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Books: Children's Books (190 items)

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This listing relates specifically to children's books and magazines. Please note that some of the older books may not be in good condition--they will be correctly described--but they have still been included as many people just enjoy having a book from their childhood and condition isn't important. Also, many of the children's books, particularly from the early 1900s, were not well bound and came apart easily. There may be related items also found in the categories of Toys & Games, Disney, Star Trek & Science Fiction, and Youth Organizations.


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Children's Book: (magazines) CHILDREN'S DIGEST, monthly publication produced by Parents' Magazine; stories, classics, comics. Designed very much like Reader's Digest. 15 issues from the years 1954 and 1955. $30.00

Children's Book: (magazines) CHILDRENS' DIGEST, monthly publication produced by Parents' Magazine; stories, classics, comics. Designed very much like Reader's Digest. 8 issues from the year 1956. $16.00

Children's Book: (magazines) CHILDRENS' DIGEST, monthly publication produced by Parents' Magazine; stories, classics, comics. Designed very much like Reader's Digest. 10 issues from the year 1957. $20.00

Children's Book: (magazines) CHILDRENS' DIGEST, monthly publication produced by Parents' Magazine, stories, classics, comics. Designed very much like Reader's Digest. 4 issues from 1958; plus, 2 issues of HUMPTY DUMPTY'S Magazine for Little Children from the early 1950s. $12.00

Children's Book: (magazines) GOLDEN DAYS For Boys and Girls. Philadelphia. 3 issues. Nov 26, 1892, Jan 7, 1893 & July 22, 1893. Stories. Line art illustrations. Very good. $20.00

Children's Book: Charlie Brown. Collection of 8 Fawcett paperbacks on Charlie Brown series by Charles M. Schulz. Titles include: Sweet Dreams, Charlie Brown; It's Chow Time, Snoopy; Blaze the trail, Snoopy; We're All in this Together; Think Thinner, Snoopy; Go for It, Charlie Brown; You're Hopeless, Charlie Brown!; and Here Comes Snoopy. Most from early 1980s, none past 1984. Some slight wear but basically very good. $20.00

Children's Book: "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1921 Charles Scribner's Sons. 388p. illus. $10.00

Children's Book: Two Horatio Alger books, "The Telegraph Boy" and "The Young Salesman." One cover taped, the other missing back cover and backstrap. As is. $5.00

Children's Book: Walt Disney's Mary Poppins. c. 1964. Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wis. Jan Neely illustrated. (A child has written their name on title page.) $3.00

Children's Book: "The Lone Ranger Coloring Book" authorized edition by Whitman Publishing Co., 1953. Full color cover with Lone Ranger & Silver, followed by Tonto. Same scene on back. 2 or 3 pages in the middle of the book have been colored in, otherwise it is untouched. $12.50

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Tommy Snooks and Betsey Brooks," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Animal Tales," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Mother Hen and Her Chicks," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Patty Pig and His Chums," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Down In the Rabbit Hole and Other Little Stories," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "The Baker and the Birthday Party," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "JohnnyGoes To the Butcher Shop," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Rowdy The Pup and Other Stories," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Busy Days at the Farm," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p, "Bye, Baby Bunting," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: Small colorfully illus. booklet, 12p. "Old King Cole," 1943 Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha. $5.00

Children's Book: "Young Americans in Japan, or The Adventures of the Jewett Family and Their Friend Oto Nambo" by Edward Greey. 1889. Lee and Shepard Publishers. 171 illustrations, 372p. Cover shows some wear and repairs. Insides are fine. $45.00

Children's Book: Colorful, hardbound book, "Kaufmann's Sketch Book of Great Inventors Written by Pittsburg Boys and Girls." Front cover full color montage; back cover has full color sketch of Kaufmann's "The Big Store" Pittsburg, with streetcars, horses & buggies, people walking. Undated but circa 1906 or 1907. Each page has a story about an inventor w/sketch at top of page. 36p total. Some of the inventors include Alexander Bell, the Wright Brothers, Ottmar Mergenthaler (linotype), George Westinghouse, Thomas Alva Edison, Alfred Bernard Nobel, John Ericsson, Sir Charles Wheatstone (stereoscope), Charles Goodyear, George Stephenson (steam engine), Eli Whitney, Aloys Senefelder (lithography), Henry Greathead, Robert Fulton, Sir William Herschel, Sir Richard Arkwright, John Harrison, Berthold Schwarz, Johannes Gutenburg and more. A few scuffs but basically in very good condition. A great advertising book for and by children. $100.00

Children's Book: Four books from the Camp Fire Girls Series: "The Camp Fire Girls at Lookout Pass, 1917; The Camp Fire Girls at Pine-Tree Camp, 1914; The Camp Fire Girls On Hurricane Island, 1921 and The Camp Fire Girls at Top o' The World, 1916. All in good to very good condition. $50.00

Children's Book: "Aviation Paint Book". M.A. Donohue & Co. Large size book, 14-1/2" horizontal, 9-1/2" vertical. Great full color (vivid, bright colors) of aircraft and then next page has same picture to be painted or colored. Some of the aircraft include: Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, Amphibion, Ryan B-7 Monoplane, American Eagle Biplane, "Vought Corsair" Navy and Marine plane, Flying Dutchman. Some of the pages have been colored in. Book has been "folded" in center because of its size. Probably circa 1930s. $17.00

Children's Book: "Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls. edited by J. T. Trowbridge, Gail Hamilton & Lucy Larcom. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. March 1867. Interesting articles & illustations. Also, interesting segment, "Round the Evening Lamp", a treasury of charades, puzzles and problems. Great 8-page poem on Darius Green and His Flying-Machine w/sketch of the young man flapping his home-made wings and tumbling to the ground! Two internal pages have a snipped segment missing, otherwise fine. $30.00

Children's Book: (9 books) All Horatio Alger, Jr. "Mark Mason's Victory, A. L. Burt, NY, c. 1899, illus, Stain on cover & slight corner wear; "The Telegraph Boy", New York Book Co, c 1911, spine somewhat darkened; "The Young Outlaw," New York Book Company, c 1910, spine shaken, some cover staining; "Struggling Upwards," New York Book Co, c 1909, shaken copy, stain on cover; "Slow & Sure," Whitman Pub Co, Picture board cover, but cover in poor condition; "Bound to Rise,"World Syndicate Pub Co, cover plain, spine has 1" tear; "Bound to Rise," Whitman Pub. Co, picture cover, Spine half missing, poor condition; "Try and Trust," Hurst & Co, no date, shaken, picture cover & spine have some wear; "Try and Trust," New York Book Co, 1911. One chunk out of spine, cover dirt, some pages missing, poor condition. $25.00

Children's Book: "The Gingerbread Boy Story Book, a treasury of sunshine stories for children," Ethel H. Maltby, editor. The John C. Winston Co, Phila. c. 1920. Color illus. by Frederick Richardson are delightful, illus on most pages. 94p. Some tape mending internal, and spine and corners of cover show wear, but a superb little book still in good condition. $25.00

Children's Book: "Peter Pan" by James Barrie. Grosset & Dunlap, c. 1911 Charles Scribner's Sons. A Thrushwood Book. Owner's name on endpaper. 217p. Spine and edges of cover discolored somewhat by sun exposure. $70.00

Children's Book: "Boys' and Girls' Story Book." Samuel Lowe, Kenosha, Wis. c. 1940. No paging. 1" thick w/picture paper cover, large 10-1/2" size. Illus w/line drawings on most pages. The last half of book has traditional fairy tales. Spine worn. Very good. $25.00

Children's Book: "Lawrence Welk's Bunny Rabbit Concert," by Lawrence Welk with Bernice McGeehan. Illus by Carol Bryan. 1978 2nd printing. Pict. cover and color illus on every page. 27p. Nice book. $12.50

Children's Book: "All Aboard for Freedom!" by Marie McSwigan. Junior Literacy Guild and E. P. Dutton. C. 1954. Story of Czech escape into U.S. Zone of Germany in 1951. 249p. B&W illus by E. Harper Johnson. Very good. $20.00

Children's Book: "Children's Book of Christmas Stories," edited by Asa Don Dickinson. Grosset & Dunlap, c. 1913 by Doubleday. 335p. Nice full color pic frontispiece. One picture endpaper missing. Cover dirt stained. Spine loose at front hinge. Bottom of backstrap chipped. Overall, book good. $12.50

Children's Book: "Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars," by Ellen MacGregor. Illus by Paul Galdone. McGraw-Hill, 1967. 128p. B&W illus w/color pic cover. $15.00

Children's Book: "The Little Lame Prince," by Mulock. Western Printing & Lithographing Co, Racine, WI. Illus. 60p. $10.00

Children's Book: "Miss Mulock's Fairy Book," by Miss Mulock. Grosset, n.d. (before 1926). 510p. 36 stories compiled from many sources. B&W illus & color frontispiece. Some of the stories: Hop-o'-My-Thumb, Beauty & the Beast, Little One Eye Little Two Eyes & Little Three Eyes, Jack the Giant Killer, Tom Thumb, Fortunatus, The Bremen Town Musicians, Riquet with the Turf, House Island, Snow White and Rose Red, Graciosa & Percinet, The Iron Stove, The Woodcutter's Daughter, Brother and Sister, Puss in Boots, The Wolf & the 7 Young Goslings, The Fair One with Golden Locks, Clever Alice, The Frog-Prince, Prince Cherry, The Yellow Dwarf, The Prince with the Nose, The Hind of the Forest and more. Backstrap and bottom of cover are mottled from wear but book very good. $25.00

Children's Book: "Henry Huggins" by Beverly Cleary. Illus by Louis Darling. William Morrow & Co, NY, 1963. One small chip in back of DJ at bottom otherwise book is fine. $25.00

Children's Book: "Neighbors With Wings and Fins, and Some Others, for Young People," by James Johonnot. American Book Company, NY. n.d. c. 1885, D. Appleton & Co. Illus throughout with drawings of birds, and a few fish. 229p. Cover spine torn and cover corners worn. $12.50

Children's Book: "Helen's Babies" by John Habberton. Grosset & Dunlap. c. 1908 reprint. 244p. Nice line art illus. Cover and spine completely loose from body of text. Cover and spine worn. Text in good condition. Fair to poor. $6.50

Children's Book: "Treasured Memories for Little Children," by their friend, Margarette. American Sunday School Union, Phila, 1848. Christian family memories. 52p. Patterned endpapers. Very good. $25.00

Children's Book: "Bambi" by Felix Salten. Grosset, c. 1929, 1931 by Simon & schuster. Illus by Kurt Wiese. 6 full pages of illus & smaller drawings throughout. Cover dirt stained w/edge wear. Endpapers in back with scribbling. Shaken, but contents very good. $20.00

Children's Book: "Cinder" written & illustrated by Romney Gay. Grosset, c. 1934. Nice, clean & sharp full color illustrations by author. Endpapers smudged, cover & spine badly worn but internally good. $8.00

Children's Book: "A Child's Garden of Verses," by Robert Louis Stevenson. Samuel Lowe Co, Kenosha Wis, c. 1947 reprint. Small size 6-3/4". Illus b&w & color by Erika Weihs. Lower parts of front & back covers scuffed. Otherwise, contents good. $10.00

Children's Book: "Just Dogs; Heroes of the North Shore," by E. Ryerson Young. The Sunday School Times Company, Phila. c. 1926. b&w illus. 151p. Upper edge of cover stained. Otherwise fine. $10.00

Children's Book: "Mother Goose Rhymes," edited by Wally Piper, illus by Eulalie & Lois L. Lenski. The Platt & Munk Co, NY, c. 1933. Oversized 12-1/4". Some great full color illus. of classic rhymes like Humpty-Dumpty, Old Mother Hubbard, Old King Cole, Little Boy Blue, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Tom the Piper's Son, Little Jack Horner, Mary Quite Contrary, Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep, Georgie Porgie, Mulberry Bush, Simple Simon, Lucy Locket, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jack & Jill and more. Great illustrations, some full page. Pencil scribblings in some of the text. Some cover and spine wear but a great book. $45.00

Children's Book: "Stories of Robin Hood, told to the Children" by H. E. Marshall" E.P. Dutton, n.d. 122p. Small size 5-7/8". Printed in Great Britain. Illus by A. S. Forrest. Color frontispiece and 7 plates. Pict. paste-on cover with gold stamping on cover and spine. Very good. $20.00

Children's Book: "Tom Tufton's Travels" by E. Everett Green. Thomas Nelson & Sons, London. c. 1898. 330p illus, 5 b&w plates. Gold stamped cover & spine. Hinges cracked, some cover wear; back cover dampness stained. Adventures of a young man in England and on the continent during the reign of Queen Anne. $12.50

Children's Book: "The Adventures of Peter Cottontail," by Thornton Burgess. Little, Brown, Boston. c. 1929. The Bedtime Story Books illus by Harrison Cady. Dirt stains on back cover. $27.50

Children's Book: "The Rooster and the Little Red Hen," retold by Wally Piper. Platt & Munk Co, NY. c. 1925 & 1928. 21p. Color and b&w illus by Eulalie. Pict. endpapers. Somewhat shaken. Pict. paste-on cover. $60.00

Children's Book: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass" by Lewis Carroll. Illustrated Editions Co, NY. n.d. 244p. w/92 illus by John Tenniel. Some scribbling on endpapers otherwise in fine condition. $20.00

Children's Book: "Chickaree, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Squirrel". Whitman Pub Co. c. 1948. A Fuzzy Wuzzy Book with textured fuzzy squirrels throughout. Some cover wear otherwise fine. $12.50

Children's Book: "Little Red Riding Hood," as told by Mabel Watts. Illus by Kelly Oechsli. Golden Press, Western Pub Co, Racine, WI. c. 1965. Oversize 12". 21p. Very good. $10.00

Children's Book: "Rip Van Winkle," by Washington Irving. Henry Altemus, Philadelphia. c. 1900. w/46 b&w illus by Gordon Browne. Picture cover. Shaken. Spine stained & torn; cover shows slight wear at corners. 230p. Text on every page with a designed border featuring flowers & feathers. $12.00

Children's Book: "Robinson Crusoe" w/illustrations in color. by Daniel Defoe. 70 illustrations. W. B. Conkey Co, Chicago. n.d. but circa 1900. 148p. Color frontispage and cover. 1 internal page torn. Inscription on flyleaf is 1908. Cover slightly dirt stained. $15.00

Children's Book: "Rhymes and Stories" small, 27p. no publication infor. Some verses by R. L. Stevenson. Illus on every other page. Printed in blue ink. Probably 1930-1940? Good condition. $4.00

Children's Book: "Mother Goose" compliments of Eureka-Maryland Assurance Corporation, Baltimore. Small 10p advertising booklet for children, full color pictures illustrate the booklet throughout. 12p. 1930s or before. $5.00

Children's Book: "Tabby Cat and Kitty Cat make Friends with Billy the Goat, by Samuel E. Lowe. Whitman Publishing Co, Racine, WI. c. 1925. Nice 2-color illustrations by Ray Gleason throughout on nearly every page. Cover is very badly stained but inside is fine. A nice story with nice illustrations. Too bad about the cover. $5.00

Children's Book: "Curious George Takes A Job," by H. A. Rey. Scholastic Book Services. c. 1947. 48p illus. Some wear. $6.00

Children's Book: "National Velvet," story by Dorothy Haas, illustrations by Al Andersen. Whitman Publishing Co, Racine, WI. c. 1962 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Authorized edition based on MGM's National Velvet as seen on NBC television. 28p. Full color illus. on every page. Cover slightly smudged. $10.00

Children's Book: "Jack and Jill" magazine. July, 1950. Very good. $5.00

Children's Book: "Alice in Wonderland" complete story color by number. undated. 1 page partially colored otherwise not used. $5.00

Children's Book: "Hansel and Gretel" color by number. undated. 2 pages are colored in otherwise not used. $5.00

Children's Book: "Cheery Chat". Stories to entertain and instruct. Lothrop Publishing Co, Boston. c. 1896. B&W illus throughout, no paging, possible H. Pyle(?). Color frontispiece. Cover is in very, very poor shape, spine partially missing, stains and wear. Inside is fine with dozens & dozens of great short stories from 100+ years ago! $12.50

Children's Book: "Mischief and Play." Story, Picture and Rhyme. W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago. c. 1898. B&W line art illus. throughout, color pic cover and frontis. Opens with "Our Pet's ABC Book." Cover has edge wear, cloth spine very badly worn. Text inside is good with some really outstanding illustrations. $15.00

Children's Book: "Blossoms Plucked from the Treasures of Story and Song," Wide Awake Sketches for Wide Awake Young People. W. B. Conkey Company, Publishers. c. 1894. Line art illustrations on nearly every page, and some are full page. Also, some are greentone. Picture cover is badly stained and torn; cloth spine worn. Inside is OK. $8.00

Children's Book: "All About Famous Inventors and Their Inventions," by Fletcher Pratt. Illus. by Rus Anderson. 1955. Random House. 141p. illus. $10.00

Children's Book: "Elephants on the Beach," by Irene Brady. (Northern elephant seal.) 1979. Charles Scribbner's Sons. 30p. DJ illus. $8.00

Children's Book: "Just for Fun," by Guy L. Bond. Classmate ed. 1956. illus. 188p. Shows wear on cover. $7.00

Children's Book: "Child-Story Readers Facts and Fun," by Frank N. Freeman and Eleanor M. Johnson/illus. by J. Clemens Gretter and Elizabeth Georgiena Selover. 1929-36. Lyons and Carnahan. 479p. Shows slight wear. $15.00

Children's Book: The Metropolitan Mother Goose. by Elizabeth C. Watson, Illustrated by Emma Clark. Distributed by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Great little book, 24p, highly illustrated and colorful. Undated but probably circa early 1900s. Some dirt stains on cover otherwise fine. $30.00

Children's Book: "Spy vs. Spy," by Prohias. 1972. Mad. Apx. 100p. Illus. PB $15.00

Children's Book: "The Wild Dog of Edmonton," by David Grew; illus by Ellen Segner. 1946. Grosset & Dunlap. Prev owner sig. DJ. DJ tattered at top, torn in front. $10.00

Children's Book: "The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit," by Arthur Scott Bailey; illus by Harry L. Smith. 1916. Grosset & Dunlap. 112p. Binding gone; loose pages inside. $10.00

Children's Book: "Sunnyside Homes." by 1892. American Tract Society. 48p. Illus. Pages bound to each other, but detached from binding. $12.50

Children's Book: "The Story of Silky" and "The Kitty with the Black Nose," by Jasmine Stone van Dresser; Pictures by Clarence Biers and Joan Harman. 1938. Rand McNally. Apx. 75p. $25.00

Children's Book: "Gypsies of the Air...A child's book of birds in picture and rhyme," by Florence L. Notter. 1920. M.A. Donohue & Co. 60p. Pages bound to each other, but detached from binding. Cover dirty. $50.00

Children's Book: "Toby's Trip," by Meg Wohlberg and Max Horn. 1943. Macmillan. Apx. 25p. Illus pop-up/mechanical book. Part of front cover missing. PB $50.00

Children's Book: "The Romney Gay ABC." 1946. Grosset & Dunlap. Apx. 28p. Illus. $45.00

Children's Book: "Land of Surprise!" by Gladys & Corinne Malvern. 1938. McLoughlin Bros. Apx. 30p. Crayon scribbling throughout. $15.00

Children's Book: "Lightning: A Cowboy's Colt," by Bill and Bernard Martin. 1948. Tell-Well Press. Apx. 25p. Illus. $10.00

Children's Book: "Five Little Martians and the Martin House," by Caroline van Buren. 1936. Goldsmith. 244p. Cover corners bent. $25.00

Children's Book: "Story Hour Readers Revised...Book three," by Ida Coe and Alice Christie Dillon. 1923. American Book Co. 240p. Illus. $20.00

Children's Book: "Read-Aloud Train Stories." Multiple writers. 1957. Wonder Books. 160p. First 4 pages missing. PB $10.00

Children's Book: "The Sixth Reader," by G.S. Hillard. 1863. W.B. Keen. 436p. Cover binding worn badly; thick piece peeled back. $12.50

Children's Book: "Paths to Conservation," by James S. Tippett. 1937. D.C. Heath. 299p. Illus. $15.00

Children's Book: "All About the Stars," by Anne Terry White; illus by Marvin Bileck. 1954. Random House. 144p. DJ $7.50

Children's Book: "All About the Sea," by Ferdinand C. Lane; illus by Fritz Kredel. 1953. Random House. 148p. DJ $7.50

Children's Book: "The Moon...Our neighboring world," by Otto Binder; illus by George Solonevich. Ex-lib. 1961. Golden Press. 54p. Illus. $12.00

Children's Book: "Our Beginnings in the Past," by Daniel C. Knowlton and Armand J. Gerson. 1933. American Book Co. 242p. Illus. Cover worn and dirty. $17.50

Children's Book: "1001 Riddles for Children," compiled by Gearge Carlson. 1949. Platt & Munk. Apx. 50p. Cover worn and stained. $15.00

Children's Book: "The Ugly Duckling," by Hans Christian Andersen; illus by Fern Bisel Peat. 1932. Saalfield. Apx. 10p. Illus. Cover binding has been taped. $100.00

Children's Book: "Black Beauty," pictured by John R. Neill. 1908. Reilley and Britton. 58p. Illus. Cover binding is worn and has been taped. $30.00

Children's Book: "Sing Song," by Christina Rossetti; illus by Marion R. Kohs. 1945. Pied Piper Books. Apx. 30p. Cover worn w/ crayon marking. $12.50

Children's Book: "Roberta Goes Adventuring," by Margaret Thomsen Raymond. 1931. P.J. Volland. 96p. Illus. Front binding has become detached; cover worn and dirty. $10.00

Children's Book: "The Treedwellers," by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp. 1904. Rand MacNally. 258p. Cover worn and dirty. Illus. $15.00

Children's Book: "The Real Book about Buffalo Bill," by Adolph Regli; illus by Robert J. Lee. 1952. Garden City. 189p. Illus. Front binding shaken. Cover scuffed w/three small holes in back of binding. $6.00

Children's Book: "Myles Standish...Adventurous boy," by Augusta Stevenson. 1949. Bobbs-Merrill. 191p. $6.00

Children's Book: "The Submarine Boys Trial Trip," by Victor G. Durham. 1909. Henry Altemus Co. 251p. Illus. Front binding shaken. Cover dirty and worn. $10.00

Children's Book: "Pecks Boss Book," by Geo. W. Peck; illus by H.E. Patterson. 1909. Conkey. 252p. Cover worn. $20.00

Children's Book: "The Little Juggler...And other French tales retold," by Violet Moore Higgins. 1917. Whitman Pub. Co. 70p. Back binding shaken. Cover worn. $40.00

Children's Book: "Ski Daddle," by John Delano. 1941. Hale Cushman & Flint. Apx. 100p. PB $40.00

Children's Book: "Why Peter Rabbit's Ears are Long," by Thorton W. Burgess. 1944. John Sherman Bagg. Apx. 22p. Inner F+B covers appear to be stained; outer front cover fine. Illus. $25.00

Children's Book: "The Animated Pinocchio," by Marion Merrill. 1945. Citadel. Apx. 25p. Illus. Pull-tab, mechanical book. F+B covers detached. $20.00

Children's Book: "Daphne Duck's Good Deed...An Easter coloring book," by Nan Roloff; illus by Christina Ljungren Rigo. 1984. Current. 25p. Unused, like new. $4.00

Children's Book: "Arigones Buzz & Bell Space Cadets." 1991. 48-page comic book. $5.00

Boys Books

Children's Book: "A Boy Sailor with John Paul Jones" by H. C. Thomas, Whitman 1946. B&W illus, endpapers & text by Henry E. Vallely. Two small chips on spine, contents good; Color DJ torn & stained. $10.00

Children's Book: "The Hardy Boys. The Shore Road Mystery" by Franklin W. Dixon. 1928. Grosset & Dunlap. Good. DJ has a few edge tears. $18.00

Children's Book: "The Pony Rider Boys in the Alkali" by Frank Gee Patchin. Saalfield, c 1910. B&W illus, cover & text. Back cover edge chip. DJ torn. Text browned otherwise good. $20.00

Children's Book: "Secret Mission" by Canfield Cook. A Lucky Terrell Flying Story. Illus. Frank Dobias. Grosset & Dunlap, c 1943. Air combat in World War II. DJ torn, contents vg. $15.00

Children's Book: "Tom Swift and His Motorcycle" by Victor Appleton. Grosset, c 1910. One 4-p section loose w/tears; some foxing on several pages. Cover dirt stained. $25.00

Children's Book: "Tom Swift and His Television Detector" by Victor Appleton. Grosset & Dunlap, c 1933. Pub. by Whitman, Racine, WI. Cover & spine good, text browned and some edge chipping. $20.00

Children's Book: "Tom Stetson on The Trail of the Lost Tribe" by John Henry Cutler w/illus by Ursula Koering. Whitman Publishing, Racine, WI. 1948. Book fine; DJ shows some edge wear. $15.00

Children's Book: "A Race Track Gamble" by Nicholas Carter, 1928. New Magnet Library #1099. VG. Illus soft cover. $10.00

Children's Book: "Accident or Murder?" by Nicholas Carter, 1929. New Magnet Library #1233. Wear on spine. Illus soft cover. $10.00

Children's Book: "Joe Strong on the Trapeze; or The Daring Feats of a Young Circus Performer," orig c 1916. 215p. 1940s edition by Whitman. Covers & spine dirt stained. $10.00

Children's Book: "Fury and the Lone Pine Mystery" by William Fenton. Whitman Pub, Racine, WI, c. 1957. Illus by John Ushler. Features characters in the popular television show, FURY. Illus cover has clear acetate-type coating which is breaking slightly at backstrap, although cover is fine. $15.00

Children's Book: "American Boy Sports Stories" Doubleday 1946, 366p. originally from American Boy magazine. 14 stories. Cover edge frayed in one place on both top and bottom. Worn DJ. $8.50

Children's Book: "The Crimson Banner; a story of college baseball," by William D. Moffat. Saalfield, c. 1907. 287p. Very slight fraying on cover edges. $12.00

Children's Book: "Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars" by Lester Chadwick. Cupples & Leon Co, c 1912. 246p. DJ has some wear. Spine stains. $12.00

Children's Book: "The Real Book About Submarines" by Samuel Epstein & Beryl Williams. Garden City Books, c 1954. 222p. Illus by Manning deV. Lee. VG. $10.00

Children's Book: "Ned Wilding's Disappearance" by Allen Chapman. Goldsmith Pub. Co, Cleveland. c. 1908. Cover & spine stained; text good. $7.00

Children's Book: "Ripcord" by D. S. Halacy, Jr. Whitman, c. 1962. "Based on the well-known Ziv-United Artists, Inc television series starring Larry Pennell and Ken Curtis." Illus by Al Andersen and Robert D. Smith. Color cover; grey & white endpapers. Shaken otherwise fine. $12.50

Children's Book: "The Long Trail North" by Michael Murray, a Mike Casey story. Whitman, c. 1963. 280p. Illus by Robert Meyers & Olindo Giacomini. Color pic cover. Cover has an applied acetate-type covering which is chipping in a few places, not affecting cover. $7.50

Children's Book: "On the Trail of the Moose" by Edward S. Ellis. Wild Woods Series. Winston, Phila. c. 1892. Pic on cover & spine. Slight edge wear on cover at bottom and back cover has a stain, otherwise fine. $10.00

Children's Book: (7 books) Silvertip Story series. 7 books by Max Brand, "The Stolen Stallion," "The Man from Mustang," "The Fighting Four," "Silvertip's Chase," "Silvertip's Search," "Silvertip's Strike," and "Silvertip's Trap." All have DJ's except Silvertip's Chase. Some DJ's have minor tears. All c. 1930s-40s Grosset & Dunlap. $50.00

Children's Book: "Hunters Long Ago or a Boys' Story of Late Paleolithic Times" by Gregory Trent. Harcourt, Brace, c. 1937. 370p. B&W illus by Carole M. Boog. Illus end papers. Ex-lib. Good. $12.00

Children's Book: "Gene Autry Goes to the Circus" illus by John Ushler. Whitman Pub Co, c 1950. Full color illus. very good. $30.00

Children's Book: "The Story of the U.S. Coast Guard" by Eugene Rachlis. Random House, c 1961. photos. Cover waterstained, otherwise good. $5.00

Children's Book: "The Mystery of the Tolling Bell," by Ellen Jane Macleod. 1960. 96p. DJ. $5.00

Children's Book: "The F.B.I. by Quentin Reynolds w/foreward by J. Edgar Hoover. c. 1954 Random House. 180p illus. DJ. $10.00

Children's Book: "The First Transatlantic Cable" by Adele Gutman Nathan. Illus by Denver Gillen. Random House, c. 1959. 180p illus. DJ. $8.00

Children's Book: "Tom Slade Picks a Winner," by Percy Keese Fitzhugh. Grosset, c. 1924. Cover & spine smudged. Owner's name on endpaper & fly leaf, otherwise good. $15.00

Children's Book: "Tom Slade with the Boys Over There," by Percy Keese Fitzhugh. Grosset, c. 1918. Cover and spine badly spotted. Shaken. Photo endpapers, "Back from Bayonet Drill" $10.00

Children's Book: The Motor Boys series. (2 books) "The Motor Boys After a Fortune" and "The Motor Boys in Mexico." by Clarence Young circa early 1900s. Text is fine but covers are poor on both, one is loose and most of backstrap missing. As is $10.00

Children's Book: "The Secret of the Old Mill" Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon. Grosset & Dunlap, c. 1927. Picture endpapers. Very good. $15.00

Children's Book: "Swept Out to Sea, or Clint Webb Among the Whalers," by W. Bert Foster. M.A. Donohue, Chicago. 1913. Shaken. Picture cover & spine are stained & frayed. Poor. $3.50

Children's Book: "The Glory of Greystone," by John L. Roberts. English schoolboy story. Illus by J. P. Paterson. 295p DJ. $5.00

Children's Book: "The Fun Loving Gang In Wrong Right," by Harold M. Sherman. The Goldsmith Pub Co, 1934. 250p. Book is fine. DJ included but is in poor condition. $10.00

Children's Book: "Larry's Speed Ball," by Elmer A. Dawson. Grosset, c. 1932. 246p illus. Cover and spine stained. Fair. $5.00

Girls' Books

Childrens book: "Mary Jane's Vacation," by Clara Ingram Judson. Barse & Co. 1927. illus. Shaken. Some dirt stains on front cover, ink on back cover. $10.00

Childrens book: "The Portrait in the Sand". The Dana Girls Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene, author of the Nancy Drew Books. 1943. DJ very good. $30.00

Childrens book: "In the Shadow of the Tower". The Dana Girls Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene, author of the Nancy Drew Books. 1934. some edge tears on DJ. $28.00

Childrens book: "The Campfire Girls on Caliban Island," by Julianne Devries. World Syndicate Publishing. 1933. One of 6 books in Banner Canpfire Girls series. Spine wear at top & bottom. $15.00

Childrens book: "The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale," by Laura Lee Hope. Grosset, c. 1913. Several b&w illus. A small stain & some wear on cover otherwise fine. $10.00

Childrens book: "A Campfire Girl's First Council Fire," by Jane Stewart. Saalfield Pub Co. 1914. with DJ. Spine partially out in back. $12.00

Childrens book: "The Outdoor Girls Around the Campfire," by Laura Lee Hope. Grosset & Dunlap, c 1923. Inscription on fly leaf. Shaken. Edge wear on cover. $10.00

Childrens book: "Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill," by Alice B. Emerson. Cupples & Leon Co, c. 1913. illus. Shaken. Cover tear at bottom on spine; cover wear & staining. Text fine. $10.00

Childrens book: "The Shirley Temple Edition of Heidi," by Johanna Spyri. Illus from the Shirley Temple motion picture, Heidi." Random House, c. 1959. Text and photos are good. Covers in bad condition. $15.00

Childrens book: "Dora," by Johanna Spyri, the author of "Heidi." A.L. Burt Co, c. 1924 by Lippincott. Owner's name on front endpaper. Picture board cover. Good condition. $35.00

Childrens book: "Marika," by Sari Szekely w/illus. by Barbara Gabor. The story of a 9-year old American girl on a visit to Hungary. Albert Whitman Co, Chicago. c. 1939. 64p. Both b&w and color illus. Cover and endpapers slightly dirt smudged. $17.00

Childrens book: "Janet Hardy in Radio City," by Ruthe S. Wheeler. The Goldsmith Publishing Co, Chicago. c. 1935. 252p. Some markings on endpapers & front page. Good. $8.50

Childrens book: "Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School," by Jessie Graham Flower. The High School Girls Series. Henry Altemus Co, Philadelphia. c. 1911. Spine broken, cover stained & worn. Poor. $3.50

Childrens book: "Noble Aims; or, Beautiful Bertha and Edith," a book for girls, by Mrs. L. C. Tuthill. World Publishing House, NY. 1876. 271p + 215p. Some b&w engravings. Margin waterstain on frontis page & title page. Cover & spine in bad condition. Contents good. Interesting book about many, many topics. $17.50

Childrens book: "A Girl of the People," by L. T. Meade. Seaside Library Pocket edition. soft cover, 1890 cover date. George Munro, Pub, NY. 22p + ads. Paper cover chipped & torn. Text is fine, although somewhat browned. Nice full page Colgate ad on back cover of women gathering roses in fields for making soaps & perfumes. As is. $10.00

Childrens book: "The Motor Maids in Fair Japan," by Katherine Stokes. M.A. Donahue & Co, Chicago. n.d. 306p. Shaken. Spine torn. Cover corners worn. $8.00

Childrens book: "My Diary" by Margaret O'Brien with drawings by the young author and a foreward by Lionel Barrymore. J.P. Lillincott, c. 1948. 117p. Minor wear on cover otherwise fine. $20.00

Childrens book: "The Story of a Sawdust Doll," by Laura Lee Hope. Grosset, c. 1920. Cover illus & inside illus by Harry L. Smith. Slight wear at top of spine otherwise good. $20.00


Childrens Book: "American Hero Stories," by Eva March Tappan. 1926. Houghton Mifflin. 301p. Illus in color by Frank E. Schoonover. New and enlarged version. DJ $30.00

Childrens Book: "The First Three Hundred Years in America," by Marion G. Clark and Wilbur Fisk Gordy. 1931. Scribner's. 436p. B+W illus. $15.00

Childrens Book: "The Magic Boat," by Lula E. Wright. 1927. Ginn. 156p. Color illus by Dorothy Harewood Smedley. $8.00

Childrens Book: "The Little Sheperd of Kingdom Come," by John Fox, Jr. 1931. Grosset & Dunlap. 404p. Cover binding has water stain. $7.00

Childrens Book: "Elson-Runkel Primer," by William H. Elson and Lura E. Runkel. 1914. Scott, Foresman and Co. 127p. Color illus. Some pages dirty and/or torn; overall poor condition. $12.50

Childrens Book: "The School Reader...Third book," by Charles W. Sanders. 1862. Ivison, Phinney. 264p. Illus. Foxing, cover wear and spine torn at bottom. $12.50

Childrens Book: "Cherry Tree Children," by Mary Frances Blaisdell. 1922. Little, Brown. 126p. Color illus by Clara E. Atwood. Pages dirty. $20.00

Childrens Book: "The Girl Next Door...Book four/teacher's edition," by Helen Shacter and W.W. Bauer. 1954. Scott, Foresman. 256p. Illus. $12.50

Childrens Book: "The Little Road," by Helen Heffernan, Lillian Bray Hill and Jane M. Ward w/illus by Vera Stone Norman. 1938. Lyons and Carnahan. 46p. Ex-school. PB $10.00

Childrens Book: "The Broad Road," by Helen Heffernan and Lillian Bray Hill w/illus by Vera Stone Norman and Margaret McHugh. 1939. Lyons and Carnahan. 96p. Ex-school. PB $10.00

Childrens Book: "Bird Puzzles," by Bertha M. Parker. 1938. Whitman. 40p. Illus. 29 color bird pics and 29 puzzles. Very good condition. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Round the Year...The work-play books," by Arthur I. Gates and Miriam Blanton Huber. 1930. Macmillan. 167p. Illus by A. Gladys Peck. Ex-school. Very good condition. $15.00

Childrens Book: "At Home and Away...The unit-activity reading series," by Nila Banton Smith. 1935. Silver, Burdett. 144p. Illus by Margaret and Florence Hoopes. Ex-school. Very good condition. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Let's Play," by B.R. Buckingham and Marguerite P. Dolch. 1934. Ginn. 46p. Illus by Margaret and Florence Hoopes. PB $25.00

Childrens Book: "Friends in Town and Country," by Clara Belle Baker, Mary Maud Reed and Edna Dean Baker. 1938. Bobbs-Merrill. 208p. Illus by Vera Stone Norman and Mildred Lyon Hetherington. $15.00

Childrens Book: "Indoors and Out," by Leavell, Breckinridge, Browning and Follis. 1936. American Book Co. 255p. Colored illus. Cover dirty. $15.00

Childrens Book: "The Question Book for Young Folks," by Sylvia Weil and Rosetta C. Goldsmith. 1942. Platt & Munk. apx 70p. DJ. DJ worn and torn. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Hunting," by Edith M. Patch and Harrison E. Howe. 1933. Macmillan. 161p. Illus by Eleanor Osborn Eadie. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Streets and roads," by William S. Gray and May Hill Arbuthnot. 1941. Scott, Foresman. 320p. Color illus. Foe early third-year readers. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Saturday Flight," by Ethel Wright and Richard Rose. 1944. William R. Scott. apx 20p. Picture book. Heavy paper; spiral bound. $20.00

Childrens Book: "Bigger and Better," by Pattric Ruth O'Keefe and Cyrus H. Maxwell. 1954. John C. Winston. 248p. Illus by Jane Castle. Cover a little dirty. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Black Beauty," by Anna Sewell. Illus by Robert Doremus. 1951. Whitman. 235p. Spine cracked; covers slightly chipped. $7.00

Childrens Book: "Everyday Fun," by Julia Letheld Hahn. 1935. Houghton Mifflin. 154p. Illus by Bertha and Elmer Hader. Some dirt on cover. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Exploring Near and Far...Teacher's text," by Gross Sorenson. 1955. Follett. 288p. Illus w/drawings and maps. $10.00

Childrens Book: "American History for Young Folks," by Henry Davenport Northrop. 1898. J.R. Jones. 417p. Illus w/wood engravings. Cloth cover is scuffed. $60.00

Childrens Book: "Home and School Speaker," Frances P. Hoyle. 1897. W.B. Conkey. 112p. Overall condition is poor: Shaken; some pages torn; covers dirty; cover binding damaged. $10.00

Childrens Book: "Mary, John and Peter." 1933. T. Eaton. 112p. Color illus. $15.00

Childrens Book: "Science for Modern Living: Across the Land-4," by Victor C. Smith and Barbara Henderson. No date. J.B. Lippincott. 192p. Illus by Gregory Orloff. $12.50

Childrens Book: "Child-Story Readers...No. 6," by Frank N. Freeman and Eleanor M. Johnson. 1936. Lyons and Carnahan. 480p. Illus. Ex-lib. $12.50

Childrens Book: "Wheels and Wings: A Second Reader," by Mildred English and Thomas Alexander. 1935. Johnson. 240p. Illus by Samuel B. Wiley. $12.50

Childrens Book: "The Wizard of Oz." Animated by Julian Wehr. 1944. Saalfield Pub. Co. Apx 20p. Six mechanical pages. Twp missing tabs and two tabs have scotch tape on them. Wear on cover edges. Overall good condition. $85.00

Childrens Book: "Tom Swift and His Jetmarine" by Victor Appleton II. 1954 DJ. $30.00

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