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    Art: Folk Art

    Advertising: General (133 items)

    We last updated our site on 28-Jun-2016-2016. The next update is scheduled for 01-Oct-2016.

    This listing contains a broad range of products displaying advertising, as well as advertising gimics and displays, commemorative products, product labels and advertisements themselves. See the `Paper Ephemerma' listing for additional items. Also, Dairy items and milk bottles under the Country Primitives group, Tobacco related, Breweriana, Drug Store/Country Store, Sewing & Fashions, Saloon & Bar Collectibles, and Grooming & Beauty Products.


    Advertising Item: Campbell twins matching soup spoons $10.00

    Item LK0355Item LK0355
    Advertising Item: 4 oil company decals. Conoco, Shamrock and two Humble. All for $6.00

    Item A2085Item A2085
    Advertising Item: Drug Store Labels. Old drug store labels (total of 20) never used, from early 1900's drug store closed for years - the Higham Pharmacy in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Includes: cod liver oil, bay rum, syrup of ipecac, Stoke's expectorant, lime water, ammonia water, denatured alcohol, rhubarb mixture, Epson salt, oxalic acid, licorice powder and more. All 20 for $5.00

    Advertising Item: Wooden advertising print block for Little Brown Jug syrup. Good size. 6-3/4" x 3-1/2" $8.00

    Advertising Item: J I Case advertising tie clip. The clip is metal w/famous J. I . Case logo of eagle perched on globe affixed to clip. 2-5/8" long. $15.00

    Item W3534Item W3534
    Advertising Item: Union carbide die-cut brochure. Attractive. Also two pieces of Union Carbide correspondence on letterhead, dated 1924 & 1925 relating to a customer's purchase of a Carbide Gas lighting plant, a contract for the purchase and a factory price list. $20.00

    Advertising Item: Very early, rare Bloomingdales ad card. Front is full color die-cut artist's pallet, including thumb hole & "globs" of different colors of paint, plus image of a ballerina dancing. 4-1/8" long card stock. Back of "pallet" is a b&w image of store, "Bloomingdale Brothers Dry Goods Hosiery". "Take 3rd Ave Cars to BLOOMINGDALE's 3rd Ave cor 56 St." printed on three sides around the image. Would guess this to be late 1800s piece. $30.00

    Advertising Item: Attractive full color 1938 check issued from the Mt Vernon Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Mt Vernon, Ohio. Shows a man's hand clasping a coke bottle. Nice green & red border on the yellow check. Great display piece in excellent condition. $10.00

    Advertising Item: Aluminum spinner token. Embossed on one side, "Good for one bottle SUN DROP GOLDEN COLA at your dealer plus deposit if taken out." Other side has an arrow and "You Win." Raised dot in center allow token to be spun. Winner wins the honor of buying drink. Nice soda item, probably from 1960s. $8.00

    Advertising Item: Two 5-1/4" blue plastic DAIRY QUEEN sundae spoons w/die-cut shape of a sundae on head of handle. Name is die-cut on one handle and embossed on the other. $7.00

    Advertising Item: Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen Football Game. 2-fold cardboard game w/playing field on one side and scorecard on reverse w/sketches of full size Waterman pens (2) and bottles of ink. Schedule of plays and idrections are on the two folded flaps. Game is played with dice (not included). Overall size, 11" x 14" dated 1934. Slightly sun darkened on one side and a 1/2" edge tear otherwise in good shape. A great advertising sports game. $160.00

    Advertising Item: April 23, 1985 letter to Coca-Cola shareholders announcing the "new, better" coke with the new formula. July 11, 1985 letter to shareholders announcing the introduction of Coca-Cola Classic for the consumer who "has expressed a desire for a taste of nostalgia". Also, accompanying envelopes and quarterly report covering this significant corporate period in Coca-Cola's history! $100.00

    Advertising Item: Complete set of 4 Christmas ornaments issued in 1992, limited edition by Eveready Battery Company, of the Energizer Bunny beating his drum. The bunny is depicting "Santa," "Skier," "Caroller," and "Evergreen." 3" In orig. packaging. $6.00

    Advertising Item: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $2.00

    Advertising Item: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $2.00

    Advertising Item: Wartime 1940s Chevrolet full page ad. $2.00

    Item K8919PBItem K8919PB
    Advertising Item: Peoples Life Ins. Co. fan. Washington, DC. Little girl die-cut on front, adv. on rev. Split along wooden handle at bottom of fan. Circa 1920. $5.00

    Advertising Item: Whiskey bottle label. "Old Horsey Brand". Sketch of a horse's head. The Sherwood Distilling Co. Westminster, Maryland. Straight Rye Whiskey. 3-1/4" x 2-1/4" $2.00

    Item A2067PBItem A2067PB
    Advertising Item: 20 Dr. Stein's Celery carbonated beverage bottle labels $4.00

    Item A2068PBItem A2068PB
    Advertising Item: (postcard) Funk's G Hybrids. Great photo of farmer with arm load of ears of corn. Good advertising card. $3.00

    Advertising Item: Colorful blotter advertising Wampole's Preparation Tonic & Stimulant, "People's Choice over 50 Years." Blotter also has photos of the 12 presidents who were in office during the past 50 years (Rutherford Hayes through Herbert Hoover). $12.50

    Item A2166C2Item A2166C2
    Advertising Item: 1965 full color poster, the Campbell twin (girl) holding a tray with three cups of Campbell soup. 15" x 25" $15.00

    Item A2170PBItem A2170PB
    Advertising Item: Small full color advertising card promoting the Deering All-Steel Binder including photo of it,-3-1/2" x 3-1/2" $5.00

    Item A2527PBItem A2527PB
    Advertising Item: Clintonic (New York) paper bottle labels, 4-1/4" square, for strawberry soda, sarsaparilla and apple cider. Clintonic Beverage Co. New York. 4-3/8" 10 total. $8.00

    Item A2528PBItem A2528PB
    Advertising Item: Tobin's Sunbonnet girl comic art work, "a life on the ocean wave" on stiff cardboard advertisement for Stamate & Co., fine tailors, Ottawa, IL. 6-1/2" x 4-1/4" $17.50

    Item A2529PBItem A2529PB
    Advertising Item: Full color comic artwork, 3 little elfs playing music instruments whole 2 frogs dance. Rev.-Adv. for S. M. Lutz, Pianos & Organs, Decatur, IL, postcard size $7.00

    Advertising Item: Shurfine Coffee, one pound coffee paper bag, vibrant red, yellow & black w/steaming cut logo. $5.00

    Advertising Item: post cards (2). Colored pics of 1957 Rambler Super 4-door sedan and Custom 4-door sedan. $7.50

    Advertising Item: 60' red & white plastic 24-pennant Texaco star banner. $15.00

    Advertising Item: The Coca-Cola Company 1991 "Can't Beat the Real Thing" full color 18" x 24" poster of Michael Jordan in Bulls uniform #23 holding a basketball in one hand and a Coke in the other. $10.00

    Advertising Item: Old wooden handled cork screw, "James Butler Inc., Stores Everywhere, Unequaled Values in Wines and Liquors" $15.00

    Advertising Item: Country Club Peanut Butter recipes, The Kroger Co. $2.00

    Advertising Item: Advertisement for The Dort Coupe; reverse serves as ballot for voting on the most popular woman motorist in Milwaukee in 1921. (winner gets the coupe!) $20.00

    Advertising Item: Advertising mailer Sunshine Products. Great feature on the new iron with a regulator valve. Circa 1920s. $10.00

    Advertising Item: Sterling 4" demitasse spoon marked Italy Montagnami. Top of spoon is a store front with "Woodward & Lothrop 1956" $20.00

    Item A3060C6Item A3060C6
    Advertising Item: Porcelain commemorative plate, "1993 Orlando Extravaganza, 60 Years of Moving America Forward, 1933-1993, Good Year, #1 in Tires." Colorful design of DisneyWorld. $6.50

    Advertising Item: Colored cartoon adv. card (size of post card). Two policemen trying to pry man off bench with sign "No loafters allowed here." "This man used LePage's Liquid Glue in the wrong place." Case of glue shown at his feet. Rev.-Adv. for LePage's Liquid Glue., 1880s. $10.00

    Advertising Item: Victorian children's booklet, "Old Mother Hubbard" Malena Booklet #103, free with a box of Malena (cures chaps, cuts, sunburns), Warriorsmark, PA. Great illus. in color. A minor 1/2" margin tear & 1 tape repair. $15.00

    Item A3095PBItem A3095PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, ATLANTIC with line drawing of Atlantic steam ship. $2.50

    Item A3096PBItem A3096PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, AUTO NO. 6, Windsor Broom Co. Hamburg, PA. Early racing car design. $2.50

    Item A3097PBItem A3097PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, CAPITOL Brand with colored sketch of U.S. Capitol. $2.50

    Item A3098PBItem A3098PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, Hamburg Broom Works, PA 8XXX with linedrawing of early RR locomotive. $2.50

    Item A3099PBItem A3099PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, LIBERTY R/W/B with statue of liberty artwork. $2.50

    Item A3100PBItem A3100PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, THE DAISY with colorful artwork of the name superimposed over daisies. $2.50

    Item A3101PBItem A3101PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label, BLUE STAR with fancy full color Blue Star logo. $1.50

    Item A3103PBItem A3103PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper label R/W/B with lady in long dress & dusters cap sweeping floor. $1.50

    Item A3104PBItem A3104PB
    Advertising Item: Broom Handle paper labels. 6 different. Nice artwork on all of them but no brand names. All for $5.00

    Item A4030C11Item A4030C11
    Advertising Item: Collection of 8 different Richard Petty Pepsi Long Necks--Most Poles in a career, Most career victories, Most wins in a single season, First Winston Cup victory, First Winston Cup race, Most Consecutive wins, Most popular driver, and Final year as a driver. $40.00

    Item K1387Item K1387
    Advertising Item: Colorful 12" serving tray, "Enjoy Coca-Cola, The 1982 World's Fair" with fair scene (Knoxville) $18.00

    Item A6111C9Item A6111C9
    Advertising Item: Nabisco Barnum's Animals Endangered Collection special edition animal crackers in familar carrying case. This was a special edition done for the World Wildlife Fund with crackers in the shapes of 16 endangered animals including the Asian elephant, jaguar, Peregrine falcon, giant panda, rhinoceros, Siberian tiger, blue whale, hawksbill sea turtle, Tasmanian forester kangaroo, etc., the first time in its 93-year history the animal crackers take on 16 new animal shapes at one time. a true collector's item. $10.00

    Item A6281PBItem A6281PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Squaw Brand cut green stringless beans, Centerville Canning Co., Centerville, MD. Very colorful & intricate picture of a squaw w/papoose, 10" long Unused. $3.00

    Item A6282PBItem A6282PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Hahn's Country Style Hominy, Westminster, MD. R/W/B 11" with photo of a plate of hominy. Unused. $2.25

    Item A6283PBItem A6283PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Snowhite Hominy, Mt. Pleasant Packing Co., Westminster, MD. 8-3/4" Unused. $2.00

    Item A6284PBItem A6284PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Carroco Brand sifted early June peas, Smith-Yingling Co., Westminster, MD. Beautiful pictures of peas in pods and of butterfly & flowers. Ornate. 11" Unused. $2.75

    Item A6285PBItem A6285PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Gay Cock Brand products, Stanley Levinson Co., Los Angeles with beautiful, brightly colored cock strutting along with top hat & cane. Purple bkgd. Great visual. 11" Unused. $6.50

    Item A9888PBItem A9888PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Homestead brand of Sweet Peas (product line of Grand Union Food Markets), The Grand Union Co., East Paterson, NJ. Pic of peas on plate w/sketch of farm, Grand Union store; recipe for cream of pea soup. 10-1/4" Unused. $2.00

    Item A9889PBItem A9889PB
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Co-op brand Sweet Peas, packaged by National Cooperatives, Albert Lea, MN. Pile of large green peas in a blue dish, green & white bkgd. 10-1/4" $2.00

    Item LK0182Item LK0182
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Lone Eagle brand of canned fruit. Exeter Fruit Assn, Exeter, CA. Sketch of Lindbergh's plane. 13" Nice. $6.00

    Item LK0183Item LK0183
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Snow Ball brand of oranges. Full color pic of black boy holding juicy orange. 9" $7.00

    Item LK0184Item LK0184
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Mammy brand of oranges. Full color pic of "Aunt Jemima"-type black lady eating an orange. Herlong Packing Co., Leesburg, FL 8-1/2" $8.50

    Item LK0186Item LK0186
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Breakfast Belle grapefruit. Full color pic of a black maid ringing a dinner bell for people to come get their grapefruit as a nicely laid out table. Lake Garfield Citrus Coop, Bartow, FL. 9" $8.50

    Item LK0187Item LK0187
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Small Black brand of grape juice. Nude black baby in center of label w/clumps of grapes design, red bkgd. Delta Packing Co, Lodi, CA 13" $8.50

    Item LK0188Item LK0188
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Stafford's Blacks (believe these were olives). Pic of young black boy with plumbed helmit. E. P. Stafford, Tulare, CA 13" $8.50

    Item LK0189AItem LK0189A
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Longwood Plantation's pure cane syrup. Baton Rouge, LA. Line sketch of colored mammy serving a stack of steaming hot cakes. 11" x 3" $2.50

    Item LK0189BItem LK0189B
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Longwood Plantation's pure cane syrup. Baton Rouge, LA. Line sketch of colored mammy serving a stack of steaming hot cakes. 6-1/4" x 5" $4.00

    Item LK0190Item LK0190
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Dixie Boy grapefruit crate. Colored pic of black boy eating a grapefruit half. Waverly Growers Coop, Waverly, FL 8-3/4" square. Nice label. $9.00

    Item LK0191Item LK0191
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Royal Canadian Ginger Ale. Nice Canadian mounty scene. Royal Canadian Distributing Co., Chicago, IL. 5" x 4" $3.50

    Item LK0192Item LK0192
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Sall-n-Ann grapes. Photo of grapes. 12-5/8" $2.25

    Item LK0193Item LK0193
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Port to Port grapes. Designed label w/world globe in center. 13" $2.00

    Item LK0194Item LK0194
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Million Dollar grapes. Gold coins in design. 13" $2.25

    Item LK0195Item LK0195
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Exeter Lily grapes. Pic of calla lily. 13" $2.25

    Item LK0196Item LK0196
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Prince of Wales citrus crate. Sketch of a prince standing by a balcony. Lake Wales Citrus Growers, Lake Wales, FL 8-5/8" x 8-7/8" $4.00

    Item LK0197Item LK0197
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Headman brand fruits & vegetables. Image of a strutting cock in top hat, cane under wing. 11" x 4-1/4" One corner chip. $2.00

    Item LK0198Item LK0198
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Wenatchee District Blue Seal brand apple crates. Red apples on blue ribbon medallion. Brennan Fruit & Produce, Wenatchee, Wash. 8-3/4" x 10-3/8" $3.50

    Item LK0199Item LK0199
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Challenger brand California vegetables crates. Red silhouette of cowboy on bucking bronco. Western Packing Co, Guadalupe, CA 7" x 10" Nice. $5.00

    Item LK0200Item LK0200
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Beau Geste products. Sketch of French legioneer blowing trumpet. Silberman & Gerst, L.A. Calif. 9-1/8" x 6-1/4" Colorful. $5.00

    Item LK0202Item LK0202
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Buffalo brand Pajaro Valley apples crate. Nice pic of buffalo. Braycovich Co., Watsonville, CA 9-1/2" x 10-1/2" $6.00

    Item LK0203Item LK0203
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Sweet Lue brand Yams sweet potatoes. Little girl in frilly dress & ribbon in hair out in the middle of a yam field holding up a large yam with a proud look on her face. Looks like 1930s or 40s. DuPuis Produce Co, Breaux Bridge, L. 9-1/4" square. $5.50

    Item LK0204Item LK0204
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Statue California bartlett pears crate. Nice image of Statue of Liberty. 7-1/2" x 11" Suisun Valley Fruit Growers Assn, Suisun, CA $5.00

    Item LK0205Item LK0205
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Appleton Brand apples, Borgovich & Dragovich, Watsonville, CA. Lady in Victorian garb, nice scene of orchard, & 3 lucious apples. 1920s. 9-1/2" x 10-1/2" $6.50

    Item LK0206Item LK0206
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Jean brand vegetables can. Artwork of various vegetables & colored pic of little girl in pig tails, circa 1940 or earlier. Ellis Produce Co., Faison, NC. 10" $3.00

    Item LK0207Item LK0207
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Hustler brand Bartlett pears crate. Young newsboy peddling paper w/headline "California Bartletts" Nice 1920s label. Sacramento River Assn, Courtland, CA 7-3/4" x 11" $7.00

    Item LK0208Item LK0208
    Advertising Item: Paper label for San Marcos brand lemons crate. Nice artwork of lemon grove w/purple mountains bkgd. Goleta Lemon Assn, Goleta, CA. 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" $4.00

    Item LK0209Item LK0209
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Mustang brand California vegetables crate. White mustang really digging up the dust. Western Packing Co, Guadalupe, CA 7" x 10-1/8" $4.50

    Item LK0210Item LK0210
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Cascadian brand Washington Pears crate. Large golden pear & Wash. winter scene. Cascadian Fruit Shippers, Wenatchee, Wash. 7-1/8" x 10-3/8" $4.00

    Item LK0212Item LK0212
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Four Star Washington Apples. Large graphic "4" and 4 stars, all in yellow on blue bkgd. Cascoa Growers, Cashmere, WA 8-3/4" x 10-1/8" $3.00

    Advertising Item: Paper label for Denison's Crest Washington Pears, crest & art designed title. Denison & Co., Wenatchee, WA 7-3/8" x 10-1/4" $2.50

    Advertising Item: Paper label for Lake Wenatchee Pears brand crate, group of 3 hanging pears, bkgd mountain scene. Cascoa Growers, Cashmere, WA 7-1/4" x 10" $2.50

    Item LK0216Item LK0216
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Elmwood Bartlett Pears brand crate. Two large golden pears hanging in center. California Fruit Exchange, Sacramento, CA 7-1/2" x 10-3/4" $3.00

    Item LK0217Item LK0217
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Independent Brand Northwest Apples crate. Large center image of Liberty Bell. R/W/B. Washington Fruit & Produce Co., Yakima, WA 9" x 10" Nice. $7.00

    Item LK0222Item LK0222
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Big City brand California Bartlett Pears crate. Skyline of big city. Lambert Marketing Co, West Sacramento, CA 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" $4.00

    Item LK0223Item LK0223
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Empire brand apple crescents crate. Apple orchard w/mountain bkgd. Valley Evaporating Co, Yakima, WA $2.50

    Item LK0224Item LK0224
    Advertising Item: Paper label for VG Premium Pack California vegetables crate. VG logo in gold & blue. Valley Growers & Packers, Guadalupe, CA. 9-1/2" x 6-3/4" $2.00

    Item LK0225Item LK0225
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Schooner brand Santa Barbara County lemons crate, colored pic of big schooner. Goleta Lemon Assn, Goleta, CA 8-3/4" x 12-1/2" $6.00

    Item LK0226Item LK0226
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Lion brand selected vegetables. Large Leo lion. M. L. Kalich & Co, Watsonville, CA. 9" x 7" $3.00

    Item LK0227Item LK0227
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Safe Hit Texas vegetables. Baseball player hitting a ball, small ballpark in bkgd. Gulf Distributing Co, Weslaco, TX 5" x 7-1/4" $5.50

    Item LK0228Item LK0228
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Altissimo orange crate. Purple mountains scene, wrapped Sunkist orange. Placentia Mutual Orange Assn, Placentia, CA 10" x 10-3/4" $6.00

    Item LK0230Item LK0230
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Homer brand oranges crate. Large image of blue bird, wrapped Sunkist orange. Orange Heights Orange Assn, Corona, CA. 10" x 11" $4.00

    Item LK0231Item LK0231
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Ekco brand California tomatoes. Lucious looking tomatores & young boy in striped shirt & tie yelling. 1920s circa. 13" $4.50

    Item LK0232Item LK0232
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Texus Brand Tomatoes. Pic of cowboy in large 10-gal hat. J. S. McManus Produce Co, Weslaco, TX 13" $5.00

    Item LK0233Item LK0233
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Estero Brand Santa Barbara Lemons crate. Tropical scene w/sailing vessels. Goleta Lemon Assn, Goleta, CA 8-3/4" x 12-1/2" $4.00

    Item LK0234Item LK0234
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Ak-Sar-Ben oranges brand crate. Nice group of oranges & orange blossoms. W. M. Marks, Lemon Cove, CA. (Ak-Sar-Ben is Nebraska spelled backwards, don't know the connection, if any.) 10" x 11" $4.50

    Item LK0236Item LK0236
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Valencias Marvel brand juicy oranges. Designed like plaque. Placentia Mutual Orange Assn, Placentia, CA $1.50 10" x 10-3/4" $2.50

    Item LK0237Item LK0237
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Golden Rod brand oranges. Bright yellow golden rod design on black bkgd. Mutual Orange Distributors. 10" x 10-3/4" $3.00

    Item LK0239Item LK0239
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Triton Washington dehydrated apples. King Neptune artwork. Valley Evaporating Co, Yakima, WA 6-1/4" x 10" $5.00

    Item LK0240Item LK0240
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Caledonia Brand oranges. Unusual design of a thistle in bloom diagonal across a Scottish plaid bkgd. Placentia Mutual Orange Assn, Placentia, CA 10" x 11" $7.00

    Item LK0241Item LK0241
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Blazing Star brand Mountain Bartlett pears crate. Vibrant yellow blazing star flower in center. Blue bkgd. Kelseyville Packing Co, Kelseyville, CA. 7-1/4" x 11" $4.50

    Item LK0242Item LK0242
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Exeter oranges crate. Logo shows an Exeter sign in center w/map going out to local towns, map being the side of a giant orange. Large red rim has "Exeter California Oranges. Wrapped Sunkist orange in lower right corner. Exeter Orange Growers Assn. 11" x 10" Striking. $5.50

    Item LK0243Item LK0243
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Bronco Buster California Vegetables. Cowboy w/hat raised, chaps, kerchief around his neck, trying to stay on bucking bronco. Monterey Bay Packing Co, Castroville, Ca. 7" x 5" $5.00

    Item LK0244Item LK0244
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Lake County Diamond brand Mountain Bartlett pears crate. Great looking pear absolutely glows in shape of a diamond, center. Nice design. J. L. Annette, Finley, CA. 10" x 7" $4.50

    Item LK0245Item LK0245
    Advertising Item: Paper label for Bounty Brand California pears crate. Red, blue, green on bright yellow bkgd. Heggblade-Marguleas Co, San Francisco, CA. 10" x 7" $2.50

    Advertising Item: Foldout post card from Heinz 57 Ocean Pier, Atlantic City, New Jersey featuring kitchens from many lands. (takes 1-1/2 cent stamp) $12.00

    Item A8964Item A8964
    Advertising Item: 8-5/8" x 3-3/4" blotter promoting General Tires. The Recht-Froelich General Tire Company, Rockford, Illinois. Illustration of large tire and a string of three vehicles of the 1940s vintage. "General Tire" logo on reverse repeated over and over, blue on blue. Slight corner stain otherwise fine. 3 for $5.00

    Item A9657Item A9657
    Advertising Item: Valley Farm's Bing Crosby Ice Cream. One pint paraffined carton. Has Bing's full color pic on both sides and both ends. Nice. Dated 1953. $17.50

    Item A9782Item A9782
    Advertising Item: Small die-cut memo pad in the shape and look of a Clinton Gloss Starch box, R/W/B. Back cover is in the shape & look of a Clinton Corn Starch box. Clinton Company, Clinton, Iowa. Inside covers also have advertising. 7" x 4" $12.00

    Advertising Item: Cardboard advertising card. Front has Victorian die-cut of older man and younger girl affixed to a black bkgd. Very intricate 4-1/2" cutout except the top of her hat appears to be missing. Size of a cabinet card, 7" x 4" Reverse has advertising for Kenny's Roasted Coffees, sold only at the stores of C. D. Kenny. $10.00

    Item LK0001Item LK0001
    Advertising Item: Lasko bottle labels with racing horses on track design. Several different varieties including Tom Collins mixer, Strawberry beverage, Cherry Soda and Brewed Birch Beer, both round & square labels, 4-5" diameter from Lasko Bottling, Bound Brook, NJ, phone 209. 10 total. $10.00

    Item LK0002Item LK0002
    Advertising Item: Clothier advertising card for Jordan Marsh & Co, Boston, honey bee & daisy design, full color. $5.00

    Item LK0004Item LK0004
    Advertising Item: Great full color advertising card entitled "Here We Go" of a little boy and girl all dressed up dancing. Foster, Besse & Co, Clothiers and Hatters, Bridgeport, Conn. Much printed advertising on reverse under the title: "Wholesale slaughter! Grand Break in Prices!" $8.00

    Item LK0007Item LK0007
    Advertising Item: 12 Clothiers advertising cards with colored illustrations. Miscellaneous. Includes Brett's Clothing House, John Wanamaker & Co., F. C. Hardy Dry Goods, Keene, NH; F. E. Hartwell & Co combination clothiers, Danbury, Conn; Marshall & Ball, Trenton, NJ; Embler & Sammis, Norwalk, Conn, etc. Some nice designs, particularly of kids. 3 0r 4 have some damage. $20.00

    Item LK0008Item LK0008
    Advertising Item: Jas. S. Kirk & Co. Soap Makers advertising cards. (5). All have gold bkgds. Titled "Queen of the Laundry," "Columbia," "Calendar," "Savon Imperial" and "White Ceylon." Full color. Great illustrations. $30.00

    Item LK0011Item LK0011
    Advertising Item: Borax Soaps post card. Circa. early 1880s. Borax logos. Manufactured by Thomas Gill, Proprietor, 14 Park Place, New York, for laundry, machine & toilet use. Boasts all the premiums awarded at various exhibitions. $5.00

    Item LK0012Item LK0012
    Advertising Item: Ink blotter promoting Clarence Hansen, tin, tar & shingle roofer, Brooklyn, NY. Probably early 1930s. Couple of minor stains on corners. $3.50

    Item LK0014Item LK0014
    Advertising Item: 7-1/2" x 4-1/4" advertising card with fill color image of pink roses and violets. Reverse has advertising for Middleton's Silver Tea. Offers a whole list of items you can receive by saving tea coupons, everything from parlor lamps & brass umbrella stands to silk umbrellas and bisque dolls. Interesting. $7.00

    Advertising Item: Sunbeam Bread "Let's be Friends!" blue & white cloth hot pad w/loop hanger. Miss Sunbeam on pad. $12.00

    Item J0252Item J0252
    Advertising Item: Complete set of 1972 British Shell Oil's collector series on "Great Britons," a series of 20 British prints from the National Portrait Gallery, each with a cameo photo of a VIP relating to the print. This series of cards (about the size of a post card) is very well done. Produced in Britain. The series includes: Henry VIII, King Alfred, Sir Francis Drake, Wm. Shakespeare, Capt. James Cook, Sir Christopher Wren, Geoffrey Chaucer, Queen Victoria, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 1st Duke of Wellington, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Edward Edgar, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth I, George Stephenson, Sir Winston Churchill, Horatio Nelson, Oliver Cromwell, John Churchill & Sir Isaac Newton. A nice series. $60.00

    Advertising Item: Misc. cards from the series, "Great Britons," produced by British Shell Oil in 1972. Each card shows a British print from the National Protrait Gallery, each with a cameo photo of a VIP relating to the print. 29 cards total (some duplicates) including: Florence Nightingale, 1st Duke of Wellington, George Stephenson, Queen Victoria, Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir Christopher Wren and Captain James Cook. $35.00

    Advertising Item: 1982 Wizard & Genius Coca-Cola poster, "Double Fantasy" by Peter French. 26-1/2" x 38" A 3/4" corner piece broken off not affecting design. $30.00

    Item K8070BHItem K8070BH
    Advertising Item: Full color image of Aunt Jemima w/kerchief on head. "Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club. `Eat a Better Breakfast'" black printing. Red bkgd. 4" From 1960s. $12.50

    Item LK2198Item LK2198
    Advertising Item: 7" ruby red colored vinyl record. Green printing on yellow label; sketch of Jolly Green Giant on both sides. "Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. Fo Fum Fi Fee and New Happy Birthday song" compliments of the Green Giant on his 20th birthday. Minnesota Valley Canning Company, Le Sueur, Minnesota." 1949. $25.00

    Advertising Item: Advertising game. VESS Mystery Puzzle. Dist. by VESS Billion Bubble Beverages, Whistle & Vess Beverages Inc, St. Louis 39, MO. In unopened package. The object is to arrange the nine pieces in a square, three rows of three each so that the upper and lower halves of each VESS bottle cap are matched correctly and are the same color throughout. Probably 1950s. $15.00

    Item J4856Item J4856
    Advertising Item: McDonald's full color advertising poster, 2-sided poster board. Both sides feature McDonald's Ty Teenie Beanie Babies 2000 but have different illustrations. 26-1/2" x 37-1/2" $10.00

    Item J4858Item J4858
    Advertising Item: McDonald's full color advertising poster, 2-sided poster board. One side features Happy Meal Finger Board Pro-Gear; reverse side announces scholarship winner Stacy Mevs. 26-1/2" x 37-1/2" $10.00

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