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    Collectibles: Religious Items (106 items)

    We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

    A variety of items relating to religion such as plates, photos, medals, books and song books.


    Religious: Chautauqua Assembly Herald. Vol. XIII No. 1. May 1888 magazine. Nice line art illustrations, news and advertising relating to Chautauqua events from over 120 years ago! Great condition. $10.00

    Item C009Item C009
    Religious: Packet of Holy Earth mined at the base of Mount Olives in Jerusalem, Israel by Shai Me Israel. (The soil was sifted to kill all insects and germs and approved for importation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.) The colorful 5" x 2-3/4" packet includes a holy card. Certificate of authenticity accompanies the packet. $10.00

    Religious: "Proceedings of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends Park Avenue 245th Annual Session 1916" The Lord Baltimore Press. 97p. Slight dirt stained on cover otherwise fine. $3.00

    Item R2212Item R2212
    Religious: "Easter 1972. Jesus Is Not Here...He is Risen" heavily embossed ceramic plate by Frankoma, produced for and distributed by the Oral Roberts Association, Tulsa. 7-1/4" $10.00

    Religious: "Christian Theology" by Adam Clarke. Selected from his published and unpublished writings and systematically arranged, with a life of the author by Samuel Dunn. Published by Carlton & Porter. 1835. 450p. Cover has some overall fading but very good. Over 170 years old. $15.00

    Item K0796Item K0796
    Religious: Paperweight, rectangular glass. Photos of Evangelist Billy Sunday and his choir director, Prof. Fisher, and revival scene, along with their 1906 statistics on attendance, conversions, money raised, "Freeport, Illinois Souvenir Sunday Revivals," all on a paperweight! Sepiatone, slightly hard to see as printing is not large, but an interesting piece. $85.00

    Religious: (book) "Hymns for Creative Living," 1935. The Judson Press. Words and music to 195 religious songs. Good condition. $8.00

    Item A7563REItem A7563RE
    Religious: The St. Paul's Box. A special, limited edition enameled on copper round, hinged lid box produced as a fund raiser by edict of the Lord Mayor of London in 1970 or 1971 with all proceeds going to the "Save St. Paul's Fund" to help shore up the crumbling cathedral walls. Dr. Geoffrey Fletcher, whose renowned drawings of London's churches and monuments, was specially commissioned to execute the illustration of St. Paul's which decorates the lid of the box. The small box, which measures 2-1/4" in diameter with slightly bombe sides, is enameled in a rich shade of mulberry. The inside of the lid states: "Built during the lifetime of the architect, Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) St. Paul's Cathedral, his greatest masterpiece, was completed in 1708." The interior of the base is embellished with the coat of arms of the dean and chapter of St. Paul's. The very limited edition, (selling for $42 when launched) was only available in the U.S. from Cartier's in New York and each box was individually numbered. This box is No. 184. Some written material accompanies the box. $150.00

    Item K9766Item K9766
    Religious: Commemorative coin. Pope's visit to the United States. 1979. Embossed profile of the Pope on front, "Joannes Paulus II. Pont. Max." around edge. Reverse "Commemorate Visit to the United States 1979" embossed. 1-1/8" Has pewter look. Nice. $2.50

    Religious: Commemorative coins. Pope's visit to the United States. 1979. Embossed profile of the Pope on front, "Joannes Paulus II. Pont. Max." around edge. Reverse "Commemorate Visit to the United States 1979" embossed. 1-1/8" Has pewter look. 5 coins. $10.00

    Religious: Two handbound religious books, one leather, one cloth. "On the Death of the Reverend Mr. James Hervey" 326p, circa 1790s; "The Saint's Everlasting Rest, or a Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints in Their Enjoyment of God in Heaven," by Richard Baxter, 298p. Undated. $29.00

    Religious: "The Truth Triumphant, or, Champions of the Church Victorious," Office of Catholic Publications 1897. 725p. illus. $19.00

    Religious: "Die Palme No. 1 fur Kirchen Chore," church choir songs in German, 1889. 103p. $5.00

    Item A8050Item A8050
    Religious: (song book) "The World for Christ," a book of Missionary Songs," 1895. Shows some wear. $5.00

    Item A8052Item A8052
    Religious: "Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Church of the United States," Baltimore, MD 1902, 14th Triennial Sessions. 250+ pages, soft cover, right margin of cover appears to have been trimmed off for some reason, no copy is missing. contents very good. $5.00

    Religious: Miniature book, "Rules & Instructions for a Holy Life" by Robert Leighton. Printed in London, 1835. Dimensions: 1-5/8" x 2-3/8" Satin-covered Cover is loose. Interesting. $10.00

    Item A6264C8Item A6264C8
    Religious: Society of Christian Endeavor Presbyterian Church 2-fold pocket card of daily Bible readings. Probably circa. 1920s. $2.00

    Item M1314C8Item M1314C8
    Religious: 8-page printed brochure, "1883-1898 Fifteenth Anniversary as Pastor of St. David's, St. Bartholomew's, St. Paul's, Mt. Carmel" (Lutheran) by Rev. J. A. Metzger. West Manheim, PA.j, 1898. Nice linedrawing of the Reverand on cover. $5.00

    Item M1315C8Item M1315C8
    Religious: "History of St. Paul's Church of West Manheim Charge (PA). Centennial anniversary 1853-1953. Nice 60p publication with illus. and complete church history. $5.00

    Religious: Stiff paper, full color poster, 1950s, "We Give Thee Thanks, United Thank Offering of the Women of the Church" showing logo and outstreached hand holding blue & white offering box. 22" x 17" Poster folds. Two very small 1" margin tears. $5.00

    Item C2054REItem C2054RE
    Religious: National Geographic 1956 full color educational map "Lands of the Bible Today." Includes many historical notes. 28-1/2" x 41" $3.00

    Item C2055Item C2055
    Religious: Eight items relating to Baptism. Includes Baptismal certificates and Godparent certificates. St. Alban's parish, Washington, DC 1950 $5.00

    Item A6515Item A6515
    Religious: "Coming to The Communion," a manual of instruction for preparatory classes and private study by Charles R. Erdman, 1921. Presbyterian. 84p. $3.00

    Item A6516Item A6516
    Religious: "The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly," 1922 Presbyterian. 32p. $2.50

    Item A7586Item A7586
    Religious: "Expository Lectures, or Discourses on Scriptural Subjects, Designed for the Improvement of Christian Knowledge and Piety," by Lewis Mayer, late professor in the Theological Seminary of the German Reformed Church, 1845. 268p. $8.00

    Item A7591Item A7591
    Religious: "You Too Can Win," by Burt L. Way, 1972. 92p. Nice autographed message by author in front. This is an autobiography of a man who was down and out completely and through Christ came out of it and at the time of writing this book was a very successful midwestern businessman. $4.00

    Item A8920Item A8920
    Religious: "The Junior Catechism of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1905. 32p. slight wear. $4.00

    Item A8921Item A8921
    Religious: "Sagebrush Seed," thoughts and parables from the high country, by Don Ian Smith, rancher, pastor & writer. 1977. (Idaho). 112p DJ $5.00

    Religious: "Woodrow Wilson on the Bible," 32p. American Bible Society. Large pic of Wilson on the front cover. 1917. $7.50

    Item LK0300Item LK0300
    Religious: Large colored print of Pope Paul VI sitting in a very high back, ornate golden chair with purple velvet. Nice. 16" x 12" $5.00

    Item LK0408Item LK0408
    Religious: (book) "God in The White House, the Faiths of American Presidents," by Edmund Fuller and David E. Green. 1968. 246p illus. DJ. Goes through Lyndon Johnson. $6.00

    Item LK0950Item LK0950
    Religious: "Our Christmas Story" by Mrs Billy Graham. 1973. 160p $4.00

    Item LK0953Item LK0953
    Religious: "The Code of the Gods and other poems" by Albert W. Brobst. 1962. 176p DJ $3.00

    Item LK0954Item LK0954
    Religious: "The Prayers of Peter Marshall" edited and with prefaces by Catherine Marshall. 1954. 242p DJ $3.50

    Item LK0955Item LK0955
    Religious: "The New Art of Living" by Norman Vincent Peale, 1971. 184p DJ $3.50

    Item LK0956Item LK0956
    Religious: "I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God" by Marjorie Holmes. 1972. 125p PB. $1.50

    Item LK1107Item LK1107
    Religious: Rally Day post card, urging people to come to the M.E. Church Rally Day. 1920s. Pic of church on front. $4.50

    Item LK1108Item LK1108
    Religious: Rally Day post card, "Next Sunday is our annual Sunday School Rally Day. All are expected to be present. You are urged to attend" in fancy Old English print w/red & blue decor. Pstmked. 1924. Dirt stains. $3.50

    Religious: Full double page PUCK cartoon of large tiger with Cardinal's red cap & cape, "Roman Influence" of public school system. Sequence of sketches from harmless kitten to vicious killer tiger standing on top of slain boy. $25.00

    Item LK1254Item LK1254
    Religious: "The Complete Works of W. E. Channing, D.D." 764p. Binding repair, ex.lib., a few pages have foxing. $6.00

    Item LK1256Item LK1256
    Religious: "Vera Dickson's Triumph" by Sara C. Palmer, the evangelist. 1917. 128p illus. $5.00

    Item LK1710Item LK1710
    Religious: "The Acts, an Exposition" by Charles R. Erdman, 1924. Dedicated to the students of Princeton Theological Seminary, my friends and fellow workers in furtherance of the Gospel. 176p. $5.00

    Item M1917Item M1917
    Religious: Last rites kit. In shape of cross, 11", hangs on wall. Ivory colored Crucifix on front; very ornage cross. Top lifts off of hollowed out cross (some type of molded wood product). Inside are 1 small candles, bottle for holy water, spoon, cloth, etc, and two holders for the candles & one for the crucifix to stand upright. Probably circa 1920s. Bottom of cross has been broken & repaired. $37.00

    Item C9669Item C9669
    Religious: "The Roman Catholic Church in Medicine, Sex, and Education" by Paul Blanchard. 32p leaflet. Circa 1940s. $3.00

    Item LK2180Item LK2180
    Religious: Round 7-1/4" wall hanging. Bkgd is blue mirror. Round metal frame is nickel plated brass. Heavy raised lettering circle the frame, "I will bless every place where a picture of my heart shall be exposed and honored." The lettering shows up as brass against the silver bkgd. A 5" embossed image of Christ w/hallow, a cross by his heart, emanating rays are affixed to the center of the blue mirrored bkgd. Circa 1920s. $39.00

    Item A771Item A771
    Religious: Miscellaneous group of 10 brightly colored Victorian religious pieces, mostly small presentation cards with Bible verses or sayings on them, plus photos of birds or flowers, etc. Most are in very good condition although some have at one time been pasted in a book so these markings are on the backs. Various sizes. $10.00

    Item W856Item W856
    Religious: Salvation Army workers. Eight photos from 1880s and 1890s showing young women dressed in Salvation Army garb, several with the "full moon" bonnets with large bows. Salvation Army insiginia pins and jewelry. One of Maud Ballington Booth seated at table in her uniform. All are cabinet cards except one which is smaller size. One photo has some foxing; rest are very good to excellent. Complete collection. $198.00

    Item LK2963Item LK2963
    Religious: Three linen finish post cards, all different, of Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, circa 1930s, full color. $5.00

    Item LK3555Item LK3555
    Religious: THE KEY, Daily devotional book for the Rex Humbard Prayer Key Family. 6 times/year publication. 14 issues representing the years 1974-76. $10.00

    Item LK3557Item LK3557
    Religious: Church of the Brethren Adult Quarterly and Advanced Quarterly publications from the 1946-48 years. 24 issues. $10.00

    Item LK3558Item LK3558
    Religious: Church of the Brethren Bible Study Monthly. 22 issues from 1946-49 time period. $10.00

    Item LK3559Item LK3559
    Religious: Church of the Brethren Sunday bulletins from the Pipe Creek Church of the Brethren in New Windsor, Maryland, circa 1940s. Approx. 40, a few with some wear or staining. $10.00

    Item LK3560Item LK3560
    Religious: Church of the Brethren Intermediate Pupils' Quarterly publications and a couple of Advanced Quarterlies, 1930s-40s. 10 items. $6.50

    Item LK3643Item LK3643
    Religious: (book) The Life of Christian F. Swartz, an Early Missionary in India. American Sunday School Union. Swartz was a missionary in the 1770s-1780s. The small 5-3/4" x 3-3/4" book of 90 pages is not dated but probably around the 1830s. Marbled cover shows some wear. $10.00

    Item LK3644Item LK3644
    Religious: (book) The Young Observers; or How to Learn Without Books. by Rev J. Banvard. American Baptist Publication Society. 1846. Slight foxing on some pages. $10.00

    Item LK3681Item LK3681
    Religious: "An Appalachian Folk Mass" by Suzanne E. Grahn. 1962. Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Rockford, IL. 16p. $5.00

    Item LK3732Item LK3732
    Religious: "Voices of Worship" a collection of anthems especially selected for junior choirs, w/organ accompaniment, by Don Malin. Mills Music Inc. 1959. 52p. $5.00

    Item LK3733Item LK3733
    Religious: "Sing Unto Him" c. 1960 by Hill & Range Songs. 40p of 17 songs. $4.00

    Item LK3734Item LK3734
    Religious: "Requiem" by Gabriel Faure, for soprano & baritone soli, chorus & orchestra. Latin & English text edited by Mack Evans. 76p 1940s. H. T. FitzSimons Company. $3.00

    Item LK3735Item LK3735
    Religious: "Olivet to Calvary" a sacred cantata. Written & arranged by Shapcott Wensley, the music by J. H. Maunder. 1932. 72p. $4.00

    Item LK3737Item LK3737
    Religious: "The Crucifixion" a Mediatation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer, for full chorus of Mixed Voices and Soli for Tenor and Base with organ accompaniment, by John Stainer. circa 1930s. 60p. Cover loose. $4.00

    Item LK3738Item LK3738
    Religious: 3 books. The Messiah, an Oratorio, for 4-part chorus of mixed voices, soprano, also, tenor and bass soli and piano, by G. F. Handel, revised by Max Spicker, 148p; G. F. Handel The Christmas Section of The Messiah, edited by T. Tertius Noble, by Max Spicker. 1912. 116p; G. F. Handel. The Messian, oratorio, edited by T. Tertius Noble, by Max Spicker. 1912. 256p. Cover wear. $10.00

    Item LK3739Item LK3739
    Religious: "Jaromir Weinberger Bible Poems for Organ" 1939. 20p. $6.50

    Item LK3945Item LK3945
    Religious: "The Male Chorus, No. 1" composed & arranged by Ira Sankey & George Stebbins for use in gospel meetings, Christian associations & other religious services. 1888. Music & words to 118 songs. Great spiritual music from the 19th century. Inside binding slightly loose. $8.00

    Item K6639Item K6639
    Religious: (Button) Large white cross on red shield in center superimposed over world map, "Rebuilding the World" white lettering, blue bkgd. 5/8" $5.00

    Item K6641Item K6641
    Religious: (Button) Colorful caricature scene of three robins singing w/musical notes all around. "Happy Birthday" in red lettering, yellow bkgd. "He Careth for You" at bottom, white on blue. 1" $5.00

    Item K6642Item K6642
    Religious: (Button) "Come Along to VBS". VPS in brown lettering. Blue bkgd. 1" $5.00

    Item K6643Item K6643
    Religious: (Button) Design of double doors part way open, floral decoration. "Rally Day" around top. "Thy World is a Lamp Unto My Feet" around bottom. Black printing, pale green bkgd. 7/8" $7.00

    Item K6644Item K6644
    Religious: (Button) Large gold cross in center, Crossed flags, one is U.S. flag, other probable religious flag. Across top bar of cross, "L'Union Fait La Forge" 5/8" Very colorful. $7.50

    Item LK4076Item LK4076
    Religious: "1883-1933 Fiftieth Anniversary of Trinity Reformed Church. Hanover, Pennsylvania" 24 pages of history & photos. $5.00

    Item K7379Item K7379
    Religious: B&W post card of "Rev William A. Sunday" (Billie Sunday). Some wear, dated 1914 in pencil on back. $12.50

    Item LK4710Item LK4710
    Religious: "The Bible Story of the Creation," by Mary Alice Jones. Rand McNally & Co, Chicago. 1941. 64p children's book. $5.00

    Item LK4711Item LK4711
    Religious: "Miss Toosey's Mission" by the author of "Laddie". An English lady and her plans to be a missionary in Africa. undated but circa 1890s. Gold stamped cover, some slight wear at top of spine. $10.00

    Item LK4798Item LK4798
    Religious: (book) "Prayers. For All People For All Occasions." by Leander M. Zimmerman. The United Lutheran Publication House. 1940. 68p hard bound. $5.00

    Item LK4904Item LK4904
    Religious: (book) "Boston Homilies. Short Sermons on the International Sunday-School Lessons for 1892," by members of the Alpha Chapter of the Convocation of Boston University. 1891. 427p. Cover shows slight edge & corner wear, otherwise fine. $15.00

    Religious: Presbyterian Life. Eleven magazines ranging from October, 18 1952 thru November 30, 1957. $10.00

    Item KR2647Item KR2647
    Religious: "The Man Nobody Knows...A Discovery of the Real Jesus," by Bruce Barton. 1924. Grosset & Dunlop. 219p. Cover somewhat faded and weathered. $8.00

    Item KR2648Item KR2648
    Religious: "Life Is Worth Living...Second Series," Fulton J. Sheen. 1954. McGraw-Hill. 237p. DJ. DJ missing a few little chunks and is faded over binding. $7.00

    Item KR2649Item KR2649
    Religious: "In the Beginning...The Story of the Creation," by Roger Pilkington. 1957. St. Martin's Press. 59p. illus. DJ $6.00

    Item J3008Item J3008
    Religious: 13-1/2" high crucifix. The front slides open. Candles and a bottle for holy water are inside. Very nice. $30.00

    Item KR2982Item KR2982
    Religious: First edition of "God Can Move Mountains," by Father Ralph W. Beiting. 1989. Doubleday. 118p. PB $4.00

    Item KR2985Item KR2985
    Religious: "Ethics of the Dust," by John Ruskin. 1894. Henry Altemus. 249p. $17.00

    Item KR2986Item KR2986
    Religious: "The Methodist Hymnal." 1929. M.E. Church, South. 847p. Cover worn. $8.00

    Item KR2987Item KR2987
    Religious: "Hymns." First few pages (w/year, pub. co. etc.) missing. 792p. Leather bound. Cover worn. $15.00

    Item KR2988Item KR2988
    Religious: "Lovells Library: Seekers After God," by Canon Farrar, D.D. 1882. John W. Lovell Co. 305p. PB Cover binding has been nicely taped. Front binding shaken. $10.00

    Item KR2989Item KR2989
    Religious: "Child's Book on the Sabbath," by Rev. Horace Hooker. 1835. American Tract Society. 201p. Leather bound. Front cover missing. Slight foxing. $10.00

    Item KR2990Item KR2990
    Religious: "Abide With Me," by H.F. Lyte. Undated. Cupples and Leon. Apx. 15p. Cover dirty. $10.00

    Item KR2991Item KR2991
    Religious: "Waymarks in the Wilderness," edited by James Ingles. 1869. 96p. PB Cover has 1-1/2" tear and is frayed. $10.00

    Item KR2992Item KR2992
    Religious: "Memorials of St. Paul's Cathedral," by William MacDonald Sinclair. 1913. Chapman and Hall. 277p. $10.00

    Item J2933Item J2933
    Religious: "Living Gospel Songs & Choruses." 1925. Tabernacle Pub. Co. 98p. PB $8.00

    Item KR2993Item KR2993
    Religious: "Joseph the Provider," by Thomas Mann. 1944. Alfred A. Knopf. 608p. $7.00

    Item KR2994Item KR2994
    Religious: "The Ideal Classbook," by C.E. Leslie. 1892. The Chicago Music Co. 175p. Binding gone; covers "hanging by a thread." Cover dirty and somewhat warped. $6.00

    Item KR2995Item KR2995
    Religious: "Welsh Congregationalists in Pennsylvania 1797-1931...A memorial volume," by Rev. David Jones. 1934. Utica Printing Co. 360p. Some water damage; 2-inch tear at front cover/binding. $8.00

    Item KR2997Item KR2997
    Religious: "Old Songs of the Church." Undated. Compliments of Nat. Memorial Park. 69p. PB $8.00

    Item J2934Item J2934
    Religious: "Victory Songs," compiled by Homer A. Rodeheaver. Undated. The Rodeheaver Co. 238p. Cloth cover. Cover missing top half; first few pages missing. $10.00

    Item J2935Item J2935
    Religious: "Victory Songs," compiled by Homer A. Rodeheaver. Undated. The Rodeheaver Co. 238p. Cloth cover. Cover worn. $10.00

    Item J2936Item J2936
    Religious: "Jewels for Juniors," by W.E.M. Hackleman. Undated. Standard Pub. Co. 128p. Cloth cover. $10.00

    Item J2937Item J2937
    Religious: "Songs of Hope," compiled by E.O. Excell. 1920's. Hope Pub. Co. 288p. Cloth cover. Cover frayed, lower right corner missing and binding bare. $10.00

    Item J2938Item J2938
    Religious: "Kingdom Songs...No. 2." 1918. Bretheran Pub. House. 255p. Binding shaken. $10.00

    Item J2939Item J2939
    Religious: "Songs for Service," compiled by Homer A. Rodeheaver. Undated. Rodeheaver. 288p. PB Cover worn badly; title page and any before it are missing. $10.00

    Item J2940Item J2940
    Religious: "Songs for Service," compiled by Homer A. Rodeheaver. Undated. Rodeheaver. 288p. PB Cover worn. $10.00

    Item KR2998Item KR2998
    Religious: "Service Book and Hymnal of the Lutheran Church in America." 1958. 6 pub. co.'s. 1012p. $10.00

    Item KR3237Item KR3237
    Religious: Eight-page color photo section of the Pope's visit in Oct. of 1965 from the Chicago Tribune. $5.00

    Item J3472Item J3472
    Religious: 3" purple button with "Pope John Paul II" in white, at top and, below, a color pic of the pope. A R/W/B 4-1/2" ribbon hangs from the button with "Welcome to America...October 1979" in metallic gold. $5.00

    Religious: "Titus, A Comrad of the Cross," a tale of the Christ for the Christmas-tide by Florence M. Kingsley. 100p illus. Marbled cover w/gold lettering. Very good. $12.50

    Religious: (book) "Is It Possible? A Re-examination in the light of Scripture of an Old Doctrine in a new Forum" by Hjalmar Sundquist, author of "The Credentials of Jesus" 1933. Autographed by Sundquist & dated May 12, 1935. 52p. Slight breakage on spine. $8.00

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