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Political: Kennedy Family - Tokens, Medals, Coins (16 items)

We last updated our site on 18-Oct-2014. The next update is scheduled for 15-Nov-2014.

This Kennedy listing covers a broad area of memorabilia that is both directly, and indirectly, associated with the Kennedy family. It is broken into eight sections or listings. The material here represents at least a dozen different collections, hence you may find some duplication...and maybe not even at the same prices! We hope our offerings will have something of interest to everyone, whether an advanced collector or a beginning collector. You may find items ranging from $1 to over $1,000. Please look the listings over carefully. Although we have attempted to categorize the items under major headings, many items would fit into a different category, as well. You will find a number of autographed items in the listings. We have attempted to separate out the robot and staff signed autographs from the genuine signatures, particularly where Kennedy family members were involved. We have worked with autograph dealers, Kennedy staff members and used Charles Hamilton's references & other autograph catalogs to review the autographs of Kennedy family members listed here. Beyond this, we cannot guarantee any autograph listed; only that it "seems right." All of our items are fully returnable, if not satisfied, under the rules of Americana Resources, Inc.


Item KE3023
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial, silver-plated token 1-1/2" w/embossed portrait of Robert Kennedy. The reverse has "Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy 1926-1968" embossed inside a laurel wreath. "Central de Numismatica AB" appears below the dates. Nice coin...but note, the name is wrong. RFK's name was Robert Francis Kennedy. $40.00

Item KE0016
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Nice quality token with John Kennedy's image on front, "Our 35th President" above and "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" below. Reverse - Flame within wreath, "Ich bin ein Berliner" through center commemorating Kennedy's visit to Berlin. Made of pewter. 1-5/8" diameter. Do not know the story on this token but have not seen it before. Again, nice quality. $10.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Golden commemorative coin. Austria. Mint. Marked. JFK profile to right. "U.S.A. President John F. Kennedy 1917-1963"; Reverse - "Kennedy Memorial Arlington" scene etched in center. 3/4" $65.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Golden commemorative coins (3). French, Austrian & 3rd not sure. Mint. All three have Kennedy profile to left; Reverse - Austrian coin has 1 ducat symmetric design, French coin has world globe w/flags all the way around, third coin has statue of liberty & field of stars at bottom. All 3/4" $140.00

Item KE5480
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: John Kennedy 1961 bronze inaugural metal. 2-3/4" Profile of JFK bust on front. signed & dated Gilroy Roberts 1961 w/"John F. Kennedy" circuling top edge. Reverse has presidential inaugural seal & two torches, Kennedy quote and "January 20, 1961" $29.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Set of two 1-1/2" memorial tokens for JFK produced by Mt. Everest Mint. One has straight forward embossed image w/"John Fitzgerald Kennedy" around the top and 1961-1963 35th President of the United States" around bottom. Reverse: Embossed image of JFK in Captain's uniform. "In Command of PT 109 Pacific Theater World War II Lt. Kennedy USNR 1943" w/sketch of PT boat in bkgd. Second metal has embossed image of JFK taking oath of office. "Inauguration of John F. Kennedy January 20, 1961." Reverse: Embossed sketch of horsedrawn casket of JFK. "Assassination of Kennedy November 22, 1963. A Nation Mourns." Comes in nice presentation box w/hinged lid. "John Fitzgerald Kennedy In Memoriam 1917-1963" to cover, gold on black. $30.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial 1-1/2" sterling silver metal w/image of JFK looking forward on obverse, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" around top, "1917-1963" below image; reverse side has embossed image of Lincoln w/"Abraham Lincoln" above image & "1809 1865" below. Marked FS 999 sterling. $45.00

Item KE7437
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Five Rupees of Sharjah (the Pirate Coast, Sharjah City, itself, with about 4,000 inhabitants, is on the Persian Gulf. Although this coin was termed a token by the Pritish authorities in nearby Dubai when it came out, the Sharjah government maintained that the specimen is a coin & the ruler issued a statement calling it legal tender. JFK's profile is shown on one side of this 36mm silver piece, crossed flags on reverse side, writing in Arabic & English. 33,000 minted. $49.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Kennedy memorial silver medal by Heraldic Art. 33mm Sterling silver. 5,300 minted. Obverse has profile of JFK, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 1963" embossed; reverse has Capitol building w/funeral cortege in the foreground. Above: "Homage of the Nation" $25.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Small copper memorial token. 13/16" Image of JFK on obverse w/"1917" to left and "1963" to right, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" below; reverse has eagle/shield symbol within complete circle of stars. $5.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Regular Kennedy half dollar (1967) however someone has hammered & twisted the Kennedy head image so it protrudes 3/8", keeping it's form nearly perfect. We have seen this type of "art work" done on coins before but never one quite as impressive as this one is. Truly a unique conversation piece. $22.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Brass colored memorial token. 1-1/4" Image of JFK on obverse w/"1917" to left and "1963" to right, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" below; reverse has eagle/shield symbol within complete circle of stars. $6.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Canadian Tribute Medal, struck by Wellings of Toronto in 1964. Bronze, 40mm diameter; 2mm thick. Embossed left profile of JFK on obverse w/"John Fitzgerald Kennedy" around top, "1917-1963" at bottom; reverse has wreath of maple leaves around inscription: "In tribute to the memory of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy United States of America He had visions of nobility for all mankind that transcends man's common heritage" w/image of Canadian Parliament building & word "Canada" below inscription. $15.00

Item KE7457
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Small gold colored memorial token. 13/16" Image of JFK on obverse w/"1917" to left and "1963" to right, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" below; reverse has eagle/shield symbol within complete circle of stars. $6.00

Item W5736
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Gold colored token on chain, commemorating the Kennedy Center. Obverse side has profile of Kennedy. "35th President, U.S.A. 1961 1963 John F. Kennedy" Reverse has image of Kennedy Center and "John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C." 1-1/8" $5.00

Item W6098
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Kennedy Political Leaders of the World coin. Obverse has Kennedy profile; reverse has nation's flags around the globe. "Political Leaders of the World" appears on both sides. 1-3/16" $8.00

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