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    Political: Kennedy Family - Books

    Political: Kennedy Family - Assassinations, Memorials (100 items)

    We last updated our site on 28-Jun-2016-2016. The next update is scheduled for 01-Oct-2016.

    This Kennedy listing covers a broad area of memorabilia that is both directly, and indirectly, associated with the Kennedy family. It is broken into eight sections or listings. The material here represents at least a dozen different collections, hence you may find some duplication...and maybe not even at the same prices! We hope our offerings will have something of interest to everyone, whether an advanced collector or a beginning collector. You may find items ranging from $1 to over $1,000. Please look the listings over carefully. Although we have attempted to categorize the items under major headings, many items would fit into a different category, as well. You will find a number of autographed items in the listings. We have attempted to separate out the robot and staff signed autographs from the genuine signatures, particularly where Kennedy family members were involved. We have worked with autograph dealers, Kennedy staff members and used Charles Hamilton's references & other autograph catalogs to review the autographs of Kennedy family members listed here. Beyond this, we cannot guarantee any autograph listed; only that it "seems right." All of our items are fully returnable, if not satisfied, under the rules of Americana Resources, Inc.


    For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...



    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial print of John and Robert Kennedy in clouds, muted U.S. flag in upper right, bird in bottom right. Signed K. Keeley. Framed under glass. Approx. 20" square. $20.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Robert F. Kennedy assassination. 6 newspapers from the nation's capital. Complete first sections of each. The Washington Daily News, June 5, 1968, "RFK Battling for Life"; The Washington Daily News, June 6, 1968, "RFK Is Dead"; The Washington Evening Star, June 5, 1968, "Bullet Removed From Brain, Kennedy 'Extremely Critical'"; The Washington Evening Star, June 6, 1968, "Robert F. Kennedy Dies"; The Washington Evening Star, June 7, 1968, "Family, Nation Salute Kennedy"; and The Washington Evening Star, June 8, 1968, "Kennedy's 'Dream' Evoked at Rite". Excellent condition. $10.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "The Assassination Bibliography. Who Killed Kennedy?" The Collector's Archives, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada. A comprehensive compilation of literature relating to the events relevant to the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the shooting of George Wallace. The definitive listing of publications dated 1963 through 1977, including basic source material, works of classic dissent, novels, plays, and other works of fiction. Also includes a listing of major magazine articles (North America) relating to the assassinations. With a document and exhibit addendum. Limited circulation. $12.50

    Item KE3242Item KE3242
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopy of poster/flier (2-sided) with 2 pics of JFK at top (one straight forward, other side profile). Beneath: "Wanted for TREASON." goes on to give 7 points why JFK is wanted for treason. Copied from an advertisement insert in the Dallas morning newspaper on Nov. 22, 1963. Goes on to say the leaflet had been written in Dallas on Nov. 21st at a Pepsi Cola "convention" by lawyers from the law firm headed up by Richard Nixon. (Nixon had been in Dallas on the 21st at the Pepsi meeting). Wierd, wierd piece by Northwest Assassination Research Comm. $2.00

    Item KE0285Item KE0285
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial type card distributed to customers as a give away by Colonial Bank (Rockford, IL) 2-3/4" x 7-1/2" with Lincoln-Kennedy comparisons listed as often seen. This card, however has a Lincoln penny attached at the top with a 1/4" engraving of Kennedy's head in profile on the coin directly in front of Lincoln's profile. Interesting as technically this defaces the coin; not sure it is even allowed. Dated 1969 from the Denver mint. $10.00

    Item KE3100Item KE3100
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "WHO Killed JFK?" in large black letters on white bkgd. 15" Dist. by November 22nd Coalition. $7.00

    Item KE3101Item KE3101
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "WHO KILLED JFK?" in large black letters on white bkgd. by Donnelly/Colt. 13-1/2" $7.00

    Item KE3102Item KE3102
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "Who Killed JFK?" black letters on shocking pink bkgd. 13" $7.00

    Item KE3103Item KE3103
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "Who Killed the KENNEDYS?" black on white bkgd. Some soiling. 11-5/8" $7.00

    Item KE3104Item KE3104
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "How Many Coincidences Does It Take to Make a CONSPIRACY?" black on white bkgd. 12" $7.00

    Item KE3105Item KE3105
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bumper sticker. "To Expose Who's Behind Assassinations is Really to Expose Who Rules America!" black on white bkgd. 14" $7.00

    Item KE0175GItem KE0175G
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial collector's copy. "Four Dark Days in History, A Photo History of President Kennedy's Assassination. $3.00

    Item KE0215Item KE0215
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Full 8-1/2" x 11" photocopy of political cartoon by Hesse, St. Louis Globe dated Jun 7, 1968 following RFK assassination. Shows the backs of JFK & RFK standing on clouds with arms around one another and above, "Things Haven't Changed Much, Jack." $1.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Linen cloth, 21" x 34" vertical. Large black and white image of John Kennedy in center in black and white figural designed 'frame' and "President Kennedy" done in black block lettering above his head. There is a garland of red roses with green leaves running vertically from the bottom to just above the frame on both sides. Showy, unusual item. May or may not be memorial. $15.00

    Item KE3241Item KE3241
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopy of poster announcing free "slide show" ($2 donation required; tape recorders & cameras welcomed) sponsored by Northwest Assassination Research Committee with heading "CIA Killed JFK." Photos of E. Howard Hunt on poster. Tells how you can get the slide show to show as a benefit for your group. $1.00

    Item KE7177Item KE7177
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Manilla envelope from Freedom of Information Center, 1972, containing several items including a publication on Kennedy and the Press, another entitled "No Sustained Collquy," one on "Memo on Information Problems" and two additional pieces on New Frontier information & the media. Although some of these deal with the assassination, most relate to the Kennedy Administration itself and, in fact, were written prior to Dallas. $7.00

    Item KE3235Item KE3235
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Portfolio of several dozen news clippings & features relating to the assassination of Robert Kennedy, most of them questioning whether or not Sirhan actually killed him, or if it was someone else, or if he was hypnotized to kill RFK. $5.00

    Item KE3463Item KE3463
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Sunday Mirror (London) Oct 23, 1977. Only front & last pages plus a full page 2-spread w/visuals entitled "The Death List That Hides the Truth, Who Killed Kennedy? Coincidence or Cover-Up?" Includes a couple of paragraphs each on 26 people who have died that have critical evidence relating to the assassination. Interesting piece. $2.50

    Item KE3169Item KE3169
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Large, stiff paper poster w/arty drawing of Sirhan Sirhan and wordage "Free All Political Prisoners, Reopen Rosenberg Case, Reopen Sirhan Case." b&w, 18" x 22" Produced and distributed by Supporters of Sirhan. $17.00

    Item KE0027Item KE0027
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Swatch of black cloth originally used as mourning cloth to drape the fireplace mantle, doorways and draperies on Nov 23, 1963 in the East Room of the White House where President Kennedy's body laid. Statement of authenticity by Lawrence Arata, White House upholsterer during the Kennedy Administration. $20.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Full page advertisement, The New York Times, June 17, 1968, the day before the New York State primary. Entitled "On to Chicago," RFK's last words, this is an open letter to voters from Theodore C. Sorenson, Marietta Tree and Robert A. Low. They were on the ballot running as Robert Kennedy convention delegates and are hereby stating that they are not quitting but, if elected, will go to Chicago committed to the ideals of Robert Kennedy. Nice. $10.00

    Item KE3170Item KE3170
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Letter (photocopy) sent to all U.S. Senators & most representatives in September 1974 from Marguerite Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald's mother, concerning the hearsay, contradictions & opinions of the just released Warren Commission report. In part: "If ever there was a real trial to determine my son's guilt or innocence, I would place on the stand the Warren Commission Members and their dubious contribution to American History. It is very apparent to me that the commission members exhibited something less than the wisdom of Solomon." $3.50

    Item KE3171Item KE3171
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopy of Miller Funeral Home funeral service order & agreement for Lee Harvey Oswald. (Funeral was paid for by Oswald's brother, Robert Oswald.) $4.00

    Item KE3240Item KE3240
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Clipped feature from the 35th Anniversary Issue of ESQUIRE, Oct 1968 "The Politics of Assassination." Article has a right bottom corner water stain on all pages, however the magazine cover showing JFK, RFK & Martin Luther King standing together in a cemetery is great. $2.00

    Item KE3293Item KE3293
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Printed gummed sticker, "Who Really Killed J.F.K.? We Can't Believe Gov't Coverup Anymore: Demand a New & Full Investigation!" $1.00

    Item KE3427Item KE3427
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Poster calendar for 1976 showing all 12 months, titled "Who Killed Marilyn?" with large 10" colored montage photo of Marilyn Monroe in center, Jack Kennedy on the left and Bobby Kennedy on the right. 22" x 17" $18.00

    Item KE7120Item KE7120
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Copy of a 10" x 7" newspaper ad in Dallas papers by The American Fact-Finding Committee. "Welcome Mr. Kennedy To Dallas...a city so disgraced by a recent Liberal smear attempt that its citizens...just elected two more Conservative Americans to public office...Mr. Kennedy, despite contentions on the part of your administration, the State Department, the Mayor of Dallas...we free-thinking and American-thinking citizens of Dallas still have, through a Constitution largely ignored by you, the right to address our grivances, to question you, to disagree with you, to criticize you," followed by 9 pointed questions. Ad is outlined in a heavy black frame (almost like a mourning border!). $4.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Portfolio collection of articles, including a number of front pages, 1972-77 relating to the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination all from the Midlothian Mirror, Texas newspaper published by Penn Jones. Total of 35 items. $55.00

    Item KE7022Item KE7022
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: JFK Assassination Forum. A Newsletter produced in 1974-1980 from various locations including Colchester, Essex, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. 36 copies. Most of the issues up through #39, however seems to be missing #1 & #2. Although rather unsophisticated, these basically monthly newsletters usually carried illustrations and the latest facts (& gossip) about happenings in the whole arena considering the JFK assassination a conspiracy. The latest books published, news releases, etc. The publications obviously went to some type of membership. (In the October 1977 issue, Harry Irwin, Belfast, states "Dues to cover issues 20-25 are now due. This is a non-profit making venture and we exist solely to provide an information service related to events connected with the JFK assassination. We are trying to hold our rate at 1.50 pounds in Britain; US subscribers can take advantage of a trial 6-month subscription at only $5.00." He mentions that they would be in a very healthy state if they could get 100 paid-up members.) We have not seen this newsletter before...let alone 36 different issues...perhaps most of them. Great reading. $60.00

    Item KE7165Item KE7165
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: PLAYGIRL Magazine. Aug 1975. Only cover and a major feature on "Who Stole John Kennedy's Brain and Other New Questions on the Assassination of the President" an interview with Mark Lane. Several pages. Nice illustration. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: DAILY MIRROR Nov 25, 1963. "Moment of Vengeance" w/huge pic of Oswald killing. 1 sec. $3.00

    Item KE7147Item KE7147
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: London Times Literary Supplement, Mar 28, 1968. "A Look at the Evidence, An Answer to John Sparrow," by Mark Lane. Plus John Sparrow's reply. 4p $2.00

    Item KE7150Item KE7150
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopied feature from Pacific Sun, 1974. "From Dallas to Watergate" by Richard Raznikov. 7p. $2.50

    Item KE7169Item KE7169
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopy of feature article in Oct 1975 issue of PHYSICIAN'S MANAGEMENT, "A civilian M.D. in on the Kennedy autopsy says more than one gun killed J.F.K., Lee Harvey Oswald, vows a prominent pathologist, was not alone," by Ken Rankin. 6p. $20.00

    Item KE0595Item KE0595
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Dallas Morning News Nov 22, 1963 advertisement appearing the day of JFK's visit placed by The American Fact-Finding Committee which basically taunts President Kennedy and degrades Dallas as a very bad place. Photocopy. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Four newspaper pages of photos relating to the Kennedy assassination from Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant, Nov 22, 1963 & Algemeen Dagblad Nov 23, 1963. None on front pages. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: CHICAGO TRIBUNE actual front page headlines for Nov 24 & 25, 1963, "Monday a Mourning Day" and "Slays Accused Assassin" top half of pages only, in plastic sleeves. Still good display pieces. $1.50

    Item KE7078Item KE7078
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: PENTHOUSE 1975 Vol 10, No 4. One of the most bizarre features & illustrations. "Lee Harvey Oswald Was Innocent" by George O'Toole, 6p including a great full color, full page design of Lee Oswald as a "cute" almost cherub-looking angel with little devil horns. The major theme of this feature is the tremendous laboratory polygraph testing done on Oswald's taped statements following his arrest coming to the near absolute decision that he was completely innocent of the killing. Article & cover of magazine only. $5.00

    Item KE7325Item KE7325
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: PEACE NEWS, London. Oct 7, 1966. Two features including front page: "A First Class Texas Job (Ruby shooting Oswald in Dallas Jail)" by John Arden, and "An Interview with Mark Lane" by Roger Barnard. $3.00

    Item KE7219Item KE7219
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: MIDNIGHT newspaper. Jun 9, 1975. "Bobby Kennedy Was Shot Because He Knew Identity Of JFK's Real Assassins." Only cover & feature pages. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Sept 16, 1975. "Security Experts Reveal...Why CIA Failed 24 Times to Kill Castro--While Assassins Gunned Down the Kennedys." Feature. $2.00

    Item KE7227Item KE7227
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: MIAMI MAGAZINE Oct 1976. "King Assassination: FBI ignored its Miami informer." Feature, 7 photocopied pages. JFK assassination woven throughout. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: CRAWDADDY magazine. Several photocopied features out of different issues in 1975-76. "Secret Agent Man Meets the Mystery Tramp," "Not Just Another Little Ferrie," "Sara Jane and Squeaky To the Rescue (Pres. Ford assassination attempts), "JFK Assassination, the Plot Thickens," "Sirhan, Bremer and Babushka." Others. $4.00

    Item KE7237Item KE7237
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: NATIONAL ENQUIRER newspaper. May 4, 1976. "Top Investigator's 12-Year Probe Reveals...JFK Was Killed By A Russian Agent." Only cover & feature pages. $1.50

    Item KE7242Item KE7242
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Richard Sprague. 3 unpublished documents. 1) Handwritten letter copy written by Sprague in 1977 to a member of ACT (Assassination Comm. for the Truth) which reads in part: "Thank you for your letter...and the little black book. It is peculiar. By now you surely have heard that the Select Committee on Assassinations will go forward for two years. The big news here is the two murders connected with the JFK case. The committee knows they are murders. The media, as usual, is painting them as suicides and trying to kill off the committee. It is fortunate that the Congress and the Committee have grown smart enough to realize what the media and the Power Control Group is organizations have tried to convince the people that George de Mohrenschildt was crazy and committed suicide...Carlos Prio Soccarras was the other "suicide" He was pretty close to the top of the JFK conspiracy. He supposedly shot himself in his garage last Tuesday. The Committee is investigating that one as well as the de Mohrenschildt death..." 2) Copy of a 3p synopsis of conversation with Dick Sprague in June 1976, and 3) typewritten draft of the first 2 chapters of Sprague's book "The Taking of America, 1-2-3." Some of this original material appears no where else. $30.00

    Item KE7265Item KE7265
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopies of letters and working manuscripts relating to the JFK assassination and conspiracy theories, particularly relating to the "head jerk" to and from Christopher Scally & Brian Jones. Approx. 10 pieces. $18.00

    Item KE7266Item KE7266
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Photocopies of rough manuscripts on the aftermath of an assassination and on The Cuban Missile Crisis by Bill Clyde. 3 items. $8.00

    Item KE7337Item KE7337
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "The Assassins" by Robert J. Donovan. 1964 PB. 254p, the story of the eight times assassins had struck at our Presidents. Good book. $2.00

    Item KE7336Item KE7336
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: READERS DIGEST, Jan 1964. "Why Kennedy Died" written by the editors who describe it as an appeal to the American people to "find themselves" $2.00

    Item KE7351Item KE7351
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: PENTHOUSE, July 1973. Feature, "Assassination Tapes" by George O'Toole. Cover & feature only, not complete issue. $1.00

    Item KE7352Item KE7352
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Assassination packet. Misc. magazine features (12) relating to the JFK assassination and conspiracy theories. From Redbook, Esquire, The Village Voice, Saturday Evening Post, Saga, London Times Magazine. $3.00

    Item KE7407Item KE7407
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: NEWSWEEK. Oct 5, 1964. "The Assassination. The Warren Commission Report" Cover pic of famous Kennedy bust from Kennedy Center. Cover & feature only, not complete issue. $1.00

    Item KE7472Item KE7472
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 1976 Report, U.S. Senate, "The Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: Performance of the Intelligence Agencies" Final Report. This is a report of the Select Committee to Study Government Operations with respect to Intelligence Activities. 106p. Some tape repair on cover. Someone has marked passages throughout the book. $4.00

    Kennedy Memorial

    Item KE3000Item KE3000
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: John F. Kennedy memorial plate, 9". This plate was manufactured by the Hamilton Mint and is made of 24Kt E.G.P. on solid pewter. The plate has the H.M. hallmark and serial number etched into the back. This plate is numbered 2252. It was originally designed by Thomas Rubel and sculpted in bas-relief by Alfred Brunettin. The design is a high emboss profile of Kennedy with "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" incused into the plate around the top and "1917-1963" incused at the bottom. Included are the certificate of authenticity, plate stand and protective cloth bag. $25.00

    Item KE3001Item KE3001
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: John F. Kennedy memorial plate, 9". This plate was manufactured by the Hamilton Mint of solid pewter. The plate has the H.M. hallmark & serial number etched into the back. This plate is numbered 1158. It was originally designed by Thomas Rubel and sculpted in bas-relief by Alfred Brunettin. The design is a high emboss profile of Kennedy with "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" incused into the plate around the top and "1917-1963" incused at the bottom. Included are the certificate and protective cloth bag. $25.00

    Item KE3108Item KE3108
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 10th Anniversary John F. Kennedy Memorial Calendar. 12" x 8-1/2" cardboard stock w/top hanger. 6-1/2" x-4-3/4" b&w pic of Kennedy in center. "22nd November 1963" runs vertically up the calendar on the left side; "22nd November, 1973" runs vertically down the calendar on the right side. "John F. Kennedy" across top in black letters. 1973 Calendar pad for all 12 months at bottom center. Thick black memorial border around entire calendar. Mint, in original envelope. $3.00

    Item KE7121Item KE7121
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "For The Record," 16-page copy of pages dealing with information on the death and funeral of President Kennedy. A great reference including "The undelivered speech," eulogies given in the Capitol Rotunda, Resolutions in Congress, comments in the world press and comments by people around the world, JFK words to remember, the complete order of the funeral march, funeral eulogy, prayer at the grave and a total country by country listing of foreign dignitaries attending the funeral. $3.00

    Item KE7123Item KE7123
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "In Memoriam, John Fitzgerald Kennedy," by Mary McGrory, The Washington Star (photocopy). Accompanied by letter on Washington Star letterhead and signed by McGrory, "Sept 3, 1973. Thank you for your letter and your interest in "In Memoriam." Unfortunately, it has been out of print for many years, so the best I could do was in enclosed Xerox of what I now believe to be the last copy. I hope it meets your needs. Sincerely yours, Mary McGrory." $17.00

    Item KE7124Item KE7124
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Yellow T-shirt with colored pic of JFK on front (Norman Rockwell pose), dark bkgd extended below pic making mourning band. Produced and distributed in Europe, styled exclusively for Terrow of London. Unused. $8.00

    Item KE7125Item KE7125
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: White T-shirt with b&w square designed pic of JFK on front. Produced and distributed as a memorial item in Europe, styled exclusively for Terrow of London. Unused, minimal soiling seen on front due to being white bkgd. $8.00

    Item KE0204Item KE0204
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 8p newspaper reprints (8" x 11" format) of front pages on Kennedy assassination from Nov 22-26, 1963 for Rockford (IL) Morning Star & Register-Republic. Unfolded. $1.00

    Item KE0026Item KE0026
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Tremendous full color print of artwork by Sanger of montage of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, stiff paper stock unfolded. 12" x 16". Have never seen this before. It may not be memorial, but timing looks like late 1960s so will call it memorial. $4.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Envelope postmked Hyannis Port, MA May 27, 1980 addressed to Canada. Full color affixed sticker of JFK eternal flame. Autographed by "Ted Kennedy." $10.00

    Item KE0406Item KE0406
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Collection of 17 Kennedy memorial buttons in glass & cardboard mount. All different. Nine are memorial buttons for John Kennedy including a 6" picture button with red & white vertical stripes & another with purple & black ribbons. One is for Robert Kennedy. Four are jointly for Robert & John Kennedy. Two are jointly for John & Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King. And, one shows the 4 martyred presidents--Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy. All in excellent condition. $95.00

    Item KE3180Item KE3180
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Four Dark Days in History," Collectors photo book, Special Publications, Inc. 1963. All photos/captions starting with the morning of Nov 22nd in Fort Worth and going through the funeral at Arlington. $3.00

    Item KE0413Item KE0413
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Four Dark Days in History," Collectors photo book, Special Publications, Inc. 1963. All photos/captions starting with the morning of Nov 22nd in Fort Worth and going through the funeral at Arlington. $3.00

    Item KE0414Item KE0414
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Four Dark Days in History," Collectors photo book, Special Publications, Inc. 1963. All photos/captions starting with the morning of Nov 22nd in Fort Worth and going through the funeral at Arlington. Slight cover wear. $3.00

    Item KE0478Item KE0478
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Kennedy and His Family in Pictures," 1963 by the editors of LOOK, with exclusive pictures from the files of LOOK. Well done photo memorial w/cover pic of John Kennedy and his son John-John. $4.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial b&w 3-1/2" pinback button. Pic of Robert Kennedy. "In Memory of a Great American, Senator Robert F. Kennedy 1925 1968" $7.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial b&w 1-3/4" pinback button. Pic of Robert Kennedy. "In Memory of a Great American, Senator Robert F. Kennedy 1925 1968." 4" purple ribbon hanging from button. "We Mourn Our Loss" in gold lettering on ribbon. $10.00

    Item KE3232Item KE3232
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Kennedy" on ribbon design, 1-1/2" memorial pinback button. B&W. black rim. $3.00

    Item KE7006Item KE7006
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Stevensgraph woven picture silk ribbon. B&W 4-1/2" long. "toothed" edges top & bottom. Image of JFK. "John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States. Born May 29, 1917 Inaugurated January 20, 1961 Died November 22, 1963" Unusual. $28.00

    Item KE7007Item KE7007
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: JFK Memorial Card. B&W pic. "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" in Old English type below pic. "35th President of the United States" plus dates of birth, inauguration & death. Heavy black mourning border. Professionally laminated. 3-3/4" x 2-1/4" $7.50

    Item KE7051Item KE7051
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial card. Post card size, front has full color portrait of JFK by Fabian Bachrach, fac. sig.; reverse: "In prayerful remembrance of our beloved President. John Fitzgerald Kennedy," dates of birth & death, & scripture quotes. Some done in Old English style. $8.50

    Item KE7019Item KE7019
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Poem, unpublished. 1976 by Krome. 4-pages typewritten. "Birth and Death of a Star" dedicated to John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963. $2.00

    Item KE5440Item KE5440
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial button. B&W pix of JFK w/R/W/B crossed flags design and "In Memory" at top in red, white bkgd. 7/8" $4.00

    Item KE5444Item KE5444
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Memorial button. Large b&w pic of JFK w/outline sketch of Capitol in bkgd. Black rim. 1-3/4" Printed slightly off center. $3.00

    Item KE7281Item KE7281
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Complete press or presentation packet for the 1970s production of "J.F.K. LIVES" an original one man show by Mark McIntire, San Francisco. Includes 8" x 10" glossy photo, posters and fliers. $2.50

    Item KE0680Item KE0680
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Large gummed back sticker. Full color pic of John Kennedy, head & shoulders, with 5/8" black mourning band around pic. Sticker is 12" square. $3.00

    Item KE7342Item KE7342
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 16p miniture pages of coverage of the JFK assassination by the Buffalo Evening News. 6" x 4" Includes 5 front page reductions. Nice for display. $3.00

    Item KE7347Item KE7347
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: NATIONAL EXAMINER May 27, 1980. Colored pic of Kennedy on cover. "JFK memorial that shames America" feature on Dallas Texas Book Depository. 8p. $1.50

    Item KE7354Item KE7354
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "ICI PARIS HEBDO" Paris newspaper. Large colored pic of JFK on front page, Headline: "Kennedy Vivant; Il n'est Pas Mort a Dallas" 4p. believe 1977. $2.00

    Item KE7332Item KE7332
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "John F. Kennedy: Words to Remember" 60p hardbound book w/DJ by Hallmark. 1967. $1.50

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Full color artwork montage of President Kennedy in center top, young John-John saluting at lower right & nation's capitol dome at lower left. "A last salute to the President, John F. Kennedy Jr." at bottom. Very attractive. Looks like it may originally have been done with chalks. Stiff, high quality matte paper. 23" x 17-1/2" $10.00

    Item KE7483Item KE7483
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Special Supplement. The Afro-American. Jan 1964. "1035 Days With Kennedy" Front page of newspaper is full b&w pic of JFK with name & dates at bottom. Covers the inauguration of Kennedy, his `greatest' speech (on Civil Rights), major black appointments (many pictured, comparison of Kennedy & Lincoln, his close relationship with sports heroes and coverage of his funeral, plus reflections. 8p illus. Nice. $5.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Book of matches. "John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts" circles "Friends of the Kennedy Center" from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Inside has form for getting more information. Believe these are from before the Kennedy Center was built. Unused. $1.50

    Item KE3094Item KE3094
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Felt pennant. 24" long plus tails, "John F. Kennedy" in red, "International Airport" in large yellow letters, and "New York City" in small black letters. Shows plane taking off & sketches of the terminal buildings for American, TWA, Eastern, Pan American, Northeastern-Braniff-Northwest, Delta, United & National airlines. Early 1970s. $2.00

    Item KE3095Item KE3095
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Felt pennant. 14" long plus tails. "John F. Kennedy Airport" in red block letters, "International" in white script & "New York" in small black block. Yellow bkgd. Sketches of airport in bkgd. $2.00

    Item KE3214Item KE3214
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Navy blue tee shirt w/white design on front. "John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts" w/sketch of Kennedy Center. From 1970s. Medium; never worn. $2.00

    Item KE3215Item KE3215
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: White tee shirt w/blue neck & arm trim, blue design logo, upper right front: "United States Ship John F. Kennedy CV-67". From 1970s. Large youth; never worn. $3.50

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Silver colored key chain. Round donut-shaped pendant w/plane through center. "J.F.K. Airport" embossed on circle. 2 red garnets, one on each side, however 1 is missing. $1.50

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Matchbook. Blue & white logo for "Friends of the Kennedy Center;" inside has form for ordering further information from Friends of the Kennedy Center, 726 Jackson Place, Washington. $1.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Kennedy Space Center Florida R/W/B vinyl porfolio, illus. cover, with five different souvenir pieces inside. Circa late 1970s. $1.00

    Item KE7128Item KE7128
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 52p booklet, "Coventry Cathedral in Action" a public relations/annual report type publication on the great Cathedral in Coventry, England, 1968. Includes a section on the opening of the John F. Kennedy House in 1965 with featured speaker, Herr Willi Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin, including pic. $2.00

    Item KE7396Item KE7396
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Rubber balloon. White sketch of Kennedy Center w/"John F. Kennedy Center For the Performing Arts, Washington D.C." below. Believe these came out in the very early stages of use of the Kennedy Center. $1.00

    Item KE7470Item KE7470
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Collection of items relating to the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy. Includes two different illustrated pamphlets on the ship, an 8" x 10" b&w print of the ship, and several letters, both typed and handwritten (1970s) from the ship's public affairs officer, some on USS John F. Kennedy letterhead. $7.00

    Item W5065Item W5065
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: United States Senate hand card. "In Memoriam 1973 John F. Kennedy. Issued on 10th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. 3" x 1-3/4" $3.00

    Item W3456YItem W3456Y
    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Robert Kennedy 1968 Memorial Card. Prayer on reverse side. 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" $6.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Tin 8-1/4" plate w/colored cardboard portrait of John Kennedy affixed to bottom of plate. Wide black rim w/gold outer rim. At bottom of rim, below portrait in gold plaque shape, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963 35th President of the United States" Excerpt from Kennedy's Inaugural Address is printed on reverse of the plate. There is a hanger on the back for hanging on the wall. Memorial souvenir. Shows slight wear. $2.00

    John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Very similar to K131 except the quote "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You Ask What You Can Do For Your Country" appears on the front around the outer rim in gold lettering on black bkgd. Tin 8-1/4" plate w/colored cardboard portrait of John Kennedy affixed to bottom of plate. Wide black rim w/gold outer rim. At bottom of rim, below portrait in gold plaque shape, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963 35th President of the United States" Excerpt from Kennedy's Inaugural Address is printed on reverse of the plate. There is a hanger on the back for hanging on the wall. Memorial souvenir. Shows slight wear. $2.00

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