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    Figurines: Hudson Pewter

    Figurines: Animal Collectibles (24 items)

    We last updated our site on 28-Jun-2016-2016. The next update is scheduled for 01-Oct-2016.

    Cats, dogs, bunnies, bears, pandas, zebras, horses and more. There are items relating to animals in a number of other categories, as well.


    Item A9607CItem A9607C
    Animal Collectible: Squirrel. Clear glass, 2-1/4" sitting up eating nut. $5.00

    Item A9607DItem A9607D
    Animal Collectible: Elephant. Ceramic, painted unglazed, trunk in air. 4-1/4" $4.00

    Item M3023Item M3023
    Animal Collectible: Fine crystal sculpture of a racing greyhound. Very elegant lines. Signed by Durand fine crystal. 7-1/2" long. $40.00

    Item S1212Item S1212
    Animal Collectible: Hound Dog. Red clay, glazed. Dark brown with painted facial features. 3-1/4" Japan label. $3.50

    Item S1228Item S1228
    Animal Collectible: Alligator. Glazed clay, brown with painted features. 5-1/2" long. $3.50

    Item A9607EItem A9607E
    Animal Collectible: Panther. Glazed clay, black with painted features, creaping position very low to ground, 4-3/4" long. $4.00

    Item A9607GItem A9607G
    Animal Collectible: Horse. White glazed ceramic, hollow, marked Japan. 2-3/4" $4.50

    Item A9607HItem A9607H
    Animal Collectible: Camel. Paper mache 2-hump camel. Old. One rear leg has been repaired. 3-1/4" $7.00

    Item KR072BItem KR072B
    Animal Collectible: Pig. Who says that pigs can't fly! This is a great crystal pig with wings. Has a loop on it's back so it can be hung, either as a Christmas decoration, in a window light, or from a lamp. 2-1/4" long, 2-3/4" high. A great...and cute item. $25.00

    Item S1218Item S1218
    Animal Collectible: Donkey. Pair of two glazed red clay donkeys. Painted black with red, gold & white features. Japan paper labels. 3-1/2" tall. $8.00

    Item A9607JItem A9607J
    Animal Collectible: Hippopotamus. 4-1/4" long rubber. Brown colored; eyes & teeth painted white. $3.00

    Item A9607AItem A9607A
    Animal Collectible: Horse. Rubber, brown colored. 3-1/2" long. Ears have been damaged but old. $2.50

    Item A6587Item A6587
    Animal Collectible: Cat. Glazed ceramic fluffy gray cat with ball of yarn, 3-1/2" long. $3.50

    Item A6508Item A6508
    Animal Collectible: Cat. Glazed ceramic fluffy tan cat with beach ball, 3-1/2" long. $3.50

    Item A9607Item A9607
    Animal Collectible: Elephant. Brass w/trunk raised. On flat base. 1 piece. 3" $6.00

    Item LK0277AItem LK0277A
    Animal Collectible: Polar Bear. Very old paper mache w/painted accents. Approx. 2-7/8" long & 1-3/4" high. $10.00

    Item LK0278Item LK0278
    Animal Collectible: Armadello. 1-3/4" long. Silver color. Believe it may be pewter. Nicely done. $10.00

    Item K7641Item K7641
    Animal Collectible: Pair of bluebirds. Glazed ceramic marked "Beutner." Measure 4" from end of tail to beak. $17.00

    Item A9607KItem A9607K
    Animal Collectible: Set of "Papa" Pig, "Mama" Pig and 10 little pigs, glazed china by Norcrest. Believe they once were all attached to one another by a fine chain or cord as most have a tiny wire loop affixed to their back or neck. Pink in color w/black feet, eyes & tail. "Papa" is 3-3/4" long, 2-1/2" high. Little pigs are 1-3/8" long. One little pig has 2 areas where paint has flaked off. $20.00

    Item LK2906Item LK2906
    Animal Collectible: Glazed red clay dog, long white hair, like sheep dog, made by Tuscany. 3-3/4" high, 4-1/2" long. $18.00

    Item A9607BItem A9607B
    Animal Collectible: Glazed white porcelain fish w/gold accents. Side fins are raised almost like wings. Sits on small flat pedestal, 1 piece. goldfish or catfish looking. 3-1/2" long, 2-1/2" high. Seldom see a fish collectible like this. $10.00

    Item LK5177Item LK5177
    Animal Collectible: Porcelain rabbit, cute face and very long ears, brownish in color. Standing up on back legs. Marked "made in Japan". $6.00

    Item W2184Item W2184
    Animal Collectible: Gold glazed Scottish terrier. Ceramic. 3-1/2" long. $7.00

    Animal Collectible: Sebastian miniature, pewter, beaver chewing on log. 3-1/2" $10.00

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    Entertainment: Publicity Promos
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    Figurines: Hudson Pewter

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