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Political: Campaign Buttons & Jewelry, Pre-1950

Political: Campaign Buttons and Jewelry, Miscellaneous (129 items)

We last updated our site on 21-May-2017. The next update is scheduled for 10-Jun-2017.

This list is comprised of totally miscellaneous buttons - political and cause.


Item KR3253Item KR3253
Button: Hard Rock Cafe. "Save the Planet/Love All Serve All" around rim. 1-1/2" $1.00

Item W1845DItem W1845D
Button: Hard Rock Cafe. "No Drugs or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside. Hard Rock Cafe" Red, gold, white, cream. 1-1/2" $1.00

Item W5708Item W5708
Button: "We're for Wolf Trap" w/caricature of a wolf like in Little Red Riding Hood. Blue on pink. 1-1/2" (Wolf Trap Theatre complex, Virginia) $1.00

Button: Little Orphan Annie sketch w/bright red hair. "In person at Kennedy Center" black lettering, white bkgd. 1-1/8" $1.00

Item A6118Item A6118
Button: Aunt Jemima. Full color image of Aunt Jemima w/kerchief on head. "Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club. Eat a Better Breakfast" black printing on red bkgd. 4" From 1960s. $12.50

Item K8070BHItem K8070BH
Button: Aunt Jemima. Full color image of Aunt Jemima w/kerchief on head. "Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club. Eat a Better Breakfast" black printing on red bkgd. 4" From 1960s. $12.50

Item K5975Item K5975
Button: Metal pinback lapel button produced in early 1930s, "We Want Beer" silver and black. (anti-prohibition). 5/8" Produced by Joseph Waldman in his metal shop in Newark, NJ. $15.00

Item K5974Item K5974
Button: Metal pinback campaign lapel button produced in early 1930s. "Roosevelt Stewart for Repeal" (anti-prohibition) embossed R/W/B 5/8". Produced by Joseph Waldman in his metal shop in Newark, NJ. $10.00

Item J3504Item J3504
Button: White button with a sketch of a donkey in the middle. "Vote Democratic" in red and blue at top. Beneath it says "The (donkey [ass]) You Save May Be Your Own!" in black. 2" $2.00

Item LK3076Item LK3076
Button: "U.S.S. Constitution. Old Ironsides Launched Oct. 21, 1797" blue on white bkgd. Pic of the ship at full sail in center. 1-3/4" $2.00

Button: "Lorena Bobbitt for Surgeon General" white on blue bkgd. 1-3/4" $2.00

Item W2459Item W2459
Button: "The Moral Majority is Neither!" yellow on purple. 1-1/2" $4.00

Item W1941Item W1941
Button: "NBC NEWS. The London Economic Summit 1984" black on white w/Summit logo in center. Red line under "NBC News" 2-1/4" $2.00

Item W5790Item W5790
Button: "Chicago Railroad Fair. The Milwauee Road" w/number. Red, white and black. 1-3/4" Believe this was in 1949... one of the greatest fairs ever! Great souvenir. $6.00

Button: "To Hell With Khrushchev" red and blue lettering on white bkgd. 4" pinback button. Nice. $10.00

Item K8071Item K8071
Button: Bright orange "Smiley" button from the 1970s. 7/8" $1.00

Item K8072Item K8072
Button: "Happy 100th Birthday Boh!" 1-5/8" $1.00

Item K8073Item K8073
Button: "I'm a British Genius" R/W/B 1-3/4" $1.00

Item CS1720Item CS1720
Button: "McGovern" w/"o" made into female equality sign. Yellow on bright orange bkgd. 1-1/2" $2.00

Item CS1735Item CS1735
Button: "HHH" blue w/white stars through lettering, "Humphrey" below in white lettering, orange bkgd. 1" $1.50

Item CS1736Item CS1736
Button: "HHH" Humphrey R/W/B white bkgd. 1" $1.00

Item CS1738Item CS1738
Button: Weicker pic. "Lowell P. Weicker Jr. Our Man in 80" black on white. 1-1/2" $2.00

Item CS1742Item CS1742
Button: "GOParty 1964" R/W/B cello w/semi-circle band of red stars. 1-1/4" (Barry Goldwater) $2.00

Item CS1836Item CS1836
Button: "Clean Up Congress!" Red lettering and red rim on white bkgd w/line art pic of National Capitol and a broom. 2-1/4" Fj3905Zrom 1970s. $2.00

Item CS1837Item CS1837
Button: "Harold Hughes in '72" blue lettering on white wide center stripe w/red above and blue below. 1-1/2" $1.50

Item CS1839Item CS1839
Button: Tin tabs. Pair. "Jackson" white lettering on 1" round blue tab, and "Jackson" white lettering on 1" round red tab. (Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Washington) $2.00

Item CS1840Item CS1840
Button: "Hubert Who?" black lettering on green bkgd. 1-3/4" $1.50

Item CS1841Item CS1841
Button: "Buckley for President" black lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/2" (fm. 1972) $2.00

Item CS1843Item CS1843
Button: "Dukakis Graham" blue and white. 2" $3.00

Item CS1845Item CS1845
Button: Bob and Elizabeth Dole browntone pics. Head shots. "Dole and Dole in '88" white lettering on gold bkgd. 2-1/4" $3.00

Item CS1846Item CS1846
Button: "Humphrey O'Dwyer" red and blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" $1.00

Item CS1848Item CS1848
Button: "Win With Rockefeller for President" R/W/B 1-1/2" $1.50

Item CS1850Item CS1850
Button: "President Ford" white lettering on blue bkgd w/white rim. 1-1/2" $1.00

Item W1934Item W1934
Button: "Vote Guild" white on blue bkgd. 1-1/2" $1.00

Item W1937Item W1937
Button: Outline sketch of person carrying sign. Sign reads "USORT" "Get Organized New York Library Association" around outside in white lettering, blue bkgd. 2-1/8" $1.00

Item W1940Item W1940
Button: Sketch of satellite dish in foreground, farm scene in bkgd. "Fair Pricing. Equal Access" white on brown and blue. 2-1/4" $3.00

Item K5521Item K5521
Button: "K.O. Drunk Driving. Be a Key One driver" blue and white on red bkgd. 2-1/4" $3.00

Item W2981Item W2981
Button: "Ride the Turbo! Amtrak 1976" 1-3/4" $3.00

Button: "StarKist Dolphin Safe" w/sketch of a dolphin flying through the air. Promotes the fact that StarKist products not being made from dolphins. R/W/B 2-1/2" $2.50

Item K5518Item K5518
Button: "Class Act of 1987" stylized full color 3" button $1.00

Item K5517Item K5517
Button: "Better for you!... on Sunday. WRC-TV 4. 10AM Sunday" black on orange bkgd. 1-3/4" $1.00

Button: "I Love 4-H" Large lettering "I" in green, large red heard, green and white 4-H logo of 4-leaf clover w/white "H" in each leaf. white bkgd. 1-1/2" litho. $2.50

Item A8272Item A8272
Button: "I'm Black and I'm Proud. Pride, Inc. Black and white on green bkgd. (DC Mayor Barry's old black organization) 1-1/2" Scarce. Some slight edge foxing. $3.00

Item A8269CBItem A8269CB
Button: "Save Our Children" green on white. 1-3/4" $1.50

Item K5543Item K5543
Button: Outline of a person's fist turned with thumb sticking down. "Thumbs Down on DRUGS. Gaithersburg" (Maryland) green on white. 2-1/4" litho. $2.00

Item K5514Item K5514
Button: Full color pic of igloo, telephone lines and poles in bkgd. "I May Be Remote, But I'm Well-Connected" in red lettering w/logo for "Telebit, First in Dial-Up Networking" 3" $4.00

Item K8078Item K8078
Button: "I'm a KNOWBODY. I Listen to KABC Radio 79" 2-1/4" $1.00

Button: "I Love an Urban Cowboy" w/artwork of Texas Long Horns in front of city skyline. Black and brown on light tan. 2-1/4" $1.00

Button: "Chicago... My Kind of Town! and yours" white lettering on red bkgd. 2-1/2" $1.00

Item K8076Item K8076
Button: "The Heart of Education. Our Children. D.C.P.S." (District of Columbia Public Schools) 2-1/4" $1.00

Item K8077Item K8077
Button: "If You're Looking For Me I Just Left" white on black. 1-3/4" $1.00

Item K8081Item K8081
Button: "Lansing All Stars. I'm a Star Catcher" 1-3/4" $1.00

Button: "Say Cheese" showing image of a camera made out of Swiss cheese. tan bkgd. 3" $1.00

Button: Caricature image of couple dancing. "Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think" R/W/B dirt stained. Appears tobe 1940s era. 3-1/2" $1.00

Item W5436Item W5436
Button: "Honest Self Government 98.4% Ask GOPAC" R/W/B 3" $2.00

Item W5437Item W5437
Button: "Greetings" Lady emerging from under Uncle Sam's hat. R/W/B 1-1/4" $2.00

Item W5441Item W5441
Button: "Farmers Protective Association 1967" R/W/B $1.00

Item W5440Item W5440
Button: "I kicked up my heels with agriculture 92" w/sketch of donkey, New York City skyline in bkgd. 3" $1.00

Item K5522Item K5522
Button: "Delta Air Lion. Fantastic Flyer" full color sketch of a jovial lion. Attactive advertising prom. 3" $2.00

Item K5523Item K5523
Button: "Lifebuoy League of Health Guards" Red, white and yellow. 7/8" litho. Probably 1940s or 1950s. $2.00

Item K5525Item K5525
Button: Coca-Cola. "Sell the Real Thing". Enjoy Coca-Cola (logo) red on white bkgd. 3-1/2" $2.00

Item K5526Item K5526
Button: Coca-Cola. "Have a Coke and a smile. Coke adds life." White printing on red bkgd. 2-1/4" $2.00

Item K5527Item K5527
Button: Coca-Cola. "Keep Plenty of Coke in The Refrigerator" red on white bkgd at top w/full color pic of black man drinking a can of Coke. 3" $3.00

Item K5531Item K5531
Button: "Missouri Lottery" with large dark blue "L" and multi-colored small squares, white bkgd. 2-1/4" $2.00

Item W1828FItem W1828F
Button: "Delaware County Fair. Delhi, N.Y. Sept. 8-9-10-11 1903" blue on white. 3/4" (over 100 years old!) $5.00

Item W1828GItem W1828G
Button: "Official GIRL Watcher" white on red bkgd. 1-3/8" Circa. 1950. $2.00

Item W1828HItem W1828H
Button: "Shrine Circus" w/Shriner's hat. Circa. 1950s. 1-3/4" $3.00

Item W1828JItem W1828J
Button: "Fall Festival Topeka, Kans. 1897" A.O.U.W. logo in center. 1-1/4" $4.00

Item W1828MItem W1828M
Button: "Illinois Farm Sports Festival Participant 1940" blue on white bkgd. dirt smudge. 1-3/8" $2.00

Item W1828NItem W1828N
Button: "Illinois Farm Sports Festival Participant 1941" white on red. 1-1/8" $2.00

Item W1828PItem W1828P
Button: "Local Charities 1927. K.C. MO. I Gave My Share" red and white. (Kansas City, MO) 3/4" $2.00

Item A1025Item A1025
Button: "You have BAD Breath" white on blue bkgd. $1.00

Item K1078Item K1078
Button: Palmolive Health Club. Profile sketches of two youth images, heads only. "Palmolive Health Club" white lettering, vertical left half of button has red/orange bkgd, vertical right half has blue bkgd. 3/4" $4.00

Item A1224Item A1224
Button: "Good Templars" black on white rim. "I.O.G.T." in black lettering on gold stripe around colored world globe in center. (fraternal) 7/8" Paper label still in back for American Pepsin Co. 1920s. $4.00

Button: Colored photo of American flag flying. "We Shall Not Tire We Shall NOT Falter We Shall Not Fail Remember September 11th" red and blue lettering. Red and blue rim. 3" Nice. $3.00

Button: "Democratic Party Person" black lettering on white bkgd w/confetti and martini glass. 1-3/8" $1.00

Button: Brass tie clasp w/elephant affixed to it. Probably 1950s. $2.00

Button: Night scene of Nation's Capitol dome. "District of Columbia" around top in buff color on black bkgd. 1-1/4" Three 3" plain silk ribbons attached. Nice. $2.00

Button: "Sock It To'em Spiro" black lettering on shocking red bkgd. 1-1/4" $2.00

Button: "Sock It To'em Spiro" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" $2.00

Button: "Republic of Biafra" black lettering on gold bkgd w/Biafra flag in center. Circa 1970s. 1" $2.00

Button: "See Dick Run. Funny Funny Dick" black lettering on white bkgd. (referring to Dick Nixon) 1-1/4" $2.00

Button: Tin Tab. "Hartke" white on red bkgd on tab in shape of a heart w/key diagonally across it. (Vance Hartke, Indiana) $1.00

Button: White House line art, "Friends 1976" black lettering, white bkgd. 1-1/2" $1.00

Button: "Young Voters for the President" 1-1/2" Probably circa. 1980s. $1.00

Button: "Vote fo Howard Stern Private Parts for Governor 1994" red lettering on white bkgd. 1-3/4" $4.00

Button: "Latinos para Clinton Gore" R/W/B 1-1/2" $2.00

Button: George Washington full color artwork pic. "P.O.S. of A." around top edge, cream bkgd. 1-1/4" Old. $3.00

Button: "Democratic National Convention at Atlanta 88. July 18-21, 1988" R/W/B square pinback. 2-1/4" $2.00

Button: "Doctor Jekyll of Hyde Park" black lettering on mottled bkgd. 1-1/2" $1.00

Button: Bill Scranton pic. "Scranton for President" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-3/4" $1.50

Item CH0883JItem CH0883J
Button: "John J. Rhodes for Speaker of the House" R/W/B. 1-1/2" Different. Don't know if we've ever seen a Speaker of the House "campaign" button before. $3.00

Item CH2002GItem CH2002G
Button: "Lefkowitz Attorney General" blue and white. 1-1/8" $2.00

Item CH0867JItem CH0867J
Button: "I Gave at the Caucus" black on white. 1-1/4" $1.50

Item CH0868JItem CH0868J
Button: Enameled button w/red, gold and blue. Capitol dome in center in gold w/red bkgd. Laurel wreath around bottom. 1" Attractive. $2.00

Item CH0873JItem CH0873J
Button: "Local 428. 50 Years of Service UFCW" (United Food and Commercial Workers), gold lettering on black bkgd. 2-1/4" $2.50

Item CH0983JItem CH0983J
Button: "George Hirsch for Congress" yellow and white on blue bkgd. 2" $2.50

Item CH0871JItem CH0871J
Button: "We ARE They UFCW" (United Food and Commercial Workers) red and white lettering on blue bkgd. 3" $2.00

Item CS1648Item CS1648
Button: "Uncommitteds Have More Fun" blue on white bkgd. 1-1/2" $2.00

Item CS1649Item CS1649
Button: "I'm Independent" white lettering on blue bkgd. 1-3/4" $2.00

Item CS1650Item CS1650
Button: "Vote for Kindness" R/W/B w/2 blue stars. 1-1/2" $1.50

Item CS1651Item CS1651
Button: "No One" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" Some discoloration in "o" area of No. $1.00

Item CS1652Item CS1652
Button: "Reagan is only an Actor" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/2" $4.00

Item CS1653Item CS1653
Button: "Re-Elect the Dike Bomber???" red and blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/2" $3.00

Item CS1655Item CS1655
Button: "Support Phase III Dump Nixon" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" $2.50

Item CS1656Item CS1656
Button: Jugate pics. "Ted and Jess in '72" black lettering on white bkgd. 1" $3.00

Item CS1657Item CS1657
Button: Jugate pics. "Kennedy & Bayh in '72" black lettering on white bkgd. 1" $3.50

Item CS1660Item CS1660
Button: Ted Kennedy pic. "We Need You in '72" red lettering on army green bkgd. 1-1/4" $3.00

Item CS1665Item CS1665
Button: "Ronald Reagan Bill Clements 1980" white on dark blue bkgd, foxed. $2.00

Item CS1666Item CS1666
Button: "Draft Muskie" red lettering on white bkgd. 2" $2.00

Button: Brown line art sketch. William H. Harrison. The Log Cabin Candidate. Tippecanoe and Tyler too" believe this is from the 1960s or 70s. 2" $2.00

Button: "For President. Claude PEPPER" blue lettering on white bkgd. 1-1/4" (U.S. Congressman, Florida) $4.00

Button: "Ross Perot '92 for President" R/W/B 2-1/4" $2.00

Button: "1976 LIz Ray for V.P." R/W/B 2-1/4" $2.50

Button: "Let's all VOTE" R/W/B. Probably from the 1950s or 1960s. 7/8" $1.50

Button: "United Steelworkers of America Hague for Vice President" R/W/B 1-1/4" (Alexander Hague) $3.00

Button: "Welcome to New Hampshire Mr. President" black lettering on white bkgd. (believe this is from the 1992 New Hampshire Primary and a George H. W. Bush button) 2-1/4" $3.00

Button: Brass pinback badge w/ribbon and button hanger. "Member" inserted into badge holder. "Postage Stamp Bourse of Chicago March 11th, 1933" gold on purple ribbon. Celluloid button attached to bottom of ribbon. "General Oglethorpe 1933 Bicentennial 3 cent stamp" depicted on 1-1/2" button. Length of piece is 4" Interesting. $12.00

Button: "I SAW (Santa's image) in Fiedler's MusicLand" red on white bkgd. 1-3/4" Minor foxing. $1.50

Item K8259BHItem K8259BH
Button: Square pinback button with pic of John Lennon. "John Lennon 1940-1980" in black print at top. 2-1/4" $2.50

Item W5786Item W5786
Button: "Member Elmer Layden's Safety Club. Sponsored by Bit-O-Honey Candy Bar" R/W/B 1-1/2" Believe Layden was one of the four horsemen from football fame. $10.00

Item W5793Item W5793
Button: "Special Police Reporter. Dick Steel News Service" embossed brass pinback. 1-3/4" from 1930's. $25.00

Item W5791Item W5791
Button: "Dick Tracy Secret Service Patrol. Second Year Member" embossed on gold tin pinback badge. 1-1/2" 1930s. $25.00

Button: Colored pic of Hulk Hogan. "Draft Hulk Hogan for President 2000" red lettering, white bkgd. 1-1/4" $4.00

Item K8238BHItem K8238BH
Button: Pic of Rev. Martin Luther King in center w/red circle around pic. "Eighth National Celebration Dr. M. L. King Jr. Jan. 1993" blue on wide yellow rim. Attractive. 2-1/4" $4.00

Item LK3013Item LK3013
Button: Nixon pic. "Nixon in '88" in red lettering around top; white bkgd. 3" $5.00

Item K8105Item K8105
Button: Bluetone pic of Myron Floren. "Myron Floren Fan Club" red lettering on white bkgd. 3" (Popular accordian player from Lawrence Welk's Band) $8.00

Item W5756Item W5756
Button: B&W pic of Reg Lindsay. "Australia's #1 Country Music Star Reg Lindsay" in black lettering on white bkgd around rim. 2-1/8" Nice item. $8.00

Item W5790Item W5790
Button: Button from the Chicago Railroad Fair which was held in both 1948 and 1949 commemorating 100 years of history from the history of railroading from Chicago west. Nearly 40 railroad companies participated. This button has a large red, white and black "The Milwaukee Road" logo in the center. "Chicago Railroad Fair" in black lettering around the top on a white bkgd. and a 5-digit number at bottom... could possibly be a fair employee ID number; don't know. 1-3/4" $10.00

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