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    Occupational: School and Educational Items (37 items)

    We last updated our site on 28-Jun-2016-2016. The next update is scheduled for 01-Oct-2016.

    This list contains items related to schools and school supplies and to the educational system. We have the standard teacher's bells, but we even have an actual report card from 1884.


    School Collectible: Johns Hopkins University Newsletters, all 1961 (approx. 20). This was the year President Eisenhower became a university trustee. $1.50

    Item A2190LBItem A2190LB
    School Collectible: School Health News. Vacation Number, published by Dept. of Health, City of New York, June 1919. Includes articles on how to keep from getting typhoid, preparing for vacation, etc. $3.00

    Item LK4298Item LK4298
    School Collectible: Great old school picture, circa 1890s. 20 pupils/teacher standing in two rows in front of the school. Most have high button shoes; many of the older girls are wearing white aprons. Written below picture, "Clayville School". Not a true sepia, but has sepia tones. Picture, 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" is mounted on board. $15.00

    Item C4948Item C4948
    School Collectible: "Koh-i-noor" lead refills. Victorian decorated cardboard box with wooden insert (still includes a couple of leads). $4.00

    Item J2109Item J2109
    School Collectible: Dr. Seuss Practice Pal. A stiff board showing the manuscript or printed alphabet one side with provisions for practicing your penmanship, and the alphabet in cursive on opposite side with space to practice making the letters. Each letter is shown in both upper and lower case. Both sides of board have images of Dr. Seuss characters. 17" x 11" If used with crayon or similar writing tool, board can be wiped off and used over and over. $5.00

    Item J2109AItem J2109A
    School Collectible: Dr. Seuss Practice Pal. Same as J2109. 3 boards for $10.00

    Item A8001Item A8001
    School Collectible: "School Progress for Teachers, Parents & Pupils," June 1911, Vol II, #8. Approx 100p, illus. with advertising. $5.00

    Item A8002Item A8002
    School Collectible: "Bulleting of the American School, High School Department" Dec 1925, Chicago. 98p. illus. $2.00

    Item A8003Item A8003
    School Collectible: "Public Education Association of the City of New York, Bulletin #17, Elementary School Problems," Sept. 1913. 16p $3.50

    Item A8564PCItem A8564PC
    School Collectible: School delinquency. Fill-in the blank 1932 post card mailed to Mrs. Doyle in Westminster, MD. "Baltimore, Mar 4, 1932. Your daughter was absent from school Mar 4. Please notify me, by letter or in person, the cause of absence. Very truly yours, E. H. Norman." $4.50

    Item A6193C8Item A6193C8
    School Collectible: Public School report card. Completely filled out for a third grader in 1914. Nice owl on open book sketch at top. $3.00

    Item A6260C8Item A6260C8
    School Collectible: Souvenir Program, The Henryville School, Henryville, PA. For 1910-11 term. Two 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" cardboard sheets, top with R/W/B American flag & gold trim, tied together with red ribbon. Second sheet lists the 25 students of the school. Do not know the occasion for the program but very professionally printed for a small school. $4.00

    Item C2069C9Item C2069C9
    School Collectible: Washington, DC 1948-1949 report card & comments. $2.50

    Item A7321Item A7321
    School Collectible: 12" wooden ruler. Black lettering. "Peirce School Philadelphia" $5.00

    Item A7598Item A7598
    School Collectible: Can't even figure out the title on this little book written in 1872 in German but it appears to be a penmanship with line art sketches. 64p. hard cover. A couple of ink stains on front. Math tables on the back cover. $3.00

    Item A9255Item A9255
    School Collectible: "The Common School Laws of Pennsylvania, and Decisions of the Superintendent, with explanations, forms, etc." by J. P. Wickersham, 1879 Harrisburg. 307p. $3.00

    Item A9257Item A9257
    School Collectible: "Lessons in English: A Practical Course of Language Lessons and Elementary Grammar," by Albert N. Raub, 1880. 160p. slight cover wear. $2.00

    Item LK0064Item LK0064
    School Collectible: "I Am A Teacher" booklet, 1969. National Education Association. 32p. $2.50

    Item LK0328Item LK0328
    School Collectible: NEA Journal. Nov 1957. $2.00

    Item LK1109Item LK1109
    School Collectible: Reward of merit card. Colorful country winter scene w/glitter, "Reward of Merit presented to (space) by (space) teacher. Filled out. 3-1/4" x 2-1/4" $3.00

    Item LK1110Item LK1110
    School Collectible: (book) "The Understanding Reader: or, Knowledge Before Oratory" by Daniel Adams. 1816. 228p. Cover shows some wear, otherwise fine. $12.00

    Item C9299Item C9299
    School Collectible: 1955 booklet dist. by NAACP. "It CAN Be Done! Study Finds Schools Erasing Segregation." Illus. $6.00

    Item LK2510Item LK2510
    School Collectible: School teacher letter of endorsement from the editor of a famous western newspaper. Hand written in ink by R.L. Miller, editor, Office of "The Eye, best advertising medium in the west. For the People's Populist Party." (masthead). "Burwell, Neb. June 12, 1897. To whom it may concern. This is to certify that Miss Mable Cornwell taught the school of which I was director and she gave extra satisfaction. I know her to be well qualified for any school in which she may wish to teach and can recommend her to any school board. I also can recommend her as a good, moral, industrious person, a member of a church, an active member of the Sunday school & always an active worker for the cause of morality. Respectfully. R.L. Miller, Editor." $30.00

    Item LK2696Item LK2696
    School Collectible: (book) "Who Shall Be Educated? The Challenge of Unequal Opportunities" by W. Lloyd Warner, Robert J. Havighurst & Martin B. Loeb. 1944. 190p. $8.00

    Item LK2697Item LK2697
    School Collectible: (book) "Rural Development and Higher Education: The Linking of Community and Method" pub. by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. 175p. Undated but probably circa 1960. $3.00

    Item LK2698Item LK2698
    School Collectible: (book) "Vocational Education for Rural America" edited by Gordon I. Swanson. 1959. Natl. Education Assn. 354p illus. $5.00

    Item LK3211Item LK3211
    School Collectible: Three different Reward of Merit cards, all 19th Century (one dated 1877), two filled out, one not. Two in full color. The teacher has added a special note to the back on one of the cards, "Special mention--arithmetic, grammar, deportment." The 3 designs are entirely different from one another. Slightly dirt stained but no bends, tears or broken corners. $5.00

    Item LK3951Item LK3951
    School Collectible: (book) "Osgood's Progressive Fifth Reader: Embracing a System of Instruction in the Principles of Elocution, and Selections for Reading and Speaking from the Best English and American Authors," by Lucius Osgood. 1858. 480p. some foxing. Leather backstrap & book cover show some wear. Still very good. $8.50

    Item LK4256Item LK4256
    School Collectible: Group photo, sepiatone on mounted cardboard. Actual photo portion dimensions are 9" x 6". Large group shot, mostly children, in front of a building with two front doors. Winter time with snow on the ground (although many do not have coats on). Over sixty in the picture including four or five adults, believe 3 men and 2 women. Although this appears to be a school picture, it may well be a Sunday School picture instead. Circa 1890s. A nice shot with virtually everyone of them having their eyes open! Unfortunately we do not know the location of the picture. $7.00

    Item LK4311Item LK4311
    School Collectible: The New Paltz State Normal School. Circular of Information 1918-1919. 32p. Activities of the school, including their war efforts, Liberty Day Drives; many photos. New Paltz, New York. $10.00

    Item J2263AItem J2263A
    School Collectible: (book) "New Composition and Rhetoric For Schools" by Robert Herrick & Lindsay Todd Damon. 1911. 508p covering Composition, Oral and Written; Kinds of Composition, Titles, Narative and Descriptive Subjects, Expository Subjects, Paragraphing, The Sentence, Letter-writing; The Word: Usage: Present, National and Reputable Use; Barbarisms, Slang & Newspaper English; Improprieties; The Value of Brevity, Superfluous Words; How to Increase a Vocabulary, Choice of Words, Suggestive Power of Words; Structural Principles Governing the Sentence, the Paragraph, and the Whole Composition; Kinds of Composition, Narration, Exposition, Argumentation, and more. $10.00

    School Collectible: (book) "Third Grade Social Studies Units. Follows South Dakota Course of Studies. by Genevieve Keller & Margaret Neville. Published by Hub City School Supply Co., Aberdeen, South Dakota. Picture of Indian maiden in teepee watching out the side at a covered wagon in the valley on cover. 1942 edition. 108p. photos. Fill-in the blank questions have mostly been filled in. Interesting. $5.00

    School Collectible: (book) "A Junior Latin Book" with notes, exercises, and vocabularies. by John C. Rolfe, University of Pennsylvania and Walter Dennison, Swarthmore College. Allyn & Bacon. 1912. Nearly 600p. Backstrap missing. Shaken. $2.00

    School Collectible: (book) "The New Barnes Readers. Book 2. by Herman Dressel, May robbins and Ellis U. Graff. Laidlaw Brothers. 1924. Illustrated by Mabel B. Hill w/colored illustrations throughout. Some markings on front and back inside covers otherwise good. $7.00

    School Collectible: (book> "New Franklin Fifth Reader" by Loomis Campbell, with a new elocutionary treatise, Essentials of Reading, by Prof. Mark Bailey. 432p 1884. cover loose. $5.00

    School Collectible: (book) McGuffey's Newly Revised Eclectic Fourth Reader: containing elegant extracts in prose and poetry with rules for reading ahd exercises in articulation, defining, etc. by Wm. H. McGuffey. Winthrop B. Smith & Co. 1853. foxed pages and some cover wear on the edges. Good. $10.00

    School Collectible: (book) "Silent and Oral Reading" a practical handbook of methods based on the most recent scientific investigations. by Clarence R. Stone. 1922. Houghton Mifflin Company. 306p. Good condition. $6.00

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