Convention Ticket. Demonstration Pass. $12.50

    Item A4778NItem A4778N
    Political: Ticket w/stub. 1964 Republican National Convention, San Francisco. Elephant/shield logo. "Entertainer" pass. $6.00

    Item A4779NItem A4779N
    Political: Door hanger. "President Nixon needs your VOTE today!" R/W/B $6.00

    Item A4780NItem A4780N
    Political: Cardboard card w/string attachment. "NIXON" Could have been used as a door hanger, window hanger or other purpose? 5" square. $7.00

    Item A4781NItem A4781N
    Political: Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign stationery. $6.00

    Item A4782NItem A4782N
    Political: Republican National Convention 1968. Set of four GUEST tickets, one for each of the four days, complete with stubs. In orig. envelope. $25.00

    Item A4783NItem A4783N
    Political: Nice full color magazine print showing FDR and his famous dog Fala. 7" x 8-1/4" $10.00

    Item A4784NItem A4784N
    Political: "The Book of Presidents" pocket-size book w/Washington, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt & Wilson on cover. 28p. packed with statistics on the presidents. Prod. in 1932. Centerfold b&w pics of Hoover, Curtis, Roosevelt & Garner with their statistics. Advertising for Maine Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. $8.00

    Item A4786NItem A4786N
    Political: "The Book of Presidents" pocket-size book w/Washington, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt & Wilson on cover. 28p. packet with statistics on the presidents. Prod. in 1944. Centerfold browntone pics of Roosevelt, Truman, Dewey & Bricker w/their statistics. Advertising on back cover for Fishstrom Staple Co., San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles. Stain on cover, right edge. $6.50

    Item A4788NItem A4788N
    Political: "Presidents of the U.S.A." pocket-size book with eagle & shield design on cover, blue & white, "compliments of Berry Brothers, World's Largest Varnish Makers." Separate page w/pic & text on ea. president up through Wilson. Produced for 1916 election. $9.50

    Item A4789NItem A4789N
    Political: 1944 campaign photo of Thomas Dewey w/fac. sig. B&W 5" x 7" $12.50

    Presidential advertising trade cards, one for each of the presidents from George Washington through Benjamin Harrison & Grover Cleveland. Very well done, browntone line art of the president w/fac. sig. below. Reverse has advertisement for "Sweet Home" Family Soap by Larkin & Co., "the finest, best seasoned family and most economical soap to be had, one case lasts an average family one year." Very good. Bottom of cards appears to have been trimmed off. 3-3/4" x 3"
    Item A4790NItem A4790N
    Political: "Official Political and Other Valuable Information" pocket-size book. 1912. Compliments of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. Not only good political info. but 2 pages of full color tobacco advertisements & listing of all the L&M brands. $12.50

    Item A4794ANItem A4794AN
    Political: George Washington Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794BNItem A4794BN
    Political: John Adams Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794CNItem A4794CN
    Political: Thomas Jefferson Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794DNItem A4794DN
    Political: James Madison Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794ENItem A4794EN
    Political: James Monroe Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794FNItem A4794FN
    Political: John Q. Adams Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794HNItem A4794HN
    Political: Martin Van Buren Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794INItem A4794IN
    Political: Wm. Henry Harrison Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794JNItem A4794JN
    Political: John Tyler Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794KNItem A4794KN
    Political: James K. Polk Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794LNItem A4794LN
    Political: Zachary Taylor Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Political: James Buchanan Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794QNItem A4794QN
    Political: Andrew Johnson Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794TNItem A4794TN
    Political: James Garfield Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794UNItem A4794UN
    Political: Chester Arthur Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4794WNItem A4794WN
    Political: Benjamin Harrison Larkin trade card. $8.00

    Item A4795NItem A4795N
    Political: Citizenship booklet by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., "Make America Your Country As Well As Your Home, How To Take Out Your Second or Citizenship Papers." Full color draped American flag & Statue of Liberty on cover. 1921. 28p. $10.00

    Item A4797NItem A4797N
    Political: Note paper, "Michael S. Dukakis" w/envelope, Boston address, printed handwritten note sent out to those who wrote following his presidential election loss. "Many thanks for your kind words, Kitty & I wish you the best of new years, Mike" $15.00

    Item A4798NItem A4798N
    Political: Formal card w/embossed gold eagle, fac. sig. of Lyndon B. Johnson, "I hope you will accept this card in answer to your request for a signature. Please accept it with my Good Wishes." w/orig. envelope, from Austin, TX 1970, LBJ indicia. $14.00

    Item A4799NItem A4799N
    Political: Small pamphlet, printed speech, June 27, 1961, "The Inheritance of the Next Generation" by Herbert Hoover. $8.00

    Item A4800NItem A4800N
    Political: Election Year Facts for Every Voter. Edited by Lowell Thomas. Compliments of your Sunoco Dealer. Great 1936 booklet covering past presidents, Democratic & Republican stand on a number of issues, photos and biogs of FDR and Garner and of Alf Landon and William Knox. Results of past elections. Great full page photo of Lowell Thomas; full spread advertisement on Sun Oil Company and much more. $17.00

    Item A4802NItem A4802N
    Political: Post card-size B&W pic, Francis Cherry, governor of Arkansas, fac. sig. $5.50

    Item A4803NItem A4803N
    Political: Printed anti-Goldwater windshield card, "Dear Friend: Some Extremist Has Attached A Goldwater Sticker To Your Car. I Thought You Would Like To Know About It To Avoid Further Embassassment. A Fellow American" $5.00

    Item A4806NItem A4806N
    Political: Trade card. Line art sketch of Benjamin Harrison, "compliments of G. M. Allen, Druggist, 28 Lisbon St, Lewiston, Maine" under pic. Reverse advertisement for Libby's Skin Lotion. $17.00

    Item A4807NItem A4807N
    Political: Funny Money. One SincLIAR Dollar. "A Vote for Sinclair will put California on the Bum and the Bums on California. Good only in California and Russia. The Red Currency. Utopian Sinclair, Governor of California". (1934 Democratic candidate for Governor of California, Upton Sinclair.) $20.00

    Item A4808NItem A4808N
    Political: Funny Money. Redtone pic of George McGovern. "Here's the $1,000 McGovern promised everyone! Legal Tender to anyone stupid enough to take it at face value! On Nov 7, 1972 this bill will self-destruct!" Back side has basically the same design only it's browntone. $12.00

    Item A4810ANItem A4810AN
    Political: Young Voters for the President (Nixon) pamphlet folds out into large colorful wall poster 22" x 34" $20.00

    Item A4810CNItem A4810CN
    Political: Young Voters for the President (NIXON) pamphlet folds out into large colorful wall poster 22" x 34". 1-1/2" hold damages center of poster fold out. $10.00

    Item A4811NItem A4811N
    Political: Banner. 20" x 4-1/4" b&w w/pic "J. S. Greenlee" below pic, "I'm for Greenlee for President" (1968) $15.00

    Item A4813NItem A4813N
    Political: Local campaign brochure for Essex County New Jersey for Eisenhower election. Shows various candidates running locally and spells out candidates for office locally. Has had some water damage at one time but nice local campaign piece. $3.00

    Item A4814NItem A4814N
    Political: Folding self-mailer, cardboard stock, addressed to "President Franklin D. Roosevelt, White House, Washington, DC" w/"Happy Birthday to you Mr. President" floral design. Opens up to reveal 10 slots for holding 10 dimes w/birthday cake design and "I am glad that I have been asked to join in the Fight against Infantile Paralysis, May we win this big battle." Back side of card has been glued to something at one point, but still an interesting, showy item. $25.00

    Item A4817NItem A4817N
    Political: "NIXON for President" R/W/B round 3-3/4" campaign stickers. $6.00

    Item A4819NItem A4819N
    Political: White House acknowledgement card w/fac. sigs of Lady Bird and Lyndon B. Johnson. "Thank you for remembering us at Christmas time..." Embossed gold eagle logo. In orig. White House envelope postmarked Jan 6, 1968. $10.00

    Item A4821NItem A4821N
    Political: 1973 Inaugural Parade General Orders. 64 pages with descriptions and diagrams of parade, unit by unit, 64p booklet w/Nixon-Agnew profile on cover. $15.00

    Item A4822NItem A4822N
    Political: Printed program w/rope & tassel binding for 1953 Inaugural Ball. Full page photos of Eisenhower, Nixon, Mrs. Eisenhower & Mrs. Nixon. Slight wear but scarce. $35.00

    Item A4823NItem A4823N
    Political: 44p booklet on Presidential Profiles distributed by The Franklin Mint. Circa 1970. $4.00

    Item A4824NItem A4824N
    Political: 1949 Inaugural Commitee Stationery w/Truman Barkley inaugural logo and list of various committee chairmen down left side. $8.00

    Item A4826NItem A4826N
    Political: (post card) "President Woodrow Wilson" formal pose, tinted. $10.00

    Item A4827NItem A4827N
    Political: (post card) Suffragette woman in long dress, flowery hat & long gloves, waving American flag on long pole, oval insert pic of Wm. Howard Taft. "Glory and Prosperity for Our Country. Our New President William H. Taft" at bottom w/violets design, gold bkgd, full color. $40.00

    Item A4828NItem A4828N
    Political: Cover, postmked Nov 3, 1975 Port Washington, NY "Rocky Drops Out for '76" w/pic of Nelson Rockefeller & a message by him announcing he will not be a candidate for President in 1976, fac. sig. $10.00

    Item A4829NItem A4829N
    Political: "Willkie McNary" R/W/B round window sticker w/capitol dome in center, 4-3/4" $10.00

    Item A4830NItem A4830N
    Political: "Willkie" in blue on window sticker w/red trim, rectangular, 6-5/8" x 2-1/2". Unusual. 1 crease. $7.00

    Item A4831NItem A4831N
    Political: "No 3rd Term" 1940 anti-FDR window sticker, blue on white, rectangular. 6-1/4" x 2" $10.00

    Item A4832NItem A4832N
    Political: Esso's Book of Presidents and Election Facts for 1964 campaign. Offers full color images and information on all presidents up through the 1960 campaign. Also charts and graphs for how the states voted in elections from 1900 through 1960. Nice informative piece. $7.00

    Item A4833NItem A4833N
    Political: Door hanger. Promoting get-out-the-vote for Humphrey-Muskie using coat-tails of John Kennedy. $12.50

    Item A4834NItem A4834N
    Political: White House acknowledgement card w/fac. sig. of Dwight Eisenhower. "Thank you very much for your kind message of birthday greeting..." Embossed golden eagle logo. Accompanied by original White House envelope in November 1960. $17.50

    Item A4835NItem A4835N
    Political: R/W/B die-cut U.S. flag window sticker, 48 stars, 1940 vintage, 3-1/2" $5.00

    Item A4836NItem A4836N
    Political: White House acknowledgement card, fac. sig. of Richard Nixon, gold embossed eagle shield. Sent out in 1969 acknowledging thanks for birthday wishes, "As we were having dinner with Julie and David in their new apartment on January 9, someone remarked, `This is your best birthday ever!' I agree..." Accompanied by original White House envelope. $12.50

    Political: White House greetings offering best wishes in the New Year with printed signature of The Vice President and Mrs. Johnson. With original envelope of The Vice President postmarked Jan 6, 1962. $15.00

    Item A4838NItem A4838N
    Political: Multi-gate R/W/B post card size & stock. "Back IKE with a Republican Team in 1954. 7 bluetone pics, For Governor, Herter; For Senator, Saltenstall, 5 other state office seekers. Rev. - Pic of Herter, "Governor Chris Herter, He Put Mass. Back on the Right Track" $15.00

    Item A4839NItem A4839N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Temple of Music, Buffalo, NY, where McKinley was shot. Oval cameo pics of McKinley & Mrs. McKinley. $7.00

    Item A4840NItem A4840N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic of Temple of Music, Buffalo, NY, Round pic of McKinley to left, "William McKinley, Shot Down in the Temple of Music, Friday, Sept 6, died in Buffalo Sept 14, 1901" $10.00

    Item A4841NItem A4841N
    Political: White House acknowledgement card, fac. sig. of Ronald Reagan, gold embossed eagle shield. Sent out in 1984 acknowledging support for America's actions in Lebanon and Grenada. Accompanied by White House envelope. $20.00

    Item A4842NItem A4842N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of President Franklin Roosevelt speaking at the dedication of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Linen finish. $9.50

    Item A4843NItem A4843N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Richard Nixon, "Vote Republican" (1960). $8.50

    Item A4845NItem A4845N
    Political: (post card) Tinted pic of Pres. & Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. $9.00

    Item A4847NItem A4847N
    Political: 1952 political campaign paper napkins with political banners on each of four folded sections, two from early 1800's campaigns one with "Win with Ike for President" R/W/B design and one with "Vote for Stevenson*Sparkman" w/jugate bluetone pics of the candidates. Napkin can be folded to show preference of Ike or Adlai. $20.00

    Item A4849NItem A4849N
    Political: 8-1/2" x 11" sign used at 1952 convention to make the delegates alert to the fact they may be on television at any time during the week with eight cameras covering the convention hall. Believe this is generic enough so was used at both Rep. and Dem. conventions. $3.50

    Item A4850NItem A4850N
    Political: Socialist Party campaign fund receipt written on the back of a Christian Church card. 1913. $5.00

    Item A4851NItem A4851N
    Political: "The Electorial Vote of 1900" pocket handbook compares potential for 1900 with 1896 actual, other facts & info. compliments of New York Life Ins. Co. $10.00

    Item A4852NItem A4852N
    Political: (post card) B&W pics of Inauguration Day parade passing the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, Mar 4, 1909. Army marching unit in foreground. Postmked & stamped 1909. $8.00

    Item A4853NItem A4853N
    Political: Wallet size membership card, founding member of the California "Citizens for Johnson" org., bluetone pic of LBJ. Gold border. $6.50

    Item A4854NItem A4854N
    Political: R/W/B door hanger, "Prouder, Stronger, Better, Vote Tuesday, Nov 6, For President & Vice President, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, for Congress, Charles Connors (Calif), 11-3/4" $8.00

    Item A4859NItem A4859N
    Political: (post card) Sepia pix of U.S. Capitol w/oval pic of Wm. H. Taft at upper left. 1908 postmked. Lightened "mar" in upper right where it appears someone erased something at one time. Postmarked New Rockford, ND 1909 w/message on back from a father to his young son back in Illinois reporting he had found some land he hopes to purchase the next day. $7.00

    Item A4861NItem A4861N
    Political: (post card) Nice tinted oval pic of Taft in center w/double gold rim. "William Howard Taft for President" below in Old English type. white bkgd. $14.00

    Item A4862NItem A4862N
    Political: (post card) Woodrow Wilson pic (formal pose). "President Woodrow Wilson" at bottom. $10.00

    Item A4865NItem A4865N
    Political: (post card) B&W jugate pics of Taft & Sherman, names below. "Our Choice" at bottom. R/W/B flags & shield design, gold embossed eagle and frames around pics. $30.00

    Item A4868NItem A4868N
    Political: (post card) Hand tinted pic, huge crowd - parade. University of Nashville Peabody College. Ex-President Teddy Roosevelt & Gov. Porter Chaplain. Postmked Nov 1909 Nashville. $15.00

    Item A4869NItem A4869N
    Political: (post card) Sepiatone pic of Wm. J. Bryan. $10.00

    Item A4870NItem A4870N
    Political: (post card) Colored pic of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Jennings Bryan, Lincoln, Nebr" Postmked 1908 Decatur, Ill. $15.00

    Item A4872NItem A4872N
    Political: (post card) Tinted formal pic of Wilson. "President Woodrow Wilson" below. $10.00

    Item A4875NItem A4875N
    Political: (post card) Color tinted photo of huge crowd before ampitheater, palm trees all around. "Wm. J. Bryan addressing his Sunday School Class, Miami, Florida" slight wear. $9.00

    Item A4876NItem A4876N
    Political: (post card) B&W jugate pics of Taft & Sherman. "For President, Hon. William Howard Taft" and "For Vice President, Hon. James S. Sherman." "The Nation's Choice" at top. R/W/B gold stars & stripes shield & flags, eagle, wreath in center. Some dirt smudges. $9.50

    Item A4877NItem A4877N
    Political: (post card) Oval, tinted pics of Taft and Sherman w/fac. sigs. below. "Taft & Sherman" at top in red on blue sky bkgd. Nation's Capitol building. $12.50

    Item A4878NItem A4878N
    Political: (post card) President and Mrs. Wm. Howard Taft riding in auto, top down. "An unprecedented event, Mrs. Wm. H. Taft accompanying President Taft Inaugural Parade" 1909. $18.00

    Item A4880NItem A4880N
    Political: (post card) Oval sepia pics of Alice Roosevelt and Nicholas Longworth at the time of their wedding. "Heartiest congratulations and best wishes" from "printed address to Mrs. Longworth at the White House on reverse. $18.00

    Item A4881NItem A4881N
    Political: (post card) B&W pic of crowd; large boulder "President Roosevelt directly in front of boulder marking the site of the historic Lincoln-Douglas debate, Freeport, Illinois" dedicated 1903. $18.00

    Item A4882NItem A4882N
    Political: (post card) "Mrs. Roosevelt and daughter Ethel" tinged greenery. Mrs. T.R. w/parasol. Both dressed in white. $12.50

    Item A4887NItem A4887N
    Political: 2" R/W/B round sticker. "Albert Gore, Jr. U.S. Senate" $5.00

    Item A4891NItem A4891N
    Political: Full color campaign post card for Nixon-Agnew's first campaign. Card shows a jovial Richard Nixon at the piano with wife Pat, Tricia, Julie & David Eisenhower looking on. Reverse has a message to voters with Nixon fac. sig. Large size 5" x 7" $4.00

    Item A4892NItem A4892N
    Political: Full color campaign post card for Nixon-Agnew's first campaign. Card shows a jovial Richard Nixon at the piano with wife pat, Tricia, Julie & David Eisenhower looking on. Reverse has a message to voters with Nixon fac. sig. Regular size 3-1/4" x 5-1/2" $2.50

    Item A4893NItem A4893N
    Political: Funny money. "One Thursday Buck, Ezeemunny Certificate, The state of confusion, scrambled eggs for California," & more. Full color sketch of a Santa Claus & pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Against money-spending California politicians. $5.00

    Item A4894ANItem A4894AN
    Political: Funny money. $1 bill, Nixon pictured, arms raised, "V" for victory sign on one hand, fingers crossed on other. "The Inflated State of America. One Frozen Dollar." $10.00

    Item A4894BNItem A4894BN
    Political: Funny money. $2 bill, Nixon pictured, arms raised, "V" for Victory sign on one hand, fingers crossed on other, "The Inflated States of America. Two Frozen Dollars." $10.00

    Item A4894CNItem A4894CN
    Political: Funny money. $1000 bill. William G. Stratton (governor of Illinois) pictured. "Citizens of Illinois Good LUCK TOKEN> Happiness for One Thousand Wishes. William G. Stratton, State Treasurer " $8.00

    Item A4894DNItem A4894DN
    Political: Funny money. Dick Gregory pic. "For President of the United States of America. Gregory. One Vote. Can Not Be Bought Sold or Traded. Nov 5, 1968. Write in Dick Gregory President, Write in Mark Lane Vice President." Nice campaign piece. $10.00

    Item A4894ENItem A4894EN
    Political: Funny money. Lyndon Johnson sketch in center w/huge Texas long horns. "Corpus Delecti Great Society Funny Money. One Lyndon. Reverse has message on redeeming this Lyndon for full value on Election Day by voting Republican. Nice 1964 campaign piece. $10.00

    Item A4895NItem A4895N
    Political: Funny money. $4 bill, Nixon pictured. from Watergate, DC. "This note is illegal & constitutionally inappropriate as tender for debts private or secret." "The United Stunts for Nixon" Watergate Memorial pictured on back (looks like Lincoln Memorial). $10.00

    Item A4896NItem A4896N
    Political: Funny money. $5 bill. McGovern pictured. "Reunited States of America, Campaign 1972; Five Dollars, a day's pay for a day's work" etc. $10.00

    Item A4897NItem A4897N
    Political: Funny money. 25 cent bill. Muskie pictured in top hat. "Deflated States of America; Keep Thinkin' Lincoln," Lincoln Memorial on reverse with "Do you really think there's a resemblance?" $10.00

    Item A4898NItem A4898N
    Political: Funny money. $1,000 per plate bill. Humphrey pictured. "Frustrated States of Humphrey; Campaign 1972, picture of White House on reverse. $10.00

    Political: (Book) "Thomas Woodrow Wilson, A Psychological Study" by Sigmund Freud and William C. Bullitt. 1966. 305p. $5.00

    Political: (Book) "The State. Elements of Historical and Practical Politics" by Woodrow Wilson. 1902. Revised edition. 656p. $6.50

    Political: (Book) "George Washington's Expense Account" by Gen. Geo. Washington and Marvin Kitman. 1970. 285p. DJ. $4.00

    Political: (Book) "Statue of Andrew Jackson, Acceptance and Unveiling of the Statue of Andrew Jackson Placed in the Capitol, Presented to the United States by The State of Tennessee" 1928. 84p. Hard bound. Some scuffs on cover. $4.00

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